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  1. In due time, Neon could have a well-stocked team; in the PAC he's going to need more than just a few like at JSU. If the current players all transfer out as he is asking, good luck for the next few years. He will have to fill in with more players of the same caliber.
  2. Deion appears to think there's a roster full of 4 and 5 stars for Colorado and nobody else. We'll see.
  3. The Dukes really needed this chicken soup for the soul. They're in the middle of a 9 game(!) home stand. Marshall, who needs a punch in the nose, is next.
  4. "https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ranking-college-basketballs-best-freshmen-purdues-fletcher-loyer-earns-freshman-of-the-week-honors/" Son of John Loyer.
  5. "https://athlonsports.com/college-football/college-footballs-best-quarterbacks-transfer-portal-2023" It will be interesting to see where Gabbert goes.
  6. Wow, look at Candle winning a conference championship. Maybe he really is upwardly mobile.
  7. At least we made you sweat. I wish UB good representing in the bowl.
  8. If you recall before the season, the futures line for zips wins was 2.5. I figured the fcs game was a gimme and we could eke out at least 2 MAC wins. Close but no cigar 😪
  9. He should do very well there, back in the AAC (although "P6" is dead)
  10. Good to hear. Too bad Akron couldn't have taken care of this long ago. Then again I guess it never would have existed without federal money.
  11. IMHO, play it in the "warm" "sunlight" but not on Saturday with all the conference champ. games going on. Zips get back home at a decent hour. It's not going to draw a large crowd or TV audience regardless.
  12. Candle and Linguist mentioned as candidates for Cinci.
  13. Liberty, UNLV, Texas State... I'm assuming it will be very hard to get those with P5 offers.
  14. We could / could we hope to poach some decommits from WMU / Cincinnati / FAU (?)
  15. No line yet... pending injuries/starters?
  16. PASSING CP/ATT YDS TD INT J. Undercuffler Jr. 21/32 312 3 1
  17. So close to having 5 wins and going head to head Friday for bowl eligibility (does the FCS win count?) I left the radio on WHLO tunes after the game... the playlist is amazing.
  18. Are we trying to recruit these guys or just throwing out offers to anyone and everyone?
  19. My bad, we would play Friday the 2nd with the MACC on Saturday the 3rd. So we don't have to miss watching the kitties choke it away 🤣
  20. As an added bonus, the Buffalo makeup game is scheduled concurrently with the MACC game. Rain AND snow forecast yay.
  21. Chance of blizzards, same as always.
  22. Snow showers forecast for nov. 30 - Dec. 1
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