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  1. Wow, they must have been really gender-unbalanced.
  2. Not that it didn't need renovating. UA should have gotten rid of it years ago - let the president live and entertain where he/she wants and pay for their own renovations.
  3. It seems if they allow a waiver for one FBS school they would have to be consistent with all the other schools which could lead to a bloodbath for men's and women's teams and scholarships. I read the CMU pres. or AD said they won't be bringing back track so it will be interesting to see what new men's sport they start up.
  4. Great way to get more students from all over as long as it's high quality instruction.
  5. Sorry for his disappointment. Can we assume he was not on scholarship since he's running a YouTube channel? Could he not stay and run distance events on the track team? I've been told xc runners do both.
  6. Yeah, and then again we can look to the FCS schools to see what their average subsidy is, factoring in the lesser revenue, probably not much less. The big unknown is the value of the front porch and advertising effects of a G5 FBS program.
  7. I appreciate that analysis but the other factor I hear being brought up a lot is the amount of non revenue women's sports scholarships and expenses that are required due to football that would probably go away without it. Irony 1 is that women's sports fans should therefore also be big supporters of the men's sports especially football. Irony 2 is that those who want football scaled back would be the same ones bitching when women's sports get scaled back accordingly.
  8. https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/bronze-medalist-murphy-olympic-postponement-was-the-best-thing/8woyLdTFtLKIPAIh3hNFZK/
  9. Does this mean there's hope for fixing up the track? (and selling off the xc course 😄) Didn't the MAC site used to be macsports.com? Now it belongs to a maker of kiddie wagons 👶
  10. Not looking likely at this point.
  11. Some posters should find a different school to follow rather than make themselves miserable here.
  12. I'll give them an ounce of credit and assume we weren't paying an exorbitant amount at whatever course(s) we were using.
  13. Best wishes to those athletes affected and thanks for representing. Hopefully they can either finish out at UA or find another program they will like.
  14. getsomemaction.com? When did that happen? 1. men's track & field - only 6 MAC teams participate in outdoor, 5 in indoor (12 each for women) 2. men's & women's golf - it's a Kent thing... 3. rifle - traditionally a strong suit but not sponsored by the MAC and a low profile sport overall; time to be retired
  15. I'd be surprised if the MAC or any conference would enforce the exit fee when dropping to a lower division...just saying..
  16. Welcome to the board. Can I ask where you saw this?
  17. Football is dead. Long live football!
  18. Here's what's going to happen to us: https://www.bobcatattack.com/messageboard/topic.asp?FromPage=1&ForumPID=6&PID=300106
  19. So who can name the 6 colleges that are being eliminated? UA Reorganization for $1000 please, Alex...
  20. We couldn't be cutting more than 1 or 2 sports and still be div. I amirite?
  21. ZippyRulz


    https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200506/two-ua-esports-teams-national-champs I wonder if esports is on the chopping block?
  22. https://www.uakron.edu/oaa/initiatives/redesigning-ua/index https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200506/plan-to-restructure-university-of-akron-into-5-colleges-doesnrsquot-cut-any-programs-mdash-for-now?template=ampart The restructuring plan calls for five colleges that so far have been given placeholder names. The largest would be a reformed Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, which would have the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education becoming a school within the Buchtel college. The other four colleges would be the School of Law, the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering and Technology and Health and Human Services.
  23. https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/utoledo-announces-university-wide-furloughs-pay-cuts/512-8a507121-17ed-455b-904c-b35470494fa0 They are also searching for a new president.
  24. http://dailynous.com/2020/05/04/faculty-non-renewals-staff-layoffs-threats-philosophy-ohio-university/ (Posted as off topic, although it parallels our situation, not smack.)
  25. Redesigning The University of Akron: May 4, 2020 Update Upshot - the big benefit of the 5 college model is lower admin costs and a more collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to edumacation.
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