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  1. will look even better with a big crowd around it. now on to the basketball court 👍
  2. Per the article, we averaged a 17 point deficit to MAC opponents. We could close the gap by 2 touchdowns per game and still be losing. Nothing given, everything earned. That said, I'll take the over 2.5 wins at Draft Kings.
  3. Maybe they're going to keep it covered up and have a big unveiling right before the September 1 game(?)
  4. And shouldn't one of the MAC logos face the other way?
  5. https://theathletic.com/podcast/97-the-audible-with-bruce-and-stew/ It's the June 9 podcast, near the end (starting around the 1-hour mark) with guest writer Max Olson relating some coaches' comments. The problem being if good players get too much attention around spring practice, before the transfer deadline.
  6. I heard on a podcast that coaches are hesitant to put out depth charts because it telegraphs who their best players are (or are going to be), making them targets for poaching / transfer. So maybe it's good that we're just left to speculate..
  7. Interesting to see an NIL price for a top team. If I'm shifting the decimal point correctly, I'd say a top MAC team will need about $130K to keep its roster together.
  8. $1B+ Bron. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/02/investing/lebron-james-billionaire/index.html?utm_term=16542522569633dd6ab274311&utm_source=cnn_Five+Things+for+Friday%2C+June+3%2C+2022&utm_medium=email&bt_ee=pdnFjUqrm6Yrx9%2Bo8lE%2Bs3QeaqgyLgL7BRjtR%2F236778kURGiEzr0BI%2B05px4IcO&bt_ts=1654252256965 LeBron James' Foundation announces plans for multimillion-dollar Akron medical facility https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2022/06/07/lebron-james-and-promise-announce-medical-facility-akron-healthquarters-axesspointe-coleman-health/7496612001/?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot
  9. The burning question now is can we retrofit it onto the existing band uniforms or will we have to buy new? 😀
  10. Probably a fear of becoming too gimmicky is what prevented this. It was all about the A(kron).
  11. I hate to admit it but BG and OU do a good job w/ logos. BSU and CMU need to step up their game.
  12. I would love to see the rest of the letters in that font.
  13. Wow, I guess I was wrong - someone did already try to mimic our new logo. I guess we'd better send them a cease and desist letter right away 😀 Honestly, it's probably good we got ours trademarked before releasing it to make sure we're in the clear..
  14. Right. It's unique, and will be uniquely ours... I don't see anyone trying to mimic it. Will be good for scorebugs. A for Akron is more meaningful than the Z but I hope we still use the existing Z a lot.
  15. +1. No Braves/Guardians "Indian" fonts.
  16. I view it as a hint that we'll be going with a no punt, no FG, onside kickoff offense this year.
  17. So it actually increases the chances of (tourney) games being decided by PKs. Interesting choice.
  18. I'd have to disagree with the Twitter poster who said JD looks the same as he did at Pitt.
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