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  1. Seems like a good get for us. Let's hope his original 4 star potential is still there. We need a big play maker.
  2. How is Kent rated higher than NIU in any galaxy?
  3. I was looking at the other teams thinking, Championship of bust!
  4. My angle was mainly to get some sort of deal for games against UConn in basketball, not so much to get more horrible football teams added to the MAC.
  5. Based on the article, maybe we bring them into the MAC for football since they will soon be playing as an independent.
  6. Captain, I think you should promote this. I'm sure you would do a better job than what the Marketing Dept. will end up doing.
  7. I noticed that myself. I guess it's just a marketing ploy to get people to stay for the women's game. I'm planning to attend because my daughter really wants to see the women's team play so I guess I'll be getting my bobblehead!
  8. All I know is we better not come out and open the season with a loss to YSU!!
  9. Your points make sense. I was just saying that it is very difficult to stand out on a losing team due to the "guilt by association" type thinking because overall, everything was bad.
  10. Congratulations to Lako and Davis. They definitely had to play their butts off this year to get an award. To me, this says we had one great player and one pretty good player on a hapless and terrible 2019 football team. Depressing times for Akron football.
  11. OL and DL are by far the biggest areas of need by a huge margin. It's almost impossible to really assess what we have at QB/RB/WR and DB/LB/Safety this year. On the offensive side, we can't block very well at all, so the QB has no time to let a play develop and find the open receiver, the RB's have virtually nowhere to go and the WR's can't even finish routes completely most of the time. On the defensive side, our complete lack of pressure on the opposing QB forces our DB's to try to cover receivers WAY too long. Even the best DB's can only cover for a certain amount of time before getting beat. Our LB's have done a decent job, but I think they are undersized for the most part, especially when running a 3-4 which requires LB's to make more tackles.
  12. So still no LOI's yet? Making me a bit nervous.
  13. Yes, I agree. I want to see everyone get playing time, but with that being said, I want to win by a large margin. We have the depth now, so there is no reason it should be close no matter who we put on the floor together.
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