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2017 G Torrey Patton

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9 minutes ago, skip-zip said:


Or, does he go somewhere else BECAUSE another quality Guard just picked a school he might be considering?


That can work both ways. :D

Duquesne has a young guard of their own that has shown he can perform at the A-10 level. He was pretty much playing all but 2-3 minutes of each game down the stretch. If anything that argument would work against Duquesne.

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I was curious about us actually beating out Duquesne so I took a look at their message board. According to that Pittsburgh site that broke the news, there is one scholly open (even though the fans don't know who/why). Was that offer from Duquesne still acceptable for Patton? I don't know. But if we get Collins then there seems to be a solid chance that atleast one of the offers were acceptable, meaning we beat out KD.


Duquense also has 4(!) schollies used up this season on players who will not be playing. Yikes. Considering the mass exodus of MAC talent, any bets that Akron won't have a better year than the Dukes?

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24 minutes ago, mes102 said:

The one thing I don't think many people are thinking about right now, is that all these Zips/MAC players transferring to Duquesne may be hurting Duquesne on the recruiting trail because they know they may be able to play this season, but what about the following season when all of them can get back on the court in games? We have basically a clean slate here, and that's more enticing to recruits than not sure where you might be in year 2 of your college basketball career.


I'm glad you picked up on that "clean slate" idea.  That's why I brought that up as something that could be helping us, a few posts before the one you replied to.   Of course, having so many spots available is probably never really a good thing in the short term, but it surely could have its pluses when you are retooling (that's right...I still hate the idea of using "rebuilding")   


And I've been saying all along that Keith might be hurting himself by filling up some of those spots on his roster so quickly.  


25 minutes ago, Captain Kangaroo said:

1.) He's a #2 guard and not a PG

2.) If he wants to attend a school where his teammates stink, so he can get get a ton of playing time, he probably shouldn't choose Akron.


Unfortunately for us, the way he sees it is the only one that counts.  

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I hope he is working on conditioning and how to play defense without fouling.  


Given the current player personnel, he is going to be needed to play 40 minutes a game next year while a couple of the transfers have to sit out.  Would be nice if we had a Malcolm Walters-type walk-on that we could steal 5 minutes a game from when needed.

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Torrey was big help in getting Zips to the Q Groces first year.  He and that walk on (great guy.  Forget his name) saved the Zips that year from total humiliation.


And tonight, Torrey scored the last 5 points including a 3 pointer with 6 seconds left to give CSU a win on the road at Milwaukee.  Vikings and Dru Joyce will make the Horizon League Tournament (partially because Detroit Mercy is on academic suspension).  But this win sealed it for them legitimately.

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