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Jonah Morris

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Assuming Jonah has to sit out 2018 because, NCAA.


Is that correct?


Never mind; I see CK's post above mentioning him being a 2019 addition so unless we have some waiver magic, I think he'll sit 2018 due to transfer rules.

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because I'm a moron and didn't read all posts =)
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On 5/29/2018 at 11:33 AM, zippy5 said:

I believe there may be a change this summer to allow players to not have to sit a year so if they hit certain academic benchmarks. Not sure when they will decide on that but I guess I wouldn't write him off yet for this year

I didn't know they were looking at making changes to the transfer rule(s). 


Thanks for the info.


EDIT: Read they were due to make announcement on changes "in June"...

They were considering the idea of guys having a 3.0 or better to not have to sit the year.

stay tuned!

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9 minutes ago, 94zipgrad said:

Jonah Morris 2 catches for 18 yards for Illinois


Morris saw a good bit of playing time yesterday and Bielema has been really pleased with him throughout the offseason. From the sounds of it, Morris has been willing to do whatever is asked of him.

Illinois has really revamped their offense and might be a dark horse in the BIG this year. I’ve been following them closely since Bielema arrived and it seems to be a perfect fit. Bielema came out and said something along of the lines of he was as excited abut this team as his Big Ten champion Wisconsin team and thought it could be a special season. They have some things to clean up, but after tracking what they’ve done in the offseason and watching them play yesterday I can’t say I disagree with him.

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