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Game 10- Florida A & M


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When it "counted" the Zips made their FTs, including the 2 negated by Freeman's lane violations.  I liked that the scoring was spread around, and Tribble really stepped up at the end.  I also thought they handled the inbounds of their final possession very well.   Florida AM which wasn't. a bad team kept in it because of Zips careless and mental errors.  


That being said it's not a positive when you leave angry after a win.


I like that multiple guys contributed.

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5 minutes ago, clarkwgriswold said:

Yikes, was that awful.


That's the kind of effort that leads to a double digit loss to a Michigan directional.  Glad it is behind us.

Ain't that the truth.  You know the game, when Akron allows one of those schools to stay in it and one of their guards starts getting hot from behind the arc.

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1 hour ago, clarkwgriswold said:

100 free throws at practice for Aziz tomorrow.


He was the player for the radio post-game.  He's obviously still working on his English.  The only thing I am certain of after listening is that he "just wants to help the team."  He came across as a genuinely nice kid.


I heard that. He does seem nice but idk how he's able to do college coursework here.


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Unlike football, where ADs schedule for the big paydays ... in basketball, coaches do most of their own scheduling. As you can see, most of the MAC sticks to a formula of 1-2 non-D1s and 2-3 sub 300 RPI teams, a couple of payday D1 road games and/or tournaments then fill in the rest while proclaiming "nobody wants to play us."


Truth is, there are solid/quality games out there to play with the bulk of the Horizon League willing to do home-homes, A-10s willing to do mostly just road games and some Mo-Valley willing to do home and home if the MAC program is usually above 150-RPI.


Considering a teams power ranking is based a great measure on road games and overall strength of schedule I don't understand why MAC schools play more than 4 non-con home games. It's a waste.


Play a Thanksgiving tournament (2-3 games), a Christmas tournament (2-3 games) a couple of P5 paydays then 4-home games of cupcakes if you choose.  Seems simple to me.

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