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Central Michigan- 1/25/22


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Thank the good Lord, that was nearly disastrous. A win is a win, though. With that said, I expect Toledo to win by 20 on Friday. Zips just don’t have it right now, it’s a miracle they’ve won 4 in a row. They were double digit favorites over every directional Michigan school in the last week and beat them by a combined 7 points. 

It seemed like Groce toyed around with the lineups a little to try to get guys going, but it just never really panned out. In the end, it was relying on Ali and X once again and they delivered. 

That performance won’t beat the other 10 MAC teams, that is for sure. Gotta keep racking up wins though, so we’ll have to take it. Onto the next one. 

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We have certainly learned to close out games.  X with a clutch 3 and Ali with clutch free throws.  Tough defense on the last possession.  I can't tell you how many past Zips teams would have folded.  We really had some bad turnovers tonight.  I cannot remember X throwing such a bad pass and Ali not going hard to the ball on the turnover to start the second half.  I commented on Saturday that this team did not look tired but I thought tonight they looked tired with those lazy passes.  Also, we got beat on the boards tonight which is an indication of a tired team.  How many balls seemed to bounce off our hands tonight?  We will get hammered if we play this poorly in Toledo.   

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44 minutes ago, clarkwgriswold said:

Toledo looking like world beaters and peeling Buffalo in the second half.

Toledo always looks like world-beaters until they hit Cleveland in March.


re-watched last few minutes.  The guys really seem to be cool under pressure but for Xavier and Ali getting frustrated with each other after Ali's travel.  They had a close up of the CMU bench during a time out and one of the players turned his head away while the Coach Barbee was talking to him and Barbee grabbed his arm and yanked him back into the huddle.

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