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2023 Spring Ball


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17 hours ago, GoZips86 said:

Been a bit since I've been THIS excited about a recruit! 


Let alone at the QB position. 


I've seen some of the Twitter interaction with Wasel by our other recruits. I thinks there's a genuine belief that this kid is the real deal, and players are excited to play with him. 

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1 hour ago, Blue & Gold said:

Indeed. Man do I want to see him at WR/slot 😩😩😩

He may end up there at some point. I’m guessing part of his recruiting pitch was that we have both cornerback (and nickel) positions up for grabs and that T. Thomas could come in and play immediately.


We may have the best slot tandem in the MAC this year with Adams and Golden. 


I’m curious to see how Myles Walker and Anthony Williams fit into the equation. Also, will  Gathings bounce back? I know A. Williams and Gathings weren’t in the slot, but Gathings looked good before his injury last year.

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1 hour ago, clarkwgriswold said:

Maybe I missed something, but when is the spring game?  I am running short on the Bowden football camp t-shirts I get in those grab bags!  It was April 30th last year.

April 29th Clark! I don't know if anything was ever posted on GoZips.com, but did see some spring ball schedules posted on social media.

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