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  2. And they built it on top of the Spicer Cemetery? Seems like a bad omen.
  3. Interesting article in today's Beacon about the beginnings of the University. The best segment reads- Trustees of the Ohio Universalist Convention gathered May 31, 1870, at the Summit County Courthouse to vote on a proposal to establish a school to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Universalist Church of the United States. The trustees had already ruled out Kent after scouting the Portage County town and learning it had an “unpleasant reputation” of being ridden with malaria and typhoid fever. Too damn funny. Some things never change. https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200531/local-history-let-there-be-buchtel-college
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  5. It's a long masters thesis. You'd have to read it to fully understand it.
  6. I think the first three sentences of Coach Arth's statement speaks to many of us.
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  8. How does one quantify cultural fit between players in order to determine if the statistical correlation between it and winning is significant?
  9. That's the actual roster, not recruiting makeup
  10. This analysis means even less than most. Each year different schools have different needs from a position standpoint.
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  12. I agree..always going to be an uphill battle until we put together a few decent seasons. Two diamonds in the rough were actually our most impressive freshman last year - AJ Watts and Mike Mathison had a combined zero FBS offers outside of Akron. Whereas two of our highest rated recruits in program history (Hayes-Patrick and Corey Thomas didn't do much at all). Thomas even redshirted.
  13. It's not a good sign but only time will tell if they are right. With the history of the program the coaches are always going to be fighting an uphill battle for talent. As fans we have to hope that they are: 1) more persuasive than their counterparts, and 2) able to identify the diamonds in the rough better than the competition.
  14. Sorry to lose a recruit, but I must say congratulations to Remi Smith on getting into the Air Force Academy and choosing to serve our country. I have no idea what his plans are, but maybe he'll be flying jets some day or working in the Space Force.
  15. Top Drawer Soccer is now showing that this young man....has committed to the Air Force Academy for fall 2020. College Soccer news also did not list this young man as a zip recruit when they listed the zips as having one of the best 2020 recruiting classes.
  16. A 6-6 record wouldn't make them "one of the best teams in the MAC." Historically Buffalo has been about on par with Akron when it comes to football "success". I do agree though it does appear Leipold does seem to be building something there. It will be interesting to see if he sticks it through or hops to another job.
  17. Oh, I don't know. I think Buffalo's QB did pretty well last year. PFF listed him as an "hidden offensive gem" coming into this season. https://www.pff.com/news/college-football-who-are-college-footballs-hidden-offensive-gems "Vantrease holds our second-highest passing grade for returning Group of 5 quarterbacks in non-play action, straight dropbacks, at 82.7." Pretty obscure stat, but I like it.
  18. To take a team that was 2-10, and go 6-6, 10-4 and 8-5 in successive years is a trend in my book. They'd have been a lot better last season if Tyree Jackson didn't listened to bad advice and declared for the draft. I'm "buying" Leipold. Just my opinion.
  19. These analyses are meaningless, especially at the mid-major level. Ohio is always fairly low yet is consistently near the top of the league performance wise. Intra-conference rankings are also based on raw numbers - Ohio had far fewer openings for 2020 and thus a smaller class. I saw an article the other day that indicated that many/most current NFL players from the MAC were just 2-star recruits out of high school. Shows you that it's about finding the right kids for your program and then coaching them up.
  20. Athlon's college football preview ranks Akron's: QB unit ahead of BGSU, CMU ,NIU, and OU. WR/TE unit ahead of UB and CMU. DL unit ahead of BGSU. DB unit ahead of BGSU and NIU. And predict Akron to win 3 games. That's moving in the right direction.
  21. Buffalo hasn't had a coach with a winning record since Dick Offenhamer who coached there 1955-1965. Leipold seems to be building something there, but 2 years is hardly a trend. It's way too early to be looking at class rankings for 2021.
  22. There is a better statistical correlation between cultural fit between players and winning than the number of stars they have next to their name. UNLESS you have both going in your favor. Miami is in a great position right now.
  23. and that 3 of the 4 haven't been ranked yet, not that i'm expecting anything crazy, but it doesn't take a genius to understand the formula and how the rankings work.
  24. I'm not the one asking someone else to do his thinking for him.
  25. There is upside with 21 unfilled spots
  26. OK - Buffalo and Ohio are typically among the MAC's better programs.
  27. I've read on ZipsNation that the number of commits and especially stars don't matter and yet a recent peak at 247 Sports suggests to me that we have the 10th strongest 2020 recruiting class ahead of only Ohio and Buffalo. And plenty of room for improvement regarding the 2021 class. Please tell me stuff that will make me feel better about this situation. 2021. MAC Rank School commits 3 star 1 Mia 17 10 2 Tol 14 13 3 niu 13 7 4 wmu 10 5 5 cmu 13 7 6 Buf 5 5 7 bugs 6 5 8 TTech 7 3 9 pccc 9 3 10 OU 3 2 11 emu 1 1 12 Akr 4 0
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