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    Ezana Kahsay put in a blue collared shift tonight. He repeatedly and strongly received the ball with his back to goal. In five years, tonight may have been his best. No taking plays off. No stupid fouling. No bitching at team mates. Nice all around match EZ! Well done. Take us to the NCAA Tourney.
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    I thought they looked solid yesterday. Nice to see Akron soccer back in Akron. I agree that Kahsay had a fantastic game. I also thought Biros looked very comfortable out there, maybe his best performance this year. Friday should be a good one.
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    Gaucho Dan Rpi showing the zips at 33 after tonights win
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    He's out with a back injury I believe I heard pregame.
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    Just over an hour to game time. Foam finger ready. Blue and gold body paint ready. John Groce Fathead ready. The t-shirt gun is ready and the crosshairs are ready to line up NWAkron for the first blast of the season. Welcome back to Zips basketball!
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    What is it that you are looking for? I've seen the kid play 29 minutes.
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    USSF and MLS should be coordinated enough to schedule international friendlies in between MLS matches. I would hope they could accomplish that. Every other country does it. No big deal.
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    if the zips can win the mac, they should move into the mid to high 20's for RPI...and get to host a round of 64 game one game at a time though.... they have to play for 90 minutes and get past West Virginia on Friday night
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    Current Gaucho Dan RPI rankings WVU 14 Akron 33 WMU 53 BGSU 123 EDIT: SIUE 62 NIU 77
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    I believe that Nagbe and Trapp will play their respective MLS Playoff matches on November 11th. They will then immediately board a plane for Europe, where they will both sit the USMNT bench for the upcoming friendlies. Point is that there is no way either will miss an MLS playoff match. This point is difficult to research. Post if you find anything.
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    It is difficult to judge anything about this team since we played a division 2 team. HOwever, I did notice that we really had no post up game. You would think that against a smaller team we would try to dominate inside but that did not happen. Most of our inside points were off of drives or offensive rebounds. Did not see a great deal of offense that generated easy shots. Most of the shots were drives and kick outs for 3 pointers. We missed a lot of open threes in first half and made more in second half. Utomi was off tonight and many of his shots were short. He barely touched the rim on a foul shot. I was most impressed with Jackson. He was fearless driving to the basket and fought through the screens. He played a great second half. Looking for great things from him. Was looking for improvement from Klac and Poke. Poke looked rusty but glad to see him on the court after last year. Klac was in for 2 minutes and drew 2 fouls and gave the ref the "who me" look. I hope I am wrong but not sure how much he will contribute. We seemed to want to push the ball up the court. However, it did not lead to many easy points.
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    Too many quick threes. These guys are big, no need to live and die by the three. Our much bigger team got killed on the boards by a D2 team. MUST work on that. I see a lot of potential, but they have to be a team.
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    Dodgeball I believe. I was thinking once I saw ESPN5 "Man, did Rome transition to cornhole or something? That's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off."
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    Some notes/observations from Game 1, primarily for those who could not attend. The new intro video is not great. Starters- Banks, Ivey, Riak, Jackson and Utomi. Lots of new support people. Looked like about 10 managers and 24 cheerleaders. The new scoreboard looks great. Cheese was the first sub into the game. He is not much of a shooter but was the most aggressive Zip with the ball. Jackson is very fast. He can push the ball, has a decent shot and works hard on defense. His size will be exploited by big guards. Banks looked good. Decent shot. Seems to still be finding his way. Deng has very good feet on defense, is a nice defensive presence in the middle and is reasonable on offense. Much better on offense than expected. Scott Walter played much more than expected. Very heady and works hard. Groce had Poke and Riak and Sayles and Riak on the floor together. Lucas Smith and Toles in street clothes. Kostelac was the 4th big man in. Cheese ran point with Jackson out of the game. Ugly first half. 31-29. 39 percent from field, 24% on 3 pointers. Zips never got in the bonus, a sign of how passive they were on defense. At times, the boxing out was awful. In one stretch in the second half, Cedarville got 5 offensive rebounds in one possession. All in all, a typical first game. Lots of work yet to do. Players still gelling.
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    A lot to like. Slow start, shots weren't falling early, Cedarville came out like a motivated DII team should and played well. Akron put it together in the second half and once the shots started falling, it was smooth sailing. The ball movement was great from the get go and I found our shot selection to be solid. Very impressed by Riak, Cheese, and Christian Jackson. Riak didn't have a great game but his fundamentals are strong for a guy his size. Good handles and strong free throw shooters. Cheese is gonna be a game changer with his ability to get inside and finish. Christian Jackson is probably the best PG we've had since Abreu. The kid has a high motor like Antino but is more under control.
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    Great game by the Zips. Looking to these guys really stepping up at Tournament time. I think Colin Biros' performance tonight also reflected his experience in big games. He looked comfortable and confident out there. Nice goals by Marcel Zajac (assisted by Diogo Pacheco) and Morgan Hackworth.
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    Hester is no longer with the team.
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    I think Kato will play Saturday. Bowden said in his press conference today that the MRIs were negative and Kato is moving around better everyday but he is day to day.
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    A good Three for Thursday bonus question might be: "Who will be the Zips starting QB on Saturday?"
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    Absolutely. "You can BOOK it!" <throwing up cliches emoticon>
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    ESPN3 – Jacki Windon will have some details, while Reghi tells you the height, weight, and high school of a player.
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    The landscape of mid-major basketball is changing. With the new rules on transfers mid-majors are going to be more reluctant to solely recruit HS seniors to fill their rosters. Why spend a couple of years as a training ground for those players so the good ones can just transfer up to a P-5 school to finish their career.