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    That's the spirit!
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    Many ways to win at basketball. They generally all have two primary factors- 1) good players and 2) good coaching.
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    The last time we played Liberty was memorable... I recall walking into the Rubber Bowl with about 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter, and we were losing 14-0. I recall Bobby Hendry ran for a bazillion yards that day. I recall Lee Owens executed an onside kick with the Zips winning 41-14, late in the game. I also recall a Liberty coach subsequently screaming profanities out the Rubber Bowl press box...something about Owens being a "Classless Mother #@!*%."
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    I think Parrish could be a big help right now too.
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    If we still had Cotton on this team I'm betting we would have won a lot of those close games (with Cotton on this team we may have won those close games comfortably). On the other hand, with Cotton still with us, the team may have imploded half way through the season. IMHO Cotton not working out hurt more than one might think & set us back another year.
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    https://gozips.com/schedule.aspx?path=football Good things the first time we get our home Kent game earlier in the season (also Homecoming) in a long time so hopefully we will have a decent crowd. bye week before Kent 4 Home Saturday games prior to October 19 which allows for potentially decent weather Close the season with Miami and OU which I assume will be two of the top teams in the East Not so good things 3 MACtion weekday games including 2 at home
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    Balsy's right...if we couldn't fill it this past Fall for Salt 'N Peppa, Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Naughty By Nature, Rob Base and Young MC, we have no chance in the future!
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    Reece in top 25 best JUCOs right behind 3 Buffalo commits
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    and scoring more points than one's opponent.
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    Since you didn’t answer my question the answer was 0. 95 wins in 4 years, he didn’t play in every game. I would have taken 20 less wins over 4 years for a MAC tourney title and a chance to win a game in the dance.
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    How many NCAA tournament games did Big Dog play in? Don’t get me wrong, as I would like a center averaging 15+ a game but to say we can’t without it is just bull crap.
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    I'm not completely sold on Groce quite yet but his situation and Dambrot's were considerably different in the players inherited and the situation. KD had continuity from being on the staff and inherited some talent while Groce had essentially bare cupboards and a late start. Do I wish they were further along and won these close ones? Hell yes. But, Rome wasn't built in a day. If they don't take a substantial step forward next year, then I'll be far more critical. In the interim, I reserve my right to pee and moan along the way.
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    Dambrot also inherited a roster that had Romeo Travis, Dru Joyce, and Jeremiah Wood. Groce had to pretty much patch a team together as we only had 4-5 scholarship to start with and he wasn't hired until April after pretty much every HS already signed. Because we were pretty much forced to sign a bunch of players in year 1 who frankly weren't good enough to compete at a high level in the MAC in the 1st place, we then had to turn over the team again. I feel now the roster has finally been stabilized enough that we should be in a better position to recruit for the future instead of having to look more towards plugging an immediate need. I feel Xeyrius Williams will be a nice piece for us next year. Riak gets $#!+ on a lot here, but he's one of the best defensive centers in the MAC. If our guards weren't struggling so bad at scoring, his liability on the offensive end wouldn't be so glaring.
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    First - You know it's going to be a monsoon for that game...it always is for a big game at InfoCision. Either that, or a few key Zips players will get suspended. If we avoided aforementioned Curse of InfoCision, and Kent brought in a decent team, I think we could approach the 21k butts-in-seats number. Very smart, and blatantly obvious move by Larry Willliams to move that game date up from late November. It will be a fun day on campus.
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    The Ken+/Akron game should be played every year at the end of September/beginning of October. I get that's not the traditional rivalry week, but that's the part of the year that will generate the most fan excitement surrounding the game. Miami/OU should do the same. We can then finish the season off playing OU at the end of the year and Ken+ can play Miami or vice versa. Edit: I believe the 2009 Morgan State game is the only sell out we've had at Infocision. Anyone think we'll fill the stadium for Ken+?
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    Credit to @TennZip for pointing me to this article which is tucked away in a Preseason section of MLSSoccer.com... Reunited in Ohio: Wil Trapp, Caleb Porter lead Crew in new era ...Over seven seasons at the University of Akron, head coach Caleb Porter built a machine. During his final two before departing for Major League Soccer, Porter's midfield lynchpin wasn't an upperclassman, but a kid who would spend two seasons on campus turning heads, winning individual awards and team trophies before also heading to MLS. It was a local kid, born and bred in Ohio, the 2010 NSCAA National High School Player of the Year. Together, the pair won two regular season MAC titles as well as one MAC Tournament title, with two NCAA Tournament bids over those two memorable years. Now, Porter and former Akron standout Wil Trapp have reunited in Ohio once again as Porter inherits a Crew side led by that familiar face. ...
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    I think Reece looks fantastic and will be a good contributor right away. But for reference sake, 247 scored Mike Bardo 0.7667.