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  1. Dismissed because he's under 18, and so the issue is under the jurisdiction of Juvenile Court, not Criminal Court. So the case is not resolved just yet. Problem is that juvenile cases are not available to be viewed by the public, so if they re-filed it there you wouldn't know unless he gets sentenced to jail or something. Either way, it doesn't matter. I don't see him playing at a FBS level.
  2. Doubtful. The buzz on the high school football forums is that he was arrested recently.
  3. Getting a National Championship match aired on TBS is really impressive. I'd say the risk the university took in starting an eSports program is paying off in a big way.
  4. No. Absolutely not. The very last thing you should want as a Zips fan is Larry Williams making another head coaching decision.
  5. Anybody that's interacted with both of these coaches face-to-face will tell you it's Ianello, and it's not even a contest.
  6. Name one positive impact he's made on the athletics department.
  7. Hey now, it's rude to call pregnant people fat!
  8. No to any football-only additions. They have not worked out even once. However, should Buffalo get taken by the AAC, I would hope we can add James Madison as a replacement.
  9. I remember in the past only having a handful of teams' scouts show up at pro days.
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