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  1. Zips in the NFL

    I remember in the past only having a handful of teams' scouts show up at pro days.
  2. 2019 Recruiting

    FBS teams are allowed a maximum of 105 players on the roster, but only 85 scholarships. So, to have a full roster you need to have a minimum of 20 walk-ons. You can have more if you don't plan on utilizing the full scholarship allotment for whatever reason. I don't know what the roster looks like right now, or if any previous walk-ons remained through the coaching transition.
  3. 2019 Recruiting

  4. 2019 Recruiting

  5. 2019 Recruiting

    This class reminds me a lot of Bowden's first class here. He was also working with a short timetable, I believe. That class, despite not having many other FBS offers between them, eventually led the team to an 8-5 record and won a bowl game.
  6. 2019 Recruiting

  7. 2019 Recruiting

  8. 2019 Recruiting

    Was a Bowden recruit. Glad to see that he's still on board after a visit with the new staff.
  9. Welcome Tom Arth!

    If there's a kid in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, or Youngstown/Warren that has a P5 scholarship offer, we should be offering him a scholarship as well, even if we have no realistic shot. And if they have even a single G5 offer, we should be scouting them at the very least.
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Hoban has more/richer boosters.
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    The fact that Terry Pluto is excited about Arth is perhaps the most concerning thing to come out of this whole coaching change.
  12. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I don't feel anything about this hire, if true. No excitement, no anger, no caution. Just apathy.