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  1. ZachTheZip


    Getting a National Championship match aired on TBS is really impressive. I'd say the risk the university took in starting an eSports program is paying off in a big way.
  2. No. Absolutely not. The very last thing you should want as a Zips fan is Larry Williams making another head coaching decision.
  3. Anybody that's interacted with both of these coaches face-to-face will tell you it's Ianello, and it's not even a contest.
  4. Name one positive impact he's made on the athletics department.
  5. Hey now, it's rude to call pregnant people fat!
  6. No to any football-only additions. They have not worked out even once. However, should Buffalo get taken by the AAC, I would hope we can add James Madison as a replacement.
  7. I remember in the past only having a handful of teams' scouts show up at pro days.
  8. FBS teams are allowed a maximum of 105 players on the roster, but only 85 scholarships. So, to have a full roster you need to have a minimum of 20 walk-ons. You can have more if you don't plan on utilizing the full scholarship allotment for whatever reason. I don't know what the roster looks like right now, or if any previous walk-ons remained through the coaching transition.
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