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  1. Effective run blocking (at times). The unit is progressing.
  2. You are correct. I meant to write in the last 20 years.
  3. To be fair to Lebron, the Cowboys have won three playoff games in his lifetime. I'm not sure the term "frontrunner" fits when it comes to the NFL. There are only three teams worse than the Cowboys in that span.
  4. You can add this to the growing list of reason fans don't attend games. Nothing worse then being pumped about a football game that turns into a flag fest. I only wish I could watch college football condensed (40min) versions like the NFL.
  5. https://www.sportsyncradio.com
  6. Fall 2019: 19,217 Fall 2020: 17,829 Fall 2021: 16,193 Fall 2022: 14,991
  7. Browns fans supported the (crap) Hue Jackson years.
  8. A college football fan can invest his/her entire day (driving there, tailgating, watching the game, driving home), or spend the day watching every game, including the Zips, on a 65" HDTV. A Zips fan can only take so much losing in their lifetime. I would be embarrassed to add up the amount of Zip losses I have witnessed in person, and I'm probably not even in the top 1k. Most Zips fans are Browns fans as well, how many times can that fan watch their team lose on Sat, only to turn around and watch it happen on Sun as well. The Zips\Browns fan is a special kind of person. There should be a local therapy office specializing. Many more reasons, but they are all excuses. Winning solves everything. I'm confident JoMo has the Zips on the right path. Once they become an entertaining team, fans will show up.
  9. Thank you. I guess you could dm him if you really wanted. @aaronmurray11
  10. Was it Bob Kesling? You can email him and let him know at kesling@tennessee.edu His pass protection last night was a failing grade.
  11. Software upload limit 19.5 MB. When you clear space, your limit will increase.
  12. There is a 19.53 MB attachment limit. Delete some of your old attachments. Select your profile name in the upper right. Select “My Attachments”, and delete old attachments to create space.
  13. Watt injury gets Davis a workout
  14. Love the PFF ratings. Keep em comin! 👍
  15. Awesome. I love this stuff. It would be great if you would add each weeks stats to this thread.
  16. Love this! What is your source for these?
  17. Did you solve your issue? I had no issue, it went as @Blue & Gold described above. Anyone else have problems?
  18. Jamal Davis was surprisingly left off of the Chargers practice squad.
  19. Ulysees injured his foot, and is in a walking boot. Waived with injury designation.
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