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  1. It's been a while since I've been on campus, but could the area south of Exchange between Kling and Brown work? I know the tennis courts were relocated to the area and Manny's is a popular spot. But what else is there? Judging by Google Maps it looks like just the Kinkos and a handful of houses surrounded by empty grass. Unless UA has other plans for the area that I'm not aware of, having an arena across from InfoCision would be pretty cool and probably easier for everyone to get to.
  2. I've always felt that KD got lucky that his first few Zips teams were stacked with talent and he just kind of carried that momentum through the end. Using the sustained success to pull in more recruits and keep the cycle going. He always had good teams but never could get over the hump. At Duquesne he was basically starting from nothing. I was mad when he left and still salty. Even though I think the Zips are in much better hands now under Groce. Duquesne is in a weird position and I almost view them similar to Akron football. The school pumps the most money and resources into that program, but they aren't the #1 option in town. Where the Zips live in the Suckeyes shadow, Duquesne has Pitt literally right down the road. It's tough to build a fan base when you are a small school going against that. Being in the A10 doesn't help and honestly think if hypothetically they were in the MAC they wouldn't fair much better. Regardless of conference I think it was a lateral, if not downgrade, for KD to jump ship. Sure they have a better chance of making the tournament, but it's definitely not any easier.
  3. Hopefully they do a handful of designs and let fans pick. New turf is like a 10 year commitment. Need to make sure it's done right. My choice would be Z at midfield and Akron / Zips in either endzone. Practice facility for the basketball has me intrigued as well. Can't imagine it's going to be anything substantial with only $4 million, but who knows.
  4. Surprisingly there aren't as many schools that share our colors. In FBS I can only think of Notre Dame, Navy and FIU. In all D1 there's only about 8-10 schools. When looking at hundreds of schools, only matching a handful is actually pretty unique. There are a TON of blue/yellow schools though. The bright yellow era seemed to just be a fad that fit well with the 90s. Brighter colors, "brush" fonts, etc. Similar to how the Rams and Pitt switched to metallic gold during the early 2000s, but in reverse. Eventually most teams revert back to their original colors. Since the Zips used metallic gold for most of their existence, outside of 1995-2001, I'd say our current colors are here to stay.
  5. The bright yellow era seemed to just be a fad that fit well with the 90s. Brighter colors, "brush" fonts, etc. Similar to how the Rams and Pitt switched to metallic gold during the early 2000s, but in reverse. Eventually most teams revert back to their original colors. Since the Zips used metallic gold for most of their existence, outside of 1995-2001, I'd say our current colors are here to stay.
  6. Browns: Hey we have a new logo and it's going to be awesome. Fans: Finally a real logo. Can't wait. Browns: The orange is oranger.
  7. This is good to hear. But also a bit concerning, because like you said, new logos/branding can sometimes be disappointing. When Charles Guthrie was at Green Bay, they did a rebrand as well and it's pretty underwhelming. It just depends on how unified the athletic department and school are in their vision and how much money they are willing to put forward to make sure it's done right. Decide what the main logo should be (A or Z), a secondary kangaroo logo, wordmarks, fonts and color pallet. No more of teams wearing weird black and silver jerseys. Stick to our traditional school colors and be consistent across all sports. The current logo package (minus the script Akron) was done by Joe Bosack & Co. Which IMO is the best sports branding agency in the country. They should be Mr Guthrie's first call.
  8. I can't imagine many, if any fans prefer the script Akron to other logos.
  9. Honestly I care more about which schools are offering a guy. If I see a recruit has multiple offers from BigTen, ACC or even SEC schools, I'd assume he's a good player. Regardless of if he has 1 star or 5. If someone has offers from all MAC, CUSA or FCS schools it's definitely little less exciting. Not that he won't be a great player. Just need to have lower expectations.
  10. Hopefully all our future opponents get #CaughtInTheZipper
  11. There's plenty of Zips alumni at the Fan and ESPN Cleveland. Unfortunately the only school those stations care about is Ohio State. Unless the Zips are playing in the MAC basketball tourney. They know most of their audience doesn't consider Akron a "real" school.
  12. We're very lucky to have this guy as our head coach...and damn the issue that lead to his emergency surgery sounds scary as hell.
  13. I don't live in Akron anymore and haven't even thought about Eurogyro for over 10 years. Man...so many blurry memories of drunken nights visiting that place. Thanks for reminding me.
  14. Interesting enough, UCF had script helmets this year that I thought looked nice because it was more refined and they were able fit a sword into the design. But it turns out they actually ripped it off from a high school team (Hickory Christian Academy), made a few tweaks and passed it off as their own. So I guess it could be worse.
  15. If I remember correctly he pissed off enough Zips fans that some were ready to confront him in person. The internet tough guy probably figured it was best to shut his mouth. They definitely care more about the Zips than we care about them. Our rival is Kent. I couldn't care less about OU.
  16. He must be friends with that Jacob Corrigan guy who worked for OU as like a media intern or something like 10 years ago. I remember he used to go out of his way to be a prick to Akron fans on social media and might have had an account here too? Must have been a real thorn since I still remember him by name after all these years. The best thing to do with this idiots is ignore them. Just save the receipts and fire back at them when Akron beats OU.
  17. Felton has been the most overhyped rookie this season. People acted like he was the next coming of Reggie Bush. But he's slow and doesn't have great hands. Outside of 2-3 plays he hasn't done much. Jojo, while small, is faster has better hands and is tough. Living on the UA campus must have made him fearless.
  18. Pitt and Iowa State are the only two P5 schools we've had come to Akron correct? That's the perfect level of competition, but also need to know that crowds will show up. SEC would be tough unless Moorhead can talk MSU or maybe someone like Mizzou/Vandy. BigTen has nice options with Indiana, Northwestern, Maryland, Rutgers and Illinois. I think Big12/ACC would be our best bet. After expansion you'll have Cincy, Houston and UCF. Plus schools like Syracuse, WF, Duke, GT, Pitt, BC, UNC, Kansas, WVU.
  19. Can't imagine going home and telling my wife we'd be moving from Oregon to Akron to make $500,000 less every year. Pretty sure I'd be moving by myself. 😂
  20. I still have no idea how Tom Arth and Rob Ianello got hired as HCs. How does a 9-13 record at Chattanooga get you a FBS head coaching job? How did anyone think he could be an improvement over Terry Bowden? who was a decent coach and had plenty of big-time winning HC experience. How does a WR coach from Notre Dame get a HC job? Especially when the Irish were coming off 3, 6 and 7 win seasons. I was a student at UA during that time, I had heard from practically everyone that Ianello was a huge prick and his wife was terrifying. People hate the Browns beat reporters (Grossi, MKC, Ruiter) and most of the time they deserve it. But at least they ask questions regardless of how dumb they usually are. There should be more people in the room that actually care about UA sports.
  21. He mentioned his son in college, but didn't he say something about having kids starting high school and wanted them to be able to stay at the same school without having to move again?
  22. It's nice to know he doesn't care much about the money or prestige of a school. He just wants to be a coach and be near his family. Hopefully this means he's here to stay for a long time.
  23. I can honestly say I've never heard him speak before, but I completely agree. Seems like an awesome leader.
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