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Game 3- Heidelberg

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One more thought on these types of games. Yes they don’t help us rankings wise and there is always a risk of injury. But Enrique’s breakout game was against Malone in 2020. While I’m sure we still would have seen him as a regular in the lineup regardless of that performance, that game was a turning point for him. No I don’t think we saw a performance like that tonight from anyone. But there is always something good that can come from a game like this

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On 11/13/2023 at 2:06 PM, Let'sGoZips94 said:


Yup, injuries happen. Soft tissue injuries are most common in preseason/early season. Can't control the reward for the risk when it's pre-season, but you can control the reward when the season starts. Heidelberg is ridiculous and embarrassing, especially where there's an even lower opponent later in the season. I don't care if other teams schedule this crap - sick of the sheep mentality. Dare to be different. Get a D1 team on the schedule. I like this schedule overall, but these two non DI teams are atrocious. 

I don’t mind one non-D1 to either start the season with a young team or coming off of Finals Week when maybe practice time was way down due to academics. I don’t like having two. I could see scheduling a NET 300 team or so from D1 though to either tip off the season or as a return from Finals as well

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Just looked at the box score & see Prather didn't receive a single minute even versus Heidelberg.  Is he still injured?  It looks like he's been dressing.


He's only a R-Fr., but zero minutes?


Amani Lyles is another concern.  Against Heidelberg he saw 20 minutes, shot 5-of-7 for 10 points, and had 8 rebounds, so that's a nice line... but... Heidelberg.

Thus far against D1 competition all of our games have been nail biters so there's not really been a good situation where Groce could afford to let him get his feet wet in mop up duty.

He tallied... 

2 minutes vs. SDSU

0 minutes vs. S.Miss

0 minutes vs. FIU, and

0 minutes vs. Utah State


Just something to keep an eye on. I'm not throwing the towel in on Amani yet.  


But with minutes like Prather and Amani have been getting, or, more specifically not getting... Idk.

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