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  2. or greyshirting like Tree, Harney, and (I believe) Ivey did.
  3. The top 5 are all upperclassmen though. Dre Williams Jonah Morris Boogie Knight Nate Stewart Julian Hicks It will be interesting to see how much Scippio has improved. Likewise, has MJ McGriff been hitting the JUGS machine?
  4. Today
  5. I suppose it's possible 1 or 2 of the "incoming freshmen" are going to play at a prep school for a year.
  6. I think that's as good a guess as any. This situation is new territory for me as well. Can a player use an academic scholarship during his sit out year?
  7. Yeah, but 90% of them are freshman! Also stacked at P/PK Lets hope we can find one...its been too long!
  8. We are ridiculously stacked at WR.
  9. 2019 roster is up 37 freshman, and unlike recent years, a picture for all
  10. Yesterday
  11. Too bad. He always looked good in a bikini.
  12. Link to see Tor Saunders, Daniel Strachan, Chris Lue Young and Tormenta FC 2 in their playoff match tonight: https://mycujoo.tv/video/sc-united-bantams?id=70094
  13. Maishe Dailey & Bryan Trimble must be paying for their own schooling this year, no? We would have known by now if anyone else was transferring out.
  14. 6-8, 245, PF, Overland HS, Aurora, CO.
  15. Last week
  16. Great announcers on ESPN. Instead of Nick Harney they called him Nick Haney. i think Cooper has put on a post college 50 lbs!
  17. If there's one position Coach Arth should be qualified to evaluate, it's QB.
  18. +1. Cooper looked like he could stand to lose a few lbs. Lol He was turning the ball over & hoisting shots from 30-feet. But unlike against the Zippers, he couldn't buy a bucket (today, nor yesterday).
  19. I watched most of the 2nd game on ESPN today. Unity could have easily won. Cooper sucked the big one and both teams were awful in the whatever they call the last part of the game.
  20. I think if Tree didn't get himself into trouble he could have been the best Zip I've seen since getting to campus in 07
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