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    You would think if an AD makes sound personnel decisions(coaches,assistants ect.) that would benefit the programs he/she/oversees as well as himself/herself. Thats what good administrators do in ANY line of work.
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    Akron is still a young team who is still learning to develop team chemistry. Pretty much any combination of 5 players we put on the court never played together in an actual game before this season. I expect for us to continue improving as the season goes on. I'm excited for March basketball, which I can't say I was last year. Another thing is pretty much all the MAC teams have senior laden rosters. Akron may actually be the favorite to win the MAC next year while also be in contention for it this year.
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    Most people would flunk. It's like the US tax code - long and complicated so the average person doesn't understand it.
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    I think I can spill the beans now. I was told by a person with contact to Portland Timbers officials that Caleb had agreed to the Galaxy job back in October. That was just before his visit to Akron for the Hall of Fame honors and soccer program celebration. Since it has taken so long, I figured my contact must have gotten his wires mixed and I was truly hoping Caleb would come "home" to the midwest. I guess the roommate connection (Galaxy GM Chris Klein was his IU roommate) and $$ won out. Personally, I have questions whether he can handle the LA limelight. That club is a long way from being a contender. But...so was Portland when he arrived!
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    How are you in small group situations, like games at Infocision?
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    My hope and expectations are to be in the top third of the MAC this year and competing at the top next year.
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    I think your being generous with the 1
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    Good points. I do, however, think that Marshall is by far better than any other team we've seen at the JAR this year. I think they'd be in the top half of the MAC.
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    Why is it so unfathomable the Kent State could pass on a good football coach? They've never shown any acumen when it comes to judging coaching talent.
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    Easy guys. Toledo is 9-1 against Little Sisters of the Poor (no, they do not have Sister Jean coaching their teams, either). They blew a 20 pt. lead against Marshall, and have lost to Wright State by 10. Can't is 8-1 with a 7 pt. loss vs. Liberty and close wins over Wright State, Detroit, and Cleveland State. They did beat Vandy, but apparently there were some factors (an injury to a stud player for Vandy?) that may have aided their upset. This Marshall game is going to be good, but I'm looking at their NCAA tournament performance as the reason why, not their who's who schedule of similar opponents/teams we keep a close eye on. To beat Marshall, you have to match Elmore and limit the rest of the team.
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    You can send it in Wed-Fri?
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    Here is an interesting WKSU snippet from Terry Pluto () on Vince Kehres and Mount Union. Terry doesn't believe Vince will be a "Lifer" at Mount Union like his father was. In fact, Terry says Vince interviewed for the KSUcks job last year and didn't get it.
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    The final NSCAA poll came out today, Tuesday. @MarylandSoccer tweeted the preseason and final polls, showing the Terrapins moving from unranked to number one. But the interesting thing I found was this: Akron received two first place votes in the last vote! Like, huh? 😲
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    MLS Teams Exercise Contracts or Options Atlanta - Darlington Nagbe Colorado - Dillon Serna New England - Scott Caldwell Portland - Zarek Valentin (New contract) Expired Contracts or Options not Exercised DC United - Darren Mattocks (expansion draft to FC Cincy) NYCFC - Saad Abdul-Salaam Orlando - Richie Laryea Philadelphia - Adam Najem
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    Why Valentin, Timbers committed to each others' futures Great read about a great person.
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    I saved my first Zips away game for this Final 4. What an amazing trip and Santa Barbara is an awesome place. On the games, I believe we got what we deserved with unfortunately was 2nd place. On Friday, Zips were incredible. From defense to attack, each player played their part. It was great to see 5 different goalscorers on the night. Everything we shot went in the goal. Excellent performances from our back line to contain a good forward in Sierakowski. He has hurt us in other games against MSU before. Many at the game were speaking of MSU goalkeeper being potential pro option for MLS clubs. Where does that leave Lundt if this is the case? Another note; did our staff lose a member? I noticed a younger guy dropping cones for warm ups at the MSU game. Anyone know who he is? I checked the website and nobody mentioned. In the final, our team underperformed. We looked bad defensively and the choice of Milanesse instead of Hernandez looked the wrong one from coach Embick. Interestingly enough, I felt it was the right choice every other game that it happened in the season. We cannot hold that against Embick. He and his staff have done a fantastic job to get this team this far. This is my first year REALLY being a fan of the zips, despite being a huge European soccer fan, and I am hooked. Nothing beats watching this Zips team live and in person. I leave Santa Barbara early tomorrow morning but I wish this journey was not over for these young men.
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    Wow. You guys really are new to this. No Big Deal. There are fewer rules in soccer than in other sports. Any infraction in one's own Penalty Area will result in a Penalty Kick by the opposition from the "spot" 12 yards from goal. PK is the vernacular. Our guy kicked their guy in the face, while both were in the Penalty Area. That is (understandably) a foul. Colin Biros did not connect much, but it was enough. I have seen exponentially much worse, some really gruesome stuff. And that kind of stuff is what we all want to avoid. Ref could have let this one go, but he didn't. By the letter of the law, it was the correct call for the Ref to make. BTW, dimensions on Penalty Area, Goal Area, Center Circle and actual Goal are some of the only things that have rigorously standardized dimensions. Field length and width have a general range. Wikpedia is all over this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penalty_area
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