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    I took the afternoon off work today and was able to meet with coach Arth. I’ll have a story posted sometime this weekend. On the topic of the existing recruits he said he didn’t want to pressure them to commit to a coach and staff that they’d never even met. And likewise he didn’t want to extend an offer to a student athlete that he’d never met. Zips fans will need to wait for the February signing date to see the 2019 class. It’s just the way it has to be. The new early signing period is really unfair to anyone involved with a coaching change. Whether your coach is fired, or he leaves on his own for a better opportunity. I can say he’s an extremely nice guy. Very gracious and a good listener. I was a big proponent of Luke Getsy being hired, and a lot of the positives I liked in Luke are also in Tom Arth. I think we hired a good one.
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    Holy crap. Buffalo is now listed as a three seed in the latest Bracketology.
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    In terms of adding freshman? No. In terms of building a culture and reputation? It's a great start. With how much discussion there is about the sliminess of the recruiting process, word will get around about the breath of fresh air that is Arth's honesty and recruiting approach. That's on a personal level and can go a long way. From a schematic/system level, I think it's also a smart move. Whomever Bowden recruited to fit his system, they might not fit Arth's. Simply filling a recruiting class for the sake of completion is a bit reckless and can set the program back even further. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Glad to hear the positive report, Captain!
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    I like Keith. I think he is a good guy who did his best at Akron before he knew he had to leave. It was time for him and us, but that's another story for those of you who want to continue to fight it out ad nauseum. His outburst against Penn State was a different matter. The AD or President of Duquesne should have suspended him. He embarrassed the university, the team and himself. No athlete would ever, ever be permitted to act that way. The same applies to a coach. I lost all respect for Duquesne University.
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    Coach Tom Zagorski has edited his Twitter homepage to say he's from the #330 & includes a picture of downtown Akron on his profile.
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    Wow, what a class act! I couldn't imagine being that mature and level headed when I was 18. Good luck, Tyler! (I respect Coach Arth for being straight forward w/ Tyler. Tom's honestly will also benefit Tyler, as I think this move will be best for both parties.)
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    You get a decent amount of kids who were academic non-qualifiers for Div I, at the DII level. At D3, you often get kids who are academic all stars but not football all stars.
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    Filling spots with FCS recruits is not exciting.
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    God no....you are middle aged....I am old...
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    He lost to PSU last night by 6 2018🙃
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    You make it sound like winning NCAAT games as a mid-major is easy. You have to win a single game elimination tournament to get there then have to beat a team that has exponentially more resources devoted to their program. We also won NIT games at Florida State and Houston. If you want to count Penn State as "a big game opponent" (which its not) Akron beat them by 25 in 2012 😉
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    I played with Zagorski. Good dude. I’m getting old.
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    Know the Recruiting Rules: What is the NCAA Dead Period?
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    https://twitter.com/Zachgibsonjc wonder if they are working their UTC commit
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    Here is the tweet from the Akron recruit who was obviously offered by coach Matt Feeney, Arth's DC at UT-C.
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    If Terry Bowden had KD's success, there'd be a damn statue of him at Infocision.
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    The two really aren't comparable whatsoever. One consistently competed at the top of the MAC. The other didn't. You can guess which is which.
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    Dambrot is responsible for all 5 of our MAC regular season championships and 3 out of our 4 NCAAT appearances and you wanted him fired???
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    Free throw defense wins championships!
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    Most division II guys are two stars, most division III guys aren't.
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