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Joe Akron

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Our friends 17 year old son won $112,500 for finishing 9th in the Fortnite world championships held in NYC several weeks ago. First place paid $1 million.

Edit; the winner collected $3 million. Seems he got "Swatted" recently. 



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28 minutes ago, Blue & Gold said:

Haven't we won the national championship the past two years?

Only in one of the esport games - Rocket League. 


The University sponsors teams in seven esport games

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On 12/19/2017 at 12:09 PM, ZachTheZip said:

Akron's focus on STEM and the recent accreditation of the Computer Information Systems program really play into this. There's actually been a demand for something like this on campus.


And before I hear anybody saying that this isn't sports: If Poker can get primetime spots on ESPN, then eSports like League of Legends or Smash belong there too. They're more fun to watch, at any rate. eSports is far bigger both by audience size and by financial measures than sports like golf or tennis.


Can you back up your last sentence with some facts? Please keep in mind that there is a difference between participants and audience.

Millions of spectators attend professional golf events each year and millions more watch televised golf events.

I copied some info from the internet to provide you with just one financial measure of professional golf. The PGA TOUR's charitable total, which includes a record $204.3 million in 2019 to bring the all-time total to $3.05 billion, includes donations made by tournaments on the PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions, Korn Ferry Tour, Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada, PGA TOUR Latinoamérica and PGA TOUR Series-China.

eSports is a sport just like tidily winks and other games that don't require the level of strength and physical skills that most people associate with sports.

Rest assured eSports will probably be an Olympic sport before too long and by that time the audience for eSports will have grown to a much higher percentage of the audience for golf or tennis (it may event match that of Poker (which isn't a sport either, it's a game).

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I was watching one of the collegiate eSports events earlier this year. They highlighted one of Akron's players and did a full montage of him for his last event. They talk about Akron in the collegiate eSports world like Bama in football or Duke in basketball. It's pretty wild. 


Also, it's just natural for the Soccer Kings to be good at virtual car soccer, too. 

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