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Zips Basketball- Looking Back to 22-23/Looking Forward to 23-24

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On 9/13/2023 at 2:28 PM, ZZZips said:

Schedule is pretty much finalized but not announced yet.  The problem with the UNLV date  is the closeness to the holiday and the return trip from Grand Cayman.  It's travel time issue not a player fatigue issue.  The third game in the Cayman tourney is Tuesday 11/21.  The UNLV game is a week later.   Thanksgiving weekend in the middle. 


I hope Noah Robotham can attend that game at the Thomas &  Mack center.


Any of you Zips fans booking your tickets to Vegas.  I booked mine yesterday.  

I thought you were paying for a charter for all of us. 

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7 hours ago, Reslife4Life said:

Can someone clarify the MAC-Sunbelt game? I thought the Southern Miss game was the Mac-sunbelt challenge

IIRC, the game in February will be scheduled against a SB opponent of similar rank. Almost like the old Bracket Buster games. 

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34 minutes ago, LoyalZIP said:

IIRC, the game in February will be scheduled against a SB opponent of similar rank. Almost like the old Bracket Buster games. 


This is correct. It's a home-and-home with the first game being pre-set (Southern Miss) and the second game being rank based (not sure if it's standings based or RPI - or whatever the new ranking system is called). 

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Solid schedule, maybe the best I can recall, though I always prefer to play a P5 team. Some good mid-major tests on here. No potential wins to make noise nationally IMO, but the team will be challenged and we'll be able to learn a lot about them in terms of expectations.

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The Zips were going to get a shot at Vanderbilt in the Cancun event until some funky things started washing up on the Cancun beaches, causing the event to be canceled. They were able to get a waiver to go back to the Caymans for a pretty good mid-major field. Not a bad schedule at all. 

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4 hours ago, NWAkron said:

Could someone copy and paste the schedule from Twitter?

11/6 @ South Dakota State

11/19 FIU, Cayman Islands Classic
11/20, Marshall or Utah State, Cayman Islands Classic
11/21, Oakland, Drake, Loyola Marymount, or Stephen F. Austin, Cayman Islands Classic

11/28 @ UNLV
12/9, @ Northern Kentucky
12/30, St. Bonaventure, in Cleveland

While I too would've liked them to have swapped one of the non-D1s for a P5, this schedule is damn solid.  I know some of this (like the returns of home-and-homes) shakes out to luck, the only D1 team out of the barttorvik.com top 200 on this schedule is FIU at 205...and we didn't schedule them, we were assigned them in the Cayman Island Classic.

Besides that, everyone else (unless we play Oakland on the last day of Cayman) is ranked #176 or higher.  In other words, ALL of them are ranked in the top half of the D1 ranks (362 teams).

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On 9/21/2023 at 12:32 PM, Akron1 said:

Saturday, December 30 - Tripleheader

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse - Cleveland


Davidson vs. Ohio
St. Bonaventure vs. Akron
West Virginia vs. Ohio State

looks like tickets go on sale 10-12. There’s a presale sign up for one day early access. 



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Congrats to coach Groce on his 300th win. Admittedly up until this point, I've also more so associated his identity with Ohio (much like most would with KD and Akron), but the reality is he spent 4 years at OU, 5 years at Illinois, and is now in his 7th(!) year at Akron. Time sure does fly. We are lucky to have his coach and staff. Great representatives of the University whose teams conduct themselves the right way (and have been really fun to watch).

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43 minutes ago, zippy5 said:

Marketing and social media has done a nice job with the team this year I think. We bash them a lot, so credit where it's due. No clips that look like they're screen grabbed from a RAZR last night

Speaking of, it seems as though an outside group has been hired to shoot some video of the team this year, both on and off the floor. I recall seeing a high quality video of a snippet of his post game speech against SDSU. Pure speculation, but maybe we have a potential movie in the making. Hopefully the Zips give them a reason to make one. 

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