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    In the past I would watch ESPN games on the computer, or use my cell phone to put the game on the TV. A few weeks ago I got Roku to watch hoops this season. It is the model that does 4K UHD, my Samsung TV does that. Today was my first time watching the Zips on it. As bad as the game was, the stream was AWESOME. No stuttering, totally smooth, the definition was unreal. Once hoops starts I will take the monthly ESPN+ to be able to watch the games. Hope this helps someone, the device is incredible. I do have a smart TV, but it does not have ESPN (some of the newer ones do). BUT, the stream on the smart TV was just OK, with Amazon prime moves always having lip synch issues. This Roku is just insane. Everything works the way it should and in 4K UHD. Yes, you can actually see the difference.
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    Zips are tied for first place in the MAC with a 2-1 win over Bowling Green first goals of the year for Diogo Pacheco and Will Jackson Zips led 20-6 in shots 10-3 in shots on goal 9-3 in corner kicks in other MAC action, SIU-E def. N. Illinois 2-1 W. Michigan plays at WVA sunday at 1 zips are 1-0...I like it...
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    I'm no GT fan, but he nailed it with this column. It's too early to pass judgement on the current staff. The Ianello era zapped the good will and patience of most Zips fans, but Arth is a different guy. More telling: Does the team show any significant improvement at the END of the season?
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    Arth is in over his head, which is not his fault, he is a coach who was 9-13 in his ONLY D1 FOOTBALL EXPOSURE EVER at Chattanooga, yet Larry Williams hired him despite Arth having never recruited D1 Athletes. Dating back to last year Arth has now not tasted a win in 350 days. 9 straight losses for D3 Boy at the D1 level. Larry Williams is killing Akron Football and there needs to be a house cleaning at the top of the Athletics Program. Do the right thing Gary Miller and make wholesale changes in Zip Athletics.
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    Lost in yesterday's misery was this^^ bit of good - maybe even great - news! 247 Sports dot com gives Clarke 3-stars Extremely promising scouting report on Garvin from PrepHoops dot com YouTube interview with Euclid coach T.J. Kwasniak - Garvin played at Euclid last year Garvin has length, huge hands & looks explosive, effortlessly dunking in this twitter clip With Garvin and Greg Tribble, we're now seemingly set at PG for the next 5 years. Nice position to be in. Plus, 2021 Zips recruiting target - SG E.J. Farmer - has also transferred to Cleveland Heights, so maybe this gives us an edge in also signing him?
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    Thanks for the photos. Great work!
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    and basketball. and ESPN contracts, and clothing contracts, and big pay outs for traveling to top tier teams.
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    Dr Miller spoke at the Varsity A Hall of Fame induction this morning. A synopsis of his speech would be the importance of D-1 athletics at UA. He was a D-1 athlete himself. I seriously doubt there will be any meaningful changes to the status of UA athletics under his governance.
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    Couldn't agree more with everyone's assessment of Hernandez and Lue Young. With their contributions to the attack, Akron now looks like Akron. I would also like to add Strachan and Biros to the praise party -- their play have helped Akron control the midfield, something that was sorely lacking before.
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    Zips pick up Gavin Clarke.
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    I too will single out #2 Pol Hernandez for sustained and improved contribution. Keep up the strong work!
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    Yes! What he said!!! MASSIVE understatement.
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    @DannyHoke you make some good points. However, I find interesting your choice of coach's salary increase for which you chose to voice your disdain. What about the colossal waste of funds in buying out the last year of Terry Bowden's contract and buying Tom Arth out of his contract to bring him to UA. UA doesn't have those kind of funds. Some will argue that Football got such and such a payout from their Big games. Yes, that is true, but those funds should not have been wasted on buyouts. Let Bowden coach his last year, and then go after your new coach. To this day, I do not understand the fascination with Tom Arth, but it seems to be in line with the continued lack of skill in hiring a football coach. Don't bother to interview candidates and really screen them. Businesses have figured out how to interview and interact with potential job candidates to really get a feel for how they might perform. That doesn't seem to be the case for UA Athletics. How do you get Rob Ianello...Oh, he's from here or there; he knows Barry Alvarez,How do you get Tom Arth..Oh he has connections to D3 college football in Ohio. ... Who cares? What does that have to do with recruiting and motivating players and knowing what to do on game day. This is Arth's first year; maybe there is an upside, but I don't see it. Watching his press conference following yesterday's Wagon Wheel debacle was almost as painful as watching those of Rob Ianello. I had to stop just a few minutes in.
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    I will also single out Pol Hernandez who has had a big upswing in the past few games. Starting the season on the bench, Pol has really come on strong. Keep that going Pol. Love what I'm seeing. Having Skye Harter back has been huge. Hopefully, Skye is getting healthier. As I said above the whole team looks more confident; the belief is building. Keep it going guys. I know you can beat any team out there when you're all working together. I've attended every game and know of what you all are capable. GO ZIPS!!!
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    ABJ/GT: Patience will be required to see University of Akron football program achieve success
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    I'm super happy for Will Jackson and Diogo Pacheco. Great to see Will get his first collegiate goal for the Zips, the one I believe he said he's been dreaming of since 3rd grade. Hopefully, the first of many to come. Confidence and composure Will. You've got the skills; let the belief set in. Great to see Pacheco healthy enough to get significant minutes and his first goal of the 2019. Well-deserved result of his hard work. Also, hopefully the first of many to come. Also, really happy for Chris Lue Young, who seems to be settling in very well at right back. His last few games have been excellent. Keep up that effort Chris!
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    Well done and much appreciation to @ZipsVoice His in-stadium announcing of tonight's Zips Men's Soccer game was his 3rd event of the day...Swimming & Diving, Football, Zips Men's Soccer. Homecoming hero!!!
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    If you get out of Div 1 football, you are gone from the MAC. Anyone want the soccer program destroyed also????
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    Solid effort tonight. Outside of that mistake by Bowles, a well executed game.
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    Spuds is probably thinking that he could coach the football team to and not do any worse. Arth is a joke, and if he thinks his all-star game of D3 bumblers are going convince talented players to come to U ofA based on the honor of playing for the 0-12 coach then sure, we are all living in the 5th dimension.
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    Okay, who know where I can get this lovely crewneck and hat combo that Mr Nanchoff is wearing during tonight's halftime feature?
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    I wonder what the attitude of the new Prez is toward an athletic department that has been bleeding the University white financially for years. He may decide that Akron can no longer afford to try to compete at the D-1 level. 'Wholesale changes' may not just involve a new AD etc.
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    Was at the game. Have been at every home game this season....so far. There are now some obvious patterns. The coaching staff appears not concerned about wins this season. They are playing an 'apparently' injured QB who can no longer make significant plays to help the team win. Missed a wide open receiver in the end zone in the first half. Throwing the ball into the ground on short outs. If he is hurting that badly then sit him. They seem to be running a high school level offense. Lee is not an every down running back, yet the staff keeps playing him. He is so small he gets swallowed up at the line.Reminds me of 'Metcalf up the middle'. The offensive line still can't run block. Riley is a HUGE liability at CB and opponents know they can go there for easy yards. The front 7 is still way below average. If games were at least competitive that would be one thing.. They should be! My concern is Arth is banking on 'his' recruits for a turnaround next season. May be. But,with a new Prez at Buchtel Hall who knows what his attitude is toward major money losing sports. The University is already in the hole financially. He may not want to tolerate that black hole of cash any longer. No more wins on the schedule this season. If Arth is wanting to preserve 'redshirts' we won't see any changes for at least another 2 or 3 weeks. My last game will be Buffalo only because we promised our granddaughter that we would take her to her first live football game. After that I am done for the year. No season tix next year. We will sit in GA for half the price and the same seats on the East side.
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    I've been impressed with what Sean Lewis is doing at Kent. They are very much improved. It's not crazy to think they could win the MAC East this season. They are playing good football. Congratulations to them. As for Akron, I've tried to be patient with "Arth Ball" or whatever they want to call it, but a hapless 0-6 start and getting hammered at home against your arch rival on homecoming is my breaking point. Nothing has improved as the season has gone on. Saturdays in autumn are too precious of a commodity to waste on Ianello Ball 2.0. Good luck, but I'm not wasting any more of my time on this event horizon of hopeless pigskin incompetence.
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    So what lame ass excuse some of you gonna come up with this week
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    Honest question: Would we be 0-6 right now with Bowden at the helm? The other honest question: Is our defense actually this bad or is the defensive coordinator a big part of the problem?
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    2020/PG/Garvin Clarke from Cleveland Heights, Ohio (HS) committed to Akron.
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    College ball just in general is a much different game. It's more comparable to the European game than the NBA. The NBA seems much more focused on individual performance and hero ball tactics. College ball is a much more team oriented game.
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    Maybe I want to do be optimistic and fawn over players. What difference does it make to the players, the university or anyone else and why does it matter to you so effing much? When did you join the thought police? Get a life or create your own site where you and your 3 buddies can bitch and moan all the time. Your posts are obnoxious, but of course that is probably your goal. I've been to every home basketball game and tournament game for the last 20 years and almost every football game. One thing I don't need from an anonymous blogger such as yourself is a reality check.
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    The pencil makes a showing in the video.
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    I like it. Unfortunately the corner poles are load-bearing and cannot be eliminated. This architect was an idiot. Dr. Guezetta and the board of trustees were idiots for approving the architectual plans. I have felt for a long, long time that UA continually has incompetent boards of trustees. For Decades our problems, academic or athletic, continue to go back to their decisions.
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