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  1. Good catch. Sorry, should have been 3-5. I fixed. If this changes anyone’s vote, just indicate in this thread.
  2. Akron’s bench being out scored 42-9 stood out to me. Also the Zips only lost 37-36 on rebounds, I read some were concerned watching the Malone game.
  3. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread.
  4. There is no live video stream for this contest ☹️
  5. @Captain Kangaroo was the only member to correctly answer all three questions last week.
  6. Fearless Forecast: Zips defense forces BG into some obvious passing downs and gets two picks, one for a TD.
  7. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread.
  8. No OLB reps, but plenty of impact on special teams for Steelers rookie Ulysees Gilbert
  9. Given the outcome of the game, I thought Shawn Kenney and Forrest Conoly did a nice job. AJ Watts continues to impress me.
  10. The offensive line is detrimental to the play of anyone lining up at quarterback. The right side needs help. If there is not a capable player to consistently perform, I think we need to lineup a tight end next to right tackle on every snap. A consistent snap to quarterback’s chest would be beneficial to the outcome of each play as well. It’s hard to evaluate others until this unit starts to perform at an average level.
  11. No ZN member answered all thee questions correctly.
  12. His situation reminds me of Minkah Fitzpatrick when in Miami, having to play all over the field in multiple positions.
  13. I’m not sure of gap responsibility in our defense. I know certain NFL linebacker gap assignments for some NFL teams. The answer is probably a linebacker responsibility in your description. If you are able to post a certain play, I may be able to guess, but keep in mind the Zips play a multiple defense, so responsibility could switch from play to play. I was trying to pay attention to DL rotation last week, but even that was hard to follow. I was confused as to when Jest was on and off the field. He played most of 3-4, and come off after UB crossed midfield when UA switched to 4-3. But this didn’t happen the second half. He played in the 4-3 as well. Might be easier for me on the stream this week.
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