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  1. I'll add a few notes. • The sophomore running back Brandon Lee is fun to watch. I'm guessing he is hard for the defense to find behind the line at 5'6. He seems to go hard at every drill. • Easy to forget, because fans are used to it, but Alvin Davis was noticeable during live action having at least one interception. Jalen Hooks also had a nice pick. • One of the most unique drills of the day had coach Arth with boxing gloves trying to punch out the ball from receivers and running backs. Another coach had a baseball bat with a head cover taped to it doing the same. • After practice Josh Ward told me that this team is really coming together, he said the team is night and day from where they were in the spring. • I was told by a senior lineman that the run game has many more plays in it this year, and he thinks fans will notice. Kato has the ability to call audibles at the line, and has said to be doing a nice job of it. The lineman also commented that fans will notice the offense huddling up this year. • John Lako dropped deep in zone coverage to tip a well thrown pass by Kato. • In a very limited viewing of Peter Hayes-Patrick, he grabbed my attention. He looked to have moves, power, and an attitude with the football in his hands. • I'll second CK's comments on Nate, he looked like a legit number one out there. • Michiah Burton (pronounced ma-KAI-ah) was involved in the run game, he was also pointed out by an upperclassman as one of the freshman that stood out to him.
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    Warren Ball

    From Warren's LinkedIn page. Note: Warren has a masters in sports studies from UA.
  3. Source: Tom Mead
  4. In limited fourth quarter playing time in his first preseason NFL game UGIII intercepted a two-point conversion pass, recorded three tackles with a sack and a half, getting four pressures. 🤯🤯🤯
  5. I’m pretty sure this is a “Madden” game, not reality.
  6. For those interested. ESPN+ tonight. I'll guess it will be worth while.
  7. I would love to see information on the last three years of Akron's personnel packages, and compare it to this years team. This is great information, I wish the same were available for college football. Anyone have an opinion on what personnel packages they think coach Arth will lean toward?
  8. Top 4 candidates for steal of the Steelers draft according to Curt Popejoy. Everyone knows about the big names from the Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 NFL draft. But who will be the steal from this class? Here are our four top candidates. LB Ulysees Gilbert III If we were ranking these guys, Gilbert might be our top choice. Despite being a sixth-round pick, Gilbert is in a position on the Steelers to have a rookie impact on special teams as well as a sub-package linebacker. His speed and athleticism make him a candidate to play inside and outside and with the Steelers depth at linebacker, we could see him on the field early.
  9. The easiest nonconference schedules for Power 5 teams in 2019 according to Chris Low, a ESPN Senior Staff Writer. #3. Illinois Schedule: Aug. 31 vs. Akron, Sept. 7 at UConn, Sept. 14 vs. Eastern Michigan In his fourth season as Illinois' head coach, Lovie Smith could really use a good start to 2019, and the schedule is tailor-made for positivity. The Fighting Illini have yet to win more than four games in a season on Smith's watch, and any chance to get to a bowl game this year will most certainly hinge on going 3-0 in their nonconference games before Nebraska comes to town on Sept. 21. The only road trip is to UConn, which went 1-11 last season. Make 'em pay Zips! 👊
  10. Offers from Toledo, Kentucky, Iowa St, Western Michigan, Syracuse, Boston College....
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