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  1. 2019 Preseason

    Alex is 6'3", Rob is 6'2", and Kato is 6'1" according to my most recent roster sheet (April 5th). Even though they are not standing (perfectly) next to each other, you can make somewhat of a judgement from this (April 6th) photo.
  2. 2019 Preseason

    Other than the photos included in the article by @JeffJefflange, here are a few more:
  3. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    Jamal has 3,438 followers right now, Ulysees Gilbert has 1,145. I'm interested to see how it goes up after they get drafted. 🤩🤯
  4. You will not mistake AA if you go next week. Abe is a load. I would not want to tackle him. He ran (successfully) a lot of short yardage situations yesterday. The thought crossed my mind if this is eventually his best use to benefit the team, it may not be. But I know nothing about the situation. I do remember coach Bowden saying that he came to Akron because he wanted to play RB. He does exhibit good hands out of the backfield as well.
  5. I'll start some notes, but I know @Captain Kangaroo has more. It's difficult to photograph, and be very attentive while keeping an eye on multiple footballs and players, but here are a few. ◙ The most positive thing I witnessed, in my opinion, is to see our quarterbacks go through progressions. I saw Kato look off receivers and go to his second option multiple times. ◙ Speaking of "options" I like to see the the team practicing red zone offense for good amount of time. Lots of options for the QB in the red zone passing game. ◙ I think it's unfair to judge an offensive line right now. I would have to watch individuals multiple times. As coach mentioned to Joe Dunn yesterday after practice, I think our run game is behind some. But there were multiple good runs by Deltron. I didn't get to speak with him after, if I did, I would have asked if he put on some weight. He looks bigger to me, but maybe thats because he was wearing #41 with a lot of space between the four and the one. ◙ Coach Arth, and staff, are constantly teaching, he will either tell someone what they did right, or what they did wrong after ever snap. He seems to really enjoy it, and every player and parent that I talk to says the same. ◙ Coach Arth held a breakfast with University faculty and staff before practice, going around to each table for a meet and greet. I think the phrase "he just gets it" is overused, but I wouldn't argue with anyone that said that about him. ◙ Referees attended the practice. There were also refs that were in training. Once in awhile they would throw a flag. Kind of interesting to hear some of the teaching, I hesitate to write what I heard. I'll just say it confirms a lot of what I thought about particular calls. The refs also mentioned a few things to the group after practice. ◙ Nate Stewart made a great case for himself seeing the ball often. He fights hard in one on one situations, and was very successful yesterday. If I'm the QB, and he has one on one coverage, he has my attention. ◙ I wish I could give you more detail about the defense, but I'm only coming up with a few things. Dylan Meeks stood out on a few short yardage plays. I noticed Michael Scott with multiple successful stunt blitzes. Alvin was at corner, and playing well. ◙ Lots of area recruits there. Many from Canton McKinley. ◙ I'll be interested to read other valued ZipNation member's notes next week at the spring game. I will be out of town, so please post something, even if it's just one thing you noticed. If you question something you saw, post it, I'll try to get an answer if there is one. I was told there will be no score or stats at the spring game. I think you will be entertained by this team, because they seem to enjoy practicing with this staff. I'm thinking it will translate on the field this fall.
  6. 2019 Preseason

    Photos up today, notes tomorrow.
  7. Here are some images from this mornings practice. Notes to follow.
  8. 2019 Preseason

    More Brandon Lee #25 in this video....#49 is not on my roster. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Edit: From today's practice I learned Devanier Floyd is wearing #49 at the moment. Listed as #22 on the roster.
  9. 2019 Preseason

    Brandon Lee runs the slant with coach Arth in coverage.
  10. According to Shawn's (Featherstone) Instagram, he is back in action.
  11. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    Gilbert to make official predraft visit to Pittsburgh. Draft Scout has Gilbert projected as a 5th round pick but given his impressive workouts, his stock could be on the rise. He’s the second linebacker reported to have a visit scheduled, joining TCU’s Ben Banogu. In Pittsburgh, Banogu would play on the edge while Gilbert would slide in at the Mack linebacker spot. Note: I’m not sure the article is correct in suggesting hat Gilbert counts against the Steelers 30 visits. In the past UA visits have been considered local. Although most teams don’t even use all their official visits.
  12. The Concussion Thread

    From what I saw in his professional career, it would explain a lot. Good luck to him.