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PCCC- 1/14/22


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Tribble with the circus and 1, and a fugly free throw attempt. Thank goodness he plays hard, solid D and can slash to the basket on offense.


Love Freeman's hustle. He has the 99% desire portion of rebounding down, which is why he is one of the best in the country.


X is feeling it recently from beyond the arc. Finish this 4 pt play!

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Nothing yet from Dawson. Little from Trimble. Ali trying to do too much once again - he pulled this act last year too. AWFUL minutes from Clarke. It’s the X & Freeman show. 

Some nice blocks from Bandaoho. He’s gonna be really good as an upperclass man.


We’re in good shape. KSUcks will come back to average on their 3-point shooting, and we’ve been a second half team.

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Reminds me of OU game. Zips can't get over the hump.  Opponent hanging on to a lead.

Freeman shoots a 3.  Trying to be Kwan?  smells of desperation.

Typical PCCC.  They can beat anyone or lose to anyone, but when you need them to be OU or BG or Buffalo they never do.

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