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  2. Lost 97-59 to Huggy's Mountain Men. Whoa, Nelly!
  3. The MAC is improving rapidly in women's bb -- much faster than forvthe men. Of course they got three teams (Ohio, CMU and Buffalo) in last year's Big Dance, and Canada and the Chips made the Sweet 16. I saw a comment in the preseason that NIU would be the most improved team in the league. We're getting better, but still falling behind the competition. I think we have like 5 or 6 new recruits for next season. We have 5 seniors.
  4. How 'bout that Hawkins coaching?! 😂 One or two more like that and he'll save his job! Hope da Zippies don't face 'em! 😉
  5. And if we played them again we wouldn't have to suffer through Big Dog's FT shooting! 😖😂
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  7. There are many Akron fans who follow and support you father. Many don't post here anymore or can't post here. Don't use this forum as a measure of how much your father was appreciated. He is an Akron alumni and a previous coach....he sent his kids to UofA and parents were employees of UofA. He is a true Akron Zip and always will be. Even though he is now at Duquesne, like many...I am rooting for him and the other Akron alumni on his staff. Here some facts to think about: (source Pomeroy rankings...average ranking of opposition) Akron 2016/17 (29-9, 26-8 w/o post season) OOC home games 274 OOC All games 194 OOC win games 234 Akron 2019/2020 (14-4) OOC home games 308 OOC All games 212 OOC win games 269 Duquesne 2019/2020 (15-2) OOC home games 253 OOC All games 199 OOC win games 206 Groce must be baking a more palatable brand of cupcake. So....it does does not appear that Groce and Akron is scheduling any better than KD. Keep in mind that Duq has had only 5 OOC home games due to arena renovation. Also...Pomeroy has Akron at 65 and Duquesne at 80 so it looks as if a weak schedule is not holding back Akron. The MAC is way down this year and Akron has a good team....they should go dancing this year. KD left because he could not get in to the NCAA Dance unless he won the MAC tournament. That is hard to do...upsets are common. Here are some stats from the A10: - Since 1982, 46 A-10 teams have entered the conference tournament with less than seven losses. All 46 made the NCAA tournament - In the history of the conference (including the Eastern 8), 38 teams have gone to Selection Sunday with at least 25 wins. All 38 made the NCAA tournament. By the way....the same people criticizing KD also criticize AD Williams. Williams hired the Embick and Groce. Although Arth has not yet proven to be a good hire...he should get credit for cutting ties with TB. Go Zips!! Go Groce!!! Go KD!!! (I post every 10 years....see you next decade )
  8. Sadly no 😊 But this would still be cool if it happened.
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  10. Keep eye out for Bam Bowman. Bam had some injury woes and came back in less than playing shape. His minutes have now been increasing and he's got some game. He'll go off soon one of these nights. Hopefully it's not Tuesday.
  11. Will Pelini be at YSU next year? https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-bo-pelini-a-strong-candidate-for-lsu-defensive-coordinator-position/
  12. Charles Amankwaa, CB, 5-11, 180, Monroe J.C., New Rochelle, NY.
  13. 100%. Plus neither guy jumped ship during the rebuild as transfers came and went. I have a lot of respect for them staying here and working hard, especially Sayles after all the injuries and limits on this PT.
  14. Riak - Sayles' hands don't shoot 3's.
  15. February 22nd is National Margarita Day... https://www.wincalendar.com/National-Margarita-Day
  16. As they have done for many years, the zips will visit Pittsburgh and the play their USL team in the spring
  17. No question. Their shortcomings have nothing to do with effort. I'll take one Riak or Sayles over a hundred talented head cases (e.g. Harney, Cotton...)
  18. I like Sayles and Deng a lot. Both guys hustle and play up to their abilities. They are certainly not the only bigs around with less than a stellar touch. Both are competent players and an asset to the Zips. Now this dude had some bad hands yet he adapted quite nicely.
  19. I was asking for a friend. Sorry to learn that you are sorry. Bowden has already proven he is not the guy to make the plan work. Marble cake with butter cream icing please.
  20. Im sorry but of all the posts and Bowden propaganda I have read on here, This one takes the cake. My oh my !
  21. Who do you think the Bob Huggins of college football is? With all the posts referring to the transfer portal, I decided to take a look at it. In doing so, it occurred to me that with the right coach, we could fill the roster with 4 and 5 stars, destroy the rest of the MAC, and compete with good teams from other conferences. However, it would be important to have a skilled recruiting coordinator to reduce the number of head cases and scoundrels that wind up in our hallowed halls. So who is the guy who has a shot at pulling this off?
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  23. I am not bad mouthing them. Just speaking truth. They both play hard and are probably good people.
  24. Riak. Qualify that with they are both great guys and are doing their best on a high level team this year.
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