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  2. What your saying has some validity but there is a huge difference between a PWO who may never get a scholarship & a blue shirt who has a scholarship after the 1st semester
  3. It opened at +53. Oh, yeah the line...
  4. Is it confusion like "wow, they're making our lives tough?" Or is it confusion like yesterday's Browns game, where "why did Houston decline the penalty to get to 4th and 2 and then punt?"
  5. My guess is Larry Johnson will have some tricks up his sleeve. Our young O line will see stunts like never before.Most likely a lot of confusion.
  6. You can look at it any way you want Sir but bottom line is he was a walk on Blueshirt,Greyshirt, pinkshirt they all have to pay at first. Lets face it the world doesn’t put stock in a young man unless he is overhyped with stars.Bubba being 5’8 automatically eliminated him outta high school. I hope the NFL doesn’t overlook him .But,the society we live in thinks since he is not 6’3 235 running a 4.5 he can’t play. Its harsh but its reality.
  7. It appears that this comment about "walk ons" was actually a "walk off". Thanks for the info, I believe you have won the day and it is still morning.
  8. I'm already having nightmares about how the Zips' line will fare in this one.
  9. Are you saying the attendees tended to be large people, or that there were lots of people in attendance? What were both the official paid attendance and butts-in-seats number for the Zip's s home games so far? I realize way too many teams (including the Zips) routinely achieve the 15,000 average attendance required to maintain D1status with smoke and mirrors, but I worry Akron doesn't have anyone with the magical skills needed to continue this charade much longer.
  10. I share the same opinion, B&G, and have not noticed him in at all this season.
  11. Has anyone noticed Janirr Wade getting any PT at all? He got quite a bit of PT as a true freshman last season and made an impact on the DL.
  12. Bubba was not a walk on but a blue shirt The blueshirt rule allows schools to put "unrecruited" athletes on scholarship once they arrive on campus, but count them against the next year's scholarship total, as long as they don't play. Here's what it means to be "recruited," according to the NCAA: Was provided an official visit to the campus; Had arranged, in-person, off-campus contact with a coach; or Was sent an NLI or other written scholarship offer. Coaches can contact players and have them on campus for unofficial visits — when the recruits pay their ways — without technically recruiting them. Essentially, as long as a recruit doesn't take an official visit or host one of that school's coaches, he wasn't "recruited" by that school.
  13. What I find funny is how you ladies & gents talk about how great Bubba is ( which he is) and how all the other kids who are walk ons must not be that great because they don’t have stars . Im pretty sure Bubba was a walk on. So how you feeling about walk ons now, ?
  14. Love Akron/Ohio State week!
  15. Ditto, I about had a coronary thinking that he entered the portal. Bubba is the epitome of the athlete who gives it his all. He is udersized, but plays with great passion. If he was larger, he would be a regular on Sundays.
  16. Don't ever scare me like that again!! I was watching Bubba yesterday and he is a machine. Just has a nose for the football.
  17. Still here and #3 nationally in total tackles https://www.espn.com/college-football/stats/player/_/view/defense/table/defensive/sort/totalTackles/dir/desc
  18. Yesterday
  19. 1 dead, 2 injured after shooting near University of Akron - https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/akron-canton-news/1-dead-2-injured-after-shooting-near-university-of-akron
  20. Not good. https://uakron.edu/president/news-and-messages/news-detail.dot?newsId=a1f42d75-1dfd-4b3b-9a8c-b38af6cc06d7
  21. Yes, but that was against lowly Tulsa. Now you're talking the Zips coming to town. The scalpers are going to have a hay day as folks scramble to get their hands on tickets to watch the Battle of Ohio in person. Zips by 14.
  22. All things considered, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the size of out last 2 home crowds.
  23. My guess is there will be more Zips fans at da shoe than there ever are at Info stadium.
  24. Criticizing the fans for the players lack of motivation is one of the most absurd posts I've seen on here in years. Our fans have been conditioned to expect the worst and the football program has delivered. 1-19 does that. There is nothing wrong with our fans. Just go a few 100 years over to First Energy Field or the JAR and you will find places that the opposition absolutely hates to visit. Anyone who has ever played sports at a high level knows motivation comes from within. The fans can add to it a little, but they can not create it. When our players get a competent leader and staff we will see their belief and motivation grow exponentially. As LoyalZip has said look to Kent to see the truth in this. They were worse than us for years. Now we envy their program and coach.
  25. I'd be content with 56-10. Sigh.
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