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  2. I like it. I also like only 8 teams going to Cleveland. It makes the regular season more meaningful.
  3. You would hope this would be that kind of game. WMU has lost its last two, to PCCC and Canada, by 26 in each game and have had their last two games postponed. That being said, I'm not making any predictions. NIU and EMU have won a combined 2 games in the MAC and they were against a common opponent. Hmmm.
  4. Lucas was one of my favorites. That kid, fresh out the rec center, worked his *** off on behalf of an undermanned squad, facing up against post players who were 4 or 5 inches taller. That kid had heart.
  5. The only thing this team is missing on offense is a slasher type besides LCJ like Cheese that can get to the rim, imo. Hopefully Dailey or Tribble can develop into something similar. Think the offense is a little too perimeter based at the moment.
  6. Just spit balling here, but the SEC likes to cram in some cupcake opponents in November. If we forfeit the MAC games, can we make $10M+ traveling the Southeastern Conference for weekly ass whoopings?
  7. Remember Groces first year! Lucas Smith. Still managed to get to Cleveland
  8. I really like the no-division look in the MAC. Hopefully this is the way (Mandalorian pun intended) going forward. I have spoken.
  9. I wouldn't mind getting an early lead and letting Clarke run the offense a bit with Dailey on the floor. Let some non-LCJ chemistry build and force Dailey to take on more of a leadership role. I REALLY wouldn't mind seeing Currie, Aziz, Dawson, Wynn, and Clarke on the floor late (assuming we're up double digits).
  10. Game day! Looks like they've finally identified the #2 on offense we clamoured for. It took Trimble a little time to come up to speed after a year off but he now appears to be at full stride. Hopefully, Dailey is just taking a little longer and will come around in what is now becoming mid-season. Wynn appears to be coming up to speed and I am curious to see if his role increases. It's also that time in the season where rotations start to get ironed down and I am curious to see who settles in and who starts getting more time on the bench. This team is so deep that some worthwhile players are unfortunately going to start doing more sitting.
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  12. Look at you sticking up for Mrs Bowden!😉
  13. Trickett going to Marshall instead. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-clint-trickett-joining-charles-huffs-staff-at-marshall/
  14. Done. https://www.hookem.com/story/sports/football/2021/01/22/look-texas-coach-steve-sarkisians-staff/4237258001/
  15. Lol, it is what it is. The past is a better place when there is no future.
  16. I just think we should do better than vague comments about players not being used correctly and patronizing other posters if someone questions it. Be specific. I don’t know if Arth will end up working out. I like what he stands for and that he’s a local, so I hope he does. There’s a lot of bashing of coaches, many have shown something to someone to advance their career. There’s a lot of bashing of him, he’s being looked at for an NFL job. Those are facts. Recruiting definitely needs to improve and/or we better hope he’s great at player development. I think his grade on that is TBD since many contributors are still so young.
  17. I try not to get to into this cause we are not there everyday, we don’t see everything that goes into being a D1 football player. It’s about 16 hours a day and I’m sure coaches have there reasoning but both Wolfley & Meeks came to us as linebackers and was converted to TE because we didn’t have any, especially with Booker not wanting to play college football. Morris was made a safety at Indiana, I believe because he isn’t a WR, and Boogie I think this staff figured him out. He isn’t a WR, they tried, they loved his work ethic & he was the focus in the slot but ultimately he is a RB, great HS career at running back & is good with ball once he has it but struggles to create separation at WR. I hope Dre is dedicated, I think with Dre & Mathison in the slots, Dollard at RB if they find some consistency at outside WR & a QB with our Oline hopefully continuing to grow our offense could be pretty dam good but it won’t matter if our defense doesn’t get some talent. Especially dline, I’ve been saying it since I got on here in 2017. You have to have good dline to have good defense, they keep the lineman off LB’s & get pressure on QB’s to help the DB’s & we have been awful at dline
  18. Why “Mr.” And “son”? Can’t a poster be female?
  19. And you only make it worse ... Mr Negative.. Positive mental attitude son. It can be infectious but you will not embrace this staff you just keep living in the past.. Bowden,Bowden,Bowden... Please.
  20. His job is to develop players and win games. The program has regressed under his leadership. That isn't isn't opinion it's a fact. If he really believed in "#ourway" he wouldn't be looking at the easy exit from the burning dumpster fire in NE OH. He knows this is a no-win situation. It's hard to know how much is on him and how much is on the administration, but the situation is bad.
  21. Well it sounds like you have all the answers. Arth leaves we all expect you to apply for the job since you know all the facts. Would love to see it...
  22. Boogie in Arth's first year was used in the slot, like Bowden, and had approx 4x the yards he had under Bowden.I thought he was an okay 3rd down/spell back for Dollard this year. He may have ended up with more yards rushing than he had receiving last year if we played a full season. Fine in both roles, but not a star in either. Boogie took a move for the team and I commend him for that...yes it may or may not have been his best/natural position (though he was a RB in high school). Morris never played once under Arth. He was out all of 2019 with an injury and entered the portal prior to the start of 2020 season. I don't know how Stewart was utilized incorrect. He was on the outside, same as he was with Bowden and I don't think anyone would disagree with him being there. I can concede QB play affected his stats, but can't really think of a time he made a play after catching the ball. He was a prototypical "possession receiver". Wolfley was also used in the same manner as Bowden as an H-Back type with the random route thrown in(and hurt seemingly every other play). I remember him being talked up under Bowden but it never materialized into anything. Dylan was a straight special teams player under Bowden. Had 5 tackles in his first 2 seasons. Had 47 in one season under Arth at DL. He was around an average MAC player, maybe LB would have been a better position, but it seems like splitting hairs. Chances are he won't be anything more than a special teams player at Florida so we'll never know. Most of this isn't opinion..its fact. How do you think these players named should have been used? One of Arth's former assistants is now a NFL head coach. Many of his assistants in his short 2 year period here have already moved on to better opportunities. He is reportedly being targeted for a NFL job. The proof seems to be there that he is a pretty good coach and other CFB/NFL programs see value in his assistants.Trust the process, or at least let it play out before determining if this is a success or failure.We want long term success (I hope) and that will likely take patience.
  23. I don’t think Boogie, Morris, Stewart, Wolfley, or Meeks were utilized correctly at all.I also think some of the boys playing should not be and Im not throwing names out there as its not right. If you are s student of the game and understand what your seeing you know who I am referring to.
  24. Cam is a fine young man with a bright future. I hope he ends up at WVU and finishes strong .
  25. Actually, if you take the kids out who have decided to stay since Bowden was hired at ULM, Akron has more than ULM, despite a coaching change.
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