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  2. Basketball season can't get here fast enough.
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  4. https://akronaaup.org/app/uploads/2020/07/athletics.pdf Here is the union's actual position statement. I took the time to read it. It isn't asking unreasonable questions. They hint around the question of what to do with not just Akron, but MAC schools, which is a good thing because it gets them close to the greater question of....What do ALL MAClike schools do moving forward and should this be collective action and not UofA acting unilaterally? Instead, they propose, "Let’s ask our athletics director to come up with a plan for conference participation that would maximize our teams’ strengths and immediately reduce support from the general fund from $26M to $12M." I do not know where to even start with this. Are there no history professors in this organization who could explain to the rest the failures in athletics the University has participated in when acting unilaterally? A Union should know the benefits of collective action and give it some consideration. Wait, consideration is the wrong word. They should encourage it. They should want to be part of something that big. The quote above should read, "Let's immediately organize a collective committee composed of interested participants in G5 schools, excluding athletic directors, and come up with a plan for conference participation that would bring our schools closer to the alumni, students and surrounding communities in a way that would make our schools a beacon of pride worthy of state funding for our athletic departments and public universities." I would also encourage the AAUP to consider the FACT that those who play NCAA sports are actually "students" within the student body of the University. Don't describe them as something else. I would also further remind them that many of these young adults come from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. Athletics are the only chance many of these people have to attend and get a degree from a university. Limousine liberalism isn't going to help them.
  5. Make the pain stop.... Since we cut down the nets after the MAC basketball championship in early March, being a Zips fan has absolutely sucked. One depressing, embarrassing news release after another...
  6. Here's the Beacon article about the union's statement- https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200706/university-of-akron-administration-faculty-spar-over-athletics-budget Sigh.
  7. https://www.cleveland.com/education/2020/07/university-of-akron-faculty-union-spar-over-funding-for-athletics.html
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  9. I like it, but it appears we've found a place with defense equal to that played in the Akron Canton Pro-Am League! I hope there's a lot of free throw shooting that didn't make the highlight tape.
  10. There is hope that the composition of Akron's BOT (and others) will improve over time. Think of what university security guards looked like when you were an undergrad; a couple of unarmed old guys roaming around campus carrying a bunch of building keys and wearing uniforms that looked kike they were obtained from Goodwill. But once events demonstrated that security had to be improved, it was. Recent financial difficulties have demonstrated that individuals with the financial acumen to address such difficulties would be better board members than those who view the position as some kind of honorarium.
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  12. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200705/university-of-akron-football-zips-players-coaches-taking-covid-19-precautions They are giving it the old college try. A for Effort.
  13. Shouldn't present an undue risk to us. I cant find a photo to prove it, but I have heard that this years Zips uniform is a full blue and gold hazmat suit with a chrome helmet.
  14. Those kids will all be cleared by August. I think the reality is that some coaches are hoping for their kids to get it quickly so that they can be cleared before real training starts. They're assuming that getting it makes you immune to it.
  15. Since they have so many infected players, and playing them would put our team at undue risk, shouldn't they have to forfeit to us?
  16. I have, upon occasion, suggested that we are only numerous tragic bus accidents away from a MAC football championship. Since COVID 19 seems to be less serious for young people, spread of the virus among opposing teams seems like a much less tragic way to facilitate the Zips path to football greatness. The link you posted indicates that social distancing is being encouraged. Wonder if this will result in the Tigers switching to a spread offense.
  17. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/26/clemson-football-14-more-positives-for-covid-19-now-up-to-37-total/ Here is a link I found that the number of Clemson players are now up to 37. This article is a week old so the number may have changed since it was published.
  18. Who leaked our strategy to you?
  19. Let's hope his QB's are more accurate than that one when he's running uncovered!
  20. Konata looks like a beast (not even talking about this catch). Kind of surprised we were his only FBS offer. My assumption is grades, because he shouldn’t need to greyshirt. I believe he is also Henry Ruggs’ cousin. Looking forward to seeing him in the blue and gold. With all the seniors this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if he contributes as a freshman.
  21. Now hold on a minute there 5; are you trying to eliminate (or reduce) what could be the most interesting thing to watch at most games?
  22. I believe they only need about 45 more players to come down with covid if my math is correct, then we've got them right where we want them
  23. Can't find a 247 profile, but looks like he had offers to UMASS, Liberty, and a handful of FCS schools.
  24. Couldn't agree with the Meister more. Lots of criticism has fallen at the feet of our presidents and AD's. Sure they deserve some of it, but who hired them? Our turnaround will start when we get a board of trustees that is totally invested and committed to UA and not in their professional careers. They are flat out incompetent. Not because they are not smart people, but rather because they are people who don't care and do not invest their time, hearts and futures in UA. When I look at our board versus those appointed to OSU, UC, Miami and OU I get sick to my stomach.
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