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  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    That would be great if coach Mounds stays. Maybe that's why the CB coach is still listed on the Mocs staff.
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  4. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I've been hearing a medical redshirt because of his back issues.
  5. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Agreed. Noticed this as well. Very, very classy game from them.
  6. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Cleveland.com had an article today entitled "Early National Signing Day 2019: Where area football standouts are headed." Bowling Green. PCCC, Marshall, Toledo, Eastern Kentucky, Ohio, Miami... Arth needs to cut into that mass. No kid in NEO should think of schools like that without having had UA pounding on his door for a couple of years.
  7. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Again, waaaaaaaaay to many turnovers. That level of play won't work in the MAC, but there's still some time to iron things out. I was not pleased with their play against that weird 1-3-1 zone. Too little ball movement. I also was not happy with the way they responded to the press. Glad TSU ran some of that stuff to help get the Zips ready. Kudos to the TSU kids for playing hard sportsmanlike ball all night.
  8. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I realize it's not great to quote yourself, but I wanted to apologize for being off on my prediction.
  9. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    We shot the ball well but this was some pretty ugly basketball. A lot of stupid turnovers from both teams. There was very little continuity to this game. At least we saw a couple of our centers score although Sales and Poke had dunks that were blocked and Deng missed a wide open bunny. The commentator indicated that we have 4 centers and Groce is waiting for one of them to step up. After tonights game he is still waiting. Looks like he might be waiting all season.
  10. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Yes, it would be nice to schedule more home and homes against C-USA, CAA, and MVC teams.
  11. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I mean, we have played Clemson, Illinois State, St Bonaventure, Marshall, and will play Nevada this OOC. 4 of those 5 at least won 1 NCAA game last year. I believe Illinois State was picked to finish high in the MVC. We also play Buffalo twice, who won a tourney game last year lol - and is undefeated, unless they lose to Cuse tonight. I agree the home OOC sucks tho.
  12. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Do we know what's up with Toles? Is it his back again?
  13. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Not necessarily.
  14. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Yeah, those KD OOC games were generally no gem either. Just finally said enough.
  15. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    It feels like Akron has been playing with their prey all night long. Deliver a kill shot already.
  16. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Just pulled Lance Leipold's bio. Buffalo actually lost one more game in his first year compared to the year before he took over. He actually even regressed, only winning 2 games in his second season. Didn't even have a winning season until this year (his fourth year). I think its fair to assume there is quite a gap making that jump that these coaches likely have to adjust to. I would imagine that is a large part of UT-C's immediate regression, along with other factors I'm sure (which have been brought up). Let's hope Arth cut his teeth at UT-C and can hit the ground running here. I like the fact that he 1) is a local guy who seems to want to be in the area and 2) isn't always looking for the next job, even though recent history might suggest otherwise. Keeping him here at least an extra year or two if he's kicking ass would be nice and would likely do wonders in making our program more than a flash in the pan in the MAC.
  17. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    takes me back to the last year when they were playing that Earl of Sandwich commercial over and over and over and over...
  18. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Not looking good against a pretty sloppy press.
  19. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Live or ESPN3? I will take your barbershop quartet and raise you the same Arbys commercial over and over and over and over again during every commercial break. Makes me wish I went to the game.
  20. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    16 with that 3 from Riak!
  21. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    We're up 12 on a team that makes Detroit Mercy look like the Golden State Warriors.
  22. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Well we were desperate for change back then. Arth has family with him. Lots of young kids.
  23. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    KLac looks like his face met a fist.
  24. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I still remember when the basketball crowd gave Bowden a standing ovation. Bowden was so excited I thought he was going to have a heart attack.
  25. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Arth just had a nice interview with Reghi at halftime. Pretty impressive guy. Said his staff will hopefully be complete in a few days. Should include some UTC coaches as well as a number of Ohio coaches that can recruit the state of Ohio. Re: signing day, he said he wouldn't feel comfortable with his kid signing tomorrow with a coach he's never met, so he's not putting pressure on kids and hopefully giving them a chance to get to know him and sign in February. Good stuff imo
  26. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I need a lighter to try to get that barbershop quartet back out for an encore.
  27. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Arth is half-time guest on ESPN+ broadcast.
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