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  2. The MAC is now the only conference to not have a plan to return, according to 92.3 The Fan.
  3. LOL I don't have a degree symbol on my keyboard. After some research the * is acceptable.
  4. Point of order: Your math is correct, but both Celsius and Fahrenheit are measured in degrees, not feet.
  5. The average night temperature in November is almost 10' Celsius higher than in February. Or the difference between 50' F and 32' F. Unless I'm figuring it wrong. If so, it's still a big difference IMO.
  6. Yesterday
  7. He is smooth. Not to knock Cheese and Banks, but I feel like our back-court will be very fluid this year. Cheese had a bit of Duvivier in him (bulldozer) and could be a bit wreckless, and Banks was more of a defense-first, pure SG on offense and wasn't able to really run the offense or handle the ball TOO well if needed. I think we'll be able to beat our opponents off the dribble more and create more opportunities, both open beyond the arc and down low for closer baskets.
  8. Because Matt is a big hoops fan and we've been trying like forever to get TUJ on the schedule, duh
  9. TWO THINGS: 1) At one time I had an aspirations, but I fixed it with some Preperations H. 2) Why is this stuff in a basketball thread?
  10. Zero aspirations here. How bout that Garvin Clarke? He has aspirations.
  11. Don't you have an aspirations of your own? There is way more to this story than his wife being Japanese.
  12. A new home for Matthew Wilson- https://www.tuj.ac.jp/news/2020/09/14/tuj-welcomes-new-dean-matthew-wilson/
  13. Last week
  14. Those highlights reminded me that Mikal Dawson had some really nice plays during the first half of that game.
  15. Found this. Still ranks as craziest game I ever saw at the JAR.
  16. i guess that screws up the next Fall season for the players. Hopefully this is 6 games in East and 6 games in West and maybe a championship game.
  17. I'd rather see a 8-12 game Spring season without trying to squeeze everything in last minute
  18. Adam RittenbergESPN Senior Writer Mid-American Conference presidents will meet Friday and vote on whether to have a fall football season, which likely would be six games, sources told ESPN. The league's presidents also met Tuesday but did not hold a vote then on the season, which likely would begin the weekend of Oct. 24. The MAC on Aug. 8 became the first FBS league to postpone the fall football season because of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.
  19. What? Are you living under a rock? "Tailgating" refers to the competition between Ford, GM and Dodge to incorporate a step into the tailgate of their pick-up trucks so that people will have something to bump their knee into when unloading the vehicle.
  20. Are you saying you think he is not aggressive enough: because I think not stabbing someone in the leg is a good thing.
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