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  2. How about giving it a try for a month. Encouraging others for a month. See how it goes. If you watch the governor's press conference, he said once counties get back to an acceptable level then no masks are needed. As Clark said, it's not like wearing a ball and chain or a hair shirt. You only have to wear it when you are in a public area where you can't be 6 feet away. We talk so much about our rights not to do this, not to do that. How about our duty to our fellow citizens? It's not about my momentary inconvenience.
  3. Here is a part of an article published in the Lincoln Journal star. I'm not sure I believe that Nebraska will be paying the guarantees to the teams they have dropped from their schedule this year, but that's what their AD (Moos) says they might do. Nebraska had been scheduled to play nonconference home games against Central Michigan (Sept. 12), South Dakota State (Sept. 19) and Cincinnati (Sept. 26). NU was set to pay $1.3 million to Central Michigan, $515,000 to South Dakota State and $400,000 to Cincinnati. Moos is sensitive to the financial hit those schools incur as a result of the Big Ten's plan for 2020. "Depending on what things look like in the future, we want to bring them back at a later date," he said. "But certainly we're very open to discussions about paying the (contractual) guarantees and such. You know, that's only fair."
  4. If only the virus would give us a heads up on all this stuff, would make it easier to plan huh?
  5. Completely agree in the discipline and sacrifice. Unfortunately, the victims are often people who don't deserve it. They're often older folks who did their part only to have some selfish dimwit infect them.
  6. Our spoiled society is devoid of discipline and sacrifice. We get what we deserve.
  7. My only bitch about this whole mask thing is "they", our betters and elites, have been changing the goal posts so often from the start of this crapshow, and they give you no end game. How f-ing long do we have to wear the masks, when are we allowed to show our ugly faces. They don't say. I'm sure if pressed, "they" will say "until we have a vaccine, r some other BS. Truth is, there has never been a vaccine ever in the world created and approved in less than 4 years. Remember AIDS? Remember Ebola? Vaccines still never available. Conceivably, the mask edict from the governor comes off when our county moves back to a non-red status, but by then the zero-case bureaucrats will have already enacted local mask rules. And tell me how many of the mask owners are regularly cleaning them, keeping them up the way masks are supposed to be maintained? Jut tell me when the plan is to get us out of our face diapers, please. Crickets.....
  8. Transfer + Transfer + Transfer = Malcontent
  9. Rich Hall, who I was high on as freshman from performance in the spring game, is certainly becoming well traveled. Akron year 1 -> Indy CC year 2 -> NMSU beginning of year 3 -> ??
  10. Most definitely - myself included. I don't blame people for easing up until now though. This is the first time in all of our lives dealing with a situation like this.
  11. The rate of mask wearing does seem to be picking up but the whole country lost a little discipline post- Memorial Day.
  12. 1) I have criticized the MAC and the Zips leadership in my time here, thanks; 2) My measure in life is not to impress anyone on an internet forum; 3) Still waiting for an answer as to the conference you think the Zips should be in.
  13. Still waiting for your reply. Name a single FCS conference that offered Akron a spot over the past 10-15 years.
  14. that's good to hear. Yeah, I didn't make that up, it was straight from the health dept.
  15. I hope what you believe is true. The country was essentially shut down for 2.5 months and it apparently didn't do much besides help "flatten the curve". I've been running errands all morning and I'd estimate 95% of people were wearing masks. Only recall one person who wasn't.
  16. If 80% of us would wear masks for a month, we could easily have sports again and COVID would be stifled.
  17. More like yall are sheep to whatever the MAC serves you on a cheap platter Want to impress me, criticize the MAC for once Criticize the leadership of Zips athletics for once instead of defending any criticism period
  18. Wouldn't hold your breath waiting on a rational response
  19. You haven't answered the question. Bitching is easy. Solutions, not so much. People who don't see another home for the Zips aren't homers. If anything, they are quite the opposite. They're realists or defeatists.
  20. Adam Schefter...Kirk Herbstreit...Adrian Wojnarowski...Jay Bilas...Baseball Dad...
  21. Great read from a female student athlete here: https://amgreatness.com/2020/07/09/a-spike-in-cases-or-a-spike-in-the-heel/
  22. Who would want to offer us anything when we have a bunch of naive homers who always believes everything is perfectly fine. The responses on this forum speak for themselves
  23. Jesus Christ are yall really that naive? smh
  24. Please, blame it on the conference? Which other, larger, stronger conferences have lined up to offer entry to Akron?
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