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  2. as of this morning i'm not having any problem viewing it. Akron Swimming and Diving Seeks Eighth Consecutive MAC Title https://gozips.com/news/2021/4/15/womens-swimming-diving-akron-swimming-and-diving-seeks-eighth-consecutive-mac-title.aspx Go Zips! (looks like U@B is the primary competitor)
  3. Not to get off-topic in this thread, but this is exactly how it should be. Coaches can leave a program without having to sit out the next season, so players should be able to as well. The one-time cap is nice as well in preventing the constant transferring of an individual athlete.
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  5. This will pass on April 28th. Going forward all D1 athletes in ALL sports can transfer one time and not have to sit out a season. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-adopts-new-transfer-legislation
  6. @bigzipguy I did. I can't realistically see that happening given current RPI, limited number of teams in the tournament, and not enough games to establish a resume for it. For anyone wondering about goal differential, this is what I came up with as far as current goal differential in MAC games played. Please feel free to check my numbers. If the Zips win and Falcons lose on Sunday, we would be no worse than tied on goal differential in conference games since a team obviously cannot win or lose by less than 1 goal.
  7. Good post Zip_ME87. Did you read the write on GOZIPS? Mentioning the possibility of an at-large bid is?????
  8. But unless we get that "Big" we are doomed.
  9. My post shows what is mathematically possible without any reference to likelihood. It's been a rough season, with much happening outside of the team's control. Those who were available to play last night didn't show any signs of giving up. So, I'll just say ... GO ZIPS!, hope we get some players back on Sunday, and take care of our part of the equation.
  10. According to Gainesville and Kentucky fan articles, the transfer sit-out rule has been waived for at least one more year. So we should see Mr. Castaneda on the floor this fall for the Zips, dressed, and dropping buckets in-game.
  11. I could not believe what was written in the summary of the match. Stating that a win on Sunday might help them get an at large bid!!!!! HUH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. https://gozips.com/news/2021/4/14/mens-soccer-akron-and-western-michigan-battle-to-a-0-0-double-ot-draw.aspx Senior GK Will Meyer (Solon, Ohio) was stellar in net for the Zips recording three saves, and numerous punch-outs in the box to thwart shot attempts by the Broncos. Isaac Walker pulled in four stops for Western Michigan. "It is an opportunity lost when you look at the standings," Embick said. "It's a tremendous effort. When you look at our situation with four subs and a lot of them are guys that don't play a lot. They're guys that are here for the future. They had to play a lot of minutes and they're not fully fit. It was a lot of heart. I don't want to call it an opportunity lost because I know where we're at. I want to praise the determination and the effort to try to get the win."
  13. Am I optimistic for a win on Sunday - yes. BUT BOTH NIU AND WILL NOT BE VICTORIOUS
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  15. Despite having a relatively innocuous payload, these guns have not always brought joy to attendees. In 2018, a mascot named Chip at the University of Colorado-Boulder suffered an injury when a T-shirt cannon malfunctioned, shooting him in the groin. (The video, of course, went viral.) That same year, a fan named Jennifer Harughty claimed that Orbit, the mascot for the Houston Astros, shot her with a T-shirt and shattered her finger, necessitating surgery. In 2019, Alex Swanson was at Citi Field for a New York Mets game and alleged that a shirt struck him in the eye and knocked him unconscious. Both sued the respective teams. remember if you see the University you must file in the Court of Claims. I was lucky. not injured.
  16. I caught the game with Malone today on ZDN. Getting smoked by a D2 school is not the end of the world for basically a first year D1 program, but some of the butchered plays made me glad I didn't make the 22 minute drive to campus. Then figure in Malone doesn't have it's own ball park yet, and is 6-14 in conference against the likes of Trevecca Nazarene and Lake Erie College. We've got a long way to go...
  17. Going to o.t at BG. Whatever happens in o.t., the mountaineer offense looks SO MUCH SMOOTHER AND PLAYING WITH CONFIDENCE AS OPPOSSED TO HOW THE ZIPS LOOKED LIKE ON SUNDAY
  18. BG vs W. Virginia just about to start. Free stream off of Falcons website. According to my calculations, based on the way in which they are determining the MAC winner, if BG wins the Zips are mathematically eliminated
  19. Was shocked to not even see you mentioned in this insightful article.
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