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    Yes, I'm sad that we lost on Senior Night and upset my son foul out! But we should of still won even without him in the game. Basketball is a team game and when one goes down the next man needs to step up! As a mom I'm very proud of Kwan and I know he works his butt off to come out here and try to win games. He will continue on this journey on becoming a great player & and just a better man. He's still trying to figure this out. He is just a passionate young player who wants to win and make his teammates better. Trust and believe God has a plan for my son. At the end of day Kwan leaves Akron with a degree and a masters so with that being said I THANK Akron for giving my son the opportunity that most young men don't get. Thanks to all the fans that supported him through all his ups & downs and will continue to support him.
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    Last year, 4-8 Bowden beat - Northwestern Morgan State (4-7 FCS) Kent State in OT (2-10) CMU (1-11) We lost 9-of-11 starters on defense, and that defense carried the 2018 team. Due to the timing of his hire he completely missed out on the initial signing day. We lost our best returning WR, Jonah Morris, before the season even started. Shocking that we're bad in 2019. Who knew? Arth is a good person, and a hard worker. He's legitimately focusing on NE Ohio recruits, which is something Akron fans have bemoaned for years. Everyone here should support the guy. Against a lot of odds, his staff and team are busting their ass to bring Akron a winner. If you repeatedly post on ZipsNation bitching about Arth, you're just trying to bring the program down. And bring the supporters down. And that is not why I pay the money, and spend the time, to run a nice site that represents UA well. People that repeatedly bitch make ZipNation toxic and drive good, interesting, fun fans away. That won't fly.
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    Hello Zip Fans. I am new to this board because of a need to post a correction. It has come to my attention that there is a post regarding the recipient of the Courage Award at this years banquet. The winner was indeed Ashley K from Kent, but the facts posted about her on this board are inaccurate. Ashley is NOT the girl that sits with the band on the floor at the Kent games and Ashley was NEVER sent over to heckle our team / fans. Ashley is a beautiful, young woman and sits in the stands with her grandparents. They are season ticket holders for KSU. Ashley is as sweet as pie and has developed a very endearing friendship with Keith. I felt the need to post this correction as Ashley deserves to be shining in the bright light that she deserves Moderators, could you kindly delete the inaccurate post made by GoZips? Lastly, thank you to all of you great Zip fans for your continued support! Go Zips! Donna Dambrot
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    100% agree. After a 2 year hiatus we're back to watching the type of competitive basketball we'd come accustomed to watching during Dambrot's tenure. Is Ali a young "Deji"? Who's better, Kwan or X? Antino or LCJ? Cheese/Banks or Noah? Big Dog or Riak. Ok, maybe I went too far, but you get the idea. 😁 No doubt this team has the potential to reach the MAC finals. Hope they can stay healthy, out of trouble and continue to improve. Seems like this is the turning point where Zips fans do the 180 degree switch over from "Why in the world did we hire Groce?" to "How are we ever going to keep him?"
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    Merry Christmas Zips Nation! Years ago there were lots of Christmas greetings posted, but this year has been tough, especially with soccer and football being down. The greetings are few which reflects how beat up we have become. Yet take heart. We will get thru this and emerge the better for it. This is still one of the best college sports websites in the country and I enjoy the effort you make to keep us up to speed on all things Zip. I wish you and your families a blessed, safe, and joyful Christmas.
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    How on earth did the Zips make it to the MAC championship this year? They have some of the worst stats in BCS football, they have no real notable names except for an inexperienced Re-read and A MAC preseason DPOY, and they have sustained injuries to the few players who seemed to breathe some hope into a team that was picked to finish 4th in the MAC East. If you have any familiarity with the Human Resources world, you might be familiar with Gallup's Strenthfinder model. The model relies on a study where 2 pools of people were taught speed reading. The first group was pretty poor at speed reading. The second group was decent at speed reading. Which group saw the biggest jump in speed reading proficiency? The group that was already decent at it. Gallup took these results and developed a model that helps people identify their strengths and encourages people to focus on developing their strengths, not their weaknesses. It seems that Terry Bowden and Chuck Amato have, at least to some degree, employed the Strengthfinder model and it has worked for them. They seem content to let stats be damned in favor of, "scoring one more point than the opponent" with a bend but don't break defense. They have won off of the efficiency of a few big plays by gaining enough of a small lead and playing to preserve that lead. We converted on third down, when it mattered, and our defense played good enough to stop the opposition on third downs and hold them to a kick. We had good enough kick return coverage to prevent run backs for TDs, but gave up a lot of field position in the process. The kicking game, pretty sketch at times, was good enough when we needed it to be good. From all accounts, the only player who really seemed to excel each week was punter, Nick Gassed, who's directional kicking ability and ability to punt with few touchbacks helped a Zips defense that seemed like a sieve, at times. The staff took some very fast receivers who seemed to have trouble catching the ball and somehow got them to a spot where they have started to make catches. We had a poor run offense but were able to run the ball at the end of big games when we needed yards on the ground. We did not rush the passer much, but when we needed to, we did so with a vengeance. And although we did give up points, we robbed more QBs with a tough secondary who seem to be ignored, all year. The Zips demonstrated a robust resilience in a whacky Sunday game against WMU and raw emotion with the MAC East on the line against Ohio where our defense got in the head of talented QB. We have had ugly moments, too. We had a stiff OOC schedule and it had yet to be revealed how good PSU and Iowa State would be when they soundly beat us. Toledo destroyed us, twice, and an improving Miami of Ohio beat us, taking advantage of our R-FR QB who was starting on 2 days notice. But, overall, the Zips did better than anyone thought they would. We won games we didn't expect to win and lost a game we didn't expect to lose. They clawed their way into the MAC title game, for the first time in 15 years in a year they were not supposed to and back to a bowl game, for the second time in three years, and only the third time, ever. The 2017 Zips are not your prototypical successful team and perhaps, that makes their season all the more glorious. We won and we defied the odds and now, suddenly, no one is discussing whether the coaching staff has a future in Akron as they defied the odds and are savoring the beaches and warm weather in South Florida and a chance for one more win. Go Zips!
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    Here is the last installation of my MAC Media Day interviews. I was able to speak to Coach Bowden for 10-or-so minutes. The event was much more well-attended than I anticipated. With so many different radio, TV, print and blog reporters vying for everyone's time, it was pretty difficult for a reporter to get an uninterrupted audience. I'd have prepared, and handled it differently if I did it again. This interview started in the hallway...then went into the TV studio...then we went back out in the hallway...and then back in the main ballroom. 10 "interview minutes" took roughly an hour and 15 minutes "real time" to complete. Coach Bowden Also - a few people said they had difficulty with the Warren Ball interview. Here is an embedded link that should be easy for anyone to open (same interview as before, just in a more user-friendly format). Warren Ball
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    Hello everybody I'm the new QB recruit Kato's dad he will be on campus June 9th ready to work get ready for the ride I can assure you coach Bowden made a wonderful choice to offer my son and we as a family appreciate and can't wait for the seasons to began !! #GoZips
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    Driving up Friday night to see my kids/grandkids and going to this one Saturday after breakfast at The Bomber....son/daughter-in-law haven't been in their arena since their graduations in 2008, 2009. Asked for a sidebet, but they said "Dad, you raised us Zip fans..." awwww ain't it great when the listen 🤩
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    Let's not act like UA suddenly gave up on winning football or forgot how to field a successful DI program. From the record since 1987, it is clear they never learned. Since then, no Akron head coach has been successful. Faust had two winning seasons out of nine. Owens had three out of nine. Brookhart had two out of six. Ianello had none in two years. Knute Bowden only had two in seven years. I don't know what the answer is. I suspect it won't be settled on an internet forum. That type of historical record certainly suggests it's more than just one bad head coach or misguided AD.
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    Dr. Z and I were able to take-in our first practice since the beginning of summer camp today. It was difficult to make any profound observations, as the day was split into roughly 80 % drills, and 20% scrimmage situations. Nate Stewart was the star of the day. One-handed catches, sideline catches while heavily covered, TD's...he did it all. Coach Arth singled him out after the practice as and example of a player who competed on every play with maximum effort. He stated "Nate hasn't taken off a play, he hasn't asked to get a breather, he hasn't done anything but work hard the entire camp." Look for a huge year from Nate in 2019. It is interesting to see six quarterbacks practicing. Kato is the obvious #1. Robbie Kelly looks to be the #2. But the kid getting the next highest amount of reps was true freshman Zach Gibson. He made some nice throws, and acquitted himself well today. Some bizarre jersey numbers today, as Zach Gibson wore #50, RB Michiah Burton wore #59, RB Peter Hayes-Patrick wore # 67 and QB Nick Demchuk work #55. On the injury front - Hayes Patrick looks to have hurt his finger shortly after making a nice, 15 yard scrimmage run. Maverick Wolfley's day was over after he hurt his elbow on a crossing route. Julian Hicks was on the sideline wearing a tank top, with an ice pack on his shoulder. Deltron Sands and Keyondre White wore red shirts, and were relegated to drills on the sidelines. One player who seemed to take advantage of Jonah Morris and Julian Hicks' absence was Dustin Burkhart. He pulled in a nice 40-yard TD catch from Kato while being covered fairly well. Has a TD in a short yardage slant over the middle, and made multiple other nice plays over the course of the day. The Zips will be anything but predictable when inside the opponent's 5 yard line this season. The offense showed multiple looks, with slants to both sides, QB keepers, flea-flickers...this ain't the old "hand it four times to Cody Grice up the middle" Zips. On a several occasions the InfoCision speakers would blare rock music to simulate crown noise. We saw Nick Johns split out as a WR a few times. Former OL's John Neeley and Eric Bentley round out what Coach Arth feels is a solid 9-man rotation on the defensive line. Much better than the 5 DL's we had in the spring. At the end of practice Arth stated the defense won yesterdays practice, and the offense won today. So tomorrow is the rubber match. Boogie, Dre and Alvin rotated returning kick-offs. Each one of those guys can take it the distance. Per Coach Arth, Dre Williams is rounding into form after missing the spring with an injury. Landon Forman was also singled out as someone who missed the spring with an injury, but who's having a solid summer. Lots of parents in the stands, as this is Parents Weekend. They had a seemingly well-attended tailgate prior to the practice in Lot 9. More to come later. I know Dr. Z got some nice photos. Arth spoke to us after the practice. I'll transcribe it tomorrow.
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    Scrimmage Observations Made it to the 3/22 practice/scrimmage and here are my observations/thoughts. Disclaimer: I was mostly watching the QBs/Offense and these are in random order/stream of consciousness Warren Ball was on hand to watch practice Nick Johns working as TE Maverick working at TE UGIII may be bigger and faster than he was last year (could have just been my close proximity to the players) Bubba Arslanian is a beast too (see comment below about height/weight on spring prospectus) Mykel Traylor-Bennett looks to be fast and explosive coming off the line - he had several deep ball opportunities during the scrimmage Defense is ahead of offense (which is true 100% of the time in Spring Football) This was their first day in full pads so still very early in the process RBs and LBs/DBs cracking pads today despite first day in pads Offense looks to be installing some different personnel packages and formations 19 looked like he had a good day - very shifty in and out of breaks and with ball in hands 7 is FAST looks more decisive and really fast. did I mention he was FAST? TEs all got significant work/opportunities and looked good =) TB gave the boys the Spring Break safety brief after practice 13 Defense (Butler) led team prayer after TB spoke There was only 1 TD in the scrimmage so we'll be looking for more consistency and efficiency out of the offense going forward. Neither the 1st team offense nor the 2nd team with some starters sprinkled in did a whole lot as far as moving the ball effectively. To be fair, the play list was scripted so it wasn't like they were playcalling for down/distance, etc. @LZIp mentioned being curious about listed weights on the Spring Prospectus. My thoughts: I don't know if this is true for every player, but I know for sure there are several who have gained considerable weight compared to their reported weights on the Spring Prospectus. I think they just have the heights/weights listed from their 2017 fall measurements (this is the case for a couple of the guys) and may update the roster later.
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    Here are a couple truths about the Akron-area Football Fan - 1.) He's not a "football fan." He's an Ohio State and Cleveland Browns fan. 2.) He will show up if you give him El Cheapo tickets (See Acme-Zip games). Unfortunately, $3.00 tickets don't pay the bills. 3.) The Zips haven't won squat for 25 years. Expecting Joe Akron to flock to InfoCision to see 4-2 Akron play Western Michigan is like waiting for The Great Pumpkin. "But Western Michigan is undefeated and Top 25 ranked", you say? Refer to #1. If you neglect a garden for 25 years, you don't expect to be eating tomatoes 1 week after you rototill it. The crowds are what they are. The team is rapidly improving. The butts-in-seats are gradually improving. I'm confident the team, and new administration ,will continue doing the necessary things to fill the stands. But it will take a few years of consistent, hard work to overcome 25 years of abject neglect. I think Zips fans need to enjoy the 70% empty InfoCision and essentially zero game day traffic. There will come a time, probably in about 3-4 years, when you'll be bitching about the traffic and all the idiots surrounding you who don't know 1st Team All MAC Quarterback Kato Nelson from Kato Kaelin.
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    I think there is some truth to that...but it isn't black and white. You don't win the MAC East title, and beat Northwestern, with 85 guys that are sloughing off. But you probably don't go from a 2.4 to a 2.9 overall team GPA in one semester without some players being held accountable for their classwork, who weren't in the past. I think all you need to know regarding the buy-in of the incumbent players to the new staff is seen in the lack of transfers.
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    I thought that this would interest and please long time zip soccer fans
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    Checked the Directv guide. The game will be on several regional sports networks. Including Fox Sports Ohio.
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    The crowd was great yesterday; and when the boys looked up into the stands all they saw were people that wanted to show support. They had no idea or cared what the count was; and it was enough for them.
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    One thing I don't think we've talked enough about is how we've seen this team improve week-to-week.
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    Very proud of our team in sending some members over to Kent in support of their grieving team. That's total class and I'm proud of these Zips. This gets me more excited for Zip football than any cheap promotion our almost non-existent marketing dept can think of.
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    We are all different. Each of us have our own values and ideals, goals, dreams and frustrations. Likewise our comments and actions are as varied as the former. We are all Zips fans though and we are the sniping-est bunch of fans ever. We are the MAC version of the Bickering Bills. I am personally ok with the back and forth because I am an active participant in it and I still have respect for the rest of you guys even though our opinions differ. . . Because you are advocates for the University. You all are family to me even though I have never met face-to-face with a lot of you. A lot of you, I have. The entire shebang revolves around the social aspect of attending these games. If it weren't for that, I would be a TV Zips fan. It was not watching the game in person that brought me to Infocision Stadium on a ass-biting cold blizzard night to watch the Zips play the hapless UMass Minutemen in 2014, it was the shared experience with my buddies. I know that the key to getting people to the games is the party experience at the tailgate. You can watch at home but you have to be there to tailgate. Primetime programs have hordes of people tailgating outside the stadium that never go into the game. They are there for the party. I have tried to promote tailgating. I created a Facebook Zips tailgating page that has really sputtered. It is an easy interface to share pictures, if nothing else but no one but me was posting pictures. I stopped posting because I figured the members that we have on that page were sick of seeing me and my friends' ugly mugs on there. It's still up and active and every year when the season is about to start, I make another plea on this forum to join and use it, but it has gone nowhere fast. I have added to my tailgating setup every year to make it better and accommodate more people. Last year, I bit the bullet and purchased a tailgating trailer. ZG01 bought a 87 foot long land yacht of a RV to tailgate out of. There are people over in Lot 10 who have made a large financial investment in their tailgating gear. Every year the Phi Psis put on one helluva tailgate for homecoming. Efforts are being made by a lot of people to encourage attendance through tailgating but it's a tough go. A 25-year co-worker of mine who is a good friend has a son that is coming back this fall as a Sophomore. Last summer, I primed this kid to come over and tailgate with us. We are just a short walk from his dorm. I promised to feed him well. Do you think he bothered to come over and even just snoop around even once? Nope. There is no incoming student that had any more priming for Akron Football than this kid, trust me. This is a kid who is a football fan and who was a high school all-star player. What does his total lack of interest tell you? If the whole premise of this 9100 thread is to shine a light on the embarrassment that our attendance is and how to increase it, perhaps we should lower our sights a little bit. Maybe we should be discussing what can be done to maintain 9100 because I think we are dangerously close to having season ticket holders who NEVER miss a game pack it in and be done with it. There are is a certain contingent, myself included, who buy season tickets for the assurance of a preferred parking pass. If I was not assured a Lot 9 pass, I would not be buying season tickets any longer. I would walk up purchase on the dates I wanted to attend, which sure as Hell ain't all 6. The schedule being such a complete travesty has brought me to the point of actually deliberating if it is worth it. The two best home opponents are on Tuesday nights in November. Saturday tailgates are for a FCS, Iowa State, Ball State & Buffalo. That is not a sked that excites even the most die-hard of Akron football fans. This is a sad state of affairs. We can go on and on and on and I feel after reading what I just wrote that this post is mostly rehash, too. Skip Zip is right. What we need is an injection of 10,000 people just like the folks who already care. NOW. Wishful thinking. . .
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    The Zips have given the Marketing Department a great opportunity for what could be a very lucrative sponsorship deal, especially if the contract is set up to charge each time we mention their name. I can hear it now... "And that's another uncontested layup...brought to you by EZ Pass--official sponsor of the Akron Zips defense." Repaint the lanes with the EZ Pass logo and we're all set.
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    Really looking forward to seeing Brian Trimble after hearing Groce's comments. Sounds like he's a next level shooter and should help replace some of the shooting they lose to graduation. Sounds like he can handle the ball too which brings some real value, like Tyler Cheese, when LCJ is off of the floor. He and Daily are going to give the Zips some dangerous wing players. I understood KD's approach in focusing on freshmen, but the infusion of transfers (e.g. X, Riak. LCJ) and JUCOs (Cheese, Banks, Reece) has added a lot of excitement to the program. Dailey, Trimble and Currie will be a huge infusion of talent.
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    In hindsight, the decision to cancel the tournament was the right decision and probably saved lives. I am healthy sitting at the computer and thankful for my health and the health of my family. I hope all Zip fans stay healthy to cheer for the Zips next year.
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    Just cancel it and give the bid to the regular season champ imo
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    Akron with one vote in this week's AP poll.
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    So, just to clarify the rules here, it's okay to predict future misery and gloom and doom for a program but not a game?
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    Well, the season has come to an abrupt, yet expected end. I am curious as to what ZipsNation thinks were the positives and negatives looking back on the season. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were headed off to the JAR to face Cedarville, but here we are. I thought I;d throw this thread up on the board rather than have us all unload in a game thread. As I look back- Positives and highlights: * Defense, defense, defense. This team played hard on defense all year. They not only played good team defense but Jimond spent the year shutting down the opponent's leading scorer. * Tyler Cheese developed into a solid MAC player, especially on the offensive end. He was the one person on the team aggressive with the ball in his hands. * The team was in a lot of games. Even in most of the losses, they kept the games close. * Groce got the kids to buy into playing hard. Effort was never an issue. * Strong performances against Nevada and Clemson; thrashing of PCCC; Bowling Green win, Miami tournament win. Negatives and lowlights: * Inability to close tight games. * Woeful offense in all but a few games. * Iffy big man play, particularly on offense. * Bad 3 point shooting. * The Buffalo tournament loss; the loss at Miami; ugly collapse and loss at NIU; the Gueye- Kostelac incident, the OU loss.
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    A few points: 1) KD was successful at US and...people b!+ched...offense is too predictable...they don't play enough zone...they can't stop dribble penetration...they have no out of bounds plays...there are players of questionable character on the team and kids getting into trouble...the OOC schedule is weak...they can't win the big game...he can't win in the tournament...yada...yada...yada... 2) Groce came into nothing, the team improved in year two and...people b!+ch...players are transferring...the big men are offensively challenged...their shooting is awful...there was a fight between players...the OOC schedule is weak...yada...yada...yada... 3) People will b!+ch no matter what. 4) Groce is going nowhere. Love him or hate him the University of Akron does not have the financial resources to dispatch him.
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    Shhhh... Don't let facts get in the way of their misery. _______________________________________________________________ The Zips this past season were 8 deep. Even with the departures, I'm looking at a roster that's 9 deep and that doesn't include the incoming freshman or the 2 open spots. It's ridiculous to say there are only 2 DI players on the current roster, when the rag tag group of 8 were consistently competitive against teams like Clemson, Buffalo, and Nevada, and finished in the middle of the pack in the MAC, while blowing out the #2 team in the MAC (BUGS). Scoring is a fixable problem, and probably the best problem to have, especially for a rebuilding team. I'm going to keep pounding this point. We have the right system in place to be successful. We focus on the key fundamentals - defense, effort, rebounding, free throws - and have built that foundation. Dambrot's system was and still is entirely flawed. It ignores nearly every basic principal in the sport of basketball. This very board had people constantly talking about the lack of ball movement, defensive breakdowns, free throw shooting problems, etc. We eeked out a lot of close victories against sub-par MAC squads despite being more talented (usually). Those issues have carried over to Duquesne. Read their board; "will this team ever emphasize defense" and "free throws are an issue". I'd be curious to see the opinions of the Dambrot apologists when looking at the Duquesne roster. Is it full of so-called DI players? If so, what was the cause of the early 1st-round exit in the A10 tourney and not dominating/being more competitive in a weaker A10 Conference as a whole? In the first round game, they scored 86 points, shooting at a 47% clip. How can you lose a game when you make shots?! You don't play defense, give up 92(!) pts, and shoot 68% at the line. What's going to be easier to fix: having gym rats hit the gym and practice shooting (including free throws), or getting a team to buy into 40 minutes of tough-nosed, heady defense? My vote is the shooting, which again, gives me hope for this next season. Lastly, let's stop crucifying this team and Groce for a 40 pt. loss to Buffalo and 24 pt. loss to a motivated O-BooWho squad. Of the 16 losses we had, 11 were single-digit losses, and an additional 2 losses were closer than their final score (@ Buffalo and @ Toledo). That means there were 3 games we simply weren't competitive in. Heck of an accomplishment for a team with only 4 DI players at the time. I wonder if Arizona had the pitchforks out for Sean Miller for losing to Buffalo by 21 last year, or Boeheim for losing by 12 to Buffalo this year. Do BUGS and Miami want to fire their coaches for losing to a team with 4 DI players by 24 & 29 respectively? The Clown lost to a team with only 4 DI players by 19. We had 1 extreme off-night (O-BooWho) and one off-day that was aided by being inferior to one of the better teams in the entire country (Buffalo at The Q); clearly that's not the norm. So much good to focus on. The sky is not falling. In fact, I feel as if the ceiling is higher than ever before, considering our previous ceiling had a MAC Finals record similar to LeBron's Finals record (oh look, another similarity between Dambrot and LeBron, to add to the excuses and now neither of them making the postseason), and arguably 0 marquee wins (unless you include the few NIT wins against Houston, FSU, and Temple).
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    I'm optimistic that with a full year under their belts and another full off-season to improve their craft, our offensive base will be much more solid. Throughout the season we saw growth tremendous growth from numerous players - Riak & Cheese were the two most notable - and I trust the individuals on the team will put the work in to improve for the betterment of the team as a whole. It needs to be noted the system Groce has implemented on offense and defense. They are very fundamental. They require personnel that will dedicate themselves to the fundamentals, something AAU has largely killed off. We have lots of movement now when executed properly, and that goes for both sides of the ball. Two factors have led to the exodus - players not buying into the system, and players simply not fitting in. It happens, and it has been magnified by the state of the program when Groce took over. All season I had next year and the year after next circled because those are the seasons that start to feature the core of Groce Ball with the majority being his personnel. Whatever we accomplished these first two seasons would be whatever, and I was simply hoping to see the basics implemented. I've seen that and way, way more. With the departure of Utomi, it accelerates the roster turnover to becoming mostly Groce guys. As I mentioned, a lot of the fundamentals in basketball have been killed off by AAU ball. It was very encouraging to see so many guys this year buy into those fundamentals again, especially on defense. Seeing that gives me a lot of hope this off-season will yield big improvements all the way around. Also, are we forgetting the MAC is about to potentially enter the stage it was at when Dambrot took over? It depends on what Buffalo does; otherwise, it's completely up for grabs. Fret not. Go Zips!
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    Zips Equipment just posted this. Nice gesture.
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    Most of us were introduced to new Zip Bryce Petersen by the referees on Saturday. But here is a nice story that perhaps explains why the coaches had faith in him to right the ship in the second half at Evanston. Seems like he'll be a solid lineman for the next three years.
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    For all road trips this fall, the Zips will don new travel attire, featuring navy blue blazers, white button-down shirts, khaki pants, and blue-and-gold striped ties. “Thanks to the generosity of one of our most successful entrepreneurial football alums, former QB Matt Kaulig (1992-95), owner of LeafFilter and Kaulig Racing, we were able to purchase travel suits for our entire football team,” head coach Terry Bowden said. “We call this program ‘Dressed for Success’ and one of our graduate assistants Sean Levy has been in charge of putting it together. Not only does it allow our players to represent the University of Akron in a very classy way on road trips, but I am amazed at how proud our players feel when they all dress so nicely for our trips. One of the rewards our players will receive is when they graduate, they will get to take their suit with them and hopefully wear on their first job interview.” “JCPenney Commercial is absolutely ecstatic to partner with the University of Akron’s football team for the 2018-19 academic year,” said Michael H. Brownlee, JCPenney Commercial national account manager. “This will mark the first year that JCPenney will be partnering with the University of Akron to outfit the entire football team with travel day suits and accessories to make sure they are stylish, confident, and GAMEDAY ready! We all know that when you look great, you perform GREAT! Coach Bowden and the University of Akron football staff have been awesome to work with, and we truly cherish the relationship we’ve built since the inception of this program. We look forward to a fantastic year of great football for the Zips and nurturing this amazing partnership for years to come!” Photo: by @ZipsFB
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    I think some may be taking joy in Akron's losses and that is much weirder
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    Hi. New student here. I haven't been to a football game before. I'm planning on going to the game after my evening class tomorrow. Can anyone tell me where a good place to park is. I'd like to be able to park over near the stadium so I can just hop on Rt 8 after the game. Also does anyone know if there is a specific gate for students. Thanks.
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    A 5-foot-10, 210-pound junior who has stacked up double-digit scholarship offers from Illinois, Syracuse, Louisville & USF among others. 24/7 Sports Hudl Rivals Scout
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    Skip I don't think anyone wants to know what you are thinking
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    My favorite tweet about all of this:
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    A 7 seed in the NIT for the regular season champ of the MAC is a strong sign of the respect the college basketball world has for the Tuesday night football playing, poorly officiated, ESPN kowtowing, Mid-American Conference. Rant over.
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    My regrets regarding the pendulum swing of comments here. We certainly all would have preferred a different result last night. It's always amazing how the emotions on a forum get directed at the players when things don't go perfectly. It's as if some fans think the players and coaches didn't want to win as badly as we wanted to see them win. It's ludicrous, and not unique to ZN.O. You've lots to be proud of about your son. He's been a credit to our community, the jersey he wears and the university. Off the top of my head, I can't think of many players at Akron who have won back to back MAC titles .. and Kwan is certainly among that select group, and a big reason they've won while he's been here. And that's a small thing compared to how he's succeeded as a student at the U. I also send several of my youth basketball players to the summer camps at the University, including my own son. I can tell you that all of the boys really love the camps, primarily because of the opportunity to get to know the players and learn the game from them. Kwan is one of the ones the kids talk about when they come back after the camps. This fan for one appreciates his efforts and sacrifice while on the Zips. I look forward to following his continuing exploits, and hope to see him win his last game as a Zip. Go Zips!
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    I took it upon myself to find a bracketologist that would give a concise answer on where Akron stands. He said if he was to rank them among the bubble teams today, he'd have them 12-15 spots out. He estimates an Akron 11-2 finish, including loss in final, would put them right at the bubble with a 50/50 shot of getting in. Question: Hi Dave, I see that you have the Zips as your 49th seed. I imagine that it is fair to assume that means you have them out if they don’t win the MAC as things currently stand. Roughly where would you place them in regards to the other at-large candidates? Reply: First, thanks for your interest in Bracketville. The biggest hurdle facing Akron is a lack of “Quality” wins and/or opponents. The MAC isn’t helping. As of this morning, Akron is 0-2 vs. Top 100 teams and they’ve played 11 of 21 games against teams ranked 200+ in the RPI (10-1 against those teams). No shame in losing at Gonzaga or Creighton, but there isn’t much else to showcase. The BPI has them at 76, but with a better SOR (Strength of Record – 34, a relatively new metric). Akron is No. 99 at KenPom. Their overall SOS and NC-SOS numbers are over 200. In other words, the numbers don’t look favorable. But there is a caveat (at least right now). The bubble is mired in mediocrity, with a bunch of teams posting significant sub.500 league records and other issues. And winning still matters. So in a round-about way, I would put Akron somewhere in the group of four teams maybe 12-15 spots away. It depends on how metrics might be used. Example: Wichita State is similar in some respects, but the MVC is a little stronger at the top. WSU has a notably higher BPI (24) and KenPom (21) marks, although worse in the RPI. If Akron avoids another “really bad” loss and wins the MAC with say a one-loss run, they’ll be in the conversation should they lose in the MAC final. But at best, it’s probably a 50-50 deal in that situation, depending upon teams around them. Long way to go. https://bracketville.wordpress.com/s-curve/
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    I was looking at the Gonzaga game notes posted for the game and it gives a link for the video stream of TheW.tv which "is the home for West Coast Conference action on both linear television and in the digital space." You can also reach it from the West Coast Conference website wccsports.com. I called the conference office and the woman I spoke with said we should be able to watch the game for free on that site. As of the moment I am writing this, you can click on "Scores and Schedules" along the top of the page, find our game on the list and click on it. I does bring up the game screen, but no video yet since the game has not started. It also appears it will be on Livestream which I can cast through my Google Chrome. I hope I have not been misinformed, but it certainly is worth a try come game time.
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    Excuses are for losers. It's time to put up or shut up. Everybody knows the process is rigged and if you don't, welcome to reality. Winners overcome the stacked odds. Columbus is the destination to start a new winning streak and stop this whining streak.
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    At the JAR these are now called poly-technical fouls
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