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  3. My guess is Louisville, but there is a one in a million chance he could become a Zip. That's right, I'm saying there is a chance.
  4. A social media coach is an even dumber idea than the always popular "clock management coach" NFL fans think an NFL coach should have on the team. Truly stupid stuff.
  5. May want to keep an eye out here tomorrow. https://247sports.com/Player/Curtis-Fann-46041973/
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  7. Does a kid's Akron vs. Duquesne decision possibly come down to the endorsement deal he's promised from Akron Felt and Chenille vs. Primanti Brothers?
  8. Maybe KD should get a Realist Coach to sit kids down and explain to them they're not likely to have a brand as their talent level has them at Duquesne.
  9. Doesn't hurt when you have LeBum "$50k Deck Out Hummer" James to turn to for guidance. Blessed.
  10. If nobody else is there, go to Kent State because that's where the Zips are playing (or getting rained out) this weekend.
  11. Do we know his salary? -- Guthrie was at $160 + bonus at Green Bay... Williams I think was round $285 + perks/ bonus
  12. The university has a law enforcement entity that can do background checks and people that can call around to get other info. I get that the executive recruiting companies do more than just search for candidates but there's nothing that they do that a salaried employee can't do (especially at a time of financial crisis as alleged by Miller himself). I suspect that the hiring of such a firm is more tied to the higher ups engaging in a CYA move than it does with anything else as it gives them somewhere else to point a finger if the hire blows up.
  13. Four conference wins thus far, and an overall record >25%. 9-16 at home. Better than I expected. If work (and Mother Nature) cooperates I'll finally get out to the ballpark Friday.
  14. They could have given us season tickets and a Zips gear voucher and we could have come up with better candidates for no cost.
  15. I don't believe someone has to have experience running a football or D1 football program to be successful. If he is a good leader, it shouldn't matter. I am not ready to write this off as a disaster, yet. He inherits a difficult situation with the football program. I don't envy him.
  16. You are correct. He makes more money, runs a bigger dept and the Akron AD job rounds out his resume because it gives him experience with managing D1 football, which he lacks and will never go further w/o it. Even tho' we are arguably the worst program in D1 he has filled that resume gap. It's a good move for him. It remains to be seen if it is a good move for us.
  17. Don't give up so easily. It can go well. The Athletic Department is not in a bad way. A major program needs fixing, but in general we are in a good position.
  18. If I had more time today, I'd explain to everyone how a guy like Williams hires a guy like Arth. It isn't complicated, but obvious. More to do with personal preference than professional preference.
  19. Maybe in some cases, but not in this one. Finding the new AD could have been as inexpensive as placing three ads in local papers and the President calling his buddy. Akron is a better job than UWGB. Making the move for then new AD was obvious.
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