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  2. If Dabos Winney has it figured out, anyone can figure it out. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/dabo-hates-realignment-talk-doesnt-see-end-in-sight I would add, within 5-7 years, there will be a super conference. Whatever happens between now and then doesn't really matter much unless there are a few P5 schools that simply don't want to join a super conference or the super conference doesn't want them for whatever reason (think some schools like Iowa State or WVU or Texas Tech or TCU). Notice the remaining Big 12 teams could be in a world of hurt. They could find themselves in the same situation UCONN was years ago when the Big East split up and nobody wanted them. Enough of them. What are the G5 schools going to do?
  3. Loved that uni. I wish they would bring it back.
  4. The gold Z on the white helmet was SICK!!!
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  6. I can't believe GoZips.com doesn't have our 2021 roster posted yet. Or can I?
  7. GK Grant Abbott now showing on transfer list Akron still has highly ranked recruit Mitchell Budler, Will Meyer, Josh Hangi and Cameron Victor Good wishes to Grant at Eastern Illinois https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/2021-ncaa-mens-transfer-tracker_aid48768
  8. Hops on a plane today and competes tomorrow
  9. Last week
  10. Further evidence that my assertion that Colorado will not leave the Big 12 for the PAC 12 is the absolute truth. Maybe if I had said Michigan State will not leave the MAC to join the Big 10 more people would have got it...............................nah.
  11. Leave poor Gerry out of this. he is a nice man. 😁
  12. Don't tell Colorado, but they played in the PAC 12 Championship Game in 2016.
  13. It is already happening 72. The disparity between AL/OSU/Clemson vs the rest of P5 is drastic at this point. Some believe it is the money, but they are wrong. It is the vast disparity in recruiting advantage that comes from winning. This disparity can only be resolved by required changes in scheduling difficulty based upon previous season success and by making the "playoffs" a real playoff by eliminating the invitational tournament aspect of it and requiring total season result as benchmark for entry. If these schools want to act like professional leagues, treat them like teams get treated at the professional level. If the players want to make money, treat them like professionals where there are no weeks off. I don't say any of this to be malicious. It's the reality of P5 football in 2021. Some would say this is a Faustian Bargain that started years ago, but the Faustian Bargain assumes someone/something sacrifices the moral high ground for money/power. I don't think P5 schools ever occupied a moral high ground. They are businesses staffed by some of the biggest sleazebags in the country who would willingly destroy any organization they work for to advance themselves. The evidence is at the G5 level.
  14. Colorado would be a great fit in the PAC-12 😂 UNC isn't leaving the ACC
  15. There is no way Colorado will leave the Big 12 for the PAC 12. For that matter, there is no way Colorado is leaving the Big 12 for any conference. My guess is Kansas and Iowa State will join the Big 10. Both are AAU members; both would make a reasonable travel partner - Kansas for Nebraska and Iowa State for Iowa.
  16. Well you know theatres are open now....
  17. I'm in agreement with GP1 here. Texas and Ok are gone and with their departure the Big 12 is dead. There is no way the rest of the CFP teams will allow the remaining Big 12 to add more teams and keep their membership in the CFP. That will mean adding more teams that will split the pie of money and that will not happen. Look for some members of the Big 12 (Colorado, OK St) to go to the PAC 12. The rest are screwed. The ACC will break up with NC going to the Big 10, maybe even ND. Maybe FSU to the SEC. What emerges is three super conferences that all leave the NCAA for football. The MAC and Akron will play no role in this. That is a good thing. These changes finally force the G5 to look to their own future w/o the former P5. Let the G5 stay in the NCAA and have their own championship. Forget about the money of the CPF, the conference network money and the big bowl payoff money. The G5 schools were never going to taste that. It's better that they focus on what they can control. Look to their own interests and let the greed of the P5 eventually eat them alive from the inside. It will take decades, but it will happen.
  18. Conference realignment? No. College football realignment? Yes. End of NCAA? As we know it? Yes. Forever?...We can only hope. We have passed the point of shuffling chairs around for P5 schools. It's so obvious where they are going and that is on their own whether or not this OK/TX thing happens. The NCAA may not exist after they separate because their only purpose was to keep players from making money and now that NIL is in effect, there is no reason for them to exist. Good riddance. The lack of imagination from the NCAA is appalling. The G5 schools shouldn't spend five minutes thinking about shuffling the chairs. At some point reshuffling is just painting over the mold on the walls without addressing the water problem. It's just cosmetic. G5 energy should be directed towards creating their own division that serves the universities, players, students, alumni, fans and local communities the with their athletic programs. Now is the time for them to put their heads together and figure out the future. More of the past with some tinkering around isn't going to work. I welcome all of these changes. It will force everyone involved to do what they should have done years ago and college football will be better off because of it. We can be so much better than what we are now.
  19. 2019 Revenue by Conference Big Ten $768.9 million SEC: $728.9 million Pac-12: $533.8 million ACC: $496.7 million Big 12: $409.2 million It would be interesting to see if the ACC follows in the Big 12's footsteps and member schools begin contacting the Big Ten & SEC. The PAC12 can hold its own, especially if it adds some Big12 defects, due to its west coast proximity. If the Power 5 becomes the Power 3, does this help or hurt college athletics? Do G5 schools look to combine, creating better G5 conferences?
  20. Kwad on HUB football and NIL. Starts about the 8 minute mark
  21. The video that is about a third of the way down the link you provided is incredibly funny.
  22. A Reddit thread (so...): "[Dawg Sports] An SEC source with knowledge of the inner workings of the league office: 'A couple more dominoes fall and we're in a situation where the SEC could become its own division. more teams have reached out than what's being reported. 20-24 within the realm of possibility.' " Reddit thread
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