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Ole K.D.

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I get Robby's defense of his dad.  Every father should be able to expect the same from his children.   That being said, Zips Nation has by and large been supportive of KD and his move to Duquesne.  There was initially some criticism driven by emotion that he was leaving "us", like a girlfriend that decided to move on, but most posters appreciated his dilemma and wished him well in leading Duquesne to the promised land he sought as a capstone on his fine career.  In the end, we want our "hometown boy" to succeed.  Criticism of the schedule and the like are not wishes for his demise.  Rather, they're an expression of opinion that's at the heart of a forum. 

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39 minutes ago, NWAkron said:

I may be biased, but I will take the Zips over either of these two teams.  URI not impressive.


I haven't been impressed with the A10 this year at all minus Dayton. I watched VCU take on St. Joe's last night. St. Joe's had a PG that looked like he belonged in suburb YMCA Rec League. VCU was basically given the game, and didn't want it until the final 5 minutes. Really atrocious basketball. 

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There's a video on Twitter of KD talking post game on their radio broadcast about how the team responded to adversity like that for the first time this year. He talked about how they need to be emotionally tougher and keep their heads and they were sulking etc. As someone who wants to see him succeed, it's disappointing to see the same shortcomings that have been holding him back for so many years. I hope he can adapt at some point before he retires.

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38 minutes ago, Blue & Gold said:

Why doesn't KD bring the Dukes to the JAR to face the Zips?  Seems like a no-brainer.  It'd be a sellout.  Make the game a cancer awareness game, or have a portion of the gate go toward the I Promise School.  Until KD retires from Duquesne we should make it a yearly event.  


Yep, this has been my one complaint about KD since he left. When he was the coach at Akron he talked for years about how no good teams would ever agree to come to play at Akron. He even name dropped former Akron coach Bob Huggins as an example. Now that he's moved onto Duquesne he's doing the same exact thing by not coming to the JAR. The game wouldn't even need to be played in Akron every year. They could rotate it back and forth between the two cities. I really like the idea that part of the game proceeds would go to the I Promise School. It would seem like a good way of drumming up good publicity for both schools. Also, both schools could certainly use a boost to their OOC schedule.  

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1 hour ago, Blue & Gold said:

Why doesn't KD bring the Dukes to the JAR to face the Zips? 

The ball has been in his court, so-to-speak, since he left. Obviously he doesn't want to do it. 


The "20 win regular season" milestone is a big thing to him, and it appears he doesn't want to risk an OOC loss. It would also be a bad look to lose to the program you elevated from. 


If the two programs ever did meet in NE Ohio, the JAR would be too small. They could make a great event out of it and fill the Convo, or get at least 12k into Rocket Mortgage. A shame it will never happen. When they announced Dambrot's name as Duquesne's coach, the ovation would measure on the Richter scale. It would be a nice moment for him.

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When we appear to be gloating about a Dukes loss it isn't because of any ill will towards KD or his staff.  I for one am not going to turn on a game an enjoy watching them lose.  He and his staff built a solid program and fan base here.  My issue is with the fans who abandoned the Zips when he left and those on here who did nothing but gripe since he left.  So I don't mind pointing out that his moving on was a good thing.  Occasionally, a divorce leaves everyone better off.

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On 1/23/2020 at 3:34 PM, Captain Kangaroo said:

I could envision a Zips vs. Dukes NIT pairing.


Too bad the Bracket Buster dissolved. It would have been an obvious match up this year. 


CK - you need to get your envision checked. March is looking (and feeling) much bigger than it used to. ?

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