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  2. Columbus Crew SC

    my guess was just about 40%, but they sure kept the angles of the upper deck pretty tight...like a Zips football game!
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  4. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    The Browns and NFL Draft: Whispers, trade partners and dot-connecting
  5. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Jeremiah Knight

    Great article CK!
  6. Columbus Crew SC

    What percentage capacity tonight vs. DC United? 35%.? Less?
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  8. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Jeremiah Knight

    Talking about a blast from the past....😃. Love it😊
  9. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    Yet another reason for me to shake my head, ponder the mediocrity and utter to myself "what the hell?"
  10. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Jeremiah Knight

    For you youngsters, "Boogie Nights" was a classic 70's disco song, long before the name was given to the 90's movie. Pardon the bad sync of music and video. It was the 70's. All about dancing, not production values.
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  12. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    K Brown article https://dawindycity.com/2019/04/23/chicago-bears-nfl-draft-kyron-brown/ Zips haven't had 2 players drafted in the same draft. Let alone 3 right?!
  13. It would be surprising if the work was done correctly. There is nothing unusual about pouring concrete at that time of year. They just add antifreeze to the mix.
  14. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    Normally I would partially laugh at the idea of the Zips participating in celebrating Day 3 of the Draft, but with John Dorsey as GM of the Browns, Day 3 matters. Plus, it gives Arth and the program some exposure.
  15. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    https://gozips.com/news/2019/4/23/akron-football-to-participate-in-akrons-draft-day-experience-on-saturday.aspx The University of Akron football will participate in the City of Akron’s celebration of the Draft Day Experience on Saturday, April 27, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Lock 3 (200 South Main Street). The Zips will join City officials in announcing a 2019 NFL Draft pick on Day 3 live during the national telecast as a part of the NFL’s 13 original cities. Akron’s head coach Tom Arth and Director of Athletics Larry Williams, both former NFL players, are slated to participate. At Lock 3, fans will be treated to big screen television coverage as well as games, inflatables, and food trucks. The event is FREE.
  16. Baseball's Coming Back

    Chris Bassitt pitched five scoreless innings against the Rangers to take the win in his first start of the season. He gave up 2 hits.
  17. Baseball's Coming Back

    Bob has been officially hired by Chris Sabo as part of his recruiting staff.
  18. Is pouring in Jan/Feb the cause? I could see the problems, but the interview didn't really address what had been done wrong. So, how much needs to be fixed? I imagine that the problems that can be seen are just the tip of the iceberg.
  19. Outdoor Track and Field

    The West Coast is doing wonders for the Zips track athletes, as Hesham Eldesouky breaks the school record in the triple jump! This has been a nice swing the last week and still wondering if we'll see the Zippers at home for their traditional Campbell/Wright Invitational, somewhere in Northeast Ohio! Maybe a twin outdoor MAC Championship would convince the school to do something with the track, but with the railing falling off Infocision, I don't see that happening.....But way to go Zips Track!
  20. ZipsNation.org Spotlights Jeremiah Knight

    Holy cow. That was a great, great article. As good or better than just about anything I read in The Athletic. And great photos. Even one with a very visible "Fear the Roo" on the ball. Great kid, great article. Who wouldn't want to coach this guy? From what I know of Coach Gasser, they are a fine match. Indeed, "Boogie Knights are always the best in town!" Too bad for all the Millennials who don't get the 70's allusion. That is a first rate name!
  21. 2019 Preseason

    2019 College Football Rankings: No. 127 Akron counts on new coach to jump-start Zips "Akron has finished dead-last in the league in rushing offense the past two seasons, with the Zips scoring a nation-worst five rushing touchdowns in 2018"
  22. Columbus Crew SC

    I'm not sure about that. Progressive Field is pretty empty this time of year as well and baseball is much more popular than soccer in these parts. Haslam is suppose to be building a downtown stadium. That should help attendance a great deal.
  23. 2019 Offers

    What he does bringing the ball up against pressure at the 2:23 mark is impressive! Edit: Yeah, after watching the entire video, he's good. I want him.
  24. 2019 Offers

    I want the entire team!
  25. 2019 Offers

    This video is pretty good also. It shows more of Jonathon Dos Anjos game. He is wearing #23 Blue/White. There looks to be a bunch of talent in blue/white, but Dos Anjos is definitely a warrior with a high motor. Me likey.
  26. 2019 Offers

    I was confused because he is listed as a POWER forward. It's been a while since Tree left.
  27. 2019 Offers

    I checked out a few short clips I could find of him. He seems to be able to move the court well and has good athleticism. Not sure if he can shoot or not as all the clips I came a crossed were short clips of him dunking. Here is a video of him taking off from the free throw line and dunking.
  28. 2019 Offers

    Riak as well. It would be a nice little pipeline to build.
  29. 2019 Offers

    I would be happy to have any D1 player
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