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  2. Seems like it may be tough to argue that it's impossible to play a MAC opponent if you're playing 8-10 conference games. Especially for the B1G - when we have the same footprint. Clemson may have an easier time arguing against bringing us in from Ohio
  3. "Many if not all contracts include a force majeure clause, a provision excusing one or both parties’ obligations when circumstances arise beyond their control that make the contract impossible. Like, for instance, a global pandemic. However, there could be a legal opening, suggests another Group of Five AD. In the Big Ten’s case, the conference still plans to play football—just not against conference foes. “At the end of the day, is there going to be enough reason to stand on to get out of paying the guarantees?” asks the AD." https://www.si.com/college/2020/07/10/college-football-buy-games-group-of-five
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  5. They might be contractually obligated to pay. What argument do they have not to play/pay when they are going to go ahead and still play their conference games as of now? P5 is the one breaching the contracts. Even though they might have to pay, they are still likely coming out ahead financially by canceling the games. Don't have to deal with game day costs and they likely aren't missing out on ticket revenue. The more I think about it, I'm pretty confident G5's will at least get a substantial fraction of their payout in whatever channel they have to go through. A P5 being proactive and paying may think they are doing it for good PR or whatever, but realistically they are just avoiding a bunch of legal fees + eventually paying out by doing so.
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  7. Good catch, Big Jim. Looks like I simply made a mistake. Both Hudl dot com and Maxpreps dot com also have him listed as a DL. I'll correct Post #1.
  8. Maxpreps has Andre Proffitt listed as a DT. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/andre-proffitt/K2v1o5j-EeiAyNdjx8XCRA/default.htm Blue & Gold, Can you state why you have him listed as an OL. Where did you get that information? If he is a DT, then Coach Arth has recruited 4 DL prospects, three who have excellent size, (280, 260, 280, and 230 lb). I have always been concerned with the DL at Akron. Usually, the recruits are not that big or not rated at all, and the play over the years has been suspect at best. We have gotten some good transfers or JUCO's for the DL that have played well. If these 4 guys turn out to be talented, then Coach has done a great job and the DL will be set for years. However, when I watch Proffitt's game film, I do not see a lot of very positive plays. Anyhow, I have trust in Arth, and this is one more recruit that will help Akron turn the corner in the future and become a MAC force. Go Zips
  9. ABJ: UA suggested change in division status could prove expensive
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  11. You aren't missing much. Parking is terrible. Leg room for four foot tall people. Terrible traffic on game day. It would also be an inferno. Count your lucky stars
  12. Wrong MAC but that's what's going to eventually happen to the right MAC. Los Cruces' and Clemson's economy are going to take a huge hit from not getting the traveling Zips fans.
  13. A punter, a 2018 graduate so not sure where to put this
  14. I haven't read Marla's story yet, but it appears she's touching on something I've been saying for years: there should be no Athletics budget at UA; Athletics should be grouped under UA Marketing/Advertising.
  15. I see I should completely wake up before posting, sorry about that
  16. Maybe the MAC and the MAC could combine and become the Big MAC?
  17. Greetings from down 76... just chiming in since this involves YSU. Do I ultimately expect the game to be canceled, yes because we are on the verge of the season being suspended in its entirety, but still think two schools an hour away not playing because of not being in the same conference is questionable. Maybe Adrienne Robbins from that TV station can ask DeWine his thoughts? Anyhow, just wanted to point out that your tweet references the WRONG MAC
  18. No road trip to Clemson, was really looking forward to this trip for a few years now, Damn COVID-19, I had already come to terms with it but I guess it’s official now
  19. How about giving it a try for a month. Encouraging others for a month. See how it goes. If you watch the governor's press conference, he said once counties get back to an acceptable level then no masks are needed. As Clark said, it's not like wearing a ball and chain or a hair shirt. You only have to wear it when you are in a public area where you can't be 6 feet away. We talk so much about our rights not to do this, not to do that. How about our duty to our fellow citizens? It's not about my momentary inconvenience.
  20. Here is a part of an article published in the Lincoln Journal star. I'm not sure I believe that Nebraska will be paying the guarantees to the teams they have dropped from their schedule this year, but that's what their AD (Moos) says they might do. Nebraska had been scheduled to play nonconference home games against Central Michigan (Sept. 12), South Dakota State (Sept. 19) and Cincinnati (Sept. 26). NU was set to pay $1.3 million to Central Michigan, $515,000 to South Dakota State and $400,000 to Cincinnati. Moos is sensitive to the financial hit those schools incur as a result of the Big Ten's plan for 2020. "Depending on what things look like in the future, we want to bring them back at a later date," he said. "But certainly we're very open to discussions about paying the (contractual) guarantees and such. You know, that's only fair."
  21. If only the virus would give us a heads up on all this stuff, would make it easier to plan huh?
  22. Completely agree in the discipline and sacrifice. Unfortunately, the victims are often people who don't deserve it. They're often older folks who did their part only to have some selfish dimwit infect them.
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