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  2. Coach Embick said on the recap video from the Twitter account that Carlo suffered an injury in training yesterday but should be back on Friday.
  3. You do an excellent job of capturing not only the play on the field, but also the gameday experience as a whole. Thanks Dr Z!
  4. way too early to be worrying about that.... Southern Illinois Edwardsville(SIU-E) is the league leader at 2-0-0 and they come to Akron Friday night Akron will have to play that game without Marco Milanese Carlo Ritaccio was not able to play today...not sure of his status for Friday SIU-E is a very good team. Jared is a great coach....and will have this team focused on one game at a time I am proud of this team. They had to play without a pre season all american at center back. They got kicked in the teeth at 44 seconds.... and battled back to tie it at half time they played 33 minutes a man down....against a team ranked #27 in RPI (and WMU had won at Michigan on Thursday night) these zips are fighting and battling proud of them
  5. With Akron and WMU being probably the best two teams in the MAC and both being 1-0-1 with three games left, does anyone know what the tiebreaker would be if these two teams finished tied for 1st?
  6. Down a man for well over 25 minutes, on the road, getting a draw - great job. Does anybody know if the second yellow on Marco was warranted?
  7. Today
  8. Going to a 2nd OT with Akron looking good for being down a man. Let's find a goal!
  9. 22 minutes left and we're looking much more the likely team to score, if there's a goal left in this match. Let's get the goal!!
  10. Asleep at switch!!!! 1-0 W. Mich 44' in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Why? Over & over again, i am so thankful for Bowden getting us out of the basement but he hit cruise control & we are here because of him. We are playing with Bowden recruits & Recruits we got after signing day. This sucks because are senior coaching staff didn’t want to hit the recruiting trail anymore If you look back I wanted a new OC but once the decision was made I wanted Getsy. For being an x QB here, being in NFL around Rogers & an OC in SEC but would have cost some money. With that being said we gotta give him a chance to recruit as we can see he wasn’t left much & playing true freshman is never a good thing
  12. Good defense or poor offense on both sides of the ball? Missed field goals left points on the board , both ways as did unconverted 4th down attempts and turn-overs were horrible.
  13. This looks like it could have been really bad if he drove into the QB rather than just push him.
  14. It is an unsatisfying consolation prize, but much of the rest of the season is about "watching our backups against their backups." Down the road, meaningful experience by upcoming players may yield good dividends.
  15. Not a great game to watch. But good defense is good football. I thought both defenses performed pretty well. Wanted Buffalo to open up the passing game, but they were too content with their running game and quick out passes. As long as they had the lead and it was growing, they didn't really need to try much else.
  16. This season is what it is. Unsure why we have to have this constant crap every week. Considering the original poster, not sure why I am wasting my time saying this, but hope we can see some encouraging signs out of young players as the season winds down, the staff is able to plug holes via JUCO/transfer portal, and shows the ability to learn from their mistakes. Next year they aren't going to get as much benefit of the doubt. Somewhere between 0-12 and 2-10 won't cut it. Need to see real progress.
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