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  2. Good point. I said it more tongue in cheek, referencing the "recruiting" rumors surrounding him.
  3. You might be ignoring the fact that Hoban's coach is hated by many public and private high school coaches in the region due to his blatant recruiting. Hard to imagine they would step forward to help him fill gaps in Akron if he were offered the Zips job. Payback, as they say.
  4. Today
  5. Left-footed, too. The Virginia goal was sweet as well.
  6. And they have far more success and Fan support than Akron will EVER have
  7. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20191015/college-soccer--akron-2-michigan-state-0-zips-keep-momentum-dominance-over-spartans coach Jared Embick was impressed with the Zips’ play Tuesday night. “It was a pretty good performance, front to back,” he said. “We talked about continuing our momentum and we need to put a streak together. I think it was important for us to kinda push through this.”
  8. Egbo’s golazo at #1. 🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  9. He already attended grad school...at AKRON. (yet we jettisoned him for a guy with no connection to Akron, a 9-13 record, no notoriety in college football...). It's to keep his "Resume Recent" and he probably just wants something to do that doesn't jeopardize the two-year free paycheck for Akron jettisoning him prematurely. I've heard the Clemson area is very nice. lol. If I was collecting two-years salary to sit on my ass...shoot, I'd go do just about anything I've ever wanted to do.
  10. Watching Zips Football Weekly now with Coach Arth and it’s one of the more painful things to watch trying to get some positives out of that debacle on Saturday. Like interviewing Baghdad Bob after Iraq had been taken over. Props to Joe Dunn for getting through it and remain positive. Congratulations to Andy Allman though! A great local player. Go Zips!
  11. Egbo’s Golazo will be discussed for a long time!
  12. The Egbo goal was unreal. He worked the defender and hit a laser beam top shelf.
  13. A nice win for the Zips. Over the last few games, this team is starting to resemble a Zips team that were are used to seeing.
  14. BeaconJournal.com??? No Ohio.com? Maybe this means the Akron Beacon Journal will focus more on Akron? I can only hope... Anyway... ABJ/GT: Zips coach remains upbeat despite loss to rival Kent State
  15. I want to see that one again....Highlight reel material
  16. What a goal by Egbo!! That had to be about 35-40 yards out. Up 2-0!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Many North Dakota State fans are eager to move from FCS. They just pound everyone and beat FBS teams.
  19. NDSU would also be a good addition. Suppose we can get them to relocate to Illinois?
  20. That is the nicest way I have ever heard someone say X thought Grant was a flaming ahole.
  21. Bottom 25 At least we are #1 at being bad... "Some look at the glass half-empty and say that Akron lost to its rival Kent State 26-3 on Saturday. Others look at that glass and see it's half-full. We say that Akron knocked Kent State out of The Bottom 25 with a 26-3 loss on Saturday. This week the Zips get Buffalo. (1) "
  22. He's paying Clemson money to attend grad school.
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