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  2. 2019 Offers

    Courtesy of @Zips_United
  3. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    While I am not a huge fan of playing FCS schools I do think the Zips needed to schedule a near certain win for 2021. Those other three non-conference games are rough.
  4. Today
  5. 2019 Offers

    Someone said they now have too many players on scholarship? Is that correct? I read somewhere that we lost Jimond to a transfer.
  6. 2019 Offers

    I'll let you know once we return to being a legit contender for a MAC Championship.
  7. Illinois - August 31st

    OK, just checking. Personally, I like staying in the midst of the opposing team's fan base. It makes for a lot of interesting conversations, especially when there is Big 10 arrogance involved, as there is sure to be in this case.
  8. 2019 Offers

    This could prove to be a significant get, and a turning point for the program. Up to this point, we haven't necessarily beaten out other solid schools for 4-year recruits. Everyone knows we need a shooter/scorer, and this guy looks to be just that. I'm expecting some pretty immediate impact from him this year. Side note: how huge is it to have Fulford on the staff for recruiting purposes?
  9. 2019 Offers

  10. 2019 Offers

  11. Illinois - August 31st

    Thanks, we’re aware; we don’t mind making the drive, it’s a long weekend.
  12. 2019 Offers

    Looks like the last two guys we got are MONSTER dunk machines, we may have a fun season after all.
  13. 2019 Offers

    In case you missed it, Akron has added a brand new Joey as well. Congratulations to Channel Banks!! (scroll down) https://twitter.com/rfulford?lang=en
  14. 2019 Offers

    BUT Tre is 3/4 of TREE. And he can not get arrested for assaulting the 6'11" guy, because we don't have one.
  15. 2019 Offers

    ...and he's not 6'11".
  16. 2019 Offers

    And time for the snark: but we aren't getting any 4 year players. So this can't be right.
  17. 2019 Offers

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, finally some damn news.
  18. 2019 Offers

    Nope he is a full commit, a high school player who played in prep school for a year. Toles and Dawson went similar routes.
  19. 2019 Offers

    Buffalo's fall from grace was swift and epic. Would this Tre person be a one year player?
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  21. 2019 Offers

    definitely seems like a scholarship player. Who's gone?!
  22. 2019 Offers

    Fulford is flying a Canadian flag on his twitter. It looks like we beat out Buffalo, New Mexico, Nevada and Missouri for him too. And a three point shooter named Tre. Seriously? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spqqayYHhE8 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11978841/5c38b8ee0c53620904110ed8
  23. 2019 Offers

    Akron has signed Tre Edwards, a wing from Toronto, source told @Stadium. Played with UPlay and was at Hamilton Heights for two years. Did post-grad year this year at Link Prep. Just saw this on Twitter
  24. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    So it appears the next 5 seasons are fully booked then.
  25. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Morgan State completes 2023 on Sept. 9th
  26. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Bryant Sept. 18, 2021 completes 2021
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