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  2. We were in just about every one of those road losses last season. We just seemed to press too much at the end of the games and didn't close them out. We should be relying on a lot of juniors and seniors this season so hopefully they will be better adapt to performing under pressure. We'll soon find out.
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  4. They went onto play at Lehigh and Wyoming. I also think both only had 1 D1 offer. If anyone reputable believed they would turn out to be half as they ended up being they would have at least received A10 or MVC offers. Some guys just really develop and flourish after high school. Ja Morant & Steph Curry are other examples.
  5. ??? https://www.uakron.edu/ogc/legal-policies-and-procedures/records/frequently-asked-questions-regarding-public-records.dot Who can make a request for public records? Any person can request public records by simply asking for them. Usually, the request can be made in any manner the requester chooses: by phone, in person, or in an e-mail or letter. The requester cannot be required to identify him- or herself, or to explain why the records are being requested, unless a specific law requires it. Often, however, a voluntary discussion about the requester’s purposes or interest in seeking certain information can aid the public office in locating and producing the desired records. What is a "public record"? A public record means any records kept by any public office, except those records that are otherwise identified as exempt under the Ohio Public Records Act or the release of which is prohibited by state or federal law. Ohio Revised Code § 149.011(G): As used in this chapter, "records" include [1] any document, device, or item, regardless of physical form or characteristic; [2] created or received by or coming under the jurisdiction of any public office of the state or its political subdivisions; [3] which serves to document the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office. Are there fees for retrieving and copying records? The law allows us to require prepayment of costs associated with producing copies, including copying and mailing expenses. Generally, the University may charge only its actual cost of producing copies of the records.
  6. Former Copley star (and injury-prone) RB Weston Bridges is transferring from MSU. Wonder if we have a shot?
  7. Something to look forward to- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dvpYulj9pg
  8. Official NCAA RPI is out. Zips clocking in at 103.
  9. Need some road wins and not just a first-round tourney road win against a hapless Western Michigan.
  10. My guess would be Combo Guard. And I define a combo guard as a point guard who can be productive off the ball as a shooting guard as well. This year Tyler Cheese will be a combo guard. And I would guess out of necessity LCJ will be a combo guard also. Next year Greg Tribble will likely practice at all guard positions and Gavin Clarke will focus on running the point.
  11. In hindsight, anybody would have been an improvement over the underachieving malcontent whiner Harney. That guy's my second least favorite Zip of all-time, right behind Khadim Gueye (and it's close).
  12. I may be wrong but I think Wyoming might have been his only division one offer and that came from a Nance Sr. connection. I do not believe Larry was highly recruited and Kd went for Harney and Tree who probably had better high school careers.
  13. I agree it's difficult to determine who will excel in college, but you don't pass on a local bloodline like the Nance family. Not only did Sr. excel in the NBA, but now Jr. is excelling and Pete is at Northwestern. It's a family of athletes. If one of them expresses interest in your school - especially a school like Akron - you leave a scholarship open for them. Tree is one of my all-time favorite Zips to watch, but I would have taken the chance on Nance Jr., even with his supposed "fatigue" problems, over Harney who had academic & hustle issues. Hindsight is 20/20, though. I don't disagree with CJ McCollum. He was a scorer, so he had that going for him, but he exploded out of nowhere. I just think Nance is a huge miss, especially if there was mutual interest.
  14. I disagree! My point was that it is difficult to determine who will excel in college. Larry had some type of fatigue problem that was finally diagnosed when he was in college and after he got better his career took off. Tree and Harney were great recruits who had their issues at Akron. Tree is playing great ball in Israel. Not sure what Harney is doing. Glad to see Little Larry playing so well for the Cavs. I also agree that the Nance family is first rate.
  15. Wow. Excellent news. The college game is won at the guard position, and from what I just read and saw, this kid will fit in nicely. How nice is it to have a local (NEO) kid staying home? P.S. What position is CG?
  16. 20 wins is very doable this year, and they'll be battle-tested early with Louisville and WVU. UMASS will also be a solid game, strictly due to the A10 status - confidence booster if you win. The MAC is wide open this year, but we also need to keep in mind - Groce is a March-first coach. If we don't peak early, don't be surprised. We'll be ready for when the season actually matters. I love the depth of this team. These are Groce's guys. I'm excited. Let's Go Zips!
  17. Embarrassing. Inexcusable. Negligible. Horrendous. Any other negative words I can use to describe how atrocious the above comments are? Ooo, atrocious. Add that. I'm not surprised Larry Jr. wanted to come to Akron. I played in the summer youth camps with him. It was very cool seeing Sr., Jr., and Pete all at the JAR consistently for those camps each year. The Nance family is all about their hometown area, and Larry would have excelled in Blue & Gold. He put Wyoming on the map; imagine where Akron would have been (granted those were the years we became semi-ranked and garnered a lot of national media attention). I'm glad KD is gone, especially after reading this. This is similar to the Browns not drafting Clay Matthews Jr.
  18. 22 days until the opening game. I expect to see a starting lineup of LCJ, Cheese, Banks, X and Riak, with Reece, Roscoe, Tribble and Sayles contributing from the bench. I think we could also see a conventional two guard, one center and two forwards lineup with Reece and X on the floor together with another big as X can play away from the basket and has a decent 3 point shot. I hope Tribble can be effective as the backup point rather than having Cheese there out of necessity. I'm very eager to see this team with hopes it can continue to improve. They went from 14 wins to 17 last year. Here's hoping the improvement continues to a 20 win year. These are all Groce's kids now, so we'd better see the fruits of his recruiting labor.
  19. Appreciate the concerns. Just got busy and spending a lot less time on fan sites. The CyHawk GameDay was pretty much a two-full-day experience for us hardcore tailgaters.
  20. Both Larry Nance Jr. and C.J. McCollum wanted to attend UA and KD had scholarships available for neither. Can you believe it? 🤢🤢🤮
  21. Somebody told me that the year he recruited Tree and Harney was the year that Larry Nance went to KD and wanted Little Larry to go to Akron but KD had recruited Tree and Harney and did not have a scholarship for Nance and wanted him to walk on. I have no idea if this is true but if it is true it just support his theory that you never know what combinations will work out.
  22. Checked in this morning with my good friend who is Head Coach of Heights T & F....says Garvin is a great kid with outstanding potential, and he feels their new coach JR Brimmer will develop even more as a player and person under his leadership in the coming year. JR played at St. Bonnie as well as with the Cavs and Warriors, if you recall. Anyway...all thumbs up by an insider....
  23. Any word on how to watch the Zips games in DC if you can't attend in person? Those are the type of games I look forward to.
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