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    We tightened up with 5 minutes left in the 2nd half. Guys were trying to do too much offensively instead of moving the ball around and taking what the defense gave us. We fell apart defensively in the 2nd half.
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    There is no way I want to see K-Lac on the floor outside of garbage time. I feel people are using revisionist history in an attempt to find a solution to a problem. K-Lac played in 30 games last season and scored more than 4 points a whopping 1 time while shooting .492 from the field. Meanwhile, he's a turnover machine who averages a foul every 4 minutes on the floor and is slow on rotating in defense. Do you guys not remember how terrible our defense was last season when he was anchoring the middle? Personally, I feel our best option at C at the moment is Riak. I'd take him over K-Lac at both ends of the court. K-Lac might be a marginally better post scorer over Riak, but K-Lac commits way too many offensive fouls. On the defensive side Riak is a stud. Sayles IMO isn't far behind Riak. He's a slightly better offensive player, but not the defender Riak is.
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    There's really not much doubt in my mind that K-Lac is our best offensive weapon at the 5, not that that is really saying a lot. He's shown to have solid post game and touch around the basket last year and in his limited time this year. He seemed to have very low bball IQ last year, but I think its *looked* improved in the very limited time I've seen him play. It doesn't hurt to give him a chance.
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    UTC QB commit decommits
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    Dre citing in 3 . 2. 1.
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    What a great year by our team! In my mind nothing better to get me cheered up again than talking about next year. Thanks Ben, Morgan, Ezana and all of the other seniors. Does anyone know the status of our inderclassmen, specifically Egbo and Carlo? Will everyone be back besides our seniors?
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    Bold Prediction: We win 1 game against Buffalo this year.
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    Just in case you missed it https://twitter.com/chadpearson42
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    Always happy to do it and ALWAYS eager to move on after a tough one. I damn near created the Tennessee State thread before the Marshall game was over!
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    When you look at the box score you can see where we lost the game. Utomi shot 6 for 13 from the 3 line. All his makes came in the second half. The rest of the team shot 4 for 22 from the 3 line. I keep hearing Groce talk about how good these guys are from t he 3 line. I just do not see it. This team is better at driving to the basket than shooting the 3 ball. When KD coached the team I always complained that we did not have athletic players that could attack the hoop. We now have those type of players. We need to play to our strength. Four of the starters played big minutes, 34, 36, 41, 40. I just wonder if the defense got worse as these guys got tired. Banks only played 19 minutes. Center production: Our 3 centers took only 4 shots. Can anyone even remember a pass into the post. THe center seta a high pick and rolled to the basket and never saw the ball. Finishing the game. I remember one possession with 2 minutes left where we tried to drain the clock with a 6 point lead. It did not work and resulted in a bad shot and score on the other end. I like how when we needed a basket we went to Ivey. He made 2 clutch free throws and a clutch drive. (okay, he missed a clutch free throw and committed the dumb foul) Still he is my go to guy at the end of the game. Defense: Our defense got worse in the second half. We did not defend their high pick and roll. I hated the way Jackson did not keep his man in front of him. Gave up 16 more points in the second half. I enjoyed watching this team play and was very impressed how we did not turn the ball over. As they play together more they should get better. I would like to see our centers get more involved in the offense.
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    I saw that last night. Though I've lifted my entire life, I don't know squat (pun intended) about D-1 level, sport-specific strength and conditioning. But I could at least tell the players liked Gildersleeve. I hope Coach Arth has a great hire up his sleeve for Sleeve's replacement, b/c, (along with Otis Mounds & Marcus Wattley), I was thinking we should give Gildersleeve strong consideration for staying on.
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    I would easily take the field to win 1 game this season vs Buffalo.
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    I didn't even realize Roscoe got in for 3 minutes last night. No idea what's going on there.
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    Shelton Felton is the ILB coach Davern Williams is the OLB and DE coach As previously mentioned in the thread, Brian Cochran is the DL coach, Oscar Rodriguez Jr. is the secondary coach, and Matt Feeney is the DC
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    You're talking to someone who just watched the Bears lose a playoff game to the Eagles with a double-clank off the goal post. So yes, it is all starting to feel like horseshoes and hand grenades to me right now. I am late to commenting and I already "liked" all the comments critical of the second half defense and the stupid foul in the corner. As frustrating as tonight's loss is, I do think the whole losing 6 games by a total of 20 points is something to discuss. How much of it is learning to finish games? I mean we had some good looks for the win that didn't go down. Is it that we lack a cold-blooded closer? Did we get tight as a team and forget to play the right way down the stretch? There is a road-game component. I don't know, maybe it's a bit of all of it. But according to Kenpom math, there is only one other team who has fans that are more pissed off than we are with the close loses a record that doesn't match expectations and that's Mercer. Correction: I took a look at Mercer's schedule and their loses were not always close so I was reading the "Luck" column the wrong way. Kenpom "Luck" is the deviation in winning percentage between a team's actual record and their expected record using the correlated gaussian method. Correlated gaussian method, any statisticians in the house?
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    I find MoneyWise to be one of the 25 worst click bait sites.
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    On their game winning basket Riak needed to step up quicker. I did not see a push off but Jackson needs to keep his man in front of him. His second half defense was bad and he put pressure on our big men as a rim protector. I still think this team will get better and we will close out a close game this season.
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    Glad to hear a little displeasure from Groce in the postgame. Defense in the 2nd half was abysmal!
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    This team still needs to learn to close out games. We were terrible on the pick and roll on the second half. Jackson saw the screen and started leaning that way giving his man an open path to the basket. I still like the way this team plays. Ivey made a couple of clutch free throws. What are the chances of an air ball rebound and then nice fake on the 3 ball. Just bad luck.
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    Bad found with 5 seconds left.
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    https://forgefc.canpl.ca/video/one-on-one-marcel-zajac https://forgefc.canpl.ca/article/getting-to-know-marcel-zajac
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    Yeah, I saw a similar post a few weeks back on cfb reddit page that had Akron on it. There were fans from Pitt, Appalachian St, and others who were quick to say the same that Infocision doesn't deserve to be on this list based on their visit here. Don't read too much into it.
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    Commentators set a new record of Eurostep references in a half!
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    And just when Dambrot leaves.... Is KD the Ken Lolla of Akron hoops?
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    Many more games like the WMU game and I'll be sneaking hooch in in my pocket.
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    If this guy isn't successful in the NFL, I'll burn my scouting hat.
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    They probably don't have duct tape or anything on them. 🙄
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