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    Clickbait like this is always interesting. I spent most of my adult life traveling for work and I can tell you Akron is better than half of the cities ahead of them....probably more. I moved away 14 years ago after living there almost 20 years after high school. Anyone who lives in northeast Ohio and tells you they don't like it because it is boring is a boring person. It's a great place to live and I hope the people who live there know that.
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    Which nut would you have surrendered...left or right...to have had 6' 10" Deng Riak be money from 2-feet-and-in?
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    TripleDoubleProspects dot com on Nate Johnson Please click the link. But the gist: "Big, strong and hyper athletic combo guard with a great feel for the game... As his jump shot gains consistency he has a much upside as anyone in Ohio's 2021 class."
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    6'10" forward. 3 star recruit according to 247. He supposedly had offers to UCLA and Rutgers.
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    Holy crap! This guys' highlight film from MaxPreps is amazing! So smooth! 6-3 combo guard from Lakota East. 24/7 Sports & Rivals.com rank him as a 3-star recruit.
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    Another likable kid. When you see things like this it is easy to understand why they enjoy each other so much. So much different than that hastily assembled squad in Groce's first year. It also makes it clear that chemistry is something Groce looks at in putting together a team. As I recall, Wynn is not eligible this year due to the transfer rules.
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    I have been a season basketball ticket holder for over 30, mostly (expensive) floor seats. Steve French is the best. Another dumb move from a university that is in the survival mode. I m looking forward to finding out who made the decision and why. This is another reason for Akron fans to to show up! Very Bad move!!
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    If we don't allow fans at football games, we have an excuse for not having fans at football games. It's genius. Akron Football - Social Distancing Before It Was Cool. Now that's a slogan. ______________________________________________________________________ Any update(s) on the schedule? Any rumblings?
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    Well, I cannot intelligently discuss our first opponent, so I'll jot down what I think the starting offense will look like (note: except for X & Bryce Petersen, I'm simply talking out my @$$ concerning the OL). Our OL has the potential of being huge... but awfully young. Many of these guys haven't played a snap of D-1 ball before, so even though I think there's potential there, my expectations are low. RT: Owen Murphy (6-6, 275, R-Fr.) RG: Jordan Daniels (6-5, 300 R-Fr.) C : Bryce Petersen (6-2, 280 Sr.) LG: Caleb Herring (6-7, 320 R-Fr.) LT: Xavior Gray (6-9, 300 R-Fr.) Huge... but inexperienced. But I'm projecting a lot of new, young starters this year simply by considering how poorly the OL performed last season. No idea what our transfer RB's (Dollard & Gest) are bringing to the table but, just like the OL, they simply have to be better than what we saw last year. I'll go with Teon Dollard (5-11, 200 Jr.) as the starter and Cole Gest (5-9, 195 R-Sr.) as the #2. Kato (Sr.) will definitely be the #1 QB with Zach Gibson (R-Fr.) as the backup. [Even after the departure of Jonah Morris], We're [still] stacked at WR & TE. TE: Maverick Wolfley (6-3, 240 R-So.), & Brycen Yarmo (6-5, 250 R-So.) WR: Julian Hicks (6-3, 200 R-Jr.) & Kevin Walls (6-6, 215 R-Fr.) WR: Nate Stewart (6-2, 205 R-Sr.) & George Qualls (6-2, 185 R-Jr.) WR: Jeremiah Knight (5-11, 190 R-Jr.) & Timothy Scippio (6-2, 210 Jr.) WR: Andre Williams (5-10, 185 R-Sr.) & Michael Mathison (5-10, 160 So.) This gives our offense a potential 2-deep looking like: QB: Kato Nelson... Zach Gibson RB: Teon Dollard... Cole Gest RT: Owen Murphy... Austin Sample RG: Jordan Daniels... Hunter Corne C : Bryce Petersen... Tony Georges LG: Caleb Herring... Ryan Beckman LT: Xavior Gray... Vincent Fonte TE: Maverick Wolfley... Brycen Yard WR: Julian Hicks... Kevin Walls WR: Nate Stewart... George Qualls WR: Andre Williams... Michael Mathison WR: Jeremiah Knight... Timothy Scippio Another player I'm anxious to get a look at is R-Fr WR Kevin Walls. Kevin stands 6-6 & was all-state in track. His hudl highlight film was impressive. And, to nip any tiresome comments in the bud [sigh], yes, there are 12 listed due to the potential TE -v- WR combo. [Edited after LZip posted about Jonah Morris entering the Transfer Portal.]
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    I got this creepy image of iCoach sneaking in my head when I listen to Loeffler. ?
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    This is a huge recruiting class! On paper this is our best overall recruiting class ever. Outside of Zeke we will now have our 4 highest rated recruited players in Zips history all on the same team. Tribble, Clarke, Nate Johnson and Kalle. Also don’t sleep on Kobe Mitchell his HS is small and in the middle of nowhere Ohio which doesn't get much attention. He could very easily be rated a 3 star recruit before the year is over. Obviously stars are stars and play on the court in college is what matters but this is an extremely exciting time to be a Zips Basketball fan. We have a VERY bright future. Now can I talk myself into thinking we could somehow land Chris Livingston in 2022 and wanting to stay in Akron? One can dream.
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    He wasn't picking a fight. An OU player knocked the ball out of his hands then gave Gibson a shove - which Gibson didn't take too kindly.
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    Turnovers killed a great chance for a W tonight. Definitely saw some reasons for hope. It was nice to watch a competitive effort and some promising individual performances.
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    I'm just glad he's more than 100% committed. That's apparently very important these days.
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    Two Top 60 guys at their respective positions in the class. Wow. Won't be long before Groce is picked off again... The good news is that means we'll be making noise in March. Two outstanding gets it looks like. The level of this program seems to be rising more and more with each commitment! Go Zips!
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    I'll do you one better, I'm a proponent of the comma splice (seriously).
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    Our TE's are more likely to throw a pass than receive one.
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    Our competition for Anderson's services are New Mexico State, Cleveland State, and Lamar. I'm a proponent of the Oxford Comma.
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    Last year, with the transition, I expected nothing. That's exactly what I got. This year, I expect reasonable improvement. That would entail a couple of wins. I don't think the team I saw last night is capable of a couple of wins. I get that they looked better in some aspects of the game, but............58-13. Disappointing.
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    The CBS NFL pre-game show had a segment on Matt and Hair Love today! Outstanding!
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    I’m rooting for a running back to gain 100+ yards in a game this year, and the offensive line to give the QB a chance to get to a second read a few times on a drive. Anything after that will be a bonus.
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    While the Buckeye 8 is not on the level of some of the leagues in Northeast Ohio, its definitely a few steps above the Malvern-like competition B&G mentioned, which is where Graves came from prior to SVSM. There have been players go to Michigan, WVU, and Purdue, as well as MAC schools, for football in recent years. One of them is actually in the NFL (Colton McKivtiz). Some other players that came from these schools include Nate Davis, Jose Davis, Tim Spencer, Joey Galloway. There are some athletes that come out of there, though not so much on the basketball side. I assume Ford being from Cambridge tipped us off to him and he did enough in AAU to warrant an offer. Could be a sleeper type of prospect who went under the radar, could be a bust. Here's to hoping he's a hidden gem..i know I'll be rooting for him being a fan of the Zips and a native of the area.
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    If I left you with the impression that I want this staff gone I apologize. I do not want to see change. I am comfortable with the situation we are in, namely we go with who we have during the length of their contract. It is my fervant hope that during that contract we see substantial proof that the staff can coach. I was just lamenting the fact that at present we have no evidence of that. I hope it comes, sooner rather than later would be preferred.
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    Well that's not a very good Social Distancing policy... (insert the vintage tomato-hitting-the-face emoji) Laugh, people. It's good for the soul. Go Zips!
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    I liked Frenchy. He bled blue and gold and that made up for his announcing shortcomings. If he is gone he deserves a night of recognition at the JAR or in a big bar.
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    I'll miss Frenchy. Maybe it's just familiarity but I do like him. I can also always tell in about two seconds how the game is going from the tone of his voice.
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    Xeyrius Williams's team won the Göcsej Cup preseason tournament. In July 2020, Williams signed with BC Körmend of the Hungarian NBIA and FIBA Europe Cup. Never heard of this but...
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    Very Zip-centric article from the San Fran Chronicle here with stories from his Akron teammates. Apparently he was an early-day Rec Center Wonder of the hoops. "A second-team All-Mid-American Conference closer, he was drafted in the 16th round in 2011 by the White Sox and debuted three years later as the fourth Zips player to reach the majors. He also flashed his athleticism on the rec basketball court, where, Romick confirmed: “He can throw down.” " https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sfchronicle.com/athletics/amp/A-s-Chris-Bassitt-fueled-by-energy-drinks-15620507.php
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    That would be more in attendance than a regular Zips Game before the pandemic
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    He is smooth. Not to knock Cheese and Banks, but I feel like our back-court will be very fluid this year. Cheese had a bit of Duvivier in him (bulldozer) and could be a bit wreckless, and Banks was more of a defense-first, pure SG on offense and wasn't able to really run the offense or handle the ball TOO well if needed. I think we'll be able to beat our opponents off the dribble more and create more opportunities, both open beyond the arc and down low for closer baskets.
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    Roster sorted by Position/Height. Class also included. Guard Loren Christian Jackson 5'8" - SR Scott Walter 5'10" - SO Garvin Clarke 6'0" - FR Greg Tribble 6'1" - SO Bryan Trimble Jr. 6'2" - JR Mikal Dawson 6'5" - SO LePear Toles 6'6" - SR Tre Edwards 6'6" - RFR Michael Wynn 6'6" - JR Forward Jermaine Marshall 6'6" - SO Maishe Dailey 6'7" - SR Camron Reece 6'7" - SR Enrique Freeman 6'7" - SO Ali Ali 6'8" - SO Taylor Currie 6'8" - SO Center Aziz Bandaogo 7'0" - FR ________________________________________________________________ Some observations/thoughts... - I forgot about Trimble and Wynn. Trimble is eligible after sitting out last year when he transferred from St. John's. Is Wynn sitting out this year after transferring from Wake Forest? - We are big and physical at Guard, with speed/quickness between Clarke and LCJ. - Speaking of Clarke, I think he'll be a phenomenal backup PG, even as a freshman. - Our 2 guard is LOADED with Dawson, Tribble, and Trimble (Wynn, too, if he's eligible, and I don't know much about Edwards). We will be creating a lot of matchup-nightmares for opponents at Guard. - Forward is the unknown with this squad. I think Dailey is the obvious pick to step into the leadership role for not only this position group, but the team as a whole (along with LCJ). Marshall and Reece will have to play bigger than their height (we've seen that already with Reece). Currie could be the key. - Aziz, I think, will have an easy job this year: simply develop. We've seen how dangerous this team can be when they go "small" and athletic, so I don't think we'll need to rely on a true-freshman 7 footer for TOO much. Having him for 4 years could be awesome. ________________________________________________________________ I think the Depth Chart looks like this... PG - LCJ/Clarke/Tribble 2G - Tribble/Trimble/Dawson/Edwards/Toles SF - Dailey/Reece/Ali/Marshall/Freeman PF - Reece/Currie/Marshall C - Currie/Reece/Aziz * If Wynn is eligible, plug him into the middle of the 2G and SF slots.
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    The union gambled and lost. Say goodbye to $12,000 severance payments and free tuition for the kids. https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2020/09/18/university-akron-faculty-lose-arbitration-case-67-still-laid-off-union-aaup/5824384002/
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    That pretty much sums up the situation with Pear. Great guy.
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    I 100,000% support this statement.
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    Okay. 11+ years in this stadium. Can we get a camera angle that isn't on the moon? And on the 50? Is it that hard
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    Hey Zips Fans, I just did an inventory of old Zips stuff and I have dozens of items available for a nominal fee. A few bobbleheads- Frye, Joyce and Dru Hundreds of old team posters Zips basketball game day roster cards Media guides Gameday programs ( I miss the actual Gameday) Dozens of old pins, etc. trinkets that were giveaways. Just ask and I may have it. Thanks, Zips Win!
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    Seems like just keeping it close to the vest for the first game for whatever competitive advantage that may come from it. Lord knows we'll need it.
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    Hey, I'm just hoping we don't kick off to start both halves of a game this year.
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    Keep an eye on Sam Williams-Dixon 6-0 180... RB/WR-CB... Freshman at small school Loudonville... Class of 2024... Underdogs no more: Loudonville rallies for win over Centerburg in second round of playoffs "Freshman running back Sam Williams-Dixon ran for a game-high 236 yards on 27 carries, including TD runs of 15, 75 and 14 yards. Williams-Dixon has now gone over 200 yards on the ground in back-to-back games. "
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    This decision was very calculated. Calculated in the way that the conference leadership looked at all of the decisions other conferences made this year and supplied an answer to a very basic question, "How stupid can we make ourselves look?".
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    At this point, I will take sloppy basketball and love it. This is a good year to have the leagues MVP leading your team.
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