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  2. Hope to see lots of Zips fans in Pittsburgh on August 3rd when Memphis901FC visits the Riverhounds (https://www.memphis901fc.com/schedule-2019). Morgan Hackworth, Abdi Mohammed and Adam Najem should be among the visiting club's roster.
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  4. I think it is a NCAA rule Aug 1st
  5. It's not their fault. I've said for a long time, the farther south I go, the smarter I get.
  6. Looks like we/UMass BB will be playing a game at Akron. From our AD. Ryan Bamford‏Verified account @UMassADBamford FollowingFollowing @UMassADBamford Ryan Bamford Retweeted Curry Hicks Sage I’ll save you the suspense...at Akron, at Harvard and home vs Maine are other three for 13 total. Non-conf schedule with dates coming by week’s end. extra detail: #FightMassachusetts‏ @FightMA247 2h2 hours ago #FightMassachusetts Retweeted Ryan Bamford H+H with Akron was another set that came in conjunction with a football series. The gridiron games start this year as well with #UMass hosting. #Minutemen hoop should host Akron next season or the year after to complete that H+H
  7. We've offered another JUCO SG. Vincent Cole, 6-6, SG, University of South Carolina Salkehatchie. Also offered by Buffalo.
  8. No academic powerhouses so I guess we have a chance huh?
  9. He appears he has quire a few D1 offers and I'd say Akron is probably his best offer with either Sam Houston State or Louisiana Tech being the next best. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/kenneth-lofton-jr
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  11. new offer! Kenneth Lofton Jr! aka Kenny Lofton's son!!! unconfirmed! 6-6 PF 225# Port Arthur TX Port Arthur Memorial HS 2 Star recruit Gonna wear #7
  12. Not sure what you meant by you know why? He was redshirted at Wayne State, 3.6gpa, and will start this year. Respect your opinion, just vague. My family still loves  Akron.

    1. Zipmeister


      I can't seem to locate the part of my comment where it says I "know why."

  13. That was fun to watch. All the announcers talked about in the first inning was how he is not a dominant pitcher but still "hangs on" somehow. How he went to a public high school, didn't go to an academy like you're "suppose to". They never mentioned college. Then he preceded to shut down their team. They didn't say another word the rest of the game. ROFL!!
  14. I would love to see information on the last three years of Akron's personnel packages, and compare it to this years team. This is great information, I wish the same were available for college football. Anyone have an opinion on what personnel packages they think coach Arth will lean toward?
  15. 6 shutout innings yesterday
  16. Idk, but I think our recruiting may be about done till later in the year. For what it's worth, I no longer find anything on twitter about visits or upcoming decisions.
  17. Congratulations!!! ... Tormenta FC 2 wins 2nd Deep South Division Title 1-0 featuring Zips Tor Saunders, Daniel Strachan, and Chris Lue Young Post-Game Match Report: Starting Lineup: Tor Saunders, Daniel Strachan, Zeron Sewell, Jordan Skelton, Curtis Thorn, Kobe Perez, Craig McCall, Luca Mayr, Jordan Walshaw, JJ Donnelly, Adrian Billhardt Substitutions: 58’ - SCU - Keegan Burton for Maximiliano Rebollado-Camus 76’ - TRM2 - Fortia Munts for Jordan Walshaw 79’ - TRM2 - Christian Lue Young for Kobe Perez 81’ - TRM2 - James Meehan for JJ Donnelly 87’ - TRM2 - Adrian Lollar for Adrian Billhardt
  18. It's short notice but MLB.com is allowing free access to any game this weekend, and Chris is scheduled to start for the A's right now. The free weekend also includes On Demand, so you can catch it later.
  19. New offer. Jonathan Ned, 6-8, PF, Eastern Florida State College Also has an offer from UC Santa Barbara.
  20. I remember that tournament game against OSU where he was getting beat up and eventually got hurt. Still makes me mad.
  21. If he's the same guy who was on the Wayne State roster in 2017 I have an idea why he has been unable to link up with the Akron football staff.
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