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    Ding ding ding ding! Hit the nail on the head. KD found 2 big guys that contributed well - Zeke & Big Dog. He also had a system he could sell to them (by the way, we never made it to the NCAA Tourney with Big Dog). Groce has a system predicated around getting out and running, as well as off the ball movement in the half-court. It's not an easy sell to big guys whom are used to camping underneath the hoop and backing down their defenders. I think your timetable for the turnaround is completely unrealistic if you're only giving him two years. This program was left in worse condition than I think many of us realized when KD bolted. This roster is looking better and better with each off-season, though, and that's a positive. I know you have a Big Man fetish, but guard-dominated basketball wins not only in the MAC, but at the NCAA Tourney level as well. When's the last time we talked about a mid-major making a run with a big man leading the way? The majority, if not all of the "Cinderella" runs by mid-majors are led by guards. I'm looking at this roster, and thinking "Man, this has all the ingredients to be good." Xeyrius Williams & Sayles are your athletic front-court guys (assuming Sayles doesn't transfer). Riak is your big man. Then your backcourt & forwards (small forwards, traditionally) are all in the 6'2"-6'7" range, which is quite tall and not something we're used to (minus LCJ). This team is going to get out and run teams out of the gym, if they can execute the game plan properly and make their shots (that's the biggest factor). There are a few pieces I'm interested to see how they fit (Ali & Roscoe are the big 2), but otherwise I'm very intrigued. And can we quit railing on these 1-2 year transfers? Pro sports teams sign vets to 1 year contracts all the time to bring experience into the clubhouse/locker room. If they can play, even better. We have to stop the bleeding and rebuild the culture, though, and I have nothing against a couple 1-2 year players. Groce is at least even with the curve when it comes to the ever-changing & moving landscape of college basketball.
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    College athletics are in trouble in general regarding attendance. The SEC is even having troubles with student attendance. Millennials aren't going to carry the torch once it's officially passed on by the generations before them. Unless Duke, OSUcks, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, or any massive name like that comes to the JAR, you're going to need to use gimmicks and promotions to get them to show up. It is what it is right now. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy UMass coming to the JAR. Might even yell something about Calipari. 😎
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    Looks like we/UMass BB will be playing a game at Akron. From our AD. Ryan Bamford‏Verified account @UMassADBamford FollowingFollowing @UMassADBamford Ryan Bamford Retweeted Curry Hicks Sage I’ll save you the suspense...at Akron, at Harvard and home vs Maine are other three for 13 total. Non-conf schedule with dates coming by week’s end. extra detail: #FightMassachusetts‏ @FightMA247 2h2 hours ago #FightMassachusetts Retweeted Ryan Bamford H+H with Akron was another set that came in conjunction with a football series. The gridiron games start this year as well with #UMass hosting. #Minutemen hoop should host Akron next season or the year after to complete that H+H
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    Surprised (and pleased) to get the mail about my season ticket renewal and learn that the GA season ticket is still only $60. That's the best deal in town. I do, however, reserve the right to b!+ch like I have $600 seats.
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    I think if Tree didn't get himself into trouble he could have been the best Zip I've seen since getting to campus in 07
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    St. Bonaventure, Rhode Island, and St. Joe's are all bigger basketball brands than Akron, but none of them are big enough that I'd say we'd have no chance of beating out for a recruit. In fact, to improve in the college basketball landscape these are the type of programs we need to beat out in recruiting battles to move up.
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    If the value of a specific school's degree had any role in the mindset of 17 and 18 year old basketball recruits, the Ivy League would leapfrog the ACC, SEC and Big 10.
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    Scouting Jets UDFA Kyron Brown
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    I see Zeke is no longer a 7 footer!!! https://www.thenighthawks.ca/player2fiba?playerid=1174497
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    We were in those games in large part because Riak was the leader and anchor of a top 25 defense. He's also as I understand it set to be a senior with Reece and Sayles both being juniors. You're right that bigs take some time to develop that's why we need at least one this class that way they have a year to develop behind Reece and Sayles.
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    Welcome AkronAlumnus! Glad you are now on our board. I don't know who will be next season's starting five, but I do know Williams will be one of them. A member of the basketball staff told me in the spring that Williams was the best player on the team last season even though he could not play. he was described as head and shoulders better than anyone else. It's taking time, perhaps too much for some, but this team, and program, is coming together and will be better next season. Keep the posts coming.
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    Greetings, I am new to the site, I was wondering who you guys think will be in the starting lineup next season in addition, where do you think players like Toles and Williams will fit in since we have little to no in-game footage to truly evaluate their talent?
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    Did anyone else notice they are doing like football where you can exchange tickets for future games? Non-conference for non-conference and conference for conference. This will be good for us as we sometimes skip the weekday school night games and can now bring friends on the weekend.
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    More people tend to come to the JAR when the team is playing well. Formula: good product on the floor + a brand of basketball that fans find entertaining + decent visiting teams = butts in seats
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    No academic powerhouses so I guess we have a chance huh?
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    6 shutout innings yesterday
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    He has another son (step) that plays football, but unfortunately has not been able to link up with the football staff @akron. He is currently at New Mexico Military Institute and will start there next season playing safety. He too earned Arizona AIA, Class 5A All-Conference honors as a defensive back during senior season...recorded 33 tackles with three passes defended, one interception for 84 yards and one fumble recovery while helping team to 10-3 and Class 5A semifinal playoffs...also a state track qualifier as a junior in the 4x100 meter relay. After this year he would love the opportunity to play at Akron. http://www.hudl.com/v/2BFhtL
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    In the good old days, when they made tires in Akron, one good thing about the rubber workers occasional strikes was that it gave all the mayors of West Virginia towns an opportunity to go home and visit. Incredibly few D1 basketball programs can brag about the academic excellence of their institutions or their players with a straight face. (Really old story warning) As coach of one of the final four teams in the big dance, Al Mcquire was asked why he started Bill Neary instead of Bernard Toone. Al said, "Well, Bill is a straight A student in accounting and with him in the lineup it raises the accum of the starting 5 up to a D - ." Students at Marquette told me one either had to be a really good student or a really good basketball p[layer to be adnitted.
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    It’s the MAC. Going into the year 2020. You no longer need to play two 7 footers to win basketball games it’s not 1989. Size is still important but why not go after 6’6 - 6’9 athletic forwards who can rebound, space the floor, run and not clog up the lane. No team in the MAC is going to have 2 dominant bigs. We have guard play. If we can defend and protect the rim we’ll be fine.
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    Trimble has to sit a year. Tribble is immediately eligible. Confusing, I know! Lol
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    Hmmm. I would be very interested in seeing Northern Iowa join the MAC.
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    2019 roster is up 37 freshman, and unlike recent years, a picture for all
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    Too bad. He always looked good in a bikini.
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    6-8, 245, PF, Overland HS, Aurora, CO.
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    I paid $60 for a GA season ticket. It doesn't get cheaper than that. They do charge too much for single game tickets. A family finds the single game experience too expensive. I don't get the sense that season reserved seat sales are bad, but many people buy them and don't use them. My thought on cutting budgets is that they spend way too much money and efforts on sports that regularly are unsuccessful. They need to prioritize for programs that have been successful and that are less expensive to run, like basketball.
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    It's not their fault. I've said for a long time, the farther south I go, the smarter I get.
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    According to this we're going to be in the Global Sports Classic. It's a 5 team field, however, only 3 teams have been selected thus far (Akron, Louisville, and NC Central). https://www.bloggingthebracket.com/2018/10/24/18020280/2019-20-college-basketball-early-season-tournaments-events-mte-neutral-site-showcases-thanksgiving
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    Almost forgot to give a shout out to Akron alum and supporter Matt Kaulig for his first NASCAR win Friday night in Daytona. Not only did he win, his cars also finished second and third!! https://youtu.be/pGRtDRHabLQ
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    In today’s college basketball landscape that list is not impressive at all and with that being said we have a shot.
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    Another early commit with P5 offers 💪😎 Nine verbal commitments and counting...
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    That's what she oh forget it
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    Not conceding a damn thing. Just being rational enough to realize that no team duplicates the two of the best players in its history on a regular basis. KD recruited 2 of them in 16 years, yet we're to expect Groce to get them every year? The staff has a duty to turn over every rock and try to get every talented player that can help the team but the reality is that quality big men don't grow on trees.
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    We've offered another big Andre Screen, 6-11, 240, C, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA. (Did I mention him already? I'm too rushed to look.) Also has offers from St. Bonaventure, Mount St. Mary's, Howard, Bucknell, Lehigh, George Mason, LaSalle, Rhode Island, St. Joe's, Fairfield, Boston U., James Madison, Towson, and Columbia.
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    Agree with you here..Cheese or LCJ. Cheese finished the season strong and if LCJ can put it together on a more consistent basis, he could be that guy as well. Xeryius would be my sleeper to throw in.
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    Having not seen any of our newcomers play, I'm with you. Cheese is aggressive and has a knack for putting the ball in the bucket. LCJ is streaky, but when he's on he's one of the more difficult-to-guard players in the MAC. If Banks can regain confidence in his 3-point shot he's going to be a strong #3. Being a local product, I'm looking forward to watching LePear Toles. He's a very good all-around player. He just occasionally lacks self-confidence. But once he grows accustomed to the speed of the D-1 game, I think he's going to be a real asset. He can handle the ball & in high school was known for his 3-point stroke.
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    https://gozips.com/news/2019/6/28/mens-soccer-zips-in-the-pros-june-2019.aspx I have been too busy to keep up with Marcel and others. Glad to see that Marcel has played in 7 games Zip_ME87....I love the Teal and Joao photo
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    "Bigs" do tend to take more time to develop typically, so maybe grabbing a player with 2-4 years of experience already is the better move? Here's what I do know. We were in nearly every single game last year with only one guy above 6'9" (Sayles was hurt most of the season). Our losses came from not being able to score/make jump shots at a consistent rate. If there's a concerted effort to fix that, I'll be very happy and will worry about the "bigs" later on.
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    Sayles athletic front court guy? His first year he showed some flashes of being good but rarely showed any athleticism and last year he was very passive when he played before he got injured. I really hope his third year will be better and injury free but he is a big question mark. One person on this board has him as transferring which makes no sense this late in the process. I like your optimism and I hope that you are right but essentially this is the 3rd year under Groce with a substantially new roster. I would still like to know who will be our 13 scholarship players.
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    Oh good lord I forgot we have a Tribble and a Trimble
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    Welcome Alumnus!! I see Toles playing either shooting guard or wing depending on the line-up and opponent. Likely coming off the bench. And Williams is a natural wing. A very tall wing, who I expect to start and play some Stretch 4 as well. If I had to roll the ball out on the court right now I am starting LCJ, Banks, Cheese, Williams and Riak. Mostly because of their experience with the system and defensive rotations. But I think this is going to be a very competitive off-season and the maturation of these young guys is going to keep the line-up in play all season long. I see Reece, Tribble and Dawson especially pushing for playing time early on.
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    Groce doesn't want to play a game with a big man slowing things down. That's okay
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    I'm as lost as anybody, but K-lac was capable of fouling out of the game by the first TV time out. I do agree with your larger point however.
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    Sayles and McIntyre are still with the team. McIntyre is a walk on. Walters is also back as a walk on.
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    committed to Princeton
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