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    I think there is some truth to that...but it isn't black and white. You don't win the MAC East title, and beat Northwestern, with 85 guys that are sloughing off. But you probably don't go from a 2.4 to a 2.9 overall team GPA in one semester without some players being held accountable for their classwork, who weren't in the past. I think all you need to know regarding the buy-in of the incumbent players to the new staff is seen in the lack of transfers.
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    Had lunch with these guys last week.
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    College athletics are in trouble in general regarding attendance. The SEC is even having troubles with student attendance. Millennials aren't going to carry the torch once it's officially passed on by the generations before them. Unless Duke, OSUcks, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, or any massive name like that comes to the JAR, you're going to need to use gimmicks and promotions to get them to show up. It is what it is right now. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy UMass coming to the JAR. Might even yell something about Calipari. 😎
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    I found it interesting that Coach Arth bluntly noted that after he first met the team his expectations of them weren't terribly high, but how, over the course of the last handful of months, they've changed his mind. Can't help but wonder if that may be a reflection of the visibly low-bar for discipline (and possibly work ethic) set for the team by the previous staff? I also appreciated how Coach said he hopes his players all want to be part of "a team with an opportunity to transform a university."
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    Surprised (and pleased) to get the mail about my season ticket renewal and learn that the GA season ticket is still only $60. That's the best deal in town. I do, however, reserve the right to b!+ch like I have $600 seats.
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    I think if Tree didn't get himself into trouble he could have been the best Zip I've seen since getting to campus in 07
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    Thought this probably warranted a new thread.
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    one of the 4 co-captains is mentioned in this article https://www.ncaa.com/news/soccer-men/article/2019-08-15/11-ncaa-mens-soccer-players-watch-preseason-top-25
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    Hoping the new president has some game. Wilson shooting against the students was one of the few entertaining game breaks in recent years.
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    I wasn't sure where to put this, so feel free to move this where it's appropriate if necessary, admins. 2019 Varsity "A" Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Announced Andy Alleman Keith Dambrot Randy Ecrement James "Dru" Joyce Cadeau Kelley Stevi Large Gruber Latrese Taylor Sanders Romeo Travis They will be honored at the Homecoming Football Game against Can't State on Oct. 12th.
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    zips look ready !!!! Diego Pacheco also will have a new number this year (14 last year...7 this year) methinks that Pacheco is going to have a very big year😎 and College soccer news.....should have had #3 on their pre season all American Team😊
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    Baltimore Ravens sign offensive guard to fill out roster
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    Meaggan Pettipiece
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    Article written by David Moff? Is George off the Zips beat? Did the ABJ actually send a reporter to MAC media day?
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    Did anyone else notice they are doing like football where you can exchange tickets for future games? Non-conference for non-conference and conference for conference. This will be good for us as we sometimes skip the weekday school night games and can now bring friends on the weekend.
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    More people tend to come to the JAR when the team is playing well. Formula: good product on the floor + a brand of basketball that fans find entertaining + decent visiting teams = butts in seats
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    ABJ: University of Akron football staff looking to add versatility on defensive line for Zips
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    A native of Melbourne, Australia, Chick, a defender, is a member of the Australian U-18 National Team that will compete at the AAF U-18 Championships this month in Vietnam, before reporting to the Zips. He has garnered valuable playing experience with Melbourne City FC, Melbourne Victory and his state's U-15 team. The U-18 Socceroos (love that name) are 4-1 coming out of the group stage and could play through August 19th if they play for the Championship. The one loss --- Malaysia inflicted a 3-0 defeat on Australia in their penultimate group match to rise to the top of Group B in the AFF U18 Championship 2019 on Tuesday. (https://www.foxsportsasia.com/football/asian-football/1156960/aff-u18-championship-2019-defending-champs-malaysia-hammer-australia-3-0-hosts-vietnam-fail-to-capitalise/)
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    The recruiting class has been announced Welcome to all of the new soccer zips
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    ...The squad welcomed 15 newcomers to the fold as the Zips went through a 90-minute training session on the Shrank Practice Field. Akron is set to return seven starters in 2019, including 2018 All-Mid-American Conference performers, senior Skye Harter (Copley, Ohio), junior David Egbo (Enugu, Nigeria) and sophomores Carlo Ritaccio (Westbury, N.Y.) and Sam Tojaga (Erie, Pa.) from a squad that captured the MAC Tournament title en route to advancing to title match of the College Cup for the fourth time in program history on the strength of an overall record of 15-7-2. ... ...Four of the Zips' 2019 opponents are rated in the preseason top-25 led by No. 1 Maryland (Sept. 13), No. 5 Stanford (Sept. 2), No. 7 Michigan State (Oct. 15) and No. 23 West Virginia (Nov. 7). Akron will welcome Stanford and Michigan State to FirstEnergy Stadium on Sept. 2 and Oct. 15, respectively, while encountering road tilts at No. 1 Maryland (Sept. 13) and No. 23 West Virginia (Nov. 7). Additionally, the Zips will play at Creighton, who is receiving votes in the preseason poll, on Sept. 6, while hosting No. 24 Michigan in an exhibition tilt on Aug. 23....
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    From Warren's LinkedIn page. Note: Warren has a masters in sports studies from UA.
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    Texans impressed with rookie linebacker Jamal Davis
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    You'll Never Walk Alone!
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    You're welcome and thank you. It is pure pleasure for me to support this team. I wish I could do more for the program. I love getting to know all our players and wish the best for them in soccer, the classroom, and wherever life takes them. By the way, we know Michael Nanchoff is back as an assistant. I think Zips fans will be pleased when they see another former Zip helping out this Fall.
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    In limited fourth quarter playing time in his first preseason NFL game UGIII intercepted a two-point conversion pass, recorded three tackles with a sack and a half, getting four pressures. 🀯🀯🀯
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    I hate not winning the title as much as anyone, but it sure beats the alternative of being a non-contender.
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    https://unitedsoccercoaches.org/rankings/college-rankings/ncaa-di-men/ zips have not even announced their recruiting class yet...and the coaches select them #3 in the pre season rankings 2 coaches had the zips at #1 September 2nd - cub cadet field pre season #3 hosts pre season #5 Is anyone exicited about this matchup and this season? 😁
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    Yes πŸ₯‡. The silver medals are starting to pile up πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆπŸ₯ˆ
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    Another Zip in the NFL. I think the 49ers will be scouting us a little more now. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/warrenballjr_wowgod-youre-amazing-i-am-excited-to-activity-6563158415504482304-rfq5
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    Sources indicating UGIII to be traded to the Brownies for Duke Johnson.
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    I've enjoyed all the videos in this and the other thread so far. Much preferred to the 1-2 minute clips I remember from the past. Looking forward to getting my daily fix throughout camp!
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    And Can't State Still Sucks!
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    Keep in mind that Best Place To Watch College Soccer is not same criteria as Best Place To Play College Soccer.
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    I read somewhere that the Battle for the capital Tournament will afford each of the four participating teams two games at the home arena of the WNBA's Washington Mystics. Akron will play in the nightcap of the doubleheader on December 20 against the Tulane Green Wave. If the Zips win they will play the winner of Liberty/ Towson in the nightcap on Dec 21. If the Zips fall to the Green Wave they will play the loser of the Flames-Tigers matchup in the early game on the 21st.
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    2019 roster is up 37 freshman, and unlike recent years, a picture for all
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    Too bad. He always looked good in a bikini.
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    6-8, 245, PF, Overland HS, Aurora, CO.
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    I'm sure you have seen the post on GoZips.com, but Paulina Nogaj is competing at the World Swimming Championships in Korea this weekend for Poland. She is a great kid and obviously a great swimmer. Drove up to Cleveland State yesterday and saw Brook Lamoureaux, Andrea Fischer, Jackie Pash, Ellie Nebraska, Morgan Waggoner, Ally Whaton and Sarah Watson compete at the USA Swimming Speedos, competing for Firestone Akron Swim Team (or FAST!)...lots of hard work put in this off-season, it seems like. USA Swimming Futures meet is at SPIRE next weekend, don't know if we'll have any entries, but good to see the 6-time MAC Champs spending time in the pool. Also, lots of swimmers we see in the MAC from BG, Eastern, Toledo, Ohio, and a few from Miami.
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    I paid $60 for a GA season ticket. It doesn't get cheaper than that. They do charge too much for single game tickets. A family finds the single game experience too expensive. I don't get the sense that season reserved seat sales are bad, but many people buy them and don't use them. My thought on cutting budgets is that they spend way too much money and efforts on sports that regularly are unsuccessful. They need to prioritize for programs that have been successful and that are less expensive to run, like basketball.
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