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    Our old friend Kreed is right on point. The polling showed the citizens of Summit County didn't want to pay for a new arena and the issue died. I was really looking forward to the Ice Capades, Harlem Globetrotters, a circus that exploited animals, and monster trucks. The JAR is a dump but it's our dump. Sure I'd love another arena and wish some of the money put into the nearly always empty and decaying football behemoth had gone towards an arena or reworking the JAR, but those are worthless wishes. I think the JAR could be revamped into a more workable arena that would promote a better fan experience but that also requires money the university doesn't have.
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    Must we go through this evverrrrrrry time with a new coach? Anyone who thought this was going to be a smooth transition was wildly overly optimistic. I do agree that the discipline related errors are concerning but it's way too early to assess the staff. Rome wasn't built in a day. Hell, I was there last week and they're still not done.
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    UAB was also shut out in the 2nd half of that game. Paltry numbers for playing a bad 1-AA team. If we don't beat a lame team like this in our home opener, it's going to be a looooong season. -9.5? Take the Zips straight-up in this one.
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    Whew. This is bad. I want to give the staff the benefit of the doubt, but being uncompetitive against Central is unacceptable. Central should be, by far, the worst team in the MAC this year. Oh, and EMU went into Champaign and hung 34 on Illinois, with a walk-off FG win.
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    need to turn the sound all the way up, it’s hard to hear
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    Who'd have thought that at this juncture of the season the only Zip "football" team to win a game/match would be....the Women's soccer team?? Football 0-3, MSOC 0-5. This is not to equate the WSOC schedule, nor their play to the MSOC program, but at 2-5, they actually should be 3-4 and at least 2-4-1. They started the season with a lot of promising recruits, saw two Internationals get injured playing in Europe for their Clubs and not even making it to campus, and then losing 5 women to injuries...so far. Sunday vs. Eastern Kentucky saw some of their best play as they came out of the locker room after a timid display in the first period to dominate in the second and had the Colonels on their heels all afternoon, only to go to OT and lose on a golden goal...with 23 seconds remaining! UGHHHH! Anyway, the soccer s better than in past seasons so far, and there are a number of promising players like Bailee Bowers from Dublin Ohio, And two Irishwomen in Aislinn Meaney and Lucia Lobato, to join veterans Charlie Kale, Carly Pcholinsky, Annamarie Alfery, Ryley Watt and the ever-tough Ashley Amato to name just a few. They play Robert Morris (no Stanford, but still....) Thursday evening at First Energy and hey, all the games are free. FYI ; lots of the AK Rowdies at Pitt were from the WSOC....
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    Nick Hinds signed to a short term contract with the Seattle Sounders 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.
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    If anyone believes Zips were in a formation other than 4-1-4-1, let me know. It appeared to me that Zips put a little effort in disguising their formation. The back four listed here is my preferred back line. There is tremendous potential here to be a championship defense. But for that to happen, the outside backs must play better, and contribute more to the attack. I believe that is very likely. In summary, Zips did not handle the Cardinal high press well. Again. Stanford disguised when they were going to turn on the high press. I like the analogy to gridiron. Stanford is a blitzing team. But they are getting more sophisticated about it. The blitz is not always on. Sitting as close as I do, I could hear Cardinal players shouting what seemed to be code words for the high press. It does not bode well for any side in any match to give up 11 corner kicks. We now know the ratio. 11 ck = 1 g. Zips eclipsed that 11 corner kick mark several times last season without scoring. So, that must change as well. https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5d6ef8f6138c092e24ae2140
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    Congratulations to Drew on his promotion
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    The first question shows the sad state of affairs. Go Zips! I will be there early to cheer on my alma mater.
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    @kreed5120 don’t waste your time, Balsy has crossed over to the no common sense zone, can’t talk to him anymore
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    Thanks guys for the info and tips. Looking forward to the trip!
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    Unfortunately, I am now convinced this will be no more than a 1 or 2 win season for the ZIPS. If You can't show any better than the worst team int he MAC, U are not going to win any games except by good fortune. EMU beat Illinois. Think that tells the tale of how bad this program is at this point. I am out until a win!
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    No. Any and all comments made about Bowden and Arth in this thread were a logical progression of a conversation of feelings/observations/thoughts directly derived from the UAB game. I guess all the comments about recruiting and 247 need to move to the recruiting thread right? There's like 4 pages of 8 on this thread that have Bowden's name in it. To say this now is being preposterously pedantic.
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    Please take your misery somewhere else.
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    " ... They’re a pretty aggressive defense. When they’re bring pressure, they’re coming. They’re timing up blitzes. Their linebackers are hitting it on the run, so we have to do a good job of being ready for some of the pressures they’re going to bring.” I watched part of a practice this summer where Kato was using a deceptive snap count to counter the above. Maybe we'll see that play out today. 🧐
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    Thanks man. Agreed on both points. A quick breakdown of our team: - We have 2 QB transfers, Dormady from Tennessee and he just got hurt. Moore is from Memphis and he is a dual threat guy. Haven't seen much of him but he is better than anything we had last year, we assume. - Ward is our RB, he got injured too. However, we are deep at that position. - WR is a young group but we have a transfer fro, VaTech, Pimpleton, who is a stud. Poljan was our QB last year and is now our best TE. - OL was trash last year, improved this year. - DL is solid. - LB is very young, but decent. - Very strong at S, but weak at CB. I think many CMU fans are expecting a win because last year we kept it very close and our offense was inept. However, I don't follow Akron to know what the turnover was like from 2018 to 2019. We lost 2 CB's to the NFL. Should be a tight game. I do think we will win, but it really depends on how Moore performs.
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    Hi Captain, Put together a visitors guide a few years ago and have made some updates. This is a link to the hospitality group and tripadviser etc. Will be in lot 11 and a friend will have a WHITE UMass flag up. Stop by and visit, but be early as we'll leave for the Commonwealth Club* a bit early. *Need to update the map with the stadium improvements as the Commonwealth Club has been moved to the new plaza at the south end of the stadium. https://csnbbs.com/thread-818378.html
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    Adam Najem played the entire game in Afghanistan's 1-0 win over Bangladesh https://unb.com.bd/category/Sports/fifa-afc-qualifiers-bangladesh-lose-to-afghanistan/27928
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    He seems to be right on the upper fringe of what I'd call realistic (considering his rating). Only has offers to Cinci and Toledo at this point. We are the closest D1 school to him. Go for it!
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    The Blue Jays drew 2-2 at #6 UNC and lost 0-1 at #4 Wake Forest (https://gocreighton.com/schedule.aspx?path=msoc&). They will be looking to get their first win as will the Zips. Let's get it done in Omaha. Go Zips!!! Video link (I don't know if this is free): https://gocreighton.com/watch/?Live=1240&type=Live
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    I think some sort of pass rush would help our secondary most.
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    Jokes are never funny when they need to be explained. So I guess I just don't get it.
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    Its all about recruiting. We need to give Arth a chance to bring his recruits in. It usually takes 3-5 years to build a successful program. Why is OSU good every year? because they get the best recruits every year. Arth is known to be a good recruiter, born and raised in NE Ohio. Hopefully he can get some good talent from our area. We are going to have to be patient.
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    There is zero to be optimistic about this season. I must have missed it somewhere, but where is Alvin Davis? The hashtags are the lamest I have ever seen a football team use. #ourway and #heretodevelop There are some who continually spout their ignorant criticisms about Bowden's age and southern roots, but the Zips have taken several steps backwards. Larry William's should lose his job.
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    I turned the game off after the 85 yard touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter. I have heard of 2 deep safeties and one deep safety but having nobody deep. Our safety was 15 yards from the line of scrimmage looking at the quarter back while the receivers were completing passes behind him in the deep middle of the field. ( one touchdown pass was dropped) Did anybody else notice the separation between the receivers and the defensive back on the touchdown passes. No pass rush and a wide open deep middle of the field may not be a recipe for success. I thought the run defense was the highlight of the game. The linebackers made some nice plays. Our rushing game looked the same as last year. Pathetic. I thought when they put Kato under center on 4th and a foot they would have a quartback sneak. Kato is a good runner and could gain a half a yard. I was wrong. The extra point and missed field goal were not even close. I have never seen a five yard punt before. I was hoping for a better prepared team but this does look like a long season.
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    Because that's your negative personality.
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    I could be off base, but my understanding is that they lost a ton with that senior class. I *think* that senior class may have been the class who joined the program the first year it was announced back and was granted an extra year of eligibility because UAB wasn't playing any games that year. I believe there is a lack of experience for them this year and a lot of holes that need filled. Not saying they are going to have a regression to the mean for sure, but the facts and the result last week against a low tier FCS school seem to hint that. I'd bet they are closer to an Akron this year than last year's UAB team.
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    A new Zip arrives! Chris Bassitt's wife gave birth Wednesday evening! Chris misses a start, probably pushed back until Saturday, but for good reason. Congrats to the Bassitt family....
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    UGIII interview about making the team at the beginning of this video:
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    After one high school game, I am still very high on Ian Kipp from Mentor. One intangible that he has is that he is a winner. This is upon all of his physical and mental tools. I hope that Coach Arth is using his contacts to pursue this quarterback. He is the real deal.
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    We would just need the basketball team to lose to a D3 school, and we would have the Zips trifecta.
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    All they said on 1350 was they didn't make the trip. No word on reason why. Why can't we have nice things?!
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    Akron gets 1,100,000. Forecast calls for mostly cloudy, mid 70's, 8 mph winds out of the east, with a prime chance for an upset. 😜 My Fearless Forecast™ ... Akron runs the Philly Special.
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    Let's not forget the great Wil Trapp https://www.massivereport.com/2019/8/28/20836648/columbus-crew-wil-trapp-and-gyasi-zardes-usa-earn-national-team-call Trapp has been a mainstay on the National Team roster since rejoining the player pool in 2018 with 17 of his 19 caps coming in the last two years. Trapp was part of the January player camps in 2015 and 2016, making a single appearance in each, but was a key part of caretaker manager Dave Sarachan’s 2018 squad, making nine appearances, all but one as captain.
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    this has a good 3.5 minute video with coach Embick https://gozips.com/news/2019/8/29/mens-soccer-opens-65th-anniversary-campaign-at-xavier.aspx
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    Another look at that one... The winner...
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    True Freshman Ali Ali (2nd from right) certainly passes the eyeball test. He looks to be a legit 6'8".
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    Hmm. That must make me a democrat voter then.
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    D. Sands - 6 yards N. Stewart - 8 yards
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