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Game 2- Southern Mississippi


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Great matchup. Great game. Man, they were long and athletic. And threw some challenging defenses at Akron. Imagine the nonconference crowds we could get if more of the opponents were like that. 

Zips came out a little sluggish and didn’t look ready for what USM threw at them defensively. Again, a great test. 

I was concerned about the comeback there, but not as much as I usually am in those situations. A couple of the shots were rushed, but none of them were shots I’d be unhappy with any of those guys taking. It’s great to weather the storm like they did. 

And what a finish. Holy smokes. That was insane. Locked down on D and rebounded and great things happened. Had no doubt the Tribble 3 was going down. 

Go Zips!


(trap game Tuesday?)

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I like to see Nate Johnson shooting 15 foot jumpers off the dribble.  He gets great height on his jumper and fades away from the basket.  Very difficult to defend.  They tripple teams Freeman in the first half and he passed to the open wing but we could not hit a 3 pointer in the beginning of the game.  We did not score in the first 5 minutes.  Great game.  We follow this up with Heidelberg?  Rediculous!!!

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