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    This team needs a Tyler Cheese, someone other than LCJ with some grit and determination.
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    With a decade invested on ZipsNation and 7,800 posts, I choose to trust you. And if you aren't quite 100% certain of Brandon Bischoff's scholarship status, that is something I can live with. 😁 Thanks for all the content you bring to ZipsNation! I don't acknowledge it often enough!🦘🥇
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    I wish him luck & I’m also hoping this means we won’t be beat deep so often
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    Bubbas always wanna leave Akron. Why is that? 🤷‍♂️
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    Here you go. Excludes all players who are in the portal. You can trust what I post or not, up to you. The list is likely not 100% accurate, but its pretty close. Really its a group effort since there are some posters on here who know more than I do especially when it comes to walk-ons or players showing up after signing day. This list was started from scratch something like 3 seasons ago and there were some assumptions made. Zips Football Scholarship Chart.xlsx
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    Another Michigan State player! FYI - the same day we lose Boogie, we get a RB commit from a P5 transfer. Coincidence?
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    It's just one game, we'll be back!!
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    of the 10 new players, Josh Hangi, Paul Jones, Damon Williams, Nick Scott, Jason Shokalook, and Will Meyer were on campus in the fall. Dyson Clapier was supposed to arrive in the fall....but elected to spend time with Portland Timbers 2 in the fall. Akron is known for developing midfielders. It is very nice to get a midfielder from the Timbers academy. Sam Harter had previously been announced as a fall 2021 recruit. Always good to get a talented player in early and he will be available for whatever games are played in the spring. I am really excited to read about Tonny Temple, a transfer from NC State. Getting a former top 50 top drawer soccer recruit....is exciting.... I am looking forward to watching forward Jason Shokalook play for the zips in the spring. Tonny Temple and Jason Shokalook should be an exciting and dangerous pair up front. Embick on Temple – "Tonny is transferring to us after a year at NC state. We tried to get him coming out of high school and are excited he is coming to us now. A winger with pace and power, he is another player that is dangerous every time he has the ball in the final third. He can open up the game for us and makes our attack even more dangerous." was rated by TopDrawerSoccer.com as a four-star forward and the No. 17 forward in the nation as well as ranking No. 43 in the IMG Academy rankings. defender Nate Metsack is a new name to me....I will try to do a little research. finally, thank you to the Akron sports information department and the soccer coaches for sharing this information with the zips soccer fans..... Always exciting to read Coach Embick's comments.
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    Akron announces 10 new players for Spring, 2021, including freshmen and transfers. Noteworthy is that the list includes no international players. Perhaps showing the impact of the pandemic and perhaps fewer recruiting trip dollars.
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    I was busy so I couldn't watch, and I certainly have no interest watching the replay, so 640 WHLO is where I was yesterday. It sounds to me like Ali was getting it in that high post but was hesitant to put shots up. That's my biggest complaint of his so far, he's afraid to attack and shoot the mid range. Same goes for Dailey, he's fully capable of excelling in that role, why he doesn't try is beyond me. Rewind to the 2018 MAC tournament against them, Utomi was killing it in that high post mid range game before the collapse. Beating them isn't rocket science. And losing yesterday isn't the end of the world, we're not the first good team a bad EMU has beaten. Groce sounded like he was in 2018 on the post game, absolutely refused to make any excuses or dig for positives. I expect a couple of really good practices coming up. If one of those two stepped up to fill the Cheese/X role, this team has the potential to be lethal like last year's, with Trimble as a solid 3&D and eventually Aziz/Freeman as rim protectors. I won't make any excuses because I've definitely been disappointed so far this year, but I keep saying a full offseason would have this team on a different level for a reason. Time will tell, I'm feeling better than I did 2 years ago around this time, but certainly not as good as I was looking at the roster this past summer. Now time for a business trip to Dekalb. 1-0.
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    The prescience is strong in this one. Normally we'd be warming up against a directional Carolina and not a directional Michigan six games into the season, so I'm not trying to read too much into this one. It's always a grind against Murphy and EMU. It looks like the 2-3 zone took away our 3 ball. It worked quite well for them, their length bothered our guards, took away passing lanes, and it exposed our lack of size in the post. I suspect that's why we saw Currie somewhat early on. No offense to Freeman, he works really hard out there. Early on, I thought it looked like Dailey was starting to find his rhythm but they took him out of the game too. Sometimes you just don't have it and credit has to go to the EMU defense too, regardless, stinkers like this happen sometimes. I think this team has the potential to make noise in the MAC Tournament, it's just a matter of getting all 5 cylinders to fire together. It has been a very strange start to the season, as it has been for a lot of programs. I'm looking forward to the BG and Rockettes' games. If we get hammered in both of those games, then I'll be concerned. But I don't think that we will (especially not against toledo, because that "school" is a community college compared to Bowling Green).
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    Somebody has to step up and take the spot as the number 2 option. Last year, LCJ had Cheese and X while no one has stepped up this year.
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    This was a joke based on the speculation for Arslanian and the previous transfer of Walther.😆
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    I believe this young man was injured. Never got another chance to perform. I wish him luck,
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    LZlp, I could not have said it better. I am a detail oriented person and I referred to the chart many times during the signing process. I did not mean to criticize the status of a scholarship list, I only wanted to bring a possible question or error to your attention. I apologize if I offended you. I was amazed at how much detail was documented. However, I will continue to bring up what I see and believe are discrepancies and I plan to challenge, comment, correct, and agree with other comments. Zips supporter for life.
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    So Groce seems to think that the team that came into this game with only a win vs. Chicago St (0-9) gets all the credit. Proposing a new mascot:
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    Nice program. West Florida would’ve beat us last year
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    The team just doesn't have enough shooter's. Dailey, Wynn, Ali, and Tribble are all below average outside shooters. Trimble is very streaky. Teams are starting to pack the paint and dare Akron to shoot 3s. I hope more game reps will help some but I think this team has a fatal flaw. Would like to see a little more Clarke and more 1-3-1 to speed up the game. They have athlete's and need to figure out how to best use them.
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    I was on the fence re: moving on from Bowden. I think nepotism was his downfall though. He seems to be putting together a new/nice staff. Good luck to him.
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    Maybe he can become a Warhawkoutsider
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    Have they named a film room attendant yet?
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    This team on paper the deepest and most talented team of Groce's tenure. Unfortunately, the games aren't played on paper. This team is the high point of every MAC Team's schedule. Look at how EMU and NIU celebrated their wins, like they won the damn league championship and every team is going to give its best effort to knock off the reigning league champ. It took a while, but teams have started to figure out LCJ. They're not going to shut him down but teams are starting to body him when he drives, tighten up on him when he's on perimeter and focus their defensive rotations on stopping him. It's up to the coaches to figure out a way to counter what the other teams are doing and his teammates to step it up. Some of these kids need to realize this is when Groce starts settling into rotations and if they don't pretty soon start showing something they'll have a long season on the socially distanced chairs.
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    Apparently his son Rhett is going as well as a grad transfer, he was a QB at Arizona
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    Rich Rodriguez is officially the ULM OC.
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    It's two bad games. Deep breaths. This is still a team learning to play with each other after not having a real pre-season. They did just beat OU by a million a couple weeks ago, the potential is there
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    6-13 at the foul line, I must have jinxed them with the KD FT talk in another thread
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    This team is more talented top to bottom than most of the league and they've been mediocre outside of like 3 halves of MAC play. Unacceptable.
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    you mean a guy who will chest bump a ref if warranted?
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    Tyler had something those guys didn't. Almost a "get in my way at your own risk" attitude. Don't get me wrong, I liked those guys and wish we could "get the band back together" but Tyler had a drive and nastiness to him this team could really use right now.
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    Yeah... Groce ripped them all a new one since Saturday. The effort, energy, and overall movement is so much better than Saturday.
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    Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. I would bet the house UL-M will not have a better record than Akron this year. Not saying ours will be that good, but theirs will be pretty bad. 1 or 2 wins I'd guess.They went 0-10 this season. I would think Bubba subjecting himself and the final year or two to the start of another rebuild is something he would look back on and regret. Hopefully our staff can convince him to stay. Nothing wrong with seeing a process through. Just look at the Browns.
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    Dirk Nowitzki and Willis Reed? Don't know any Dirk's and Reed's from the Zips, so I guess you can have them.
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    With our old friend Dru as an assistant and recruiting director. Congrats to Patton on CSU working out for him. I don't think he'd have had that much opportunity or success with the Zips but I certainly appreciated his effort in Groce's first year.
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    Glad to see CSU is doing well this season. Maybe Dennis Gates can help turn the program into something that makes those Akron-CSU games worth watching.
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    was just going to post this is at 3pm. ugh, I wouldn't have known (well, i would have looked on ZipsNation at some point) had a work colleague mentioned the time. My philosophy is get the hell out of DeKalb as soon as possible. No haunted hotels.
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    1. I'm pretty sure the coach doesn't read Zipsnation. 2. How would you recommend the coach prevent Bubba from leaving (suggestion: tell him that here he is unique, but at ulm he won't be the only Bubba on the roster)? 3. What are you doing up so early?
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    Should be a good bounce back game!!
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    More Matt news for those interested- https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2021/01/08/oscar-winner-give-virtual-talk-akron-library/6582495002/
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    Bubba leaving would be a big blow, but I don't think it makes sense unless there is some strong loyalty to Bowden. At this point, the list of last year's contributors I'd be disappointed to see leave to another program: Randy Cochran, AJ Watts, Bryce Wilson, Janirr Wade, Bubba, entire starting OL, Dollard, Kelley-Powell, Corey Thomas Jr, MJ Horton, any TE, Qualls and Mathison. Those are players that I think losing hurts our team. Others are either too young/not enough playing time to make a judgment on or just aren't going to cut it. Scholarship numbers are important regardless, so we should be trying to limit attrition as much as possible so long as we aren't able to get up to the 85 limit.
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    Boogie is definitely one of our few transfers that could play at a program better than Akron. Not sure how many of the others will get a chance.
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    Good luck, Boogie! He's a grad transfer, so forever a Zip! I understand him wanting to go somewhere to get PT during his final season. Dollard was a revelation last year and is going to get the vast majority of the carries this season. Plus, with the incoming recruiting class we're loaded at WR. So his transferring makes sense.
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    KD should have been let go after the 2012-13 season.The loss to NW in the NIT proved he hit the celling.
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    Big Dog was 6-16 on FT's. I think he missed his last 6 or 8? It was criminal that we lost that game. Should have beat OSU by 15.
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    The free throw shooting was often atrocious, but now whenever I think back to it, the Ohio State NIT game in 2016 comes to mind. I just looked up the box score and threw up in my mouth. Akron 3pt: 9-42 (including 3-14 in Reggie's last game) Akron FT: 8-20 AND THE F****** GAME WENT TO OVERTIME!!!!!! 🤮 https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/matchup?gameId=400871464
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    Fellow Zips Fans, The season has only been concluded for a few weeks, but I just wanted put out there that I am already missing Akron football. Sure, record-wise the season could have been better, but I'm so excited about the future of the program. This year was tough with the Covid impacting our Zips experience (I was fortunate enough to attend ONE game). I can't wait for the next season opener, tailgating, the kids getting pictures with my cousin (Zippy) and even that crazy guy in the parking lot who dumps beer on himself when the team enters InfoCision...I hope he's back for another year. Anywho, thought I'd put all that out there...we are going to be partying once we wipe the floor w/ this virus and I look forward to seeing you all there. Go Zips! #ZipUp Skippy
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    AJ Milwee rumored to become Texas QB coach
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