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    LCJ thoroughly outplayed Jason Preston. I was thinking Preston would overtake LCJ as MACPOY this season. Looks like I was (happily) dead wrong. LCJ has mastered the game. If he were 6 feet tall he'd be an NBA player.
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    Congrats to Terry. I think he has a unique ability to rebuild programs so ULM may be a great fit for him. I always liked Terry. The one thing about him that stood out to me was that he genuinely wanted to be in Akron. Unfortunately another thing also stood out to me which was he could not make necessary changes in his staff that would have kept the program growing. Milwee was obviously out of his depth, but so were others. I supported releaving him of his duties as HC, but I'll always like the guy.
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    I'm a little bit of a Maishe Dailey homer out of a 2 minute encounter at the 2019 Ice Cream Social. While many of the kids hung out with each other and were a little shy, he went around the room extending his hand, introducing himself and welcoming people. He's just a nice personable kid. I also enjoyed watching him on the bench last season. While he couldn't play he was regularly in the mix of encouraging and cheering on his teammates. He's a kid ZipsNation can be proud of.
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    The 4-4 CMU Chippewas come to the JAR on New Year's Day after a MAC schedule change in place of the Zips trip to Canada. The Chipps lost their first three games to Illinois-Chicago, Florida International and powerhouse Flagler, then beat Western Illinois, Valparaiso and St. Francis (Illinois), before falling to WMU, then beating perennial powerhouse Olivet. After reading that lineup I will never again gripe about the Zips OOC schedule. The Chipps are led by 6'5" senior guard Travon Broadway Jr, a at 15 ppg. 6'6" junior guard Meikkel Murray leads rebounding at 6.6 rpg. They have scored an average of 82.9 ppg. their 127 point outburst against the mighty Comets of Olivet in their last game boosting that figure. The Chipps were picked dead last in the MAC Pre-season Poll.
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    The litmus test to determine how many marbles Terry has left will be if he hires that idiot as his OC. I continue to believe that Terry would still be Akron's coach if he had the balls to can the worlds' least imaginative human being.
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    I know UA has cut back significantly on communications staff, but it sure would be nice to get an official announcement of both the 2020 and 2021 Men's Soccer recruiting classes. WMU just identified their 2021 recruits via Twitter 2 days ago. Those who have committed to Zips Men's Soccer deserve to have their commitments in the spotlight and to be officially introduced to ZipsNation. Just another example of President Miller's unimpressive leadership. Communications and perception are always critical.
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    Holy hell that was fun. Hip Zip, I thought that same thing myself. One of the most complete 40 minutes I've seen by an Akron team EVER, and that says a ton considering the last 15 years. That's the best D LCJ has ever played, I don't know how he wasn't exhausted early with how hard he was playing. You could tell Preston was taken way out of his comfort zone. That's something a top ten Big Ten program couldn't do when they faced him. That's a testament to the coaching staff and conditioning program. So that's why Trimble was so highly anticipated! I don't know that I've ever seen a 6-6 by a Zip, few and far between at least if I have Ali Ali guarded Vander Plas so well, if you even contest him a bit he struggles to shoot, otherwise he could put it in from The Score Draft Room if he wanted to. And Ali made him work to the point that he had no legs down the stretch. That was huge. I don't know what Wynn is good at yet. I thought his minutes were pretty poor today, I would have preferred Marshall for defense and hustle instead, but hopefully he comes around. Dailey is starting to play more like X, obviously he'll probably never be as good, but they've got similar bodies and capabilities so I'd like to see him fill that role. Overall, I loved every second of that and thankfully we have a few days to savor and enjoy it! That truly was a spectacular performance. However, moving forward I'm still somewhat skeptical as to how good this team will be against everyone in this league. What will happen when the 3 doesn't fall? What happens when you go up against a bigger and more physical team like Kent? What happens if these turnovers are committed against Buffalo?? This could be another special season, the potential is there, now as coach Groce likes to say, EXECUTE!!!!! Stay strong Zips fans, the JAR would've been a lot of fun today, even though we can't be there keep supporting the Zips!! Hopefully we have the opportunity to see these boys do something special in person in the Spring. Cheers, Happy Holidays!
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    You must really be in the know....to say that several of the 2021 soccer recruits will enroll next month. Several....to me....means 3 or more. To my knowledge, there are only two 2021 recruits that we know about.....Sam Harter and Wan Kuzri Wan Kamal. Top Drawer Soccer also only knows of those 2 recruits. I agree with Zip_ME87 comment above....about building the interest of the "casual" fan. We have seen the attendance for zip soccer home games decline over the past 5 to 7 years. Announcements about the players....and why they chose Akron....should build interest in the program. If you are correct that the lack of an announcement is due to the soccer coaches, I do not agree with the decision.
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    As much as we may dislike some of our MAC rivals, when they succeed in post-season play is is good for the MAC and its member schools.
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    Interesting. I don't get the point of keeping them "under wraps" once letters of intent are signed. I would think there really isn't much secrecy within coaching circles. [Not applicable to Wyatt Webb's days ... but less so now with social media.] Seems like the student athletes should be introduced to the fans and vice versa...helps build the interest of the "casual" fan. I miss the old "meet the team events". I know that won't happen with COVID ongoing, but I'd love to see them come back when we get beyond this pandemic.
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    Merry Christmas to all on this board, to those who agree with me and those who make me think with different views. This an enjoyable place to go when you are just looking for Zip information or entertainment. In a year that has made us try to find the best version of ourselves just to get through I am grateful for this board. Thanks to the intrepid group that brought ZNO to life. Be well and Go Zips! The best is yet to come.
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    Did he actually attend and watch the movies? Or at least do a little research on them? 🙄
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    I'm perplexed by the Currie thing. He was a P5 recruit. I realize that didn't work out but he averaged over 24 ppg and 10 rpg in a good juco program. I have to wonder whether there's not something else up there.
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    AMEN !!!!!! the 2020 soccer recruits that came to Akron in August 2020.......should have had their accomplishments listed ......4 to 5 months ago. I always enjoy reading Coach Embick's comments about each player. The Athletic department ....under the leadership of Williams and Van Horne....must be too busy celebrating their 1 gridiron win in the last 18 games. The communications dept....was able to do a news release last week on the seventeen 2021 gridiron signees but soccer fans have not seen a 2020 recruiting official announcement for Jason Shokalook, Damon Williams, Paul Jones, Nick Scott , Josue (Josh) Hangi, ...and possibly our starting goal keeper in the spring...Transfer Will Meyer These are top notch players.....they deserve recognition from the sports information department (communications) If I am a potential recruit, I would want to be recognized and celebrated......as I begin my college career. To add to Zip_ME87's point about WMU, our MAC foe added 10 new players for fall 2020....they did 3 separate press releases celebrating these signings...5 were announced on 1/13/20 ; 3 were announced on 4/13/20 and 2 were published on their soccer web site on 5/18/20. WMU does 3 press releases on their freshman recruits soccer for 2020.....Akron does 0.......????? I realize that the zips athletics communications used to be larger...but I am sure that WMU also had cuts in their athletic dept. zips soccer fans deserve better from the leadership of Palchick, Williams and Van Horne ATHLETICS COMMUNICATIONS Sean Palchick Associate Director (Football, WBB, M/W Soccer, Track and Field/XC, Lacrosse, Softball)(330) 972-2677spalchick@uakron.edu Brian Dennison Assistant Director (Football, MBB, Golf, Baseball, Swimming, Volleyball)(330) 972-6292bld2@uakron.edu
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    Can we improve the discourse on this board by eliminating the low brow comments about the teams choice of uniform. This was a sincere attempt to acknowledge the loss of coach Robby Pridgen's mother.
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    Good. Maybe some of the people still clinging to him can follow him to Louisiana
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    It's his brother. This is Wan Kuzri, that was Wan Kuzain. Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal plays for Sporting KC.
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    Are you sure our MAC POY won't be back next year?
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    I wish AJ luck. I would guess he learned some things being on Nick Saban's staff for two years. He's young enough to progress. Hell, if Rob Ryan, Greg Williams and Adam Gase can continually get jobs in football, why not AJ!?!? I'll tune into a game next year to see what he has learned.
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    So he’s working his way through the FBS programs alphabetically?
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    Let's get Arkansas State on the schedule ASAP.
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    The fault could be on the coaching staff rather than the sports communications staff. The university has posted announcements not only for football but also most other teams. I know they have announced 2021 signings for men and women’s basketball, volleyball, women’s soccer, softball, lacrosse, and swimming/diving. I believe several of the 2021 soccer recruits will enroll next month. Given that the university has found the time to put out publicity for most of the teams, I doubt they would fail to do so for men’s soccer if they had the information and the coaches permission to send it out. I think I remember Wyatt Webb wanted to keep recruits “under wraps” until forced to reveal them.
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    I just took a look and GT has written at least a couple of movie reviews since Ashley Bastock came along. Hmmmmmmm...
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    Maybe Ashley Bastock can win the hearts of ZipsNation and ask the coach?
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    My guess is defense. I think you have to play defense to play for Groce and maybe he isn’t quick enough on the defensive end to earn time now. Big guys need to be able to cover their guys, help when guards drive in and switch onto a guard occasionally.
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    He is probably the highest paid graduate assistant.....courtesy of the University of Akron
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    Didn't listen to the presser, but I'm guessing the proper way to wear a covid mask did not come up.
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    Not if they are planning to win games.
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    The magenta/pink/vomit colored shirt with the white pants and white belt a few days before Christmas just didn't do it for me.
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    Exactly Zippy. I won't guess as to what their record will be as I am not familiar with the program, but on whether he'd be hired at 65 I was just plain damn wrong!
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    I guess this is the response we should have expected from the, "nobody wants him" crowd completely willing to overlook the absolutely stupid decision to fire him with 2 years left on his contract. Still waiting from that MAC East title and first bowl win from Arth.
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    I wouldn't sell him short on his 3-point shooting. I think he'll have some memorable long-range days this season, as long as COVID doesn't curtail things. X was a comparatively better rebounder for sure, but he's also a couple inches taller.
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    Even the BJ can't keep them straight - third photo down identifies Greg "Trimble"
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    Groce quote from the Beacon article, which is consistent with what the staff has been saying about Trimble- "There were days, especially last year, where if you would come in here and watch us practice, he would get on one of those tears," Groce said. "And he's an elite-level shot maker. It was only a matter of time."
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    I like how you worded that, "more diverse offensive threat." Last Tuesday he was visibly getting down on himself for missing all those 3s, fast forward to last Saturday and he took it inside and took some turnaround mid rangers. Today he displayed his slashing abilities a bit. In addition, he buried a couple of good decision 3s to keep the D guessing. Those are the things I like to see!
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    I think today is proof that, if that St. Bonnie game weren't at the cavernous empty Fieldhouse (or if it weren't our first game post COVID issue), we'd be undefeated. I missed the game (honestly forgot about it). We obviously shot well, but were the shots contested, uncontested, flukes, the real deal? How was the defense? What's the story with Currie? How did Clarke look in his limited time? What did Freeman do well to get 8 boards?
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    I'm about 90% positive Harris was a scholarship player brought in with the staff's first class. He didn't play at all last season due to injury and barely made any appearances on the field this year. Good luck to him. Looking forward to seeing how the staff can use his scholarship to improve the team. This is the type of player where its probably best for both sides to move on.
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    There will be plenty for the coaching staff to point to when they go over the film, but the Zips took a giant step forward today. The hot shooting is always great to see, but I really liked the increase in hustle and energy. It was also nice to see Currie on the court even though it was at the very end.
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    I see more hustle from Akron. They are swarming to loose balls.
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    Wan Kuzain (brother of the newest recruit...Wan Kuzri)...committed for 2017...but he never came... He instead decided for the Sporting KC USL team Wan Kuzain eventually advanced to the MLS team but did not play much. Sporting KC released the older brother after the 2020 season
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    No Fans at Games = Nut Kick Emoji 2pm Game Time During Work = Nut Kick Emoji ESPN+ (subscription required) = Nut Kick Emoji The trifecta.
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    This guy should have at least been given a chance to take the program into D1. Would he have been better than Faust? Who knows. But he ran the last consistently winning program at Akron.
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    I wish Coach would just go for it on 4th down every time.
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    Why should Bowden do that? Contracts are contracts. If you're UA you ride with Bowden until his contract is up like Kent did with their previous coach. It certainly doesn't help you to fire that guy and go to worse.
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