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    I'm dusting off an old thread based on quotes on other threads and my observations of Jimond this year. I have come to senior days of many seasons and stood to cheer the players I thought represented my alma mater in an exemplary manner. I won't cheer any player louder than Jimond. From that awkward out of control freshman to being a senior leader, Jimond has given 100% every minute he has been on the floor. He stuck with UA when KD left and others bailed. Last year, I watched him try to counsel and temper Virshon. This year, I have watched him taking younger players under his wing and offer them advice or words of encouragement. His impact on the team has gone far beyond his basketball talents. He has done the Zips proud. Good luck Jimond in wherever life leads you.
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    On Thursday December 20th, new Zips Head Football Coach Tom Arth was kind enough to allow me a 30 minute interview. While I would have loved to garnered details such as recruit names and a detailed list of staff candidates, unfortunately neither was possible. Trust me, I tried. Until things are official, and contracts are signed, we all simply need to put the puzzle pieces together ourselves from Twitter and other similar sources. That said, I though he provided some great insight into his personal life, his football mindset and the DNA that will make up Akron Zips Football in the Arth Era. I hope you enjoy it. Note to Dr. Z: Regarding photography at scrimmages - Coach Arth was quoted as saying “Still photography is great.” Unlike the Bowden scrimmages, where only the initial 15 minutes of warm ups were open to photography, you should now be able to take plenty of action shots. Hope Santa got you a sweet new sports lens for Christmas this year! Coach Arth Q & A
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    I haven't noticed anyone posting a greeting for this Christmas so I thought I'd send ya'll these best wishes for a blessed and joyful Christmas, even though I'm late. My first, and maybe best, present came when Zip_ME87 confirmed Jared was staying put. Other presents scattered around our Zip tree are the growth of Men's basketball, the turnaround of women's basketball, the high hopes we have with a new football staff, the excitement of baseball returning under coach Sabo, the fire Christy Mitchell seems to be bringing to our fledging LaCrosse team and the continued excellence of Track and Swimming & Diving. That's a lot to be grateful for. But I'm also grateful for the informative news and discussions that are presented on this board. I can even say I appreciate the occasional idiot because he/she makes me value the vast majority of posters who actually make sense with their opinions. To the mods who make ZNO possible.... Thanks!
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    I can confirm, per a very reliable source, that Coach Embick is staying at Akron. With that said, the University and its Athletic Department continue to face financial issues. I believe that we, who love Zips Men's Soccer, need to find ways to help support our beloved program to keep it strong. I'm asking as someone who dearly loves UA and our Men's Soccer team. I love so much seeing DeAndre, Wil, and Darlington suit up in the red, white, and blue and hearing Akron mentioned when they take the field. I look forward to others who may yet take that step one day. The same for all of our players in the English Premier League, MLS, and USL. I can't imagine losing that. Getting the word out for more folks to buy season tickets, I'm sure, would be a help. The success of the program and the recent run of articles in the Beacon Journal (ohio.com) should help convince other soccer fans that our program is worth their investment. I think we'll need to go beyond that, though, and try to rally our fan base and alumni to help raise additional funds. One way I know offhand that folks can help is through giving to the Goal Club or Friends of Men's Soccer, regardless of the amount. If anyone has experience leading fundraisers, I'd be willing to help. Please PM me.
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    I've never seen so much angst over a "player" who never played a minute for the Zips, and another who was 0.001% away from being a walk-on. Jimmond Ivey is playing some great basketball right now, if anyone'd noticed.
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    I have heard from a reliable source - a future Akron Zip, Jared is set to stay. There was some Louisville talks at one point, but the only coach I've ever seen coach Akron looks to be staying. Great news!
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    Looks like the WR coach will be Kevin Koger, according to his twitter Here is his bio from EKU
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    I've attached my best guess at an updated scholarship chart. Couple notes: I included Boogie Knight, Muldowney, and Bischoff as scholarship players even though there isn't a record of them having one. Just my assumption based on getting actual playing time last year. I also removed Denzel Butler, Mark Ellis, Chuck Turfe, and Vince Lockett...players who you would believe are on scholly and have eligibility left based on the 2018 roster, but do not appear on the 2019 spring roster. Based on all of that, it looks like there are 23 schollies available for 2019. As always, if anyone knows of a player's situation better than I do in regards to them being on scholly or with the program, please let me know and I'll update. Trying to make this as accurate as possible. Zips Football Scholarship Chart.xlsx
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    Will respectfully disagree. I have been to too many Hoban games to see that he is anything but exceptional in his play calling. But I will admit that if you use Milwee as a baseline for performance Tyrell is way off the charts. Thank God there is a new play caller on the way whoever he is. Our suffering is about to end. Anything is better than what we have experienced.
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    I took the afternoon off work today and was able to meet with coach Arth. I’ll have a story posted sometime this weekend. On the topic of the existing recruits he said he didn’t want to pressure them to commit to a coach and staff that they’d never even met. And likewise he didn’t want to extend an offer to a student athlete that he’d never met. Zips fans will need to wait for the February signing date to see the 2019 class. It’s just the way it has to be. The new early signing period is really unfair to anyone involved with a coaching change. Whether your coach is fired, or he leaves on his own for a better opportunity. I can say he’s an extremely nice guy. Very gracious and a good listener. I was a big proponent of Luke Getsy being hired, and a lot of the positives I liked in Luke are also in Tom Arth. I think we hired a good one.
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    I really don't like singling out players, but I think the Zips offensive woes can be atrributed largely to Utomi. I am not sure that I have ever been so let down by a player playing so passively. Utomi is an athletic freak and can shoot the lights out, but a large majority of the game I forget that he is on the floor. I just looked it up and he is shooting 20-60(33%) and 11-39(28%) from 3 during MAC play. That is depressing coming from a guy who is as talented as any player in our conference.
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    New scholarship grid, enjoy. Go Zips!!
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    I hope your man enough to come clean & quit bitching if your wrong, your negativity has to be depressing
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    We tightened up with 5 minutes left in the 2nd half. Guys were trying to do too much offensively instead of moving the ball around and taking what the defense gave us. We fell apart defensively in the 2nd half.
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    Both Clark & Morris changed profile pic to this pic. Think it means anything? Are they telling us something?
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    Just a reminder to ZipsNation to please keep Diogo Pacheco in your thoughts and prayers. He will be undergoing his radiation treatments while back in Portugal before returning to UA this month. I hope all goes well.
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    Steve's suggestion would never work. It makes too much sense. But I applaud him for thinking creatively and coming up with a novel solution. Wish I was smart enough to think of it.
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    With 2018 coming to a close, a little reflection: Mid-season TDS Top 100 Freshman (4): Carlo Ritaccio (#13), Pol Hernandez (#32), Colin Biros (#60), and Marco Milanese (#68). PostSeason TDS Top 100 Freshman (5): Carlo Ritaccio (#1), Colin Biros (#15), Sam Tojaga (#47), Marco Milanese (#73), and Pol Hernandez (#94). Mid-season TDS Top 100 (2): David Egbo (#75), Abdi Mohamed (#79) Post Season TDS Top 100 (3): Abdi Mohamed (#26), David Egbo (#32), and Marcel Zajac (#87) MAC Tourney MVP: Marcel Zajac MAC Tourney All-Tournament Team: Marcel Zajac, Abdi Mohammed, Ezana Kahsay, Carlo Ritaccio Defensive Most Outstanding Player of the College Cup: Ben Lundt College Cup All-Tournament Squad: Marcel Zajac, Abdi Mohamed, Ben Lundt MAC Regular Season (#4): 1-2-1 MAC Tourney Champions (#1): 3-0 (2-1 SIUE [H], 3-1 WVU [A], 3-0 WMU [N]) Regular Season: 7-6-2; 1-2-1 MAC Tourney: 3-0 (1 home) NCAA Tourney: 5-1 (1 home, 3 road, 2 neutral) Overall: 15-7-2 From 1-3-1 to National Runners Up at 15-7-2 Many more accolades and stories I didn't include. WOW, what a season!!! Thanks Zips Men's Soccer. Looking forward to 2019! https://gozips.com/news/2018/12/10/mens-soccer-zips-come-up-short-of-title-aspirations-as-maryland-edges-akron-1-0.aspx?path=msoc The 2018 University of Akron men's soccer team provided an amazing story of perseverance and determination that will long be remembered not for a 1-0 setback to Maryland in the title match of the College Cup on Sunday, Dec. 9, but for a group of 30 student-athletes that came together as one and lifted each other to the pinnacle of their sport while representing their team and school with dignity and class.
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    I feel in general a lot of the good media exposure Arth has received is do to the fact that he's a likable character who from his time at Saint Ignatius and John Carroll has an established relationship with many of these columnists and pundits. I kind of expected the hire to cause more scrutiny, but it really hasn't. We've talked on this board for years about wanting to get the community invested into the Zips program. Arth has come in and appears to have the support of the local media and has emphasized the need to recruit Ohio. If he's not successful in bringing Joe Akron out to games, I'm not sure we'll ever see it happen.
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    The fact that you are against Arths' hiring makes me feel confident it was the right choice.
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    Zips voice, many excellent thoughts I was typing a reply.....at the same time that Zip_ME87 was typing a reply. I have very similar comments. The situation for Akron soccer is much, much larger than Jared's compensation. I have seen articles that Lolla at Louisville made $330,000 this year and would make $350,000 in 2019 (if he had stayed). Suffice it to say, Jared's compensation is not near that high level. I have never spoken with Coach Embick but I know that his concern would be for a budget 1)that allows him to retain his high quality assistants....Ger is considered to be a great goalkeeper coach....; TJ, Ger had to do yeoman work with Jared late in the year as they were one coach down ; Funds need to be good to bring in another top notch assistant 2) a budget that allows Jared, Ger, TJ and others to travel to Portugal, Spain, Italy and all parts of the US to evaluate student athletes that will be the best fit for zips soccer ; 3) support for the student athlete...that help them perform well in school and on the field.... A) a few years ago...might have been 2015,the Beacon had an article about the cost of freezing cold ice baths....and how often that the team could afford to do that...I know that there is a technical term for the freezing baths but it helps the players recover quicker. I remember from the article...that Victor Souto was the first brave zip to get into the freeze bath.....If those are still the best mechanism to help athletes recover, boosters need to help donate money to have funds for that. B. ) Sports now are mental as well as physical...are funds available to the soccer program for sports psychologists?...again, I have no knowledge if this is something available for zips football, zips basketball, etc. C) Zip_me87...mentioned funds for travel.....travel needs to be set up to allow the student athlete to miss the least amount of school....and be the most rested for the road games....D) Nutrition An immediate concern of mine.....is whether the zip soccer team will be able to take a foreign trip in 2019. The team can take one every 4 years. The 2014 team lost in the round of 64 in the NCAA tourney. That team went to Brazil in 2015 and that team lost on PK's in the college cup in 2015. The players from that team talk about that trip as something that gave them the confidence to have a great year in 2015. This 2018 team was so close to winning it all. A foreign trip would give Carlo, David , Marcel, Skye, Colin, Sam , etal a chance to become even better. The athletic department and Coach Embick and his staff can't accomplish what they want to...without the help of alumni and donors. I, like many of us on this board, like to write. I would be happy to be involved in trying to increase the amount of funds available for our beloved soccer program.
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    Thank you, Jared Embick for choosing to see the very best in us. We are eternally thankful for your faithfulness. It is now time for UA AD to respond in kind. Akron Soccer must be afforded ALL the Resources and Support commensurate with a perennially elite program. We should not envy any other programs for anything. Larry Williams, recognize the best card in your hand, and play it accordingly. Louisville is unlikely to come for our Basketball coach, or our Football coach. But Louisville evidently really likes our Soccer coaches. There is a message there, Larry. Be smart enough to see it. Invest In Excellence!
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    Keith Dambrot was hired as the head basketball coach at Duquesne in MARCH OF 2017. He is now well into his second season there. I assume he is enjoying the greater opportunity to participate in the NCAA tourney in the A10. He was a hometown boy who did good things for UA and made us proud of our Zips, but he left us for what he perceived to be greener pastures. He had some negatives, but overall, the goods far outweighed the bads. I guess I'll be curious as to how he does, but no more so than I am curious in what PCCC, OSU or CSU does. Quite simply, he's moved on so so have I. Groce has been places, under similar circumstances, that KD has never been. Am I convinced that he's the end all be all, no, but it's still a work in progress and the program sure as hell could have done worse that a guy with his resume. In any event, he's the captain of the Zip ship> The KD ship passed long ago so it's way overdue for us all to just move on.
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    I purchased my first-ever soccer season ticket just yesterday
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    You aren't the only one. It is an unfortunate coincidence. I have no doubt the basketball staff is seeing and thinking everything we are. (We weren't so sure with football and Milwee.) The coach can't make the ball go thru the basket. My guess is that they are trying to compensate for the problems on the offensive end by focusing on defense and trying to keep the score low. That's not working either. Im sure the coaches can't keep on telling the players not to take 3s and think the players will keep confidence in their stroke.
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    ^^Fully agree. Watching him develop mentally and emotionally into one of the best leaders I’ve seen in a long time has been a joy.
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    If you haven't already, wait until you see this kid play! I am very high on him. He could play D1 in ANY sport he chose, he is a stud athlete. I am so glad he chose to play soccer, and to play here.
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    I really don’t want an apology. Just tired of the negativity. I know we all have different opinions but it doesn’t seem to matter the situation he can put a negative spin on it. I guess what I’m saying is agree with it or not my Alma Mater chose to fire Bowden & hire Arth. I’m supporting the Zips. Go Zips
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    Thank you. I was about to make the exact same comment after reading much of this thread Let cooler heads prevail. Sometimes kids get lost in the heat of the moment. In my experience, no side is completely innocent in this kind of situation. Kids got heated at practice. Life happens. The most important thing is that they have someone there to help them learn from their mistakes. That's how young people grow into adults (ideally, although not always) haha. There's a lot of basketball left to play. Hopefully Jimond's play becomes contagious and they can keep building some momentum into tournament play.
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    Diogo Pacheco is back in Akron.
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    I don't think your thoughts are correct. There was never any hope that he would get new commits prior to December 31st. And he stated he would not pressure any incumbent recruits/commits to sign. It would have been a low-rent move to have a handshake agreement that he become the head coach, but wait to officially sign him until January 1st. And I'm sure there would have been some sort of lawsuit if we'd have tried it. Who cares about the $350,000? It is chump change in the world of D-1 athletics. The Nebraska game that we didn't play footed the bill, with $300,000 left over. The South Carolina game paid for Bowden's buyout, with $600,000 left over. Notre Dame paid Charlie Weis $19,000,000 not to coach the Irish. Kansas then paid him $5,650,000 to not coach the Jawhawks
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    There is no way I want to see K-Lac on the floor outside of garbage time. I feel people are using revisionist history in an attempt to find a solution to a problem. K-Lac played in 30 games last season and scored more than 4 points a whopping 1 time while shooting .492 from the field. Meanwhile, he's a turnover machine who averages a foul every 4 minutes on the floor and is slow on rotating in defense. Do you guys not remember how terrible our defense was last season when he was anchoring the middle? Personally, I feel our best option at C at the moment is Riak. I'd take him over K-Lac at both ends of the court. K-Lac might be a marginally better post scorer over Riak, but K-Lac commits way too many offensive fouls. On the defensive side Riak is a stud. Sayles IMO isn't far behind Riak. He's a slightly better offensive player, but not the defender Riak is.
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    his head coach at forge FC....is one of the co-founders of sigma FC (where he developed his game) The Canadian premier league will make its debut in 2019 Bobby Smyrniotis is a Canadian former soccer player, currently the head coach of Forge FC of the Canadian Premier League. Smyrniotis is the co-founder of the Sigma FC soccer academy based in Mississauga. College career Smyrniotis played for the College of Charleston and York University.[2] Coaching career In 2003 and 2004, Smyrniotis was a coach in the academy system of Olympiacos F.C.. He co-founded Sigma FC, and was the team's head coach from 2005 to 2018.[3] On October 1, 2018 Forge FC of the Canadian Premier League announced Smyrniotis would be the club's first head coach and technical director.[4]
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    If there's a kid in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, or Youngstown/Warren that has a P5 scholarship offer, we should be offering him a scholarship as well, even if we have no realistic shot. And if they have even a single G5 offer, we should be scouting them at the very least.
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    Big Dog never went to the NCAA tourney. Our ability to finish around the rim absolutely needs to improve, but guards run March. Groce's guard-heavy teams at OU beat us twice in the MAC Championship Game, and had success in the NCAA tourney.
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    Awesome to see and talk with our NCAA and 2x MLS Cup Champion Darlington Nagbe at the Zips Men's Basketball game today.
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    Personally, I'm skipping the game because I'd just rather stay home and watch the Browns game. If I lived 10-15 min away I'd probably go to the game then make it home before kickoff, but I don't. I have season tickets and will probably make it out to a dozen games. I feel I'm doing my part.
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    1. Jared Embick is still the men's soccer coach at The University of Akron. Thank you Jared for a fantastic 2018 and all that you, your staff and players do. 2. Ken Lolla headed to Louisville for many reasons, among them the idea that he didn't think he could win a national championship at Akron. Ken still doesn't have his championship and I wish him well in his future endeavors. 3. Appears to be a nice hire by the Cards. Good luck to Coach Hayden - wouldn't mind seeing them on a future schedule. I appreciate that they hired from within a la Embick.
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    I will be coming with my two sons!
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    https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2018/12/27/louisville-soccer-vince-tyra-new-head-coach/2424852002/ ...Fresh from a second-place finish in the NCAA’s College Cup, Akron’s Embick was sure to show up on every serious school's short list. Despite the inherent disadvantages of coaching outside the Power Five Conferences, Akron has won more games (94) in Embick’s six years as head coach than any other Division I program. Previously the program’s recruiting coordinator, Embick’s recruiting classes have ranked first or second nationally six times in the last 10 years. Embick did not respond to a request for comment from the Courier Journal, but U of L board members, boosters and website operators believed he was bound for Louisville as late as last Saturday. “I certainly had a chance to get to know Jared,” Tyra said. “He’s had a terrific career. But I think for different reasons — Akron upping their support of the program (and) probably personal reasons as well — he decided to stay. ... So he kind of dropped out of the process and we continued forward.” ... Although I posted that Coach Embick was staying, I have no knowledge of what UL offered, what UA may have countered, or any idea of any of the details of Jared's decision. All that matters to me, and I hope to everyone of us, is: 1) Jared chose to stay at Akron, which is the most awesome news and gift for us. 2) We, the Zips Men's Soccer supporters and donors --- season ticket holders; fans; UA alumni; team alumni; future supporters, donors, season ticket holders, etc. --- need to continue to push for and find ways to help UA better support our Championship Men's Soccer Program. Sorry to keep repeating myself but realize as this article states...Akron’s Embick was sure to show up on every serious school's short list. I don't see that changing in the future. We have to keep our program strong. Thanks so much for everything all of you do for our program. Let's keep it up and strive to do even better just like we ask of our coaches, staff, and players. We are a team. We are Akron! GO ZIPS!!! #AkronMade
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    I'm not a soccer fan at all, but I have always been impressed with how the program runs. I will get some tix next year for sure. If any fundraising events occur, please put it on the Board. Thanks.
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    "First Meeting: Nevada 88, Akron 61 Feb. 17, 2006 ESPN Bracket Busters (Reno, Nev.)" 27-point drubbing last time we were in Reno. Felt at the time like it wasn't even that close. Experienced quite a few ass-kickings and disappointments against better programs during our 20-win season streak including significant games post-MAC in March.
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    Welcome to being a season ticket holder and thanks for sharing that. That speaks greatly about the support that Jared garners for our program. It was Jared along with Caleb, and the beautiful style of play in 2009, that got me hooked on our team and this sport. Until then, I was a very casual fan who knew little about the game and never really appreciated it. Now, I can't get enough of it. I have a lot to learn, but Jared and company got me interested enough to buy some books to try to learn more. I can get a little over-exuberant at times, but thank goodness people understand or keep me in check. Edit: I bought a season ticket in 2009, the first year season tickets were offered, to get a scarf. I came to one game, and got hooked. I still think our 2009 team was the best in NCAA history. 23-1-1 by NCAA rules. Never gave up a goal in 5 games in the NCAA Tourney but didn't come home with the top prize. Shows how much luck and circumstances contribute to this game of football.
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    On BigSoccer yesterday, they reported that Coach Embick had turned down the job. obviously, I hope that today's news tweeted above is not true. Coach Embick is the only Akron soccer coach ever that has led his team to the College Cup 3 times. Coach Embick is a tireless recruiter and he works hard to help players improve. We have been very fortunate to have Coach Embick as the leader of the Akron soccer program for the past 6 years. He was the great recruiter during the Caleb Porter years. All of us worried when Caleb Porter left. Coach Embick's great soccer mind and his ability to get the best out of young men...has been the key factor in Akron being a great program for the past 12 years. The financial difficulties of the University of Akron and not having a permanent university president....might finally be hurting the soccer program. if this is the end of the great Embick era, I want to say thank you very much...and wish Coach Embick the best. Honorable, hard working man. Great coach.