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    1 down, 1 to go. Good luck finding much on the new signee, but this is our freshman big.
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    Read the article. Laughed out load when I got to this quote from the kid, “Once I’m committed, I’m committed." Reminds me of my ex-wife.
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    I'll give him a pass as I believe he was pregnant at the time.
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    Subtle way at letting us know we got a new transfer? DB from Michigan. Two years to play and eligible immediately. 4 star coming out of HS. https://www.si.com/college/michigan/football/michigan-football-jaylen-kelly-powell-transfer-destination-akron-george-floyd-message https://247sports.com/Player/Jaylen-Kelly-Powell-78974/
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    for 2020....yes......as there are currently 6 teams (UA, WVU, SIU-E, WMU, BGSU and NIU) when SIU-E leaves for the cupcake league, the MAC will drop below the required 6 let's just hope that we have a college soccer season. Covid does not want to go away
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    Will you do the Bandaogo?
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    He had a parent meeting that addressed exactly that. He was not happy with the classroom & off the field behavior. Two semesters & both GPA’s have went up & highest team GPA’s in school history for football. He also emphasized the importance of special teams & that we didn’t have enough big, fast WR, CB, S, LB’s, those are the types of athletes you need to run down the field on special teams plus give you depth & flexibility He has been true to his words & hit the JUCO hard for these type of players. I’m not expecting a complete turn around this year. You will see an improvement but he again weeded out some non D1 players or so called bad apples that didn’t want to buy in & is working with less than 85 schollies but should be able to have roster close to where where he wants after another season of getting his guys
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    I wonder if USC will be eliminating their crew program? Aunt Becky got her kid into school just in time.
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    He looks to be a tall, long rim protector like Riak. #21 Listed at 7 ft. Stats indicate that he's not a big scorer and doesn't even shoot from beyond the arc...yet. And has too many turnovers. https://www.facebook.com/eyblce/videos/2192739704309129/ Game film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMtPxtQ2BuE Home Team (Africa) in white, #21, comes in off the bench.
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    A running list: High School Seniors: Luke Bauer, LB, 6-0, 232, Archbishop Hoban, Akron, OH Tyriq Mack, CB, 6-1, 185, City College of San Francisco, Heritage HS, Brentwood, CA Alex Reese III, DE, 6-4, 280, Euclid HS, Euclid, OH Abdul Jabbaar II, DT, 6-2, 260, Southfield A&T HS, Southfield, MI Rishad Hence, CB, 5-10, 170, Martin Luther King HS, Detroit, MI Kameren Epps, LT, 6-5, 255, Lovejoy HS, Hampton, GA Noel Roach III, S, 6-1, 180, Penn Hills HS, Pittsburgh, PA Gavin Malott, OL, 6-9, 320, Trinity HS, Louisville, KY Darrian Lewis, ATH, 5-11, 180, SVSM HS, Akron, OH Matthew Monaghan, TE, 6-4, 235, England Rey'Noi Summersett, DE, 6-3, 230, North Mecklenburg HS, Huntersville, NC Andre Proffitt, DT, 6-2, 280, Lakota West HS, West Chester, OH Current Greyshirts: Ryan Jankowski, QB, 6-3, 190, Vero Beach HS, Vero Beach, FL Konata Mumpfield, WR, 6-0, 175, Dacula HS, Hoschton, GA Tyson Durant, CB/WR, 5-11, 175, McKinley HS, Copley, OH Transfers: Jaylen Kelley-Powell, S, 6-0, 184, Cass Tech HS, Detroit, MI (Michigan transfer) Tyler Inloes, P, 5-10, 205, Lebanon HS, Lebanon, OH (Cincinnati transfer) Total Commits: 17 Offense: 5 OL: 2 TE: 1 QB: 1 WR: 1 Defense: 9 DL: 4 LB: 1 DB: 4 Athletes: 2 Specialists: 1
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    I'm realistic but its good to be hopeful. Ohio and Michigan so far are containing outbreaks. I'd be happy with a 9 game MAC season.
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    I watched three different pro sports yesterday
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    Hmmmm... My glass jar for tears was empty after reading this.
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    Almost as embarrassing as not having a usable outdoor track for a track team that sent 9 athletes to the NCAA D1 outdoor championships a year ago?
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    The Zips got a seven footer! I thought you'd be out celebrating!
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    Another Penn Hills safety replaces Featherstone. Can't go wrong with Penn Hills players. 👍
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    The Zips version of Dirk Nowitzki
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    Here's hoping!
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    I can't believe he'd redshirt. He'll be 20 years old when MAC play begins this season. He's roughly 6' 10" and has international playing experience. We lost Riak and Sayles. X too. At worst I'd give him "Ali Ali Level" freshman minutes.
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    Incompetent Athletic Department leadership, 2 presidents, and 2 interim presidents who won't fix the real problem.
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    Zips add Aziz Bandaogo.
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    Blue and Gold, thank you much for posting his blog entry. It is shameful that Akron gridiron is so badly impacting successful programs like Akron Track and Field and Akron Men's soccer.
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    JUCO PG Terry Roberts has received an offer by Akron 2 STAR 6’1” 170#
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    Reading up on him, it seems like he had some injury problems. That's been the case with a lot of our P5 transfers over the years (Ryan Bain, Warren Ball, Deltron Sands, etc.). They couldn't stay on the field. I hope he's healthy.
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    Seems like a good get for us. Let's hope his original 4 star potential is still there. We need a big play maker.
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    It's now safe to say one can see a pattern has developed which shows what kind of player Arth is interested in and what kind of player is interested in Arth. The article notes Kelley-Powell's intelligence, quiet nature, and cerebral approach to the game. Arth is recruiting a bunch of sincerely well-rounded, intelligent student athletes. If these guys can win it really looks like Arth is building a culture which we, as fans, should be able to take a whole lot of pride in.
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    Michigan transfer Jaylen Kelley-Powell. S, 6-0, 184, Cass Tech HS, Detroit, MI. https://247sports.com/Player/Jaylen-Kelly-Powell-78974/
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    To be honest, it tells me who is interested in Akron’s football program & who is just here bashing. That is a pretty big pick up. Let’s hope it works out for both sides. I was really just seeing if anyone noticed. I could have put it on one of the cutting threads & stirred up some negative comments about the program 😂
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    https://getsomemaction.com/news/2020/6/9/general-mac-membership-unveils-esports-venture.aspx Not sure why your link doesn't work for me but mine does(?) This is a big enough deal that the president of Sweater U. is serving as chairman of the esports collegiate BOD.
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    Looking forward to the season my 10 year old son built this off of his memory of First Energy Stadium. Go Zips!
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    Very cool!! Future UA Engineering student?? 🤔
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    very cool......please go away...corona virus....so we can have a season PLEASE !!!
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    That was based on the conclusion that 84% of colleges won't field a football team this season.
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    Commenting to both of your comments. First one, you would think the they could develop a rivalry. I have an idea. Let's first crawl. Just declare it a rivalry. Years ago, the mayor of Atlanta inserted the word "international" into the name of their airport and they didn't have a single international flight at the time. Today, I believe it is the busiest airport in the world with it's own international terminal. It's all so simple. The one I quoted. Why not give YSU the boot and play Toledo every year? Playing YSU is Mickey Mouse. I know this because it is the kind of idea Terry Pluto would think was a good idea. Akron would, at that point, play every Ohio MAC school every year. Not to be a jerk, but your last paragraph over complicates the issue. It isn't that hard. The AD of Toledo and the AD of Akron get together and contract an annual game against one another. Does this sound impossible? If anyone would like, I can provide an example of a case where it worked perfectly, last season. Schools like ours never think outside of the box in a realistic manner.
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    Yep that makes 10 now ....you guys are clearly better than Cleveland state though if he doesn’t get a power 6 offer ...........the interview on his Twitter from just before that offer is a pretty good listen if you have ten of fifteen minutes
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    I really hope that we do see sports, but it is looking like a year without football (at least college football)
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    Does he speak English?
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    Article from the Beacon about the golf team- https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200519/separation-anxiety-hits-home-for-zips
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