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    I count 4 of them. Several others that work for the university that I personally know are strong supporters of athletics. Overall not what I would call an angry mob looking to abolish sports.
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    His curveball is nasty
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    damn. I miss those days. Infocision is probably the safest place to be during a pandemic.
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    https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200904/copley-senior-sam-harter-excited-about-opportunity-to-play-on-university-of-akron-menrsquos-soccer-team Sam Harter of Copley (yes, he has a very talented left footed brother 😁 ).....will be playing soccer for the zips in the fall of 2021. Welcome, Sam !!! Go, Zips
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    Better yet, interrupt the steady drip of negative stories about finances that are driving new students away and bringing down enrollment. G5 schools have a revenue problem driven by declining in enrollment. The expenses of college athletics would be reduced if they could get this under control.
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    Hello Fellow Fans! I thought I would update you on Kwan. This past year has been crazy, but despite the craziness Kwan has became a father to a little boy named Kyler James Cheatham. He also got married on Aug 7th to Emily Rose Correal. Lastly, Kwan will be playing in Israel this season. We are so proud of the man Kwan grown into. His career as pro baller has afforded him to see the world. God is good and we truly blessed!
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    Yes, but it is a little misleading! https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/17570698
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    I am all in favor of any effort to be financially prudent while keeping athletics competitive. That being said, I've got to agree that the AD should have a staff of professionals whose job it is to do the work this committee is tackling. We all need outside consultants who may see things we can't, but this looks more like a political move that has a subtle goal of providing CYA to the administration. Oh well, maybe I'm too much of a cynic, but I see little out of UA these days that I would term "inspiring".
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    Since this is in the football forum, it begs the question - are they "Athletics" supporters, or basketball-first or soccer-first supporters? Nothing would make some basketball and soccer supporters happier than to see the Zips football program drop to a lower division. It would be nice to have someone with a passion, and a clue, regarding G5 football on the committee. There are too many nimrods that think dropping to the FCS level will magically cure all Zips athletics ills. I'm scared of nimrods.
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    I may have found a way to avoid social distancing.
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    Wow, Scarborough was taken off the list! You'd think that UA would be doing everything they could to get rid of him. He must have BoT or political connections. And it is far past time for Proenza to voluntarily take a more modest salary. While some of his decisions as President have not played out well, I always respected him for being a good leader and having an ambition for UA. Some of those decisions with regard to specific buildings look far too over the top in hindsight, but at the time I don't think they were obviously wrong. For my respect of Proenza to continue, he will need to show continued leadership by sacrificing half or more of his current salary.
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    Is a Zip game at the Info really a threat to spread COVID19? πŸ˜•
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    I'll pose this question: If "the science is the science" is really the reason we aren't playing football this year, why is there high school football, why can UCincinnati play football, why can the Browns/Bengals play football, why can all of these Universities have students on campus, why can students go to high school, why can our own football team continue working out, together, and why can the Big 12, SEC, ACC, Sun Belt, CUSA, and AAC, among others, play football this year but we can't? University of Central Arkansas and Austin Peay already showed we can play without spreading. How many students who've contracted COVID-19 since returning to campus have been hospitalized? The answer is none. I'm pissed I can't watch us play this year. I'm not going to claim this is political (and I don't think GP1 was either), but this sure as heck isn't strictly "science". I think claiming the protection of others is the easiest and most logical scapegoat, but that isn't even a part of the B1G playing debate anymore, its myocarditis and those numbers have been recently proven to be grossly exaggerated (not to mention there are doctors who don't see it as that serious) Its more money related than anything IMO. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/penn-state-clarifies-doctors-claim-of-one-third-of-big-ten-athletes-with-myocarditis/ar-BB18GITN?ocid=uxbndlbing
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    yes he did. I hope he becomes all pro.
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    Jojo made the 53 man roster.
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    UG3 wins an Award Anyone remember Gilbert returning a punt?
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    Malik should be back by the time the basketball season begins; after all he only stabbed the guy in the leg. And he was provoked as the other player had committed a charge. I quote from the link you posted, Malik "was charged".
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    We need to pick a tailgate date
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    Go Zips! (1-0) Beat NM State! 😐
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    There are people on that committee who love the football program.
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    Article UofA receives a significant amount of state funding. "directly" is an interesting word. I guess the money does go directly there from student fees, but in reality, without state funding, there is no UofA and no athletic department. The same probably goes for the rest of the Ohio MAC schools. Taxpayers should support public universities. I also believe taxpayers should pay the bill for college athletics as part of public universities, within reason. I also think it would be nice if for their tax dollars, taxpayers could go see what they are paying for within reason. There are very few places in Ohio that are not within 2 hours of a MAC school. Wouldn't it be nice if a taxpayer woke up on a Saturday, looked at his wife and discussed what to do that day, looked in the news and saw (insert MAC school) WBB was playing and told his wife, "Let's take those two tickets from our taxes and buy two more GA tickets and take the girls to a game this afternoon. They like playing basketball.". And then to top it all off, when they got to the game, there were clean parking lots, clean bathrooms, clean seats, maybe some decent food/drinks and an entertaining game that didn't start at the girls bedtimes. I think a family of four would be pretty happy with this minimal effort on the part of the school they went to see. The might even go again. They might even see the benefits of their tax dollars. I do not know how coaches get their retirement. Saban is set to get a huge one at Alabama. Not every coach is breaking the bank. Assistants at places like Akron do OK, but they aren't breaking the bank. I have no problem with a couple of people making a lot off of the Ohio system if others can take advantage of it as well. In reality, there are only a handful taking advantage of that. Solich, Tressel and Fickel are the three that come to mind that may or will have 20 years in. Maybe Faust, but I'm not sure he had 20 total years at UofA or how his employment was structured after coaching.
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    announcers credit the goal to the speed and intelligence of Richie Laryea https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2020-09-09-montreal-impact-vs-toronto-fc/details/video/237194
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    Looks to be a 7-8 month saga, so not a rush to judgment. The chairman is from the faculty, however.
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    That's him, Derek Morgan, Criminal Minds
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    Hopefully, we can find a happy middle ground by time basketball comes around.
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    Unfortunately COVID affects everything else... We haven't begun to see the destruction it's going to cause U of A athletics...
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    https://sports.yahoo.com/miami-dolphins-hiring-jason-taylor-223158898.html Hall of Famer Jason Taylor has been a lot of things for the Miami Dolphins: All-time sack leader, the team’s defensive anchor (with Zach Thomas) for more than a decade and for a time, the figurative face of the franchise. Now add something else to that list: full-time radio analyst.
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    I think that this is a loss if he was planning to come back in 2021. Not a huge loss, but a decent player to bridge the gap to the future. Coach Arth has recruited many large DL, but it still remains to be seen if they are talented or if they can play. I would have loved to see some senior leadership as they work in the many future defensive linemen. Good luck, and I hope that this decision works out for you. Go Zips
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    Damn you Dr Z. Now you have ruined it for my future grandchildren. How can they possibly survive without Disney and ESPN!
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    On a side note, I know a guy who played for the Force. He was the soccer coach for the local high school here in South Carolina and I think he still might be.. Anyhow, if the goal of college athletics is profitability, they should close every program with the exception of around 20. G5 schools need to examine exactly how much taxpayer dollars they are willing to spend on college athletics (I think we are at an acceptable level). They then need to provide such an awesome experience in the form of good football, clean stadiums, clean bathrooms, clean parking lots, good food/beer at a time convenient for the taxpayers to attend that the taxpayers will find it acceptable to put some of their tax dollars into college athletics. If that means giving tax payers free GA tickets to something they are already paying for, then so be it. Then, here comes a crazy idea, maybe they can cut back on some of the endless stories about budget deficits and mix in some PR related to the awesome public service the kids engage in around NE Ohio. What they need to do really isn't difficult to do. In and effort to win an award in the category of "Best Use Of Language In A Rant Against Stupidity", I present the following. If college athletics is the "business" everyone claims it to be, it would have been shuttered years ago. It is closer to "monkey business" than actual "business". It's complete nonsense to look at it as a business. The only actual business going on comes from those making money off of it outside of the universities (television networks, beer companies, etc.) and if they completely destroy G5 athletics, they will shift their business elsewhere. I rest my case and hope the judges will look favorably on my submission for "Best Use of Language In A Rant Against Stupidity".
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    As crappy as the BB arena is, it's amazing 3,500 went to games. Look at my plan for success. The BB experience fails on multiple levels. Bad stadium, bad food, feh parking, half of college BB games take place on weeknights in the dead of winter, beer?, etc.
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    I can't get it real well in Twinsburg. Luckily, they stream on iHeart so I can listen that way!
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    Kai to Notre Dame College
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    Play good football in part with local kids and charge a reasonable price and there will be butts in the seats. They also need to realize that a youth team taking up seats at $5 a pop is better than an empty seat.
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    He may not have had any stars out of high school and only one offer, but he is tiny. You can't teach tiny. https://www.hudl.com/profile/5403496/Karey-Lee
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    True story: I was recently doing a crossword puzzle, one of the clues was "Is unable". 4 letters, ending in N-T. I almost filled in K-E πŸ˜…
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    The vet min for a 4th year player in 2019 was $806k. It would have only gone up for 2020, especially with the new CBA. He's pretty much making vet minimum. He's a huge upgrade over Hilliard in the return game, which is what he was brought here to do. I don't see how paying a kick returner vet min is a bad signing.
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    Well if you don't have the testicular fortitude to spell it out, I will. It's all a GD scheme by the AD to build up his resume before jumping to a bigger, better school.
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    Making tires for Mars
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    Now that this is in the right section, I'll comment. She organized a 2A rally on their campus a few weeks ago. Her dad is apparently a big 2A guy, and has raised his daughter similarly. I've seen this photo and other photos from her graduation circulating, and have a few comments... - I'm a huge 2A person, but not a big fan of these open carry demonstrations. I don't think the optics of open carry demonstrations with AR15s (or in this case, an AR10) are positive for gun owners. - I doubt it is, but I hope the magazine and chamber are empty. Typically with open carry demonstrations, the magazine is not in the magwell to show that it's empty. - Can't must be livid that this is getting so much attention. - I wish she would've carried an AR15, not an AR10. I don't think the pro-gun control crowd knows about the evil AR10 yet. Edit: Let me add that I actually appreciate her reasoning for doing this.
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    Today's game reminded me of the cyclones of old.
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    I am glad to see that President Miller's Athletic Review Working Group has several long time season ticket holders and Z-Fund donors as members. https://www.cleveland.com/education/2020/09/university-of-akron-launches-group-to-consider-cost-saving-measures-for-athletics.html
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