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    One thing I don't think we've talked enough about is how we've seen this team improve week-to-week.
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    Akron Zips are different team in conference play: MAC Football 2017 No. 1 in pass defense efficiency No. 1 in interceptions (6) No. 1 in fewest penalties (12 in three games) No. 1 in red zone offense (5-of-5, 5 TD) No. 1 in red zone defense (5-of-10, 2 TD, 3 FG) No. 2 in sacks (9) No. 2 in turnover margin (plus 4)
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    I liked what I saw, and also am going to bed happy. The running game by committee worked well, except Van Edwards seemed the weakest in his reps. I thought Thomas did well today, although the first few series he really got away with a few that maybe/shoulda been intercepted. But then he did a good job. I had my binocs on him most of the game and he seemed to be more confident and didn't throw any tantrums. I disagree with some about Kwads. Maybe not the best route runner but with that speed and with Thomas' arm, I see lots of TDs ahead for these two. Andrew Hauser was the defensive player of the game, by far! He had a million tackles. was everywhere out there. It was nice to see the insertion of Kato as a change of pace but Thomas was having a solid game, and came back in strong. But here is the GREATEST news....no turnovers. Zero, nada, zilch. And secondly....no meaningful penalties. a 5 yarder for offsides on #75 that didn't hurt as the Zips scored a few plays later, and a block in the back on an interception return. I mean, doesn't that impress anyone else on this board?? And the slant passes were excellent calls and well executed as well. I know the haters are gonna hate and tell me that none of this matters because Ball State was a bad team....but it's still the best I've felt leaving Info in a while....Good night, sleep tight, don't let the b**chers bite.
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    They practiced like no other Groce-led Zips team ever has. Guys were jumping so high, they almost hit the new gigundus scoreboard. A little Blood, Lots of Sweat. No Tears.
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    Tailgating plug: If there is one game to come and tailgate it would be this one. The Phi Psi alumni puts on a party that is 100% legit. JZ84 is a brother and he can vouch. I am not a brother, but these fine people have befriended me and treat me like family. They will have a large carport tent (or two) set up and will have a large guest list with a lot of pulled pork and music. It is really a fun weekend to be around their party. For those of you who do not park in lot 9, all you have to do is come around and introduce yourself as a ZN.o poster and someone will point you in the right direction to our little clan. We have extra grill space and room in the cooler if you need it. Come by and see that K92 and ZG01 are nice guys with a warm and gentle sense of humor.
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    Scoreboard partially assembled and elevated off the floor. Board can now be lowered and raised to fit the needs of the athletic department. MBB first practice went off as scheduled.
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    Because I voiced an opinion that was against the competence of our OC in no way means I am not thrilled with our victory over a very respected conference opponent. To hint otherwise is just picking a fight. I'll assume that was not your intention. I still do not agree with your argument. Our OC shut down our offense in the second half and showed no creativity when the pass was not working. As for third and two, no team in the world with bad weather needs to throw. If we can't get two yards in two plays we have a bigger problem. Remember we were on their 34 and if the run failed we were not giving up poor field position. When the longer pass (15+ yards) is not working there are other ways to slow their pass rush i.e. screen, counters, trap counters, throwing to the TE, throwing to a back, student body right or left w/QB running, end around, etc. We primarily used the draw or slant. We can do better. If TB keeps his job and that means Milwee continues, so be it. Wilson and Miller will make the best decision they can and I will support them. There is much to like about this team and hope grows for a good future. I want that to continue. I just see a new OC as an area of improvement. If you and others feel otherwise, good for you. At the end of the day we all want the Zips to be outstanding.
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    We were starring at a 7-8 win season last year before we lost to Buffalo and Bowling Green. If this game taught us anything lets not circle wins and losses until the games are played. Upsetting a quality team like WMU doesn't mean a whole lot if we turn around and lose to a terrible team like Kent later in the season. Lets just take it one game at a time.
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    Most people thought it was gonna be a blow-out. This guy nailed it. Give him credit.
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    I so hope that is not a euphemism 😆
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    I was watching your game with Bowling Green. I'm so sorry to see you lose a player of his caliber. He is an awesome athlete.
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    Well looks like I'm going to avoid the forum for awhile. Zips win and all some fans do is complain. See ya'll later in the season. Not worth it right now.
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    Around my peers I am a think outside the box type of guy in regards to always listening and respecting both sides of and argument/opinion. One of the best courses I took at Akron was - Sociology In Organizations which for example taught me to instead of writing individuals and groups off in regards to their hatred or disagreement of me Try to find out why they feel that way. On occasions when I asked people why? They can't give me an answer because they don't know themselves and are rather following a cultural trend. Regardless of what I have personally experienced I try not to stereotype. I can easily say I "do not" stereotype but I am not perfect. I have my flaws too and I try to grow from them daily. I try not to judge a person based on their Politics, Religion and Sexuality. In regards to the waitress her actions was racially motivated as there were other things she did that lead up to her throwing a quarter at me basically treating me like I didn't belong there. This happened back in 2008 and this is the first time I have openly discussed this with anyone else excluding my friends who were there. A friend of mine has been critical of NFL owners donating to Trump's campaign. I told him I don't knock owners for donating because I don't knock owners for supporting their political party. I told him all Republicans are not racist and all people who voted for Trump are not racist. Thats the fact I believe too many people are missing and it goes both ways in regards to the Left & Right. I believe there is too much characterizing and labeling of one another these days. I personally hate Extreme Anything and thats the main problem today in regards to the lack of respect both sides have today in Politics, Religion and social issues in general. In a perfect world if we all could sit at a table and have a conversation we would have a better understanding of one another because in general its unjust to speak on what someone else is going through looking from the outside in. You rather get better insight by asking whoever directly. I rather be asked a question about me, my race and my culture vs someone settling for a blind assumption of me.
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    Reading the game thread yesterday I was amazed how some posters were implying it's ok for UA to lose as long as they aren't favored to win. I guess those Ianello seasons were successes at 1-11 as last as Akron was expected to lose every game. i wonder if the reasons we are favored to lose is because of the coaching staff. Novel idea, I know. I give any coaching staff at least 2 years to become winners. It takes time to get "your players" on the team. After 6 years, 100% is on the staff. If the talent isn't there, whose fault is that? It's the coach that recruited and developed that talent. Lack of facilities and a garbage off campus stadium haven't been excuses for a long time now. Sooner or later people need to wake up to the real issue.
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    UMass has a 3-1 win over St. Louis (and St. Louis has a win over Stanford and a tie with Akron) I love the zips...and UND and Michigan State are impressive huge wins...but akron has to prove that they can beat a top 20 RPI team on the road (Pitt will provide the perfect forum) Akron is being killed in the rpi by a horrible loss to an awful Utah Valley team (UVU is 3-8-2 when they don't play the zips) losing to a crappy team that is 161 in the RPI.....is the main thing preventing from being above New Hampshire in the rankings Denver is also very mediocre....6-6 when not playing the zips St. Louis is 4-7 when not playing the zips the zips have to play well on the road next week at Pitt and WVU Zips have proven that they are a final four team at home..... rooting for them to show their chops and toughness on the road
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    Very happy with the win (a nod to CK). Nice effort in the final 15 minutes as mentioned above; kept the pressure on ND. I would not have awarded the 2nd PK; contact appeared to be just outside of the box. Still not happy about the loss at Western but beating ND helps.
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    Thought it was a sales tax increase
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    I liked how Thomas Woodson referred to him as Jerome Bettis 🚌 wearing #36 when JJ asked about trying to tackle him. 🤣
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    Utah State was 6-6 entering the game. The only reason you'd want to state they were 6-7 is if you wanted to diminish the win. The "glorified exhibition," just for clarification, is also known as a "bowl game." The only reason you'd call it otherwise is if you wanted to diminish the win. Amazing that our own fans want to diminish an Akron Zips bowl win. I liked that 2015 Zips team, and appreciate the bowl victory. I thought it was awesome.
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    I must have a gene that compels me to respond to bull$hit. I can’t help it. Perhaps I should pay my money to 23andme.com and see if it shows up. I could enjoy the win a lot more if people would stop beating their chest to try and shame me and ZG01. We are Zips fans. We are happy we won. We don’t root for failure, but revel in victory. There is nothing that happened today that makes anything I have said in the past invalid. We went to Kalamazoo and stole one. Fantastic! Much better than losing, but to try and stick it in my face and flaunt your $hit because the Zips won shows how out of touch a person can be with reality. Milwee still blows and he needs removed. Big plays at opportune times won the game for Akron and again Bravo! To Chuck the Chest be the glory! I have never called Woodson out, but that other dildo is going to start a gofundme for me and ZG because it has to be really hard for us seeing the success. Give me a break. Woody went 13 for 23 for 128 yards. That’s what someone is rubbing in my face. My sincere hope is that Zips fans could somehow develop some objectivity about our football team. Too many people are playing by peewee soccer fan rules. The same people who are all butthurt about G5 programs not getting the respect they deserve nationally are the same people who whine, cry, pee&moan about me judging them as if they were a big boy program. Now, I’m going to go enjoy a victory cigar. Peace.
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    I heard they're going to "stream" it on the Weather Channel.
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    You're selling yourself short.
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    I was able to attend a few of the August scrimmages, so you could compare his arm strength and accuracy to his three competitors (Kato/Johns/Kelley). His opportunities were limited because he was definitely redshirting in 2017 and the other guys needed to audition, but he noticeably stood out. You will like him.
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    Congratulations to Barth on his first career goal as a zip and Congratulations to Tor on his first shutout as a zip.
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    Just FYI, we (ZNO forum) aren't as online famous as we would like to think. Wife and I showed up the game; we have lot 9 parking pass Walk to first tent: "Where can we find ZNO tailgaters?" [BLANK STARE] "You know, the online zips forum.... zips nation.org...." [CRICKETS] Repeat at 2 other tents... Maybe we just asked the wrong groups but where do y'all set up the ZNO tailgate? Do you have any particular flag/banner that distinguishes the spot as ZNO folk? We'd like to come by next game and introduce ourselves.
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    I felt really sorry for them for about 2 seconds and then I got over it.
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    First place Akron Zips!
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    Two touchdown lead and people are bitching. Y'all are insufferable. I'm fine with Kato getting some reps to change things up. Can only help for next year.
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    Ignore all the polls for the entire year. They mean less than nothing as all they do is mislead people into thinking they have some significance when they don't. Instead, I suggest bookmarking your team's RPI worksheet which, if you understand it properly, will reveal your at-large and seeding prospects as November approaches. This is what you need: http://rpiupdatemenssoccer.blogspot.com/2017/08/akron.html You might also find this RPI bonus/penalty list useful (not entirely accurate but very close to accurate): http://gauchosoccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/RPI_Bonuses.pdf
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    Boy am I glad I have ST! Sounds like it's going to be a sellout!
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    Takes balls to know when to get out. No game is worth getting your brain scrambled for. Much respect to Zach.
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    WatchESPN link here MAC Weekly Media Teleconference Audio (Bowden) • Tommy is coming along as he gets the rust off. His timing is coming back. • We are still trying to get the ball in the best receivers hands, and figuring out who they are. • Feel bad for Warren, but we have veteran backs to fill in. They are not as powerful as Warren, but are more shifty. • We need to do better against the run this week. • We need to be more explosive, and put more points on the board. • Coach called out DE Anthony Winbush as being a player they need to be concerned with. He should be up against Trevor Brown most of the day.
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    I've been one of the biggest Bowden critics on this board and I'm in agreement. Can we just enjoy the win for a week? There will be IMO plenty of other losses throughout this season that we can have these discussions.
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    I'll take it, 3-3 probably lose 2 in a row & be 3-5 but I like our chances having 3 out of the final 4 games at home A lot of doom & gloom on here but we can play with everyone in the east Go Zips
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    It could be worse. We could be the Browns...
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    Got to watch the Honey Badger play today vs. Liverpool, as Newcastle drew at home 1-1. DeAndre played a solid match, and really seemed like the point of all attacks. Commentator Arlo White complimented Yedlin when he was discussing striker Salah – "He is undoubtedly quick, as are three other Liverpool players, but none would be faster in the 100 yard dash than DeAndre Yedlin." DY seemed to be in a more central midfield or defensive mid position today rather than fullback. Lee Dixon, analyst also noted that Yedlin was selected for the U.S. squad for the final qualifiers, and that he was "desperately needed for the crucial matches".
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    They're going to use him to clean the screen on the new scoreboard.
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    Louisville sold it's soul in pursuit of athletic glory. Pitino and Petrino are two of the scummiest coaches in all of college athletics. I hope Louisville goes down hard.
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    If only we could airlift the tailgating field and put it outside the Info.
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    You know, when you think about it, we, or Akron, or Ohio or the U.S. Government sure got its moneys worth out of the Rubber Bowl. Look at how long it lasted, how many years it was in service to all sorts of events. K92's link to the facebook page with all the cool old memorabilia form the Bowl really struck that theme home. Now just look across the landscape and see how many taxpayer funded facilities are sitting idle while another taxpayer funder facility was brought on line. I was in Michigan a lot this past year and have clients in the shadow of the Palace on Auburn Hills, and then drive down the road to Pontiac and see the ruble that was the Silver Dome. Of course we know what happened here with the Coliseum vs. Gateway. And I'm going to Atlanta this week, and I will be able to see a new bazillion dollar facility for the Falcons, built right next to a perfectly good and usable Georgia Dome....right next to it for crying out loud! So Bang for our Buck (or whomever's) was sure on the positive side.
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    Umm. Interesting to see the different reactions from people to the same circumstances. Not just referring to the Troy game but all previous games. Didn't see the Troy game. Checked the post game stats thoroughly. I saw a Troy team taht was able to pick up a lot of yards against the Akron defense. Even though they also had trouble scoring earlier in the second half Troy made THE long drive it had to in order to win the game in the 4th Q. Akron's defense could not prevent that again. I saw 2 teams that made lots of mistakes. Hundred yard + in penalties both ways. Again,an Akron trademark. Don't know about Troy. I saw an Akron RB who had a 100 yard game! Ya might think that would spell a win at least. But the QB had a -37 yards on the ground(I know sacks are counted there). Can he not run or won't run anymore? Honestly don't know. I saw that Wolf had 70 or so yards receiving. Thats a + as he was their best WR coming back. I saw a QB who only completed 50% of his passes(20-40) and threw 2 interceptions. Much different on the Troy side. And on and on.. I think the frustration is that there appears to be little or very limited growth of the program in general and at specific and very noticeable positions on the field year in and year out. 1-11 has not been a legitimate yardstick for a number of seasons now. The so called point 'spread' never has been a legitimate yardstick by which to measure the progress of a program. What is legit is to measure performance against your closest peers. Here that is teams in the MAC. And if the program is truly progressing it should be measuring itself against the best teams in the MAC and we know who they are: NIU,Toledo,WMU,OU,BGSU. You don't measure progress against the perennial 'bottom feeders'. Finally,you measure progress by looking back to see what the program has done. Is it winning the MAC Championship in 2005? Is it a bowl win a couple of seasons ago? Choose what you will the question remains is the program now performing at those levels?
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    Wait a second. Troy beat Southern Miss last year? Well that changes everything! Southern Miss? The mighty 7-6 Southern Miss?!?!? You can't be serious. And as far as using a close loss to a good team as any kind of a yardstick to measure a team's quality is absolute folly. It means less than jack $hit. I watched a terrible Akron Zips ball club piddle fart for 4 hours to lose to an equally inept Troy squad. Spin it however you want. That was bad football. If you can somehow pull any type of value out of last night's debacle, I wonder if you could enjoy watching 4 hours worth of Or Or And then get on here and tell me why I was wrong for thinking I watched a TW, DF, GF.
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    You aren't joking. This team needs to win this game today and hit the MAC schedule with some positive momentum. A win today and a game against arguably the worst team in the MAC next week could be just what the doctor ordered.
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    Indoors Checkers; Outdoors Chess.
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    I did not see the actions that led to these, but the crew led by Amanda Sauer, seems to call more penalties, in particular, holds, than other crews.
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    Game 6 - Ball State 10/7 3:30 ESPN3 Wow-wee, 9-point home favorites !
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    Victim-less if you like seeing Akron (and about 80% of the other D-1 Athletic programs) continue on with virtually a ZERO chance of ever winning a title. That's not what I would like to see. I'll keep repeating this: I'll take ANYTHING that moves the needle anywhere near heading back in the right direction again. And with the rewards going only to those who have Millions of Dollars to buy wins, that's not the right direction for me as a College Athletics fan.