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    I'll do you one better, I'm a proponent of the comma splice (seriously).
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    Our TE's are more likely to throw a pass than receive one.
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    Our competition for Anderson's services are New Mexico State, Cleveland State, and Lamar. I'm a proponent of the Oxford Comma.
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    Last year, with the transition, I expected nothing. That's exactly what I got. This year, I expect reasonable improvement. That would entail a couple of wins. I don't think the team I saw last night is capable of a couple of wins. I get that they looked better in some aspects of the game, but............58-13. Disappointing.
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    Oh come on; there must be hundreds of guys who had fantastic high school coaching careers when they could recruit players while almost all of their opponents could not that went straight to D1with huge success. Let me just list a few; Gerry Faust - oh, never mind.
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    Okay. 11+ years in this stadium. Can we get a camera angle that isn't on the moon? And on the 50? Is it that hard
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    Agreed....if anything, I look for the quality of the broadcasts to improve.
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    Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread. Game is Tuesday at 7 pm on CBSS ZipsNation interviewed Boogie back in April of 2019 about his transformation from RB to WR The article explains his decision. Reading the article now, you can understand as to why he is taking snaps at RB.
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    I was shocked YSU passed on him. He'll eventually move on to a college program with the right opportunity. I'm not a huge fan but I can't argue with his success.
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    Tim Tyrell's a great one, no doubt. He's turned Hoban into the STVM of Ohio football.
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    I have it on good authority from someone high up in the program that the coaches voted to hold off on the Secret Santa drawing until after Thanksgiving. They apparently did not want to get the two holidays mixed up. Coach Arth argued against this saying "turkey stuffing is an appropriate gift for either Thanksgiving or Christmas".
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    Re question 3: The only way we hold OU to less than 425 is if you meant meters and not yards. FF: During halftime the coaches will conduct a Secret Santa drawing rather than make any adjustments which might improve the Zips second half performance.
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    That was what I chose unfortunately. After seeing us give up an embarrassing 58 points to another MAC team earlier this week, I unfortunately can see it happening again. I guess maybe we were very fortunate that we didn't end up playing Clemson this season.
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    I have to admit. I needed to Google that.
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    New to the forum but I have to say last nights performance was embarrassing. The play calling looked like mid level high school stuff. They did not even try to use tight ends. While Gibson might show promise, he will not last long injury free with those 1/2 basketball 1/2 football running and jumping passes he was throwing. Not going to have any trouble stopping the run if you don't spread the field and throw a few long balls once in a while. Western Michigan did a great job of mixing it up. Very disappointed in the corners and watching them give up - horrible coverage. Sorry but I expected a lot more from this team.
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    No offense to Mr Naim but wondering with the stable of WRs we have, why he was playing before some others.Am I missing something here. Is he that good. If so why didn't he play at all last yr?Nothing made sense to me last night personnel wise.
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    Perspective is important. If we still had UMASS, YSU, and NMSU on the schedule I'd expect a couple wins. Instead we get stuck with a MAC West contender and suddenly a pretty good MAC East. Many redshirt freshman, true freshman, and even walk-ons spent a lot of time on the field last night. If anyone expected this team to be around .500 this season, you haven't been paying attention. We will be lucky to win one game, and we really need to win one to get the stink off of us. I updated the scholarship chart based on the most current roster. We have 65 players on scholly. TWENTY down from the max..so 20 down from the rest of our competition. Tough for anybody to win with that, but Arth does deserve some blame for not doing more to keep players here. I think he is too high on character, which is a good thing for the future, but not now. I think he has driven many players out because of that. On top of the numbers, there were many scholarship players who seemingly weren't available last night - whether it be from corona or injuries. Cole Gest, Kato, DeMarkus Glover, Demetrick Watts, and Eric Bentley are all players you'd expect to see out there, but they weren't at all. The program really was tore down to the studs and is in the process of being built back up. Just win a game this season, if he can't do that....we may be looking at starting back over, and I fear starting the "rebuilding" process yet again. Zips Football Scholarship Chart.xlsx
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    I just can't believe we couldn't stop the run at all. Nothing else will matter or fall into place if we can't stop the run on D. We did enough on offense to win the game (though we did throw a pick-6). But with our complete inability to stop the run last night we could've had Trevor Lawrence and Clemson's offense and we still would have lost. Simply gotta sell out to stop it & make them beat you passing the ball.
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    Oh, Oh, I know. His only really good game was (I think his first) against Ohio about a lifetime ago.
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    My thoughts: Coaching - no improvement over last year OL - Young, high potential. My only fear is that is a close description to what we have had for our OL's for the last six years Tackling - poor, never hit and drove the ball-carrier back. They in turn always fell forward Play Calling - improved Special teams - sucked, the tradition continues Defense - small LB's, no penetration from the DL, not aggressive QB - Has the tools except for decision making. That is the one quality that is more inate than taught which limits his potential and future. Too many bad decisions. Secondary - bad, corners burnt regularly, no help from safeties Season Outlook - We only have five more weeks and I don't see a quick improvement. 0-6 is a real possibility.
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    True. Lol. But I think he looks good, period.
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    Btw, Reggie Corner Jr. in at LB!
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    What happened to Indiana RB transfer Cole Gest (maybe in quarrantine)? I see they moved Knight to RB.
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    53 yards rushing on the opening drive 😳😳😳 THAT would have been a fearless forecast.
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    When was last time the zips scored a TD or had a lead?
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    Am I the only one annoyed by this broadcast? Seems camera is far away. No down and distance.
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    Gold pants Navy Jersey Gold helmet
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    I'm glad good ol' Joe Dunn is still on the radio. Steve French was often somewhat rude to Joe. Dismissive.
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    Replacing Lako & Alvin Davin on defense will be next to impossible, but I'm predicting our defense will play better this season with a year running Arth's system under their belts. But I'm still not expecting much on offense due the youth of our OL and our uncertainty at QB - if Kato is the starter we're going to need him to make a significant leap this year. If the OL performs well I'll be thrilled & the future will look bright. So if we hang 20 points on WMU tonight I'll be pleasantly surprised and hopeful concerning the future, even if we lose by 16. Looking forward to seeing who our starting QB is and how our new RB's look. Go Zips!
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    This is just such lazy reporting (or non-reporting) by George Thomas. If you can't quantify the "problem," then you don't have a story.
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    fearless forecast(tm) - the zips won't be worse than they were last year. f/f #2 : you won't get as drunk this year downing a shot each time the zips announcer says "are you kidding me?!"
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    Teal Bunbury and Richie Laryea...included in the MLS team of the week (18 players)
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    In my opinion, there is no better time to to catch the Broncs and I'm glad we are opening with them as the real power of the conference seems to be the top 3-4 teams of the East. W Mich got crushed at graduation. Bellamy, their great RB (MAC POTY) and QB Wassink are gone along with a few other key contributors. I think that this can be a very close game. The line is now at +18 , gimme the damn points ! Fearless Projection: Bubba Arslanian rings up 73 tackles 2 fumble recoveries and a pick 6.
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    Hey Zips Fans, I just did an inventory of old Zips stuff and I have dozens of items available for a nominal fee. A few bobbleheads- Frye, Joyce and Dru Hundreds of old team posters Zips basketball game day roster cards Media guides Gameday programs ( I miss the actual Gameday) Dozens of old pins, etc. trinkets that were giveaways. Just ask and I may have it. Thanks, Zips Win!
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    Zips lose big in smallest crowd at the Info yet!
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    Hello Fellow Fans! I thought I would update you on Kwan. This past year has been crazy, but despite the craziness Kwan has became a father to a little boy named Kyler James Cheatham. He also got married on Aug 7th to Emily Rose Correal. Lastly, Kwan will be playing in Israel this season. We are so proud of the man Kwan grown into. His career as pro baller has afforded him to see the world. God is good and we truly blessed!
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    Sounds like COach Arth should talk to Kobe Mitchell too- https://www.heraldstaronline.com/sports/local-sports/2020/10/harrison-centrals-kobe-mitchell-caps-off-a-banner-week/
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    He apparently fails to recognize that pounding on his keyboard like an illiterate hillbilly does little to help his credibility. Just put him on IGNORE.
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    OU 54 Zips 1 Kitten quarterbacks, both Rourke and Rogers, toss for 400 yards and 6 tds. Akron invents and recovers an onside punt( but it's called back for offsides) Late in the game Zippy is inserted as a safety to confuse OU's offense. Trips on tail while in coverage for another 6 pts for the Bobcats
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    The name of this ZipsNation thread shall be changed to "Misery Loves Company."
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    Called the ticket office today. Immediately dumped to voice mail. No call back. They must be really busy.
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    I also loved the Rubber Bowl. To help refresh your memories I suggest buying one or two of the following and installing it/them in your bathroom.
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