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    Very new to this soccer thing but my observation: this is what a culture and tradition gets a team and a school. Like the Dukes and Gonzagas in BB, when the Zips are in the tourney the magic happens and can never be counted out even if the regular season was nothing special. A culture like this takes a generation to develop. It's an intangible, a confidence that every Akron Zip soccer player must have when he walks on the field. I'm sure our AD is thinking about that while he looks for our new "football" coach. I know budgets, recruiting, available scholarships are part of the mix. But this is a world class program right in the heart of our city.
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    @UA1987 & @zipsoutsider I respect both of your opinions & can see all sides of the argument & that is what this board is about. I have trouble when people start disrespecting others opinions, we had a few last year that made the board difficult to enjoy & the moderator’s handled it, I believe @zipoutsider has taken some of our opinions personally or the firing of Bowden personally like we fired him & saying we live in a fantasy land or not in reality & I’m not a wussy, I’m just saying I have said I have mixed feelings, he has pulled us out of the basement of NCAA football & I appreciate that. I was for keeping him & getting rid of Milwee. What I have heard is Milwee lost the guys & there was issues & disrespect with players that had gotten obvious & disruptive. I say I heard because I did hear that, I’m not in the locker room, meetings or practice so I have not witnessed it & Im always hesitant to say things I’ve heard because I really don’t know if it’s true People have been saying for a long time fire Milwee & get a new OC & he didn’t & it ended up costing him. Now, I’m discussing coaching candidates from here on out. Hoping for the best. We can’t save Bowden so let’s move on. I maybe unrealistic but I do believe we have the ability to be a successful football program. Winning helps make all our issues manageable. We have facilities, good recruiting grounds, we need a coach to get us there & spark some energy in the community & I do believe we can put butts in seats, we may not sell out but I do believe we can put a real 15-25k in the stadium This is just my opinion I’m throwing out there. I loved President Wilson because he was everywhere supporting everything he could. He may have been a terrible President but I thought he was the best I had seen because he was positive & was selling the University all the time. I would like a coach like that. Sell your football program all the time everywhere you go, know your players names & promote promote promote, the University needs to help
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    4-7 tends to mask those innumerable perks. Merry Christmas.
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    It's not too early to speculate. It's a discussion forum, where we talk about our favorite teams. I'm about 50/50 whether we're looking at new coaches. If it was just injuries, I'd say those are the breaks. But the debacle where players didn't want to be there, not giving a comete effort, lining up on the wrong side of the field. That is a coaching issue and someone has to go...
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    I wish I could capture the excitement of being in Santa Barbara, but here's a feeble try. The team is at a level now that few teams can appreciate, yet alone duplicate. We are rested, confident and extremely well coached. I thought Jared was two steps ahead off his Mich State counterpart all match long. Maryland has strength in its center backs, but we can score in so many ways that will create havoc for them. Our team believes in itself and that is all because of Jared. Today we walked down State street in SB and you wouldn't believe how people would smile at us and say "go Zips" when they saw our Akron Soccer T's. This final match should be a huge spectacle but the NCAA does not give a damn about marketing this weekend. They bid out who wants to host the event and how much they will guarantee the NCAA. Once the event is awarded the NCAA puts all the promotion and marketing on the shoulders of the awarded host. If attendance is poor the NCAA doesn't care, they got their guarantee. The risk is all on the host and it appears UCSB will only break even at best. The Zips and the other three teams deserve better. The Akron following is good, but not great as far as numbers. That's understandable duet the cost. One thing that strikes me is the support of former players and families. Akron is known for the almost fanatical support the former players give the program. So many were in the stands and it was great to renew friendships with them. I don't know if it is well known, but every year Jared asks the former players and friends of the program to help him grow the program. This year it was a new camera system for game /practice review. In past years it might have been for financing trips to Brazil or Europe. We can be proud of our soccer alumni. I wish every sport had this heartfelt support. FWIW not all DI elite programs can claim this level of support too. Well it's low 70's during the day. The field is in beautiful shape and we are ready to win our second star. Please let us know what it's like at the JAR.
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    55" curved Samsung TV - check Matching curved Samsung sound bar - check Wife and daughter in Washington DC and not returning until tomorrow afternoon - check Son coming over to watch what we hope to be a double-header - check PIzzas ordered for 7:15p pickup - check Jug of Gold Peak sweet tea to chase the pizza - check LET'S GO ZIPS!!!!!
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    I would love to see him get the job. I don't think he'd fail...he's just too football-smart, and driven. Joe Moorhead wanted the Zips job seven years ago, but UA hired Bowden instead. That Moorhead chose Getsy as his OC at Mississippi State tells you all you need to know. I got to know his parents a little during his stint at Akron. Fantastic people. A great football family. The thing that stood out to me about Luke was - he always conducted himself as an absolute "pro." He never said a bad word about any of his teammates after a game. He's very analytical. I remember at one scrimmage Chev Pace hit him late on a blitz, even though, as the QB, he was wearing a red shirt. Getsy barked at him, "Chev! That was LATE!" Pace sort of put his tail between his legs and shuffled back to the D side. I probably can't explain in text how an action so simple spoke so much to me about his leadership , but I still remember it 14 years later. Everyone on the team respected him. To me, Luke Getsy is classy, he's a pro, he's driven, he's got an incredible football acumen, he's paid his dues and increased his responsibilities at every step through his coaching career, he's got great morals, he's a great leader, he's young and motivated, he knows the area, he's a University of Akron graduate...I don't see how UA could go wrong hiring him. Does he have previous HC experience? No. But if you're at Akron, you need to think outside the box. Hire Luke Getsy.
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    This will be Akron's fifth appearance in the College Cup in the past ten years. UNC has four appearances. Nobody else has more than three.
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    GT's written a really good article here. George Thomas: New coach Tom Arth will look north to help bolster recruiting Got me pretty excited about the future of Zips football. Also gave me a lot of respect for Kato. Not only did he suffer a high ankle sprain, but he also had to have post-season surgery on a torn meniscus which he played on during the final four games of the season. His quotes in this article display great maturity and a team-first attitude. Much impressed. Go Zips!
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    Much different experience this time than 2010. 2010 I agonized over every minute because just once I wanted to see Akron athletics accomplish something really special and didn't know if we'd ever be at that point again. Would have loved to see a second star Sunday of course but not the same kind of agony. I fully believe this program will be entrenched for years to come. I even hedged my bet - I brought my daughter who is a University of Maryland graduate so one of us was going to be happy at the end darn it. :-)
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    Man...what a ride this has been. Thanks to a great bunch of young men, thanks to a great coaching staff, thanks to great support from the gameday staff, thanks especially to all the wonderful fans these guys and the program have for making it so special to attend a Zips game, or event. Thanks to UA for doing the right thing and hosting some nice get togethers three different times during the run. Thanks to the Ohio.com and Beacon for allowing Brad Bourneval to submit outstanding reporting on the season and the post-season, and for Marla for some great writing at the end. I'm a HUGE critic, but TennZip has shown me how to be the bigger person and admit when someone does something right, and they definitely improvd from past coverage. And thanks to all on this board who contribute so much to keeping everyone informed of happenings, inside and outside the touch line, for giving good, solid opinions, for agreeing to disagree sometimes, but most of all thanks again to these wonderful young men and Coach Embick, Coppinger and Kolba. Thanks for the ride Gentlemen, I don't want to get off...
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    Maryland was the better side tonight. You have to get something going in the box to get the calls to go your way. Hate to lose on a PK but that's soccer. Their defense was very impressive I'm proud of how far this team has come in the past month or so. Don't lose sight of the masterful coaching job by Embrick that got them there.
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    I’m not trying to be a D***, but do you hear some of you guys? If you struggle in life do you just give up & say I guess this is how I’m destined to live? No, I believe you keep picking yourself off the floor until you succeed. Sorry but some of you sound miserable.
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    The fat lady sang this morning.
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    This is a much needed response to issues of mental health. My family has been affected by it and I bet yours has too. Football players are not immune to this disease. Get them all the help we can.
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    I can't believe there are people stupid enough to believe there isn't enough donor money lined up to buy out his contract.
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    A 3 pt. loss to the #16 team in the country while shooting 43% with 15 turnovers is impressive. I'm not a participation trophy person, but in the 2nd year of Groce with a 75% roster remodeling in the off-season, I'll take this loss. Well done. Played hard, belonged on the court, and quite frankly, a bucket here & there, and you win - maybe even somewhat handily.
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    #1. This is a separate topic #2. I think even though it's a different gender they are still playing the sport of basketball. (Even though the ball they use is smaller which is why they seem to make more free throws than men) #3. This forum is designated for both men's and women's hoops. #4. A shout out to a new coach who is rebuilding from nothing...is a good thing
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    I also think the decision was predetermined & why we got the South Carolina game. It paid for everything. If it was for bowl eligibility we would have chose differently. LW knew he lost the team & we weren’t going bowling
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    This hire does nothing for me. I don't get the excitement to hire him. He took over a program that had 10, 9 & 9 wins the three years prior to him and turned that into 3 and 5 wins in his two years. In his second year at the helm he never beat any of the top four teams in his league. Is that the success we want? I would love to know what LW saw in him that was better than Getsy or Kehres. He's our coach now and I'll do all I can to help him be successful, but pardon me if I'm not excited.
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    I saved my first Zips away game for this Final 4. What an amazing trip and Santa Barbara is an awesome place. On the games, I believe we got what we deserved with unfortunately was 2nd place. On Friday, Zips were incredible. From defense to attack, each player played their part. It was great to see 5 different goalscorers on the night. Everything we shot went in the goal. Excellent performances from our back line to contain a good forward in Sierakowski. He has hurt us in other games against MSU before. Many at the game were speaking of MSU goalkeeper being potential pro option for MLS clubs. Where does that leave Lundt if this is the case? Another note; did our staff lose a member? I noticed a younger guy dropping cones for warm ups at the MSU game. Anyone know who he is? I checked the website and nobody mentioned. In the final, our team underperformed. We looked bad defensively and the choice of Milanesse instead of Hernandez looked the wrong one from coach Embick. Interestingly enough, I felt it was the right choice every other game that it happened in the season. We cannot hold that against Embick. He and his staff have done a fantastic job to get this team this far. This is my first year REALLY being a fan of the zips, despite being a huge European soccer fan, and I am hooked. Nothing beats watching this Zips team live and in person. I leave Santa Barbara early tomorrow morning but I wish this journey was not over for these young men.
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    Thanks 72 Roo!!! The Athletic Dept did an outstanding job with this College Cup. The pre-game parties at the Beachside restaurant were outstanding and they also held a soccer alumni dinner on Saturday evening during which we watched Darlington Nagbe and Zarek Valentin in the MLS Cup. Interim President Green and his wife were in attendance. George Van Horne asked everyone in attendance to stand up and talk about their connection to Akron Men's Soccer. Great stories. Speaking of the UCSB folks, we had a number of UCSB alumni sit in our section. Told us we were the team to support! Truly, Soccer Heaven! I have to reiterate your statement that Jared deserves National Coach of the Year. As you said, "he replaced 7 out of 11 starters and at the beginning of the season it was 9 out of 11 due to injuries." If I recall correctly, in August the 2018 Zips had 19 of 32 players who were not Zips in 2017 and he and staff took this team to the National Championship Game!
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    Congratulations Maryland Terrapins! 2018 NCAA National Champions! The better team won tonight, which is not always the case in this sport. I would still much rather win undeservedly than to lose while deserving victory. Let's be clear on that point. But Terps were the better side, if not by much. The most important tactic on the night is how Maryland anticipated Akron's passing lanes so uncannily in the middle third. They successfully clogged our possession game. I guess that should be attributed to Coach Sasho Cirovski, who has seen a thing or two in NCAA Soccer. Both PKs awarded were good calls. Colin Biros needs to run through that ball, carrying it on his chest out of the box. Ben Lundt needs to get his hands on that ball as he goes to ground, not try to play it with his feet. Tough breaks, but fair calls. I would argue with the straight red card to Carlo Ritaccio. It was definitely a foul. No doubt the referee's interpretation is that the offensive player had a clear path to goal, and that Ritaccio was last line of defense. That is how the rule reads. I have not the heart to quote chapter and verse right now. Somebody else look it up in the NCAA rule book. I think Ritaccio just as easily could have instead received a yellow card there. I am tremendously proud of our Staff and of our Players. No one in this program should hang their head for more than 24 hours. Spring ball will be here sooner than we think. And 2019 may be an even better season. Go Zips!
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    Tonight wasn't their night, but nonetheless, a great season. Early in MAC play, I didn't think the Zips would be in the championship game. They came a long way to get there.
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    Not nearly enough folks, even Akron natives, are aware of the length and the depth of Akron Soccer. In short, not many know all the soccer things contained in Stu Parry's head. Soccer is part of Akron community, even beyond our proud Zips program. And we Zips fans are So. Very. Proud. But truly, our soccer roots trace way back, before WWI, maybe earlier. That rich lineage is vibrant and healthy today in NEO. Soccer is not new here. This is not a revolution; this is a renaissance. Someday this history must be told.
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    My contact at UTC (well-placed but with little sports knowledge) says that this isn't a done deal or even a deal at this point. As for their message board, I think they are being typical southern football fans who want Alabama-style success or a head on a platter.
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    They don’t deserve another opportunity unless they pay full price; otherwise they can take the corn cob and....
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    I'm impressed by the coverage and enthusiasm from the MAC. Also impressed by the media coverage from our local media. Akron vs. Maryland. This really has been a run of epic proportions by Akron - Syracuse, Wake, Stanford - and would be fitting to cap it with a victory over Maryland for the title.
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    Nice Marla article on Ezana and how he came to the US and more
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    If I had a dollar for every time you were done
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    You are posting just right TennZip.
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    Thanks, Dre. I think that’s where we all are. I know I have nothing but love and respect for Terry and will be eternally grateful to him for digging us out of the Ianello Abyss. At the same time, I’m ready for a change and I think we’re all in agreement on that. Thank you, Terry. 💯💯
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    Bowls in two of the last four seasons, including our first Bowl win in 2015. 5-2 record against Kent State. THANK YOU TERRY BOWDEN
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    I don't have any problem with this at all. It's up to us to stop them from scoring. If we can't, we suffer the consequences.
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    After watching the Northwestern and Iowa State games, I thought this was a good football team. I went to the Miami game and there was a very good crowd. Everyone showed up except our football team. We did not give up a first down in the first quarter and things went down hill after they went to a hurry up offense. I kept thinking that we were too good not to come back and stayed until the end of the game. It only got worse. That was by far the best crowd and we layed a big egg. That crowd was not coming back. This years we had 2 wins in the MAC and the teams we beat had a combined record of 1 and 15 in the MAC. We were not competitive against any other MAC football team. I do not know why anyone thinks next year will be better. What is bizarre is that I had written off the soccer team after watching that terrible loss against West Virginia and the rest of their subpar season. However, that team got better as the season progressed and now is playing its best soccer of the season.
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    There are certain steps you can't leapfrog on the road to becoming a great basketball team. The coach-speak statements of "trusting your teammates" and "making the right basketball play" are true. If you want to play hero-ball, you'll lose more often than not. Especially against a team that plays smarter than you. I saw a fair amount of hero-ball today, and not making the right basketball plays. These players are talented, but until they learn to play together we'll only be mediocre. We grew and improved over the course of last season with our ragamuffin 2017-18 team . I think we'll do the same this year. It's just a process...
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    I won 4 straight FIFA18 EA Sports Premier League titles on my laptop....but the U didn't interview me to replace Jared Embick....I'm pissed! Yeah, HS head to a D1 head....I'm sure that's what you want...oh no, you just want to be critical of the Zips no matter what they do, I forgot.
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    My hope and expectations are to be in the top third of the MAC this year and competing at the top next year.
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    Playoff Jared - love it :-)
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    The weekly free paper here in Santa Barbara, the Independent, has the 2010 Zips on the cover, and a nice article on the upcoming College Cup: https://www.independent.com/news/2018/nov/29/ucsb-prepares-host-its-second-college-cup/ Here's the cover: sbi_cover.pdf
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    I wish there was a place on ZipsNation to discuss recruiting.
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    The All-MAC teams for 2018 have been released. No Zips offensive players made it, no surprise there, but we did have a fair number of players make it on the defensive end, rightfully so. 1st Team DB - Alvin Davis 2nd Team Outside Linebacker – Ulysees Gilbert III Down Lineman – Jamal Davis Defensive Back – Kyron Brown 3rd Team Outside Linebacker – John Lako Inside Linebacker – Brian Bell For a complete list you can go to the below link. https://getsomemaction.com/news/2018/11/28/football-mac-announces-2018-all-mac-first-second-third-teams-and-postseason-awards.aspx
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    According to Google, only the Queen hornets survive during the winter. Winter is the worker's & male's demise. 72-0 is my prediction based on this. The Yellow Jackets of Cedarville were acclimated to this weather being from Ohio, but the Hornets of the State of Alabama do not have such a bright future, I fear. Women's basketball would apparently be different though!
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    The one thing I would like to see change about the NCAA sub rule is that once a player has been on the field and taken out, that player should not be allowed to return. Allow all the subs you want up to the number available on the bench, but not allow them to exit and re-enter. College baseball does this just like pro baseball. Why can’t collegiate soccer at least do that. More players can be allowed to play, but like in the pros, the teams/players with better fitness have the advantage that they should.
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    The @GoZips Prophecy would be fulfilled!
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    As I watched the game it seemed to me coach Groce needs to address two things: 1) better shot selection on our 3's and, 2) better play out of the center. If we want to shoot 3's I don't have a problem if we don't force it and we get a good look at the basket. I thought Riak was going to be the answer for us in the paint, but today raised more questions than it answered. He looked lost at both ends. Poke is limited and Klac is still a work in progress. I hope Sayles responds to whatever coach Groce wants. He's looking like the post player with the best potential. This team is going to be good yet this season. They just need time.