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    When you get home from the game at midnight, you don't feel like posting any thoughts on it. Then you drive home for 6 1/2 hours the next day, and you don't feel like posting anything either. Then on Monday, you try to catch up on all the things you didn't do around the house because you were in Evanston all weekend. And here you are... There isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said regarding the game. Some people bemoan the lack of stars in the Akron recruiting classes, but there was no shortage of stars for the Zips on the field Saturday night. Bell...Nelson...Williams...anyone with the surname Davis or Brown... it was an amazing second half. Very reminiscent of the 1999 Akron @ Navy game, where the Zips were down 20 in the first quarter and rallied back for the win. The first half penalties were maddening, but even with the late second quarter TD drive, you never got the feeling that Northwestern was going to dominate. One play that stood out to me towards the end of the first half was the Zips 4th and 1 QB run. Kato took the snap and slammed into the line as hard as he physically could. He didn't get the first down, but it really stood out how badly he wanted it. I'd never seen a small (he's no Woodson) QB hit the line with such reckless force. It showed me how badly he wanted to win, despite how horrifically the bulk of the preceding offensive possessions had played-out. The Zips clock management at game's end was baffling. The chasing of points that began in the 3rd quarter was puzzling. The 48 yard FG attempt late in the 4th qtr was ummmmm thought-provoking? But all that said, the Zips gutted out one of, if not THE greatest wins in program history. Back in 2005 the Zips beat NC State. You really thought the Program had arrived. Then we stumbled to a 5-6 season record. The apparent breakthrough 2014 win at Pitt ended up a lone highlight in an otherwise forgettable 5-7 season. But this year seems different. You always win with defense, and the Zips have their best defense in memory. Sort of like 2015, but with the addition of Dwight Smith impersonator Alvin Davis in the secondary (for you youngsters out there, Google "Dwight Smith Akron" to see my GZOAT). Iowa State will be a much bigger test than Northwestern. Back-to-back Power 5 games always are brutal for MAC schools. But the MAC has done it before. Toledo beats Power 5's with regularity. NIU too. Remember in 2003 when NIU began the season with wins against Alabama, Maryland and Iowa State? Why not the Zips? It's about time another MAC school broke through the Glass (Bowl) ceiling! As lunch draws to a conclusion, here are a few closing thoughts on the Northwestern trip - * Great to put a face to the name of @LZip and @Ham. Fun meeting them, & their spouses/families! Very nice to meet the Reinke's too. * The Zips alumni had a nice party at the South Golf Course lot...coincidentally only about 100 feet from where we were tailgating. Thanks to Willie for stopping by and inviting us over. * The Golf Course lot was awesome. Just like the old Rubber Bowl grass lot. Corn hole...footballs flying...kids running around everywhere...it was a fun time. It was a little like Lord of the Flies as the kids took control of the green on hole #13. I wouldn't want to putt on it come Sunday morning. Here were a couple of Zips tailgates - And inside the stadium, here were some of the boisterous Zips fans: Nice people in Evanston. Very gracious in their defeat. Fun college town. Couldn't have had a better weekend. Thank you Akron Zips!
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    I had the opportunity to interview Jabari Arthur last week prior to his UA Hall of Fame induction. Here's how it went: Jabari Arthur Interview Thanks as always to Dr. Z for the layout.
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    Well, I can say I was there. The tailgate atmosphere was very good. Not many questions about our nickname, but one baited comment on Zippy. I thought of using the story that our University founder Buchtel was from Australia and he tried to start a kangaroo ranch here in 1870's, but the darn things kept knocking out the ranch hands. Instead I deferred to the lamer story that our mascot is a carnivorous marsupial native to Ohio and that is why we adopted the critter. Thankfully, no one knew Zippy is a girl. My nephew had a good idea in that we should wear kangaroo pouches to the tailgate, but I thought maybe we should just hand out zippers. Anyhow, their stadium was nice. It did remind me a bit of the Rubber Bowl or Cleveland's Municipal stadium as it was ancient, but the field was top notch and there were about 30-35,000 fans there and they were loud. On the way up in the elevator some NU fan said aloud 'are we going to kick their ass or what' and I leaned into the group with my Zips hat and said 'no Akron will win'. They backed off. Then the same NU fan commented something like 'who was that a coach or something' as I exited and the elevator doors closed. Weather an hour before the game - perfect. As Akron lined up early on, an NU fan I was with commented that Akron looked big on the lines. I said - 300 lbs at the tackles on defense and 300 lbs across the O-line. I had to endure all sorts of crap in the first half with comments like 'that's quite a well oiled machine you got there', as we committed an ungodly amount of penalties. Then the NU fan group near me started acting like they were at a craps table with screams of joy as our center #53 kept coming up with penalties. Despite the outcome so far this was a hard hitting game in the first half. Then all crap shook loose. You know the story by now. Many stars on the Akron side, but Brian Bell physically dominated for Akron. Lako was good too and of course so was Davis. I actually heard an NU fan say they liked our QB better than Thorson. At the end, our D was tired and I knew they were vulnerable. Many NU fans were exiting and I said 'there's 5 minutes left where are you going?'. I grabbed one loud mouth's arm and said 'if it makes you feel any better this could be our first Big 10 win ever'. Most of their fans were great though. To me, the greatest single Zips DIv I A play of all time was Hixon's catch against NIU in 2005, but this NU Zips contest was the best game of all time and I was there.
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    I would ditch every play that involves a run pass option. Any play that involves one of these, mostly causes confusion, penalties, turnovers, or negative yards. I would love to see more trap blocking instead of RPOs. I can't remember the game last season where the Zips successfully run a bunch of these with Deltron, but it was fun to watch. Design an offensive plan that is more simplistic that does not include Kato running the ball at all. Stay in the pocket, and throw the ball, so he can progress as a passer. And please run more plays to Maverick. I watched a practice this offseason where the ball went to him every third play. I was convinced he was going to have a big year. Every time he touches the ball good things happen. He and MTB bring a physical play to the offense. I've seen Kato make good decisions running the four vertical concept, I would enjoy watching more of that as well. Get rid of instant replay. It's garbage, and doesn't work. I watch the replay on a 55 inch led tv with perfect light in my living room, while the ref watches a 7 inch monitor on the field in sunlight. That makes zero sense to me. I'm not sure I understand the Zips punting concept. If I play the Zips I rush the punter every time. We missed Brian Bell and Alvin Davis yesterday. Those two help create turnovers that seem imperative for this team to win. As far as positives I witnessed, it was the most effective I have seen Van run this year, and it was the best game Brady has played as a Zip. The Zips can kick a long field goal. We have to win next week, or the season's wheels are off. I think the Kent game comes at the perfect time this year.
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    We will be in the championship
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    I am not sure if anyone else noticed this during the game but Akron and Iowa State played with a great deal of sportsmanship. Early in the game there was a late hit and penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct on Iowa State the coach immediately took the player off the field. I cannot count how many times I saw Akron players helping Iowa State player off the ground after a tackle. I am hopeful that all the talking, taunting and stupid late hit penalties are gone and this team just plays hard nosed football. This team played with a great deal of maturity.
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    It was not a bad game for us being on the road against a team with talent roughly equal to or better than the very best MAC teams, but in the end we beat ourselves in a game where we needed to play mistake-free. On the bright side, for the first time in a long while, our biggest problems can be resolved with coaching, practice, film, and discipline and don't just boil down to "major lack of talent/depth" at one or more positions.
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    Zips Equipment just posted this. Nice gesture.
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    Most of us were introduced to new Zip Bryce Petersen by the referees on Saturday. But here is a nice story that perhaps explains why the coaches had faith in him to right the ship in the second half at Evanston. Seems like he'll be a solid lineman for the next three years.
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    I was unable to make the trip, thanks to @Captain Kangaroo who was able to take a few shots from his seats while cheering on the Zips to victory.
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    He inherited a 1-11 team 7 years ago. That's a lifetime ago in sports. He's now the 2nd longest tenured coach in the MAC. That shouldn't be used as an excuse any longer for the cycle of mediocrity we find ourselves in. We should be in a position to compete for MAC Championships by now. No getting smoked by Toledo last year on national TV doesn't in my mind count as competing. I have been critical of Bowden on this forum, but I am very appreciative that he brought us out of that cycle of being bottom feeders. I just have no faith he can lead us to being top contenders in the MAC, which is what I aspire the program to be. This program just reeks of stagnation.
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    Two "controversial" thoughts - first, we've sorta become the "Kentucky" of college soccer? One and done? Too many players lately have come here, play one season, and leave for the pros. DeAndre even said it in an interview earlier this year. So does this tie in to the lack of "buy in" to the program, maybe thoughts of "why should I, if I'm leaving after this season"? Also, does this lend itself to lack of attendance, as some long-time fans I've talked to have said they can't get excited about a team with all new players season after season, even when winning. They want more than a handful of guys they can identify, watch come up through the program, to root for. Just somethings to think about.
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    So frustrating to see our team regress. I love and support every one of our players, but some of them I think need an attitude adjustment. I'm not good at confrontation, but I sure wanted to ask a few of them what they thought they were doing last night. Have they not bought into the system? Lackadaisical play, some unnecessarily long (off target) passes when nearer options were there, and not making use of the width of the field at times, among other breakdowns ... not Akron Soccer. And, I don't care where/how any of them previously played soccer, THIS IS AKRON, and our coaches have a system that has been very successful. Perhaps our players should take a long, contemplative look at those banners hanging in First Energy Stadium. They're not just there for decoration. They represent a justifiably proud program that's been extremely productive since 2007 thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated players & staff and a successful system. Work hard, Buy into the system... Learn... Ask questions...but don't go out on the field with a half-hearted attitude thinking you know better than the coaches or your teammates who are playing the system and giving their all.
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    Redshirt watch (I may have missed a walk on or two in this and I'm only looking at freshman): Morgan State: Brandon Bischoff, Keyondre White, Daishawn Brimage, Devanier Floyd, Jalen Hooks, Zach DiLauro, RJ Kelly, Vincent Fonte, Logan Hawkins, Tim Scippio. Northwestern: Brandon Bischoff, Daishawn Brimage, Jalen Hooks Iowa State: Brandon Bischoff, Daishawn Brimage, Jalen Hooks, Tim Scippio Info pulled from post game stats - participation report.
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    This is all I've seen...
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    I have no voice left!!! The Zips family, friends, and fans gave several raucous “let’s go zips” chants. These men battled their butts off overcame adversity (some self inflicted) and earned the right to fly the flag!! It was a beautiful night and a tremendous win for the program. GoZips!!
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    Little foggy on the drive out this morning. Go Zips!
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    There's a saying in business: fail quickly! BG ripped off the band aid.
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    Not sure how that's a catch. Zips don't deserve to win, but 3 tough calls have made it even harder.
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    What a waste of our Great Defense this season
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    Not quite the same, but we did raise a Zips flag from Akron fans at our tailgate before the Iowa State game. It flew during the tailgate and all through the game until its rightful owners (folks from ZipsNation) came and got it.
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    I’m not saying David Egbo is a good player or anything, but did anyone notice how different the match was in the last 15 minutes?
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    If the team lays a big egg this season I think it would take Williams about 5 phone calls to raise the cash.
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    The road to an at large bid goes through Cedarville.
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    You know what really grinds my gears? It's that Joe Akron was relatively out in force on Saturday. I've been waiting for 25+ years for Akron to embrace their team & I was very happy with the crowd on Saturday. GoZips.com has the game's attendance listed at 22,437. I doubt it was that high, but it was a nice crowd & the Zippers barely gave them anything to get excited about... even to the point of getting blow out... by Miami?!?!
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    From Crains: Akron tries to tackle the sports dilemma - Akron's athletic department budget of $33.1 million in 2017-18 - operating expenses budget of $11,174,159. The figure was a $1,230,159 above the original projection - total payroll budget of $10,181,747. The figure was $173,747 above the original projection - Football for the 2016-17 school year was at $7.25 million. The Zips' total, however, ranked eighth in the 12-team MAC and was about $940,000 below the conference average for the sport. - InfoCision Stadium has an annual debt service of $5 million. Football expenses The expenses for Mid-American Conference football teams in 2016-17, according to data submitted to the U.S. Department of Education: 1. Ohio $10,134,888 2. Toledo $10,046,711 3. Miami $9,346,412 4. Eastern Michigan $9,033,503 5. Western Michigan $8,667,334 6. Northern Illinois $8,035,152 7. Buffalo $7,796,405 8. Akron $7,253,770 9. Central Michigan $7,233,254 10. Ball State $7,044,512 11. Kent State $6,861,750 12. Bowling Green $6,537,321 Total: $97,991,012; average: $8,165,918 Number of sports programs Akron: 19, once baseball and women's lacrosse start play in 2019-20; MAC average: 16.3 Men's teams Akron: 8 (including baseball); MAC average: 6.7 Women's teams Akron: 11 (including lacrosse); MAC average: 9.6 Note: Akron's totals include a pair of rifle (which have a combined 18 athletes in 2018-19) and golf programs (14 athletes). Akron's in- and out-of-state athletes Men's sports: 129 in-state, 123 out-of-state; in-state percentage: 51.2 Women's sports: 98 in-state, 86 out-of-state; in-state percentage: 53.3 All programs: 227 in-state, 209 out-of-state; in-state percentage: 52.1
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    Season starts ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!!
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    Glad I didn't stick around for this one and stopped watching when I did. Losing to 1-4, 0-1 Miami on the Homecoming game...after beating Northwestern...and being 2-1 going into conference play, when having two-weeks to prepare for this game...is absolutely unacceptable. It's beyond embarrassing. The Zips had no business losing to 1-4 Miami...let alone 41-17. I'm personally almost ready to call it quits on this season. Hopefully you guys can talk me off the ledge...I've been in a foul mood lately...and the Zips were supposed to be my diversion for the week.
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    I got the chance to speak with Jabari Arthur last night at the coach's show. What a super guy. I don't think I'll get the chance to post the interview until after tomorrow's game, but please be sure give him the best ovation humanly possible. He flew in from Calgary for the event, and you'll never meet a guy more positive about his time with the Zips.
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    I am not done with this team by any means, but last night was a shocker. For such a big game and nice weather I couldn't understand the lack of attendance, both from the students and general public. We have talent but that talent does not have faith in the guys on either side of them. In the past whenever a midfielder or defender was beat they were covered by a teammate. Not so last night. The short, controlled passing and the switching of the attack were not there. The coaches can coach our style, but if the players don't buy into it we will be beat by lesser teams. I will not call out players or name names. We have the talent, now use it the way the coaches want. Our goals are still in front of us. Not one has been lost. We just have a tougher road to follow. I hope the fans have not given up. Let's get back in those stands and keep First Energy a miserable place to play for opponents.
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    I think Diogo should be starting from now on.
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    Some updates on Orrville sophomore Marquael Parks so far this season: highlights from first 5 games of 2018 season ORRVILLE 35, TUSLAW 0: Just like old times for Red Riders Orrville 55 Nortwest 14 Parks, Orrville roll over Lexington VIDEO: Orrville (Ohio) soph Marquael ducks and dodges his way to incredible 95-yard kick return TD Another angle of the 95-yard KO return at the 4:00 mark of this video A different KO return: Orrville 74, Akron North 7: Parks, Red Riders roll to blowout win over Vikings
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    This wasn't our best effort, but we hung with a damn good team. Hats off to TB and staff for getting our talent level to the point that we could do this. In past years we would have been blown out. Now our guys go into games expecting to win. They are good and they believe it. I hope our injuries heal quickly and we go play smash-mouth defense with the MAC. Kato and the O will get better altho' Kato picked a hell of a time to miss open receivers. BTW, you are lucky you didn't play us Nebraska! Now pay up.
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    I don't think the Huskers are going to have to worry about that Big Ten Championship date. Or a bowl game.
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    Hey -- did I miss something here??? There was a kickoff -- the game started.. contract fulfilled.. Show us the money...
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    Yeah, I am guessing Moos is putting on a show for their fan base, who did not believe we should be paid, and will quietly pay us in full after it has died down. They went ahead and found an FCS team after their program started in the dumpster and we beat NU. They are quietly realizing that cancelation may have very well saved them further embarrassment.
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    Nebraska's position on this astounds me. They are making noise about negotiating a settlement with a straight Face? Give me a break! They did not pay back any tickets to their fans but they won't pay us? This is the same Nebraska that gets $38 million from the B1G for their share of the Big Ten TV contract alone, which is exclusive of all other football revenue i.e. ticket sales, merchandise, loge rentals, advertising, concessions, parking, etc. Shame on them. Shame on AD Moos. Shame on their President. This was once a highly respected program. Not now. Don't give 'em a single concession Larry Williams!
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    She probably didn't have the Zips game on one screen and the Buckeyes on the other.
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    "Also, we definitely had two #9s on the field during the last play. The football Gods were on our side for once. Learning experience. I am sure every officiating eye was looking for pass interference and holding." Just goes to show that our pair of nines beats their ace anyway!
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    They assume they have more talent because they are Big 10. What I saw was a Zip team that was much faster than NW and just as physical. We have had plenty of speed the last few years. Now we have the physicality to go with and more importantly, quality depth. Coach Stroud put four DE's in on the play that forced the fumble for a TD toward the end of the game. Shows off our depth, especially on defense. The problem area with this team is OL. Get that solved and we will be tough to beat. Oh, and Kato Nelson grew up in this game. He is now ready to lead this offense.
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    I knew the Rams lost their returner after week 1 but I hadn't followed to see they signed JoJo to the active roster (he hadn't signed on as a practice squad anywhere after his Rams release). LA Times - Special Kicking Game performance Video of 60 yard return
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    DEFENSE! Third and ten. One could argue the play of the game, the front four were Davis/Brady/Ward/Sampson. Four rushing ends. A+ coach Stroud. While Alvin is the obvious choice for player of the game (incredible returns), Brian Bell played the game of his life. 11 tackles (8 solo), FIVE passes defended. Five! No other defender had half as many.
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    I couldn’t believe how much faster the Zips looked compared to Big Ten Northwestern. Our guys were much quicker to the ball and and better in open space. Let’s not nitpick the team right now. A great day for Zips alumni and fans! Arguably the biggest win since 2005 if not ever
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    You know, this game really makes me feel bad that we didn't get a chance to play Nebraska.
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    Holy cow...get that flag ready
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    10-0 Zips... that has to help the confidence a great deal..... this Canisius team lost 3-2 to Michigan State...and a 3-2 to a 5-1 Northern Kentucky team Congrats to Diogo Pacheco on his first 2 collegiate goals....glad you are healthy, young man David Egbo - college soccer player of the week...3 goals and 2 assists Ezana - 3 goals .....Congrats to Mr. Kahsay