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    I'll start this with a few notes, and hopefully CK can add a few more things that we learned at Friday's golf outing. This Monday all the players will receive their new wristbands with this years motto "Finish The Climb," meaning win the MAC. You may see coaches and seniors wearing these pins. Three Wagon Wheel pins, two bowl pins, and an east champion pin. One missing, the Mac Championship. These signify the accomplishments of the seniors so far. Charlie Frye has returned to Akron as a special assistant. The staff is still waiting on some sort of paperwork to make a full coaching announcement. I'm sorry I can give more details. Brian Bell has moved inside to the mike linebacker, Ulysees has moved outside to sam. Speaking with coach Stroud "I wanted to take advantage of Gilbert's speed and athleticism." When I asked coach Bowden about it, he listed both their size and weight as one of the reasons for the change. I'll try to get comments from both when summer camp starts. With the emphasis on versatility at this position in the NFL, I think this is a great move for Ulysses. Coach Bowden seemed excited about what is to come in the running game this year. "I would like to average closer to 175 yards per game this year." If you are going to play wide receiver this year for the Zips, you better be prepared to do some blocking. The staff is looking for a couple of the younger guys to step it up this summer. I keep hearing Van Edwards has really had a great off season. If you remember in a earlier thread Deltron told me in the spring he was eight-five percent healthy, he is expected to be full go for summer. That's all I can remember for now...
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    Good news is that our intrepid beat reporter at the ABJ won't pick up this story...unless it's turned into a Star Wars movie he can review. Waste of flesh.
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    A wise man once said, "The worst thing about being a DI basketball or football coach is convincing kids who don't belong in college to come to theirs." Oh wait, that was me.
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    Great to see Joao back from his injury and go the full 90 in LAFC's 1-1 friendly with Dortmund. So blessed to have been there and see Joao and meet his father. Fantastic stadium, fun team to watch, great atmosphere. Love LA's newest MLS team!
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    Meh who cares. People obviously are watching, kids like the trips, fans have an extra game to watch their team in. Whatever
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    You have to read this account of Jason's run-in with a purse snatcher in Vegas!!
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    How would Treadwell know since he wasn’t here at the time of the alleged offense?
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    Jerome was a hell of a player for us and I am glad he came to Akron. I rooted for him then and I hope he has a good future. Yet focusing on this issue now brings into question his decision-making and maturity. Too many athletes feel it's all about them. Humility is in very short supply. This may be another example.
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    Damn JuCos! If this is true, the sins should follow the sinner, not be used against an entirely new team and staff. However, if that was the case, Calipari would be waiting tables at the IHOP.
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    I think he is definitely a WR, I also think with Dre, Burkhart & Stewart it becomes a strong position for us & they will have 2 years together
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    Got another beef eater (6-5, 285) for the OL Hudl profile
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    I find it hard to believe that Kyron Brown is not first team. Best corner I’ve seen in the MAC for a while. Motivation
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    Northeast Ohio, I know I know.. Wonder how much respect we have leftover from the last time we beat them in 1894
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    Kobie Booker has quit school and football. Nine out of ten times that would be terrible news, but it makes room for Maverick Wolfley to get immediate playing time. Maverick rules. Travonte Junius has hung up the cleats. Injuries played a big part in the decision. There is a good chance that Jonah Morris will be immediately eligible to play due to the medical hardship affecting his family. The NCAA has become increasingly more player-friendly in their eligibility rulings. Morris’s 6’ 4” 205 lb frame and experience are expected to be a huge addition to an otherwise very small and inexperienced WR corp. Beautiful day for golf, and a blast as always. More fans should take advantage of the event. It never disappoints!
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    Jason Grossman is out in Las Vegas tackling suspects in the middle of four lane highways.
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    Former Zip Chris Bassitt was called up to the A's today and pitched7 innings giving up 3 hits and 1 run on 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. Unfortunately he got no run support was was credited for the loss. No worries from Zips Nation, it's great to see ya back, especially with such a strong start.
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    Didn't see that they hired Crean - good hire. Either team is a plus in my eyes - Georgia with the name recognition/SEC factor, Illinois State with the solid mid-major resume/@Illini Zip factor. GREAT tournament all around - location, field, and who we actually play.
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    I'll bet Bob Mueller could get to the bottom of it within a couple years.
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    Justin March-Lillard news out of Cowboys OTA's
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    Maybe the class was "Dangling Prepositions." He certainly shows the skills for an A in that subject.
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    Hope he feels better now
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    Complete speculation - some decent program said they were booked scholarship-wise for 2018-19, and told him they'd sign him for 2019-20 if he played JUCO ball for a year. Or - he had mediocre interest due to his limited body of work, and thought he could improve his 2019-20 stock by putting up some gaudy JUCO numbers. Wherever he went he'd need to sit out a year, so I'm sure playing any level of basketball was more appealing than sitting on the end of a bench in street clothes watching the other guys have all the fun.
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    Well things get underwat tonight in Eugene Oregon, and if you get tired of watching the NBA finals, switch over to ESPN2, as Matt Ludwig tries to defend his National Title in the PV, and Rodrigo Iglesias will try to win the javlin. Plus McClain and Lattimer are long jumping, with Terrel winning the Regionals. The women compete tomorrow night, and our two Hep-ers Siefring and Ortega go on Saturdya-Sunday. 9 Zips - NINE - in the NCAA Finals Championships! No other MAC school has that many, heck Ohio State is only sending 7! This is one of our Shining Lights, along with Swimming and Diving and Men's Soccer, so even if your not watching, give them your best vibes....
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    It was not given to them, The University of Akron purchased for $1
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    I agree. Good decision for him to go JUCO. I assume he'll have a great season, and probably find a nice mid-tier D1 program for his final 2 seasons. My money is on Houston.
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    He's got so much potential. I was sorry to see him go.
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    Would the NCAA dare strip us of our wins against Canisius and NC Alphabet Soup?
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    I'm glad you are on this site. You have made it more informative and that's what I value most of all. Keep coming back again and again.
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    A.J. Coney has got his nose firmly planted in his playbook. He’s chasing a dream, after all, and doesn’t want to leave anything to chance or have any regrets.
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    always an honor...Wil and DeAndre will represent the US https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2018/05/29/15/05/20180529-news-mnt-sarachan-calls-25-players-to-europe-for-ireland-france
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    Unfortunately that's the hand this resurrected program has been dealt. To think otherwise is foolish and not realistic.
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    Awesome!! must have hated Kent. Surprise
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    And now it begins...... http://gozips.com/news/2018/5/21/football-six-akron-zips-named-to-athlons-preseason-all-mac-list.aspx
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    Adam selected to the 18 man USL team of the week https://www.uslsoccer.com/news_article/show/920414?referrer_id=2333971
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    If he's going D2 after only a year at OU, I wouldn't think there is a spot for him here, at least from a scholly standpoint.
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    I hate this game. Give me more Illinois type matchups that we can win and not get murdered in our home state in front of a crowd that has 0 respect for us
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    The Zips are coming off a 7-6 campaign in 2017 where they went 6-2 in the Mid-Atlantic Conference to win their division and earn a trip to the league championship game.
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    http://www.cincinnati.com/story/money/2017/09/26/cincinnati-leapfrogs-cleveland-columbus-no-1-economy-ohio-28th-nationwide/703487001/ Akron is booming for the first time in decades. It's not typical rust belt desperation and decay. Perhaps that broadened perspective gained from your travels needs to be re-calibrated a bit, scottditzen.
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    cool story. Give this man a scholly if we've got one!
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    No he’s saying dambrot had the professor lie and say he did the assignment. Which is academic fraud and a HUGE no no
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    I didn't know they were looking at making changes to the transfer rule(s). Thanks for the info. EDIT: Read they were due to make announcement on changes "in June"... They were considering the idea of guys having a 3.0 or better to not have to sit the year. stay tuned!
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    I’m on my phone so unable to post the link, but Jonah Morris announced on Twitter he’s now a Zip!
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    My understanding is Kest will officially retire as of June 30 and due to budget reasons the interview process cannot begin until around mid June. This information could be wrong, but wanted to share what I heard.
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    NCAA DI Regionals at South Florida this weekend... Kwadarius Smith - 28th best time in the 100 (10.29 seconds) Taron Slone - 38th best in 200 (20.85 sec) Curtis Richardson - 25th best in High Jump (2.15 meters, 7 feet 1 inch) Matt Ludwig - defending National Champion in Pole Vault - 2nd best (5.71 m/18 - 9) Cole Wigal - PV - 43rd - 5.08/16-7 Tyler Fraker - Pv - 45th - 5.07/16-6 Terrell McClain - 2nd best in Long Jump (8.18 meters/26ft 9in) Jordan Latimore 10th LJ - 7.94/26-1 Maurice Harris - 24th in discus (54.76 meters, 179 ft. 7 in) Ian Behm - 5th best in Javelin (70.59 meters, 231 feet 7 inches) Rodrigo Iglesias - 16th 67.95/222' 11" On the women's side: Daziah Green - 25th fastest in 200 (23.22 seconds) Mackenzie Andrews - 21st fastest in 1500 (4:21.19) Dara Perry - 15th fastest in 100 hurdles (13.10 seconds) Patrica Ortega - 19th best high jump (1.78 meters, 5' 10") Lucy Bryan - 6th best pole vault (4.35 meters, 14' 4") Eboni Hall (9th PV, 4.27/14') Jenna Frantz (10th PV, 4.25/13' 11") Abby Helminiak (27th PV/4.05/13' 4") 4 women pole vaulters in top 27! Jackie Siefring - 32nd best jump in long jump (6.18 meters, 10 feet 4 inches) Ariadna Ramos Gandia - 44th in triple jump (12.60/41-5) Abby Wilson - 16th best shot put (52 feet 6 inches) and 5th best discus throw (56.62/185' 9") Plus Siefring and Ortega are automatic qualifiers for NCAA Nationals in Heptathalon! What a treadure trove we have in track and field! Dismal dismal Indoor season, but what a sight to see all these athletes compete on the national stage.
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    He is a 2018 graduate from Paint Valley. Not sure where you got the idea it was 2017.
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    Not sure why stuff like this isn't done more often. On a side note, half the kids in college currently are probably familiar with Vanilla Ice from his house rehab show (maybe Stepbrothers Ice Ice Baby scene, too), and Salt N Pepa from the recent commercial they were in (Push It...). Can't say I'm much different.