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    100% agree. After a 2 year hiatus we're back to watching the type of competitive basketball we'd come accustomed to watching during Dambrot's tenure. Is Ali a young "Deji"? Who's better, Kwan or X? Antino or LCJ? Cheese/Banks or Noah? Big Dog or Riak. Ok, maybe I went too far, but you get the idea. 😁 No doubt this team has the potential to reach the MAC finals. Hope they can stay healthy, out of trouble and continue to improve. Seems like this is the turning point where Zips fans do the 180 degree switch over from "Why in the world did we hire Groce?" to "How are we ever going to keep him?"
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    Merry Christmas Zips Nation! Years ago there were lots of Christmas greetings posted, but this year has been tough, especially with soccer and football being down. The greetings are few which reflects how beat up we have become. Yet take heart. We will get thru this and emerge the better for it. This is still one of the best college sports websites in the country and I enjoy the effort you make to keep us up to speed on all things Zip. I wish you and your families a blessed, safe, and joyful Christmas.
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    Driving up Friday night to see my kids/grandkids and going to this one Saturday after breakfast at The Bomber....son/daughter-in-law haven't been in their arena since their graduations in 2008, 2009. Asked for a sidebet, but they said "Dad, you raised us Zip fans..." awwww ain't it great when the listen 🤩
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    Obviously the basket is bigger on that end of the floor
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    Trojans, not Cocks 😆
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    And congrats to LCJ for being named the MAC East Player of the Week. 😊
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    Chicago Sun Times Article ANIMATED SHORT FILM Ten films will advance in the Animated Short Film category for the 92nd Academy Awards. Ninety-two films qualified in the category. Members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch vote to determine the shortlist and the nominees. The films, listed in alphabetical order by title, are: “Dcera (Daughter)” “Hair Love” “He Can’t Live without Cosmos” “Hors Piste” “Kitbull” “Memorable” “Mind My Mind” “The Physics of Sorrow” “Sister” “Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days” Shortlist Source
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    He's been a little in his cups, me thinks?????
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    I like Sayles and Deng a lot. Both guys hustle and play up to their abilities. They are certainly not the only bigs around with less than a stellar touch. Both are competent players and an asset to the Zips. Now this dude had some bad hands yet he adapted quite nicely.
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    Many of you will remember Will Meyer from this epic game Ben Lundt- GK for Akron - 110 minutes - no goals allowed Will Meyer - GK for Louisville - 110 minutes - no goals allowed https://gozips.com/news/2017/12/1/mens-soccer-akron-punches-ticket-to-college-cup-edging-louisville-in-penalty-kicks-4-3.aspx
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    KD's coming back in conjunction with UA joining the ACC. That was just as solid of a rumor.
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    It should be like a home game for BSU playing in the JAR 😆
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    They also talked about hairstyle for a solid minute, Manny's bar floor being slippery with beer, and how lungs were important in basketball. They were about as focused as Bill Walton.
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    I would put the odds of CJ leaving the Zips at slim to none.
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    In that arena, I bet that qualifies for a "group" discount.
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    This was the first Zips game I have made in a long while. With covering the Cavs, Charge, and Monsters as a side hustle I haven't had much time. I picked a good game to get hooked on the Zips again!! Nice size crowd who were into the game, exciting play, and of course a W. I even caught a cush ball and have a shot at a nice prize LOL. I can't wait for conference play to start. I covered the Mac Daddy at the Q last March, I get the feeling there's a good shot the Zips will be playing there this year. I saw something in this team I haven't seen in a long time.
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    Tech scored the last 12 points to lose by JUST18! Tonight the Cards take on #22 Washington at 9:30 Akron time on ESPN2 in the Diamond Head Classic. Watch for the guy in the Zips jersey behind the basket! #MeleKalikimaka as Chevy Chase once sang.
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    The 9-8 Toledo Rockets come into the JAR Saturday night fresh off a 74-67 loss to Central Michigan. The Rockets entered the season with high hopes as the number 1 West Division team in MAC Preseason Coaches Poll, however, they have had a rough spell since mid-December losing 6 of their last 7 (Kansas City, Wright State, Bradley, Ball St., PCCC and CMU). Junior guard Marreon Jackson and senior center Luke Knapke were named the All-MAC West Division Preseason team. Jackson averages 17.2 ppg along with 4.1 assists. Koepke scores 15.2 ppg while kicking in 8.1 rpg. Willie Jackson scores 11.5 a game and rebounds at an impressive 12.5 rpg. This game worries me. Toledo appears to have as much individual talent as any team in the MAC. Let’s hope they don’t come together in the JAR. The game is also a fundraiser for Norton teen Emma Pfouts. If the Zips have half the fortitude of that little girl, we're in for a great season.
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    Not forcing enough action. Need to attack the rim more. Dare the refs to not call fouls.
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    I am the same age as your Dad! I went to games when I was a student, but after graduation I attended very few. You dad re-kindled my interest in the program and my wife and I have bought season tickets for several years. We really enjoyed your Dad's years as coach. Some of those Kent, Ohio and Miami games were unbelievable. I wish him all the best. I know he'll always be a Zip to the core of his soul!
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    NIU must use the league website to develop their game plan. I thought it was a bold strategy to leave LCJ completely unguarded for the 1st 5 minutes of the game, but NIU must not of thought he was a threat because he hadn't recorded any stats to date 😉
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    Those KD people all sat in front of me. Don't miss them. And those who only show up now when team is winning...grrr
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    Regarding defense, there was a brief back and forth between Groce and French about BSU making that last 3 and getting to 60. Groce said that shouldn't have happened. Looks better.keeping opponents under 60!
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    Bored waiting until 7pm CST? On cue, the sad Kittens are missing their old coach: https://www.bobcatattack.com/messageboard/topic.asp?FromPage=1&ForumPID=1&PID=294416
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    If you look at MAC stats, in offensive and defensive percentages in the 3 MAC games, Akron NIU and PCC are in the top 3 in both.
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    Thanks I appreciate it ...didn’t realize there was a spot or a spot could be made just for his information so I didn’t mean to crowd of over share
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    @Captain Kangaroo made a post in the recruiting forum about Utomi fitting in here, I wanted to comment but didn't want to get too far off topic there. Winning is fun first and foremost. And KD's style won a lot, so we had a lot of good times. But man, winning the way we are now sure is fun. We're probably more athletic than most or all of his teams, but you can debate it. The difference that I love that isn't very much debatable is the pace and ball movement as opposed to the inside-out game CK mentioned. It's a ton of fun so far this year.
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    CBS is having some awful technical difficulties, presenting viewers with the worst NBA 2K view known to man. 12 pt. lead for Akron. Keep the foot on the gas!
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    This has the feel of a game that could get chippy. I'd like a rule that Riak can only shoot off of rebounds. LOL.
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    Every night in my dreams, I see it, I FEEL it
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    Kwan was one of the KD players that really improved from his frosh to his senior year. As a frosh he did not rebound well or play great defense. However, he turned himself into a great rebounder and very good defensive player. His senior year he was playing amazing and many on this board thought he should be player of the year in the MAC. However, he went into a slump and had a good year but not a fantastic year. The only negative about Kwan is that he never had a great tournament in Clev and Akron did not win a MAC championship while he was with the team. Tough to compare the two players since Williams has not even played a third of a season. They are both good rebounders and play good defense. I like it how Williams is taking better shots and his shooting percentage is way up. I think Williams runs the floor better, drives to the basket better while Kwan could post up a player a little better than Williams.
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    Mid-Major Madness has us at #24 and Kent at #22. It should be noted that the Mid-Major Madness poll includes A10, MWC, & C-USA teams, meanwhile the College Insider poll doesn't. That's why Akron is lower in this one. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2020/1/6/21052138/college-basketball-mid-major-poll-rankings-other-top-25-conference-play
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    The intensity of the defense was amazing the first 5 or 6 minutes. Zips were going after every pass, trapping, hands in face, and going after any guy who touched the ball. My thought at the time was that they weren't going to be able to keep that pace and intensity the entire game, especially when the fouls start racking up. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200107/solid-first-half-carries-zips-to-84-69-win-over-western-michigan-ninth-consecutive-victory-at-rhodes-arena Good point from Groce: When the Zips built up a lead in the first half, the defense started slacking off. I think it had to those quick whistles from the refs.
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    And as well as the Akron offense is playing it's their defense that's really sticking out to me
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    Glad we get a crack at them on a neutral field vs the hornets nest we went into this year!
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    I came a crossed the below chart on reddit and figured I'd share. Someone who has a lot more free time than I do went through every single MAC signee and counted up how many other MAC offers they had. Akron signed 22 players and those 22 players had a combined 4 other MAC offers. 21 players we offered signed with other MAC schools. In and of itself I don't think it means the world as a lot of our best recruits came from areas that other MAC schools aren't actively recruiting (JUCO & Georgia), however, I do think it's telling that we're missing out on a lot of the best talent in our home area. If you look at the below chart, you'll see the teams that have the highest MAC offers per commit are typically the teams that consistently perform the best. Toledo and WMU both seemed to have killed it on the recruiting trail by each of their signings having an average of 3.6 & 4 MAC offers.
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    I get the feeling that this will be one of those games where the outcome is never much in doubt yet not one in which the Zips ever get a huge lead like against EMU. Comfortable, but never completely put them away. Zips 71-59.
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    Did Cheese practice 3's from the other side of Lake Erie or something? These are DEEP. Edit: Did the TEAM practice 3's from the other side of Lake Erie?!
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    I'll take It's All Relative for 500, Alex. You can simply tell watching this team this season that they will be competing in the upper echelon of the MAC this year. They have the talent and depth to overcome their road-game shortcomings of years past, which has single handily torpedoed their seasons. The MAC is wide open for the first time in I don't know how many years, and we'll be right in the thick of things come March. _____________________________________________________________________ Since this is a catch-all thread, here are the opening weekend matchups for the MAC. FRIDAY Toledo @ Balls 61-57 PCCC @ BUGS 79-61 SATURDAY Akron @ EMU 69-45 NIU @ Canada 73-72 Sweaters (OH) @ CMU 93-82 Bobkittens @ Inebriated Horses 77-65
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    Look what happens when they play someone with a pulse. Who would have guessed?
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    This is evolving as a team we will love to see play. Only the center spot is weak. Love our depth. Banks deserved the T and I hope he learns from it. He got the big basket, no need to jaw at his opponent. Show some class, if you have it. LCJ was a star, but he has got to stop driving the lane when it is packed, jumping up in the air and then trying to decide what to do. That has to stop, it's a turnover in the making. I like Rehgi. He is an Akron Homer, but he has no business interviewing ref Phil Bova during the game. The game comes first, interviews fill in for dead air. That interview really pissed me off. On the other hand I love the commentary of Jackie Windon. She is first class and better than the games she gets. I hope she gets noticed by a network.
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    And to you guys for covering the spread. Now take your freshly waxed rear ends back to new england.
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    The kid may be a great player, but the words "Cleveland State transfer" don't exactly strike fear into an opponent!
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    They had Sayles in to defend against this "Big Dog" type player Liberty had. Sayles did great against him but when he was out Sayles was out.
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    I am ever so slightly torn on KSUcks. I think the Akron -v- Kent basketball games are so epic because both are quality programs and the games are tightly contested. As far as sporting events go, those two Akron -v- KSUcks basketball games are yearly highlights. If our respective football programs could both replicate that, man, that could become one absolutely epic football rivalry. It's already extremely heated and both programs traditionally suck. Plus, the MAC is now 2-0. CMU playing San Diego State at 2:30 today.
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    Felt like a MAC tourney game. They held tough. Didn't panic unlike myself
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    Whew - on the web those last four seconds took forever. Cool I'll head down to the championship game tomorrow. This would have been a fun game to be at thanks for making it at 2:30 on a Friday schedule makers.
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