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    Last year, 4-8 Bowden beat - Northwestern Morgan State (4-7 FCS) Kent State in OT (2-10) CMU (1-11) We lost 9-of-11 starters on defense, and that defense carried the 2018 team. Due to the timing of his hire he completely missed out on the initial signing day. We lost our best returning WR, Jonah Morris, before the season even started. Shocking that we're bad in 2019. Who knew? Arth is a good person, and a hard worker. He's legitimately focusing on NE Ohio recruits, which is something Akron fans have bemoaned for years. Everyone here should support the guy. Against a lot of odds, his staff and team are busting their ass to bring Akron a winner. If you repeatedly post on ZipsNation bitching about Arth, you're just trying to bring the program down. And bring the supporters down. And that is not why I pay the money, and spend the time, to run a nice site that represents UA well. People that repeatedly bitch make ZipNation toxic and drive good, interesting, fun fans away. That won't fly.
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    The 2019 recruiting class was so hard to follow and rightfully so. And this 2020 class does have one lingering wild card in Mikal Dawson. Let me just say, Deuce Deuce, if you're out there - bust your ass and qualify!! I am really bullish on this guy and want to see him play for the Zips. All we know is that he didn't qualify for this season. But at the same time he has welcomed new players to Akron on his twitter account and his twitter avatar still declares himself a proud Zip recruit. So I have to believe it's his scholarship to lose. https://twitter.com/_23Dawson?lang=e If Dawson qualifies, that would leave one scholarship left for the 2020 class since we just added point guard, Garvin Clarke. When you study Verbal Commits you will notice a concentration of offers at the Power Forward position. That would be nice. And as mentioned by Dirtyolcrowe, a blitz of offers has been unleashed over the last few days including a shooting guard, a few wings and our latest walk-on Forward, Enrique Freeman might be in the running for a scholarship according to VC. So maybe Dawson is not a lock? Or maybe at this point Groce will take the best player he can get regardless of position? Those of you who spend time around campus please report any recruit sightings. The early signing period is coming up (November 13 - 20). We should know more about this class soon enough. http://www.verbalcommits.com/schools/akron
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    Bowden won some games, got us a bowl, got us into a MAC champ game. This guy has gotten us the WORST TEAM IN D1 Title on only 5 weeks. Sorry, this is a bad joke. The players are leaving because, lets face it, anyplace is better than this place. They should just fire him today and appoint an interim coach. Enough of this nonsense.
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    As always, taking photos and subsequently posting and commentating the day after a disappointing loss is a losing proposition. But I took the trip up to Amherst and thought I'd post what I thought might be interesting to Zips fans who'd never been to Amherst, and who may not have been able to watch the game. My wife and I arrived in Amherst Thursday night. It is roughly a 2-hour drive from Logan Airport to the UMass campus. Too bad we drove it in the dark, and in a rainstorm, because everyone who drove in during the day told me it was a scenic drive. Amherst is tucked away in the woods of western Massachusetts. The last 30 or so miles it took to get there reminded me of a trip to OU, winding through several rural small towns. We stayed at a bed and breakfast about 0.5 miles from the downtown restaurant and bar district, and a little over 1 mile to the UMass campus. We explored the campus during the day, and felt really old at night as we hit the bars where many of the kids were approaching 1/3 our age! But it was a great time. UMass has a small lake in the center of campus. If you take the library elevator to the 23rd floor you can see the entire campus, with the hillside in the background. It was surprising that we wore Akron gear the entire day, but not one person mentioned the game or seemed to notice. The game was promoted on campus. The stadium was open during the day, so we were able to get in and take some pictures. There was a great pizza joint on campus. Antonio's. Giant New York slices. We got some tortellini slices to end our Friday night. I wish there was a place like this in the Akron area! We set up shop in Lot 22, only 2 blocks from the stadium. It was a vibrant tailgate scene. Lots of cars, tents and music. Travelling by plane, it was tough to "seriously" tailgate, but we did the best we could. UMass fan Steve 1981 visited ZipsNation and invited us to his tailgate, so we stopped over and said hello. Super-nice guy, with a great wife and group of friends. I can't tell you how many great people I've met via ZipsNation.org, both in the Akron area, and across the country. We tailgated with new friends 3rd&twenty and his wife, and met up with Akronites Dave and Geno inside the stadium. UMass had a large, gated-off section where the students tailgated before the game. It was an absolute mob scene. Kids piled in from the dorms by the hundreds. It was like an army of ants! Unfortunately, the bulk of the students head back to the dorms after the block party. Very few made it in to the stadium. Game result aside, it was a great trip. If you've never traveled to a Zips away game, you should. I've seen some great wins @ Northwestern, Army, NC State and Navy over the years. Some close shaves at Wisconsin and Virginia. And some clunkers like yesterday. But it's always a great time travelling and supporting the Zips. See you @ Auburn next year!
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    It is doubtful that either Ali or Edwards will be redshirts. Both have enough talent to see the floor during games. Remember that Edwards was originally a Buffalo commit. He is a prototypical Buffalo recruit, 6'6", long arms, fast and super athletic. After seeing Ali this week I was impressed with his size, athleticism and ability to handle the ball. You don't get quality players if you tell them you are going to redshirt them.
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    I cannot figure out the personnel decisions this staff makes. Arth seems to be going with "his guys" and it doesn't seem to be paying off. Players like Sampson, Brimage, and Lloyd were all regular contributors in prior years but hardly get on the field on D, if at all. DBs - How don't we know who our starting DBs are yet? Tried multiple guys at FS the first few games and ultimately settled on Davis. Oddly enough, Zaire Jacobs, who we all would have thought would have been the natural replacement with Davis at CB, never seemed to get a real look and now he's gone. We've also seemingly had endless combinations of whose at corner. True fresh Cochran seems to be settled in on one side, but Riley or Hooks...who is better...please make a decision, and are neither of them really better than a true freshman? Linebackers - Started the season with Watts at ILB, then moved to Bubba, now Glover. Scott and Richardson seem to both take extended turns at OLB opposite of Ward. Running backs - How does Floyd not get on the field at all? The player the staff seems the highest on (Lee) is the least effective to me. Too many negative plays for the usage he gets. Why bench your starting RB for the game after a fumble? Burton might be the highest I'm on of RBs that actually get on the field, but he's a 3rd string walk on oddly enough. QBs - It worked out I guess, but pulling Kelley as quick as they did for a true freshman seemed like and odd choice to me...but if the true freshman is better, why the heck wasn't he the back up to begin with? Oline - we sure like to experiment at every other position group, but not here for whatever reason and here is where we should be experimenting the most. I get there aren't much options, but at least try something. Recruits - all of these true freshman are getting playing time, except our two highest rated recruits in Thomas and Hayes-Patrick.What? We just seem all over the place in who we are playing and I can't follow the logic. We need to play the best players and only put in subs when they need breaks. Screw this platooning bull crap. Has our staff really been that bad at evaluating performance over camp and practice that all this crap changes on a week to week basis? Are they making a conscious decision to sacrifice winning now to get young players more time in hopes that its pays off down the road? If so, proceed with caution. I sat through 1-15 and 0-16 Browns seasons and nobody came out of that with their jobs. Playing your best players and coming up short is one thing. I can understand that, but from what I can see, we either don't know who our best players are or aren't trying to win at all costs this season and even fans as tolerant and optimistic as myself have to take issue with that.
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    Each of us fans, long term or otherwise, is ENTITLED to demonstrate our displeasure with the team we love, so long as we are not menacing, or profane, or Etc. etc. I booed them openly and loudly on Saturday. Not sure I have ever done that before, and if so, it has been decades since. l have abiding affection and support for our coaches, and for our players. But all that will NEVER compare to the undying love I have for University of Akron Soccer. This program is bigger than any one of them, and it is bigger than any one of us. Our team is woefully shabby and lousy right now. Without grit. Without pride. And I am FULLY justified in angrily expressing myself about it. I make no apology in doing so. Appalling? Appalling?!? Repeated lame-assed slow hospital balls across one’s own goal mouth is truly appalling! Get real. I will be there Wednesday in full voice. You know where to find me.
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    Brandon Biscoff St.V-M is still playing. I know for certain he plays on all kickoffs.
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    Hard to say considering I haven't seen what he will look like in Groce offense or know how he will fit in with the other cast of players. Personally, I'd think Knapke, German, Sibande, or Graves would be the early season favorites. Edit: The more respectable preseason polls should be coming out in about 2 weeks. You should get a better sense of where people see him relative to others by then.
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    So what lame ass excuse some of you gonna come up with this week
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    There seems to be a huge uptick in players transferring. There is no guarantee Gibson will even stay for 5 years. I'd say start Gibson if it's believed he gives us the best chance at winning.
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    Well there you go. 0-12 is better than 11-0 if you are Akron.
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    Awesome news!!!! Just what the doctor ordered for Zips fans! Onward and upward!
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    Zips win!!!!! They executed well this evening.
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    I think they will be more "mentally" talented. There were a few emotional drains on the team the last couple years. Groce has the players HE can connect with and work with now.
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    Thank you. Change is hard and transitioning to a new coach and system is harder for everyone. Like I do with the basketball team, I look around the MAC and see what's going on with the other schools and how they are improving after hitting rock bottom. The reasonable approach is to look at what's going on at Eastern Michigan and Buffalo and also at Kent, although with Kent it's still too early. At EMU and Buffalo, those coaches had a rocky start over the first two seasons and then things got a lot better. Leipold at Buffalo was a DIII coach at Whitewater and has done a great job at Buffalo. Creighton at EMU was at Wabash and Drake and had rough couple years at EMU before turning around that program. Kent almost reached the Orange Bowl then a bad coach crashed the program. The word on the ground is that the new coach is making things happen after an awful first season in Ravenna. Just going to take time. However, until Arth begins winning this board will be held hostage by the trolls. They need a place to vent as well.
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    A 1200 word essay on why Larry Williams sucks is hard to ignore! I just love it when a person with an agenda goes at it on an anonymous DISCUSSION forum with a zeal that indicates they think it will make a difference.
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    Don't bet on it bigzipguy, I'm not happy at all with this start, nor the play and lack of scoring, but I'm still willing to think we can rally and win the MAC and get the autobid to the NCAAs. Not sure we'll go very deep and certainly won't see a home match or a first round bye, but this team's core is still proud to the extent that they know what it means to keep that streak alive, and may have to (and may already have) adjusted their seasonal goals to a MAC Championship and a berth in the NCAAs.
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    With all due respect We have no O line No D No running game No passing game. No coaching. Did I leave anything out? Someone please send a telegram the the "coach": This is not the NFL. Last place does not get better draft picks.
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    Zips knot it at 1 with 53" left in the half.
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    You must have gone to the Long Island Medium when she was at the Civic Theater 😉. As for Kato, he has always been for Kato first and foremost. Good riddance.
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    Huskies scored 3 goals in second half. Mountaineers had 15 corner kicks, Huskies had 2
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    Sad, we never got to see his complete potential, he owns several of the off season records at WR on the boards & if he participated in an NFL combine he would be a top 5 guy with 40, vertical & shuttle run
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    Jake Fischer is no longer with the team.
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    Correct. I went with red for "red shirt". Also, each gold shade represents a different class.
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    No we are not....why can’t you get it through your head that just because we wanted to see a coaching regime that had given up on the season, the team, the school, and the few hundred left that attend games...that we are defenders or fans of the current staff. Mutually exclusive....look it up.
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    They issued a statement and said both cars will be on track. This was for their 2nd car that they have run part time this year. The actually just announced they are fielding 2 full time cars next year with Ross Chastian. Ross is one of the hottest up and coming drivers. This is a pretty big get for Kaulig Racing. Ross has all the talent in the world and is supper aggressive. He is the kind of guy you love when he is on your team or hate him if he is not.
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    Damn fine work! Thank you! Very enlightening.
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    I was back in town for this game, and genuinely excited to have homecoming on a beautiful October day against Kent. The team's poor execution on the field left me with a sick feeling (or perhaps it was the food trucks at the alumni tailgate). It reminded me how low the floor is for teams in the MAC - not only do you not win games, but you don't even really compete. Unlike the Ianello years, I think the Akron players had a lot of talent, they just weren't working to their potential nor working with each other as one unit. Arth has a lot to work with, but unless he figures out how to bring them up to FBS Gameday speed, it's going to be a couple of long winless years. I don't expect miracles with a coaching change, but the quick reversion back to how we looked pre-Bowden gives me a new appreciation for everything Terry was able to accomplish at the University. Is Hoban's coach available at a price the University can afford? They played Saturday night and looked like they would give these Zips a run for their money - maybe Arth could use him on the staff.
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    The Zips get beat handily again by Kent State. Fortunately, the Zips beat BGSU in early November to avoid going winless.
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    ......because someone had to start it
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    If we play Akron Soccer, we can get a result tonight. Bet those FL boys won't like playing in the colder weather.
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    You're damn right 8-5 with a first Bowl-Win in school History is a "good season" because WE'D NEVER HAD IT BEFORE! If you think Akron is going to do any better than that under Arth, you're flat out delusional. Because there is ZERO indication the Zips will approach anywhere near that level of "success" before Arth is jettisoned. And NO I'M NOT SAYING THAT TO HURT THE PROGRAM: I'm saying it because it's objectively true until Arth et al. Prove otherwise. The Zips 2019 are more circa 2011/2010 than circa 2015. Oh...as for the won 40% of his games...if you exclude the 1st season (which y'all tell me is a "rebuilding year" so it doesn't count...therefore we must apply that logic to Bowden as well) he won 49%. One more winning season would have gotten that over 50%. For Context (because it matters) Frank Solich, has won 57% of his games in his 14 year tenure at Ohio. In his first 6-years (to compare to Bowden) he was 40-36 with two Bowl appearances (no wins) and one MAC Championship appearance. Bowden (excluding his first year) was 34-41 with two Bowl Appearances (one win) and one MAC Championship Appearance. I personally believe Frank Solich and Ohio's last 14-years SHOULD be what we would Want here in Akron. Stability, and a CHANCE to shine every couple of years to every year. Using the logic being presented here Frank Solich would have been jettisoned in 2008 after going 4-8 , two years removed from a Bowl game and a year prior to them going 9-5 with a MACC and third bowl appearance (Bowden was 4-8 and only ONE year removed from a MACC appearance and Bowl-game). All we bitter people are trying to point out is that perhaps, maybe, the decision was made prematurely. Especially when he had two more years on his contract (that we are still paying him for right now). Did we really gain ANYTHING by jettisoning him and Bringing in 0-5 Arth? We don't think so. And we are objectively correct.
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    I believe that the university doesn't benefit from the exposure as much as it could because no one who is in a position to take advantage of it does. Regardless of what non-soccer folks think, the sport is growing. Ohio has a new, outstanding MLS team in Cincinnati. Hopefully, when the new stadium opens in Columbus, we will see fans who rival those of LAFC, DC United, the Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, and FC Cincy (all places I've personally attended matches.) When I wear Akron gear to these games, someone always recognizes our program. As your signature says "think small be small". The UA Board of Trustees keeps hiring unenergetic, uncharasmatic small thinkers. I only use the lack of marketing around our soccer program as an example. I think I can say the same of the UA Engineering College. UA design teams, such as the racing teams or the Akronauts compete well, but I don't see that much exposure.
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    I personally think Tyler Cheese will have the biggest impact on the team this year.
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    "We are excited to welcome Tom Arth to the University of Akron," Director of Athletics Larry Williams said. "Tom's experience in leading two programs and his ties to Northeast Ohio made him the exceptional candidate to elevate our program. Not only does Tom have a tremendous football IQ, but he cares deeply about the student-athletes and their future endeavors." He was a D3 head coach for 4 years and destroyed the UTC program in two years. The Chattanooga AD won the lottery in that Williams PAID HIM $370,000 to take away his losing head coach.
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    Posting facts about past records does not mean someone has given up. It's interesting how you post so little here, but yet you seem to consider yourself such a great fan. Part of being a fan is discussing what's happening, good and bad. Life isn't always rosy.
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    Capn, you are the best. Thanks for these pics and the summary. When I first went into sales, I had New England as my territory, but our company had us live in the NEO and travel out each week. I had an account in Amherst, and one in Pittsfield. Back then USAir was around and flying lots out of Pittsburgh, and I always flew CAK to Pitt and then to Albany NY to cover these accounts and the countryside was spectacular, plus I found several little 9 hole golf courses that still used sand tees. Great food all over. anyway, thanks again for passing on the flavor of the away games....
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    We are probably the worst football team in division one and it is costing Akron $370, 000 to Tennessee Chatanooga to buy our Arth's contract, $630, 000 to pay Bowden's salary over the next 2 years and $500,000 to pay Arth's salary. Does anyone want to extend the contract of our Athletic director, Larry Williams?
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    class of 2021 Marquael Parks of Orrville had 190 yards rushing on 19 carries and 4 catches for 100 yards receiving and scored 6 TDs in Orrville's 47-43 instant classic, shoot-out win over previously unbeaten Northwest at Canal Fulton on 09/27/2019 Parks had a 69 yard catch for a TD: Parks displays some nice moves on this reception for a gain of 21 yards: Parks also had TD runs of 54, 29, 20, 10 and 5 yards: Parks HUDL highlights vs Northwest (warning: hand-held shakiness)
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    I'm with you, fknbuflobo. I love my team and will follow them through adversity and success. I try to do all I can and am allowed to do to support them. I will be in my seat at my usual time looking forward to the true beginning of another great season. Forget what is past. Let's get this rolling this Saturday. Go Zips!
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    (PFOWYOC) Pillow Fight of the Week of the Year of the Century
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    I don’t have the answer(s) either, but creativity to open up spaces has seemed non-existent; passing is often errant; and relying on a single forward has been relatively fruitless, especially when frustration sets in. Injuries, short time between games and being on the road all seem to have added to the issues. Hopefully being at home and having 6 days off will help.
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    I love Arth's demeanor. He's a teacher who remains positive. I would have loved to have played for a coach like Arth.
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    Not according to ESPN Alvin Davis 17 tackles, THREE for a loss! 🤯 If this dude doesn't get a look by some NFL team ...
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    Kent pounded BG today. I'm not looking forward to that game either.
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    The first question shows the sad state of affairs. Go Zips! I will be there early to cheer on my alma mater.
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    @kreed5120 don’t waste your time, Balsy has crossed over to the no common sense zone, can’t talk to him anymore
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