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    I'll post photos in the morning, long day, I'll leave you with one for tonight...
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    Hello Zips Nation, I am first and foremost an Illinois Fighting Illini basketball fan. However, I am still a believer in John Groce, the man and the coach. In all of my time following sports I have never seen anyone or any team experience such lousy breaks as he had here. And through it all he fought with grit and grace. You have a decent man running your program. You will never have to worry about NCAA violations and his family is an asset to any community. You also have a fighter who will have your teams playing their best basketball at the end of the year when it matters. I am personally frustrated because I didn't get to see his vision come together so I have decided to adopt Akron if you will allow me. I know absolutely nothing of the MAC Conference and even less about Akron basketball, but I intend to learn. I can share my experience watching the Groce system for 5 seasons for those with questions, but remember I am just a fan like yourselves. Go Zips!!
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    An entertainingmoment from the press conference, summarized, here. Bowden: We are the Akron Zips, which is our mascot, the kangaroo, which is [named] Zippy, that comes from actually a zipper that came from a boot. But now that that’s all said, the players really like the Z [helmet sticker], The Z is a cool thing. They like that better than the kangaroo head. Kiffin: I’m not very educated. Did you just say there’s live kangaroos in Akron? Bowden (referring to Kiffin’s previouse school, Alabama, which has an elephant as a mascot): There are no elephants in Tuscaloosa. You know the deal. People do crazy things. People do crazy things. I grew up in West Virginia we had the Mannington Gators. There’s no gators in West Virginia, either. But anyway. Mayor Haynie: We have Owls. Kiffin: I’ve actually not seen an Owl, so that might not be true, really. I saw raccoons on our campus this morning when I was driving in, though.
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    I'd rather not accept any donations for one reason - once you accept money, then it complicates the issue of removing someone if they get out-of-line. I couldn't deal with the "I paid my $10 so I'll say whatever I want!!" guy. It also keeps anyone from inferring that I'm doing something shady with the funds. I reserve the right to change my mind if costs escalate...but for now they aren't too bad so it's not a big deal to fund it. I do appreciate your offer to help!
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    My wife was the one who decorated it and made the Z. ........... but my wife also chose the fight song for our wedding recessional and gave me a blue and gold wagon wheel with a name plate that says on 8/15 we tied the knot and kent state still sucks. It took me awhile to find Ms Section210Zip but she was definitely the right one
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    This came in todays mail. I always pay my gambling debts. No matter who on this board won the bet, tbe real winner was Zips Athletics.
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    The crowd was great yesterday; and when the boys looked up into the stands all they saw were people that wanted to show support. They had no idea or cared what the count was; and it was enough for them.
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    Any chance you can find about 20,000 more students to do the same thing, before 7pm tonight?
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    I love KD. I worked with him at Prudential Securities while I was an intern in college. When I started I didn't know who he was, but he was friendly to me. When he finally told me his story one day he got teary eyed. I love what he did for the program. Having said that, I was getting kinda bored with the program's stagnation. The last handful of years was like watching Groundhog Day. KD took us as far as he could. He was as steady as they come. I'm expecting more highs and more lows with Groce. And I'm looking forward to that, even if we do have to suffer through a year of growing pains. I was always fairly certain with KD's Zips we'd be a premier MAC team and compete in Cleveland every year... but never do anything special on a national level (NCAA). And let's not forget, to give Dambrot credit where credit is due: Sayles and Parrish are both Dambrot recruits. They both look like they're going to be great players. Duquesne can have Hughes & Dunn-Martin. I'm more grateful for the open scholarships their departure provided. It allowed us to sign LePear Toles who's game, honestly, reminds me a lot of Parrish.
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    I went with 16-19 just because they are young and have yet to muster the intensity necessary to defend consistently and win on the road. That said, 20+ would not surprise me at all. The talent is there to win 20+. This will be my first trip around the MAC so let's go beat the kitties and can't state. : )
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    We have a "cannon" that shoots tee shirts into the second row. I feel bad for the kids up top...they scream like crazy for a shirt, and 99.7% of them land in Blue Hair Land. How many shirts can the elderly use? We need an "Adult Diaper Cannon" if we aren't going to fix that thing.
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    Wishing you guys all the best in Detroit tomorrow. I'll be wearing my Z pin tomorrow. Go Zips!
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    My son's helmet last night prior to the game as we waited for senior night recognition.....passing the torch...
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    Some observations on our progrum, not necessarily the game: TB earned an extension of at least 2, and probably 3, years. Wilson wants stability and TB gives him that. TB, to his credit, has recruited better than ever and we now have youth and depth. All due to him. We are not playing good football. We are winning, but I doubt we have the fundamentals to beat the really good teams like Toledo. Milwee is still, and has been, a substandard OC. Our special teams suck and they won't get much better until TB gets them a new coach. I can't figure out our OL. I feel they are inferior. Is it talent or is it coaching or is it a combination of the two? TB does not coach, he manages the team. He delegates to his OC, DC and special teams coach. That is not a value judgement. It is just a statement of fact. If he can win that way it tickles me plum to death. Kato is clearly our QB. I have not been a TB supporter, but I very much respect the man because he made this hard decision which told TW that you must put the team first and TW's actions did not do that. Toledo will probably beat the hell out of us in Detroit. I will be taking 10 people there to support the Zips despite this. Miracles do happen. Recruiting and our future look very good. Good Lord! I never get tired of beating Kent. Well done Zips. The better team won. 7-5 feels real good. Find a way to win in Detroit.
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    I enjoy reading what other members observe at the game. Even if it's one sentence, one play, one player, something I didn't notice. There is so much going on during the game, you just can't see everything. That's what I enjoy most about ZN. My least favorite thing is when a member feels the need to comment on every post, and feels they have to get the last word in to feel like they are "correct." This is why some insightful members have stop posting.
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    It's funny really, the few people on this board that were so bored with winning the MAC and just missing those NCAA wins, have now turned Keith Dambrot into some kind of villain. I don't get it, but to each their own. The guy did unimaginable things with a program that was mediocre at best for decades. Imagine a football coach coming in and winning 8 to11 games per year for a decade. He moves on, are you mad we didn't win a New Years bowl?
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    Can't we be supporters of both of their Zip eras?
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    Is there ever a "pass the hat" time of year for contributors to pitch in on the funding of the site?
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    Hi. New student here. I haven't been to a football game before. I'm planning on going to the game after my evening class tomorrow. Can anyone tell me where a good place to park is. I'd like to be able to park over near the stadium so I can just hop on Rt 8 after the game. Also does anyone know if there is a specific gate for students. Thanks.
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    The Section 210 family Christmas tree is up and ready for an early present on the 19th
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    This is where I'm at in my thinking. I'm just having fun thus far watching our chemistry develop and watching a new system. Man, are we athletic! Next year, good grief watch out!
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    We have a pretty good Engineering department at UA. Maybe some physics major can figure this one out?
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    Poke was good around the basket and showed his offense has improved some. He range has increased from point blank range dunks to 3 feet. His free throw shooting has improved. I like how Groce jumps a kid but then takes a minute to give direction. He'll also yank a kid, give him hell, then get him back in. I like the short memory. His assistants are also well engaged in the process. Still not sure how that Smith kid ended up on the floor. He's not in the yearbook or on the online roster. I think maybe he won a student raffle.
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    A little more attendance detail for the bowl game (this is year 4)... December 23, 2014 Marshall 52 Northern Illinois 23 - attendance: 29,419 December 22, 2015 Toledo 32 Temple 17 - attendance: 25,908 December 20, 2016 Western Kentucky 51 Memphis 31 - attendance; 24,726 Capacity for the stadium is just under 30k. Our students will already be out for the semester, so I don't expect a huge contingency - they have been relatively small but very loud all season in the North endzone. The bowl is run by the same group that puts on the Orange Bowl, so it is a class act and I think your players and coaches will be treated well and will enjoy the experience. And let's face it, the campus is 5 minutes from the beach and it will probably be upper-70s to around 80 degrees. So the fans that come should also enjoy it, too. Say what you will about Kiffin (and Briles), but coaching has been the difference. FAU got a lot of good and bad publicity for the "Last Chance U" stuff between signing day and our opening game, but in reality there are very few new players making a huge impact on the team - the biggest contributors are kids that were already on the roster or a true Freshman WR (Wright). John Franklin (grad-transfer from Auburn) has some highlights, but this has been kids who were 3-9 last year winning 10 games this year. Driskel (QB) was inserted as the starter against Buffalo and struggled that game, but since then we have gone even more up-tempo and started running all kinds of schemed running plays and teams have struggled to keep up. And our best WR (Woods) was suspended for the first half of the season, but watch the CUSA championship game and you can see he will most likely be playing on Sundays next year. Sorry for the long posts. I try to be respectful on other people's boards, but given we don't know much about each other I thought I would provide some insight into how the program has turned around, how this team has turned around since week 4, and some of the players to watch.
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    Not sure if this will help anyone but being a Philadelphia resident originally from Akron and a big Zips fan I felt the need to pass along some general Philly info for anyone making the trip. I am also a Philadelphia Union season ticket holder so I spend a lot of time at Talen Energy Stadium. I hope we have lots of Zips fans in the building Friday as I will be there and the Browns Backers of Philly is pushing to get some local Zips fans to attend. It's only a 6.5 hour drive from Akron so that's the closest College Cup they have been in. Talen Energy Stadium Info: Beautiful stadium even better than the Crew stadium which some of you are probably familiar with. Great views of the Delaware river, good food options, plenty of free parking close, and good tailgating usually. All that said, the neighborhood stinks. It's actually Chester PA which is 15 minutes south of Philly towards Wilmington Delaware. Very poor and run down neighborhood with no bars or restaurants near by. However the stadium and parking lots are very safe with tons of police all around the area for gameday's. Just make sure you park at the Talen Energy lots and not the neighborhood ones off the ramp. The stadium ones are free all weekend so don't pay any lot! I wanted to warn everyone about the neighborhood but please don't let this stop you from attending. The stadium is one of the best facilities in the MLS. Tickets. Not a bad seat in the entire stadium. . They are also offering a $15 extra ticket to get into the Tru Mark Financial Club. If you want to be inside at times this is a solid option. Still a great view of the stadium and you'll get access to outdoor seats still along with better restrooms, better food options and a nice bar. Philly info: Center City (downtown) is awesome, safe, tons to do and 20 minutes from the stadium. Hotels will be more expensive but you could walk around all weekend outside going to the game. There would also be a ton of great AirBNB options in Center City. If you don't want to go downtown the airport area is the closest to the stadium with reasonably priced hotels. Downside less choices of restaurants near by. You could go Wilmington DE area as prices would be cheaper and you'd have a real easy drive to the stadium up 95. Last hotel area is King of Prussia. Wealthy suburb with the 2nd biggest mall in america and tons of great food options. Also 25 minute drive to the stadium. When we beat Stanford Friday hopefully a lot of fans can stay till Sunday. Some ideas for that Saturday. First Army vs Navy game is in town even if you don't have $200 to go to that game it's a pretty fun day, great tailgating and then just hit a bar. The bar scene is best in center city, on south street, and Fishtown/Northern Liberties. As far as sight seeing, go check out Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell tons of free history stuff to do. Go grab a cheesesteak and see the rocky statue. I know all the generic stuff but it's fun to be a tourist. Lots of good museums also, revolutionary war museum, multiple art musueums, Franklin Institute, and a local favorite the mutter museum. Hope this helped someone, hope you come enjoy this awesome city of Philly and hope to see you at the stadium Friday night. Go Zips!
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    Wait...it's on a TUESDAY NIGHT? The MAC are the masters of Tuesday night football! Take the Zips plus the points!!!!!!
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    You may not recall some of my previous posts about this over the years. But back in our Akron student days, several of us came up with the name CONDOME
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    Last 3 college cups 2015 - Akron, Stanford, Clemson and Syracuse 2016 - Wake Forest, Denver, Stanford, N. Carolina 2017 - Akron, Stanford, N. Carolina, Indiana 3 programs only...that have been to at least 2 college cups in the last 3 years...Akron, Stanford and N. Carolina. Akron soccer is truly special....an elite program. President Matthew Wilson better be doing a video this week....since he did one for the football team that got destroyed in a conference championship game This is an NCAA title......that the zips are going for.... There was a heck of a send off party...for the football team.... there better be a send off party to raise the roof....for this group of student athletes buses galore for the football team.....there better be buses available for the AK rowdies to support the "futbol" team
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    Whats the point of playing Woodson?-- give Kato the valuable experience that will help him progress
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    Nice! They must be excited about getting to see Akron win the MAC championship in person.
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    Coach Bowden will have a bowl announcement press conference on Sunday at 4 pm.
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    Who cares??? They should be marketing it, no matter what the interest is.
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    I forgot to mention this: Winningest Record in Infocision Stadium History. 5-1 at home this season. Go Zips!
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    Then why have the player's name on the back of the jersey? Blatant focus on the individual as far as I'm concerned. I remain extremely worried how we will ever win on the road, with the opponent's scoreboard keeping running tallies of our players points and fouls. And, what if a member of True Blue yells out "HEY DUVIVIER...YOU HAVE 9 POINTS AND THREE FOULS!!" while we're at Buffalo? Crap...we're doomed. It does give me a deeper appreciation for Keith Dambrot, who won 87 percent of the games he coached at the JAR despite having the player's points and fouls being displayed at both ends of the floor. The guy was a miracle worker.
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    A Keith Dambrot led team losing an early season game against a team it probably has no business losing to? What!?!?
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    This is pretty silly, IMHO. I've seen Mark in practice, and I can promise you he has every bit the athleticism you've determined he doesn't have. His speed up the court is top half of the team. Should we read into Sayles only getting 6 minutes that he's a project? Game 1, friends, game 1.
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    My god. The kid has played 2 minutes ever!
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    I think we should all be in agreement that if you lose to Kent, you suck.
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    Yep, I don't get the obsession. I don't give any more of a $h!+ about Keith Dambrot at this juncture than I do about Bobby Hurley, Tubby Smith, Steve Alford or any other of the hundreds of college coaches in the USA. I'm not overly angry or sour about him leaving and appreciate his contributions, but once he moved on so did my interest in what he's doing.
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    The thing I like best about Poke is that he gets it all out of effort. Don't get me wrong, he's a freak raw athlete with his size and jumping ability, but it is obvious that the game is relatively new to him and does not come naturally. He counters that "awkwardness" by just pure effort, hard play and soaking in all he can from the coaches.
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    Well, the Zips just played their best home game of the season against the best team they've seen at the JAR so far. Some defensive lapses early in the second half but otherwise a solid effort. Fantastic ball movement tonight. P.S. I was happy to see NWAkron come out of it unscathed by the t-shirt cannon. He flinched a little when it rolled out, but never took his eye off of it and stood in there like a champ!
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    I don't know if anyone mentioned this already or not because I haven't read every post, but we are winning games pretty much the opposite of the way we used to. We actually have a higher free throw percentage than our opponents, we seem to out-rebound our opponents and when some one has the hot hand, coach Groce actually lets them dominate. The change in philosophy is very refreshing!
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    Re question 1: First I eliminated the other MAC bowl teams since no bowl would pair Akron with one of them. Next I evaluated the win/loss record, Sagarin ratings, and other proprietary data data for all the rest of the teams participating in a bowl and concluded we would lose to: Air Force, Alabama, Appy State, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Auburn, Baylor, Boise State, BYU, Cal, Cincinnati, Clemson, Colorado State, Connecticut, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Southern, Houston, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Louisville, LSU, Marshall, Memphis, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Middle Tenn, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Navy, NC State, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Penn State, Pitt, San Diego State, South Florida, Southern Miss, Stanford, TCU, Temple, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Tulsa, UCLA, USC, Utah, Virginia Tech, Washington, Washington State, West Virginia, Western KY, and Wisconsin. On the other hand, I concluded that we had a chance of beating: San Jose State and Georgia State (who ended up playing each other in the AutoNation Cure Bowl, as well as Utah State. Re question 2: The Zips game against Utah State was televised nationally on ESPN. We got a win and some national recognition, perhaps not as much as if we got pounded by THE osu, but I'll take the win over nobody Utah State.
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    #ButlerAlsoOfTheMidwestButALittleEast. LOL
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    I am sneaking out of an all day off site meeting and driving 3 hours to be there on Tuesday. I am anticipating the same type of fun atmosphere that we had when we beat Buffalo to claim bowl eligibility in 2015. #GoZips