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    Wow, Akron looked good. Crisp quick passing, quick switching of the field and speed. Great start!
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    I’m glad we’re getting this in prior to facing OSU on November 9.
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    I think you have captured how i feel. I want Arth to succeed. That is good for him, the program, the university and me. I have had little evidence that he or his assistants can coach. Maybe they can, but we are not seeing it. Being critical yet supportive is a reasonable description of my feelings.
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    I love that analogy, LZip. Feeney is Milwee. The head coach's boy who is under qualified and isn't making any progress after a few seasons. I have a hard time believing that our defensive personnel are actually as bad as they seem. There are some great athletes out there. However, they aren't put in any position to be successful. I've never seen a zone defense that allows for so many pass catchers to be open underneath with nobody within 5-10 yards. I feel like I'm watching Rob Senderoff basketball of trying to stick a square peg in a round hole. It's not working. Make some changes. Own that you were wrong and admit it. At this point, that may be the only way to keep a shred of respect from the fan base. Akron dominated that first half outside of 3-4 plays, which just goes to show you the difference between being good and bad in this sport. Catastrophic sequences like that have plagued this program for a long time, and unfortunately much like previous coaching staffs, they lack the ability to lead and motivate. The Irons pick 6 was pathetic, why is that play in the playbook and why would you run it at that point in the game? And I get he's young, but why is he trying to make that throw? That was when I knew right there. I might as well have left. One other thing. In the second half before the game was completely out of reach, Akron was driving somewhat deep into Temple territory. On third down, Irons got rushed and took a bad sack that knocked Akron out of field goal range. I believe a TD would have made it a one-score game. After the play, Temple received a taunting penalty. Great! First and ten at the 20, right?!?! NOPE!!!!! Joey Marousek, Akron's 9th string QB with a headset, said something and ran out onto the field, making the fouls offset, giving Akron a 4th and a mile out of field goal range, leading to a turnover-on-downs. P A T H E T I C. With that said, for my own good and sanity, I'm looking forward to the win next week, as meaningless as it will be. And then we open MAC play with two seemingly similarly bad conference opponents, so I look forward to talking myself into a couple of wins there haha.
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    It is my understanding that the teams academic performance has improved dramatically under the current coaching staff.
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    Based on the pre-season hype that we are developing an offensive juggernaut I am predicting we score 3 points.
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    Love to see the new athletic director tweeting about soccer and the student fans
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    Zips win 7-1! Damn! Now that’s Akron futbol!!!
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    Zips up 4 - 0 against Wright State.
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    I like this team. I’ve met all but one of them now and will meet the remaining 2021 recruit tomorrow night. I challenge them to put ‘21 up on our NCAA Tournament banner. We haven’t had a year there since ‘18. I want to be with our team in Cary, NC in December 2021. Go Zips!!!
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    Liar, liar; pants on fire. During the announcement yesterday of the alliance between the ACC, Big 10 and Pac-12, Big Ten commissioner, Kevin Warren, pushed back on the insinuation that the SEC’s addition of Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12 triggered the alliance. And he did so with a straight face! It’s possible he was just conducting a scientific experiment; testing the stupidity level of the crowd. To their credit, nobody in the audience broke into hysterical laughter.
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    Mr. Gavin is now working for Mr. Porter (known as Caleb to his friends and family) https://www.massivereport.com/2021/3/9/22321915/columbus-crew-announce-staff-additions-for-2021
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    I think this might be a little premature.
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    If that is how you feel, go to Walmart and buy an OSU hat and a Suckeyes shirt. Then, get in your crap colored car and make the drive down I-71 toward Columbus on Saturdays. Just stay the hell away from the Info on the corner of Union and Exchange. I want to enjoy the games with the true Zips fans, even though the numbers of attendees may be few. Akron may have one more low win season, but the young talent is on the verge of a major breakthrough in the not so distant future. And when that happens, I want to enjoy the transformation with those who stuck out the bad times. Fair weathered wussies will jump back on board, but I hope you are firmly implanted at the shoe. Go Zips!!!!!
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    Drop that to $5, make it a 50 yard line seat, pay for my transportation both ways, and throw in a $20 food voucher and I am there for any Saturday game..
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    Aodhan Quinn has another former Zip as a teammate in Phoenix… Phoenix now has Aodhan Quinn Ben Lundt David Egbo Darren Mattocks on their roster.
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    Jonathan Lewis was man of the match https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/recap-la-galaxy-1-colorado-rapids-2
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    Cody is an assistant DL coach at ULM. Glad to see him still in the game. He was a ton of fun to watch play.
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    Bowden creating a buzz for his team. Man do I miss these days
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    Based on the current consensus spread and over/under, the experts are predicting kind of a low scoring blowout. Personally, I predict a 14 point Zips win. How many points will the zips score? https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/las-vegas/?s=2383
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    I like to look towards the future. When the P5 schools go their own way, we won't be ranked this low. Probably just between 60 $ 75.
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    Wouldn’t put much into that
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    I just noticed that Cole Gest has disappeared from the roster on Gozips. Has anyone heard any details on why he is not with the team?
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    Wright State will be a high quality opponent in the season opener. Wright State had an excellent team in 2019. Wright State won the Horizon League tournament in 2019. In the first round of the 2019 NCAA, Wright State defeated Notre Dame (of the ACC) 3-2 in the 2nd round, Wright State had to travel to Ann Arbor to face number 13 seed Michigan. After 2 overtimes., Michigan and Wright State had played to a scoreless draw. Michigan ended up advancing on penalty kicks. Go, Zips !!!
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    I was thinking that Jonas Buechte is a defensive midfielder https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/mens-di-preseason-best-xi-teams-announced_aid49741 Top Drawer soccer selected Jonas as a defender on their pre season all freshman team. Whatever position that he will play, I am looking forward to seeing Jonas on the pitch and I hope that he can contribute a great deal and help the Zips have a great season.
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    Wish him luck but I’ll never forget the Northwestern game when he had 7 penalties in the 1st half. Honestly I don’t know how he kept his job after that.
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    This is pretty unfortunate, the players get a pretty good stipend over the summer months to be at camp. The reason being all the campus benefits are not available and they have more cost those months. There have been years the stipend money has not been available when it was supposed to be. Some players can’t sustain themselves without the stipend and someone is trying to do a good deed. All he was doing is giving an advance on what they have coming. Rules are rules but this instance isn’t a players fault. Have the money available when it’s supposed to be and this is a non issue.
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    Lol. A few players were given cash advance loans ranging from $100-$1,000 as a result of a delay in scholarship money/grants coming through. Once again, embarrassing for sure that this is a headline, but come on.
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    He's actually been in the portal for quite some time. interesting he is just now posting this now. Maybe grades?
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    I’m just hoping my statement isn’t a true statement. I guess my point is on offense Kato is probably #1 & Dre #2. Kato has been suspended for off the field issues & undependable, Dre was ineligible & tried to transfer Defense Bubba #1 and is a undersized LB, I know a warrior & great kid and love having him but no offers cause of size, no ILB’s that short & lucky he got an opportunity, #2 Hooks was ineligible last year Point being - we need to start seeing better recruits to turn this thing around & I’m hopeful this year we see some
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    BS - Stands for best synopsis. Thanks for agreeing that I did a fantastic job of providing a brief summary of the current situation. The cupboard wasn't that bare, except for the Bowden recruits he decided not to sign. Please take a look at the distribution of the grades of the players across the roster and you will quickly see that there are very few juniors and seniors that will be providing meaningful play (Bubba and a few others will). Also, go back over the last few years and look at the current status of Bowden recruits. Many are not in football and few are playing at the D1 level. Arth might have done OK, but hasn't shown any signs of being able to handle D1 level. So far, he has not done OK with the very bad hand dealt him. I do not know if he can handle the D1 level, but he could handle the NFL as a player. For years, there has been a discussion if the New England Patriots were successful because of Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. Belichich has been known as one of if not the best NFL head coach ever. However, last year, Brady leaves, the Patriots go 7-9, and Brady wins the Super Bowl. Coaching is important, but talent is the key factor in winning sports games. When you have not played competitive sports above little league, you probably do not understand this concept. Everyone sees how bad the Zips. Everyone. First of all, the comment is not a complete sentence nor does it make sense as written. However, I believe that my great Akron education allows me to understand what is meant. True, but few understand the root causes and true reasons for the losses. The comment above regarding little league also applies here. Go Zips!!!
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    I agree 100%, from the 100 mile high level review. However, I can see the situation from 2 sides. First, Arth came into a program with a near bare cupboard of talent left by Bowden. In addition, he was hired so late in his first year that he did not sign anyone on the early signing day in December that year. From this perspective, he is in year 2. However, when looking at the flip side, I have questions if he is a good coach. I want to think that a NFL player knows the game of football. However, I have a friend who's son played for him at JCU. He did not see the field. However, after Arth left, my friend's son was first team all conference. So, can he or can he not judge, evaluate, and coach talent. I do like the talent of the young players that Arth has recruited. As long as he is the coach, I will be critical as needed but I will also support the program.
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    Now you have hurt my feelings. For the record; neither of my vehicles is crap colored; one is white the other is black, and it would actually be a physical impossibility for me to drive down I-71 toward Columbus. Go Zips!!!!!!!!
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    My money is that its this guy if we don't hear anything between now and the 1st. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11171444/5f78bbb6b53ef50618e79a75
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    The excitement (for the season) is close to orgasmic. I think we can beat Bryant and maybe one other team. That alone will give us a 100% improvement over last season. Let's see anyone else in the MAC match those gaudy numbers! The excitement our athletic dept is building for this season is off the charts.
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    Picking us behind BG is hard to agree with.
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    "Bassitt suffered a displaced tripod fracture in his cheek and received stitches for two facial lacerations."
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    The World Chase Tag Championships are on ESPN right now. Being held at Goodyear Hall
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    You guys need to check your white privilege. 😶
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    faculty layoffs fallout after a year.. https://www.the-daily-record.com/story/news/2021/07/15/university-akron-layoffs-tenure-one-year-later-lawsuit/7785699002/?utm_source=the-daily-record-Daily Briefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_briefing&utm_term=list_article_thumb&utm_content=OHIO-WOOSTER-NLETTER65 Sue Ramlo, another professor on the list of those who were laid off a year ago who has taken on a leadership role with the group, said not one tenured faculty member who got laid off has found an academic position elsewhere. Following the layoffs, faculty members who lost their jobs and those who kept them pushed back hard on the university for not cutting more from athletics before cutting the academic side of the house. The athletics budget cut about $4 million, but still relies heavily on the university's general fund for support. With a goal of looking for ways to lessen that reliance, the university formed an athletics working group, which contained members of the faculty, to review the finances of the athletics department and make recommendations. After 10 months, the group released its findings and recommendations this month. Chief among them is increasing fundraising, through corporate partnerships and hiring additional people specifically for fundraising in athletics. It also stated leaving the Mid-American Conference and Division I was not a viable option, given the cost of leaving the league.
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    I'm pretty confident that I could not fit into LCJ's gear!
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    This is an absolutely horrendous looking photo shop job / graphic design.
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    Because excitement for the upcoming season is at a fervor pitch, this should help push everyone over the top! Go Zips!
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    Bassitt takes line drive to head and is carted off
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