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    Let's not act like UA suddenly gave up on winning football or forgot how to field a successful DI program. From the record since 1987, it is clear they never learned. Since then, no Akron head coach has been successful. Faust had two winning seasons out of nine. Owens had three out of nine. Brookhart had two out of six. Ianello had none in two years. Knute Bowden only had two in seven years. I don't know what the answer is. I suspect it won't be settled on an internet forum. That type of historical record certainly suggests it's more than just one bad head coach or misguided AD.
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    I actually enjoyed watching the game because the Zips played very smart and disciplined basketball attacking the zone. LCJ looked like a leader and made several nice floaters in the paint. The Zips only took one bad 3 point shot and that was by LCJ. Both Cheese and Williams were able to attack the zone when they got the ball at the elbow by the foul line. They both made some nice 12 foot jump shots or faked the jump shot and attacked the rim. The Zips only took 12 3 pointers and 2 came at the end of the game when they were running out the clock. Groce did a great job coaching our team on how to attack the zone. Williams finally had a good game shooting and went 6 of 12. He had 6 turnovers but many of the turnovers were passes that were miscommunications between him and another player. I have been down on William because of his poor shot selection but I heard him on the post game show and he is a very articulate guy and does play by play on e sports. During the interview he indicated that he watched the film and noticed that he has been taking to many difficult shots and he needed to take better shots. He indicated that he had been settling for easy shots. I only saw him take one poor shot tonight, a 3 pointer. I hope he watches the film tonight and realizes he has the talent to score 20 points a game without shoot 10 3 balls. He is a great foul shooter. Really impressed with Cheese and Banks. This team has some real talent and was fun to watch tonight.
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    Nice, a new topic to discuss. Fun
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    recruiting class is up to 5 now.... a former Atlanta United Academy teammate of Natnael McDonald....will join the zips in 2020 https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/high-school-soccer-article/daily-recruiting:-picking-for-2020-2021_aid47353 BOYS Remi Smith, Midfielder, Atlanta United Class: 2020 Commitment: Akron "The soccer program was good and I felt like to school fit me well," Smith said. "I liked the atmosphere around the team. I got the feeling that the players and the coaches were very close and had good relationships." Smith also was considering Brown and FIU.
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    The Zips head off to Louisville this Sunday to face the #2 Cardinals. Louisville has recovered from Rick Pitino carousing with floozies on restaurant tables and assistants providing strippers for recruits. The Cardinals are projected to finish third in the ACC, behind Duke and North Carolina, and were ranked 5th in the AP preseason poll. Junior forward Jordan Nwora was the 2019 ACC Most Improved Player and was named ACC Preseason Player of the Year. Louisville returns six of their seven leading scorers from last year. Interestingly, they have had 3 common opponents with the Zips in the young season, beating YSU 78-55, NCC 87-58 and SCU 76-50.
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    #4 was actually the HOF drum and Bugle show. 15k attendance. All in the west stands.
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    I'm sorry, but this is ridiculously fallacious thing to say. The MAC is not the BIG-10 where schools can afford to fire coaches year-in-year-out. The schools in the MAC DO NOT have the name draw an OSU/Purdue/Minnesota, has. By virtue of their name recognition alone they can draw in players. Akron cannot. If Akron had said 5-7 wasn't good enough and fired Bowden it wouldn't have had it's first 8-win season the following year. We both know it. Like seriously, what UNIVERSE are some of you Akron Zips fans living in!?
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    (would be nice if for the holiday everyone could stop the pile on .) Today I'm thankful for the Transfer Portal and all the gifts it will bring Zips football in 2020!
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    So it's the YSU Quisenberry's vs. the Akron Zips. Got it. Keep the effort up, and good things will happen. Out-efforting a team will make up for not shooting lights out. We have the talent to compete at the top of the MAC; establish the fundamentals early this OOC season, and we'll be in good shape. Go Zips!
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    Man was I impressed with Tribble toward the end of the game when he was our #1 scoring option on the floor. He's got a scorer's mentality and is a serious athlete. He's gonna be a good one! I love the way Ali moves and handles the ball for someone 6'8" but wish he had more of that scorer's mentality that comes so naturally to Tribble. X has MAC POY potential.
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    Skye Harter made a strong case tonight that his absence this season really affected the team more than we fans recognized. Thanks, Skye. You can hold your head high, knowing that you left it all on the pitch.
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    My nephew is the right guard for Hoban. I was at Benedictine vs.Hoban this year & Rosser had a bad game, dropped some easy passes. Coach Z was there for the first half. If Hoban has a weakness it is their passing defense & Benedictine did throw fairly well against Hoban but Rosser did not play well. IMO, which isn’t much
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    Right around the 7:55 mark of the 3rd Quarter of the EMU game, the ESPN color man noted something above my pay grade and light years beyond George Thomas' competence. He said that the Zips don't block the defense's linebackers? And that he had asked Arth about this perplexing strategy earlier in the week and Arth had said they prefer not to do that as it has something to do with the RPO they run and they like their OL to focus on blocking the DL and, I think he said, "keeping their hands down." I have no idea what that means, but neither did the ESPN color man. I wish I knew who the commentator was, but I believe he is a former player and has seen more than his fair share of football. Anyhow, he went on to say, "I'd love to play linebacker against these guys [Akron]. Last week they put a Bowling Green linebacker in the hall of fame off just one game." This actually sounds like it could be, unlike much of this thread, an insightful criticism and point of discussion.
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    Lets just all show up and support the team. All things being said these boys work hard all week.
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    The Zips come out of exam week next Sunday with Concord at the JAR. The Mountain Lions recently had a huge win over Notre Dame (College of Athens, WV) to go to 4-5. 6 foot freshman guard Ethan Heller leads the Mountain Lions with 14.4 ppg. 6-8 forward Simon Kovac (who oddly is not on their online roster) leads rebounding at 9.4 rpg. Hopefully, the Zips can use the game to shake off the rust from exam week and use it to iron out some issues before the DC tournament where there hands could be full with 7-2 Tulane and 10-0 Liberty.
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    I can't wait until next week when we will have something new to talk about!
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    Most likely a PWO. But if he's got the disposition of his older brother he's definitely someone you'd want in one's program. We're still waiting on a WR (or two). I'm fairly certain Owen Faulkner is also a PWO - though I included him in the updated initial post. I haven't included other PWO's I've seen.
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    Another RB. 6'0" 215lbs JuCo transfer
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    Yes, I was just more so trying to make a joke, but obviously it must not have been all that funny.
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    He picked up 2 quick fouls in the first half then picked up his third early into the 2nd half. I didn't even notice his 6 turnovers tbh, but that's way to many for anyone, let alone someone who isn't a primary ball handler. Reece has seemed to have gotten into the habit of getting into early foul trouble. I'm sure some of that has to do with the fact he has to be more physical to compensate for the fact he's 2-3 inches shorter than the bigs he's matched up against. Either way he needs to play smarter. I think 2 of his 3 fouls were on moving screens.
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    I don't read it that way. When I interviewed Trevor Brown earlier this year I asked him about his absence from the pre-season all-MAC teams. He said, "With team success, the individual recognition will come." We had no team success, so some of our better players got overlooked. Lako had a noteworthy season. But Davis was guilty by association with a secondary full of true freshman and 1st year starters. If I were drafting for an NFL team, and only picking the best available player, I'd take Davis over Lako. Trevor had a similar situation as Davis. An argument could also be made for Jest's inclusion. He had an outstanding 2019 at the nose. Unfortunately, he wasn't flanked buy anyone who could put pressure on the QB.
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    Javale Mcgee was also on that team.
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    We’re losing Junk, Johns & Long this upcoming year & wondering who’s going to fill in at the tight end spot. Wolfley is returning but with missing 5 games this year, will he be able to stay healthy? We tend to keep at least one tight end, maybe even two tight ends on the field. Saw Abdou Diop (JUCO TE out of ASA Brooklyn) took a visit. Kenyon Sholty is returning (Redshirted this year, transfer from Indiana State.). However, we only have one 2020 commit so far. Not looking like a lot of depth/ D1 experience for such an important position.
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    That's a wrap - on the game and on the season.
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    Continuing the theme...😉Mari-Mac https://g.co/kgs/V8gRgz
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    Impressive use of the ZipsNation archives! 🧓
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    Bob Dyer's columns are invisible to almost everyone.
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    Gotta give Cross some credit this year as he has been playing well - he was a nice pickup on the d-line
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    Also looks like the AK Rowdies are starting to rejuvenate. For some reason, they got really excited when Enrique Freeman entered the game.
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    Bryce Cheek to LA Wildcats in the 10th round Isaiah Williams to Tampa Bay Vipers in the 3rd round Jamal Marcus, Walter Brady and Jovann Letuli went undrafted. Logan Tulley-Tillman is with the DC Defenders
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    LCJ needs to sit out a few games.
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    Both teams should burn this tape.
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    West Virginia won 3-2 they were 0-4-1 in the regular season and are now 2-0 in the conference tourney.... every team is dangerous...when the season comes downs to win or go home
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    Are you guys looking at our commit list? We have a few weeks to go, but if we keep what we have, and add a few more, this could be the best class we have ever had! Remember, it took Jimmies & Joes to row the boat.
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    I just know they've made the tournament in 3 of the last 4 years. They did it through the MEAC though, so who knows.
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    it is official.... https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/13/official-columbus-crew-sc-acquire-darlington-nagbe-atlanta-united
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    I think that's almost a certainty. I don't believe he's even dressed for the first two games.
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    Be careful with comments like that...you might get banned! And how exactly are these OL and DL transfers going to get to Akron? It's an 0-12 team, with a no-name head-coach...in the middle of Ohio.
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    Bright spots - Boogie and Alvin playing hard. Not much else... Definitely the worst Akron football team I’ve ever seen. Worse than Faust’s 1-10 team. Hope we get 5 grad transfer OL’s and 5 grad transfer DL’s for 2020.
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    If you are watching this game sober I envy you
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    Students here with bags on their heads.
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    According to the Zips schedule on the ESPN app, the following additional games are also on ESPN platforms: Nov. 15 vs NC Central (ESPN3) Nov. 18 vs SC Upstate (ESPN+) Nov. 21 vs YSU (ESPN+) Nov. 24 at Louisville (ACC Network) Dec. 30 vs UMASS (ESPN3) Jan. 4 at EMU (ESPN+) Jan. 7 vs WMU (ESPN+) Jan. 18 vs Toledo (ESPN3) Jan. 28 vs Buffalo (ESPN+) Mar. 3 vs Ohio (ESPN+) I'm sure others will be added as we get closer to those games.
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    You just witnessed a lose by our Dline. How did we do this? You know its coming right up the middle. Needed Jest !!
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    We are all fans of Akron now What are the odds of the last sentence coming true 🤢
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    Nothing like wonderful preferential treatment for the universities premier sports program.
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    Somewhere I coach is smiling and thinking I can do better than that.
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