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    I hope all games home and away!
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    Well it seems like our 3 most impactful players from last year aren't going anywhere for the time being.
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    exciting day tomorrow....we get to see the schedule
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    I watched this game at a bar in Daytona Beach with some friends. My then-fiancee (and now wife) decided to elope and get married. We ended up with a couple dozen Floridians rooting for the Zips at the end with us. Great memories.
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    Hopefully this game is a confidence builder for Maishe.
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    Energy and ball movement. The zone can't keep up with the ball when it is passed around.
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    Liking this group with Dawson, Wynn and Tribble.
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    I don't think you need to be some great talent evaluator to see that the players on the teams the Zips were playing the past two years were bigger, faster and more athletic. There were also instances where there was obvious bad technique by Zips players and play calls that were head scratchers and that bad technique and playcalling lies at the feet of the coaching staff. Here's hoping the players gaining experience helps things from a talent perspective and that experience in the coaching staff helps that side of things. 1 win in two years is a combination of factors that can't be traced to the single source many of you wish to foist blame upon. You don't get this bad from one from one thing. The tone of some of the posts on here seems to be that there's a hope that Arth continues to fail so that an "I told you so" can be exclaimed. Am I happy with Arth? Hell no, but there's no other opportunity available right now, he's not getting canned and the school's finances won't allow anything else, so I have to hope he succeeds.
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    He made the decision to go with Freshman instead of transfers. When you have first and second year players all over the field...on the o-line...QB...secondary...D-line...and you're competing against programs with 22 and 23 year olds all over the field, you're going to be highly uncompetitive. Cards were stacked against him to start, with Bowden leaving the cupboard relatively bare...starting his first recruiting class after 85% of D-1 programs were completely done. University nimrods publicly stating they want to drop a division or two. Becoming a HC in an era where players can suddenly transfer whenever they please. #hisway will take 4 years to bear any real fruit. I hope we're at least competitive in MAC games next season. We need to get so much bigger, stronger, faster...
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    I like Arth. I think he is doing this the right way and am happy and relieved that he is staying with the Zips.
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    Also why not let those who can produce a COVID vaccination card attend any athletic event, especially one outside and wearing masks to set a good example?
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    Of all the options I have read in this thread, I like 2021 Arth replacing 2020 Arth the best.
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    Translation- I didn't get the job.
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    He did nothing? He cost Akron the UAB game? Akron was going into the fourth quarter down 31-6.. Boogie didn’t play as much in 2020 because of a conflict with a coach.
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    3-5 would have been doable if we played YSU, UMASS, and NMSU like we were supposed to. I expect some progress next year, but just don't see us competing for the MAC (not that I'm saying anyone does). Not to mention we have a tough schedule. I think year 4 is the year we need to at minimum make a bowl game/be bowl eligible. If he can't get it then with a very experienced team and 2 more years to fill holes on the roster, I'd say its unlikely he ever will outside of a random season here and there, and if that was good enough, we would have kept Bowden.
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    An hour and 38 minutes in and no one on the broadcast has used the terms "the rock" or "heat check."
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    Is that the Ypsilanti skyline on the back of EMU's jerseys? Top 10 most notable skylines of cities that begin with "Y". Prove me wrong.
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    Lord, how did they every lose to this awful team??????
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    He's hoping to get another year of Covid eligibility so that his grandchildren can see him play next year.
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    Watts, made 3rd team, Cochran, Riley had plenty of opportunity, coaches want to win, if the veteran guys don’t get it done they move to next man up, Bowden did a great job getting us respectable but got stagnant & was going backwards & the University moved on, please try and do the same
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    Agreed. I think the way Groce has built the basketball program is a good example. The first year, with a very late start, he scrambled to get guys in the floor to keep things going in a positive directions. He went out and sought jucos and transfers that could get the program up and running. With each year, the focus seems to move more towards freshmen that can then grow up within the program. He's not abandoning jucos and transfers but now that the program is up and rolling there's not as much of a need to get guys to play now to keep things going. I'm certainly not for jumping into the transfer portal to take on other team's problem children but if you can get a talented kid who overshot for a P5 or a kid that wants to come home. In reality, he needs to improve the team's record, and fast, as the natives are getting restless.
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    I know this has been beaten into the ground, but I don't post often anymore. I've been following Akron athletics for about 20 years and I'm as down on football as I was during Ianello. Arth's teams have not shown an inkling of being competitive, even against middling MAC teams. A good coach, even with an "empty cupboard" should be able to keep games close in the MAC. Recruiting since coach's arrival has come in 9th (115th nationally), 9th (124), and 12th (126) respectively in the MAC over the last 3 years. And yes, I know "stars" don't mean much, but isn't it disconcerting to be so far behind virtually all the rest of the MAC? Everyone says "the right way," but what's the wrong way? And will it get us some wins?
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    Currently #27 in the Country in rebounding.
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    Its out. Reasonable out of conference and then home and away with all five other MAC schools. Open Feb 7th against Villanova - in Pittsburgh.
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    It does include all games, conference games only he drops to third behind Pippen and Mballa. Still pretty amazing.
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    That is disappointing.....Summit County probably won’t change anything until 2022. Why can’t you be outside with a mask? Family can’t even watch? That is ridiculous.
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    Please keep the UC Bearcat football talk to a minimum.
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    You couldn’t be farther off, I like Boogie a lot, I have no relatives on the team but did during the Bowden era & don’t hate any coaches or players, just my opinions, sorry if you disagree
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    Remember in the “old days” when you’d be sweating out if players made grades or not? Now they all graduate in 3-4 years, and then get graduate degrees. Are “athletic-friendly” degrees and study tables hurting the Zips (and other programs)? The better the grades, the more likely a player is to transfer?
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    Agree with that, absolutely. Toughest non conference schedule that I can ever remember since I've been following Zips football (2001 or so). Just in general, it drives me nuts when it's acceptable to take 4 years to get a team to be competitive. And I'm not even talking contention for the MAC East championship (which shouldn't be a high hurdle), I'm talking about being competitive in games for all 4 quarters. We were blown off the field in every game in year 2, with the exception of an absolutely terrible BG team. I suppose a pass can be given for the pandemic season, but for me: Anything less than .500 on the MAC schedule next season is unacceptable. Not that it matters, we can't afford to fire the coaching staff ?
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    Yeah it'll be tough. More likely 3-4. However, falling one or two wins short of whatever baseline you think there should be (while still trending upward) isn't worth blowing it up if its believed there is potential for the program to keep improving. And if you are able to show improvement year over year, I'm not sure why anyone would think we can't keep improving until proven otherwise. The goal in my mind is sustainable competitiveness. If he can't compete in year 4 when he has a team filled with all his players, they're experienced, and with 2 more years to fix issues, then its time to shake things up. We should all be looking at the patience shown to Chuck Martin and Mike Neu. It took them a while, but they got the ball rolling and their programs look like they'll be competitive for the foreseeable future. It can pay off.
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    Since beating the Zips by twelve, the Eagles have lost by 33 at Toledo, won by 11 at home against DIII Calvin, lost by 11 at CMU, lost by 15 in Canada and lost by 22 at Miami. Jeopardy clue- Adrian, Olivet, Calvin and The University of Akron.
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    My expectation when he was hired was 1-3 wins season one, 3-5 season two, compete in the MAC season three. I guess I need to adjust those expectations. From one win, there are a lot of things that could be considered progress. However, this is the year that "reasons" start sounding like excuses. Changing the culture, building character and better grades won't carry the day if the if the on the field product is again bad.
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    Broncos getting their money's worth out of their minimum wage coach.
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    Just spit balling here, but the SEC likes to cram in some cupcake opponents in November. If we forfeit the MAC games, can we make $10M+ traveling the Southeastern Conference for weekly ass whoopings?
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    quotes from David Good wishes to David Egbo as he heads up to very cold Vancouver
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    1. Williams forked over the money to make Embick one of the highest paid coaches in the nation. Do we agree/disagree with that move? 2. Williams hired Groce, and hired him on a very friendly contract his first few years, taking advantage of the Illiniois buyout. Do we agree/disagree with that move? 3. Williams fired Bowden - who most wanted fired. Do we agree/disagree with that move? Supposedly there were complaints KD and Bowden had about administration, but everything I've heard on that end is incredibly vague. I'd like to hear some more details before making an opinion on that. Biggest thing against him that I know of is that he may have botched the Arth hire. If Arth leaves early, I'd call it a failure, but it also gives him an opportunity to redeem himself. If he doesn't leave, I'm willing to see the process out 1-2 more seasons.
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    Would make for an interesting "double header".
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    Another reminder of why it is so hard to follow. Two things. First, given how much money OSU and Auburn make, we are being grossly underpaid. This is a symbol of athletic director incompetence. Second, when the conversation becomes money vs putting on an event where students, alumni, fans and the general Akron community can enjoy a game, and money wins, I'm not interested.
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    Thanks for the reminder of why I don't enjoy talking about this team anymore. This is a terrible ooc schedule. Two destruction games. I had no idea Bryant even had a team. Temple is one of the least interesting teams in college football.
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    More Matt news for those interested- https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2021/01/08/oscar-winner-give-virtual-talk-akron-library/6582495002/
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    Saw an old episode of Password (thanks Covid ?) where the clue was Ohio and the contestant said Akron. Odd they didn't pick Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus but at least the partner got it.
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    Three minutes of Zeke 2019/2020 highlights
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    Hello My fellow Zips Fans! Just wanted to share a picture of Kwan from the Fiba Europe Cup 2019-2020.
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