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    That would be more in attendance than a regular Zips Game before the pandemic
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    He is smooth. Not to knock Cheese and Banks, but I feel like our back-court will be very fluid this year. Cheese had a bit of Duvivier in him (bulldozer) and could be a bit wreckless, and Banks was more of a defense-first, pure SG on offense and wasn't able to really run the offense or handle the ball TOO well if needed. I think we'll be able to beat our opponents off the dribble more and create more opportunities, both open beyond the arc and down low for closer baskets.
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    this should answer one part of your question.... no ncaa soccer tourney in the fall ncaa soccer tourney will be in the spring https://www.ncaa.com/news/ncaa/article/2020-09-16/ncaa-di-council-approves-moving-fall-championships-spring
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    Bassitt was the AL pitcher of the month. Go Zips!
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    Oakland’s Chris Bassett finished the season a very respectable 5-2 1.78 with 55 K’s and a 1.159 WHIP. He has quickly become Oakland’s ace. Pittsburgh’s JT Brubaker finished 1-2 4.94 with 48 K’s and a 1.37 WHIP. Very respectable. The future looks bright for our Zips in MLB.
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    I understand social distancing and limiting the volume and location in the stadium of fans but not sure I understand there being no fans admitted at all. Other conferences are limiting their numbers and even Ohio high schools are allowing 15% of stadium capacity. If a Zips game at Infocision reached 15% capacity wouldn’t that be close to the usual in-game game day attendance we are used to anyway? I hope the attendance guidelines are modified a bit although I do agree you don’t want to be rubbing elbows with strangers at any events in 2020.
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    Dr. Steinbrecher proves yet again he is incapable of leading the MAC competently. He received good press and high praise when he was at the forefront of cancelling the conference basketball tournament, and figured he'd have similar respect jumping the gun on cancelling the football season. Then, when every other conference found their cajones to actually play football, Steinbrecher laid an egg and was the LAST conference to come back. The responses to the MAC coming back prove how far back in the Stone Ages the conference is. People are mockingly excited for "early week #MACtion". They are holding onto a nearly decade-old hashtag that became prominent during the height of Twitter, but has yet to progress with the times in marketing. They missed the bus on conference realignment to add any significant schools (or any schools at all) to grow the conference. They have become synonymous with early-week, lower-level football as a social media joke with empty stadiums on weekday nights. The fact that this was unanimous among University ADs and Presidents makes me believe the TV deal with ESPN/CBSSports was the driving force, so as long as the University isn't losing more money, I'm ok with it, but this is hardly a football season.
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    If Zipmeister does become commissioner He will undoubtedly do a better job than Steinbrecher and the idiots who pass as presidents. Why take two weeks to decide to resume play only to determine that play would begin five weeks later. Ryan Day at OSU said he only needed three weeks to prepare his team to play, but the MAC needs to give its members five weeks thus losing all the better weather weeks in a normal schedule. Doesn't anyone recall that this team has been practicing or training 12 hours a week, altho' w/o pads and hitting. The basic playbook is in. Lifting has been continuous, so has conditioning. Now we wait five weeks for a whole six games, with no makeup dates, in traditionally bad weather in the Midwest. If you really want to play for something give each team a final game like the Big Ten, such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc. If we are going after the coveted Tuesday and Wednesday night time slots in cold, wet weather, with no fans, we got what we wanted because no other self-respecting conference wanted them. Brilliant move. The MAC has self-certified it is masquerading as a legitimate conference only to confirm it is a joke. Sheeesh! Commissioner Meister ...... it has a good ring to it.
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    I want you to know that if you ever lose your job, with ideas like this, you are MAC Athletic Director material. I'd say MAC Commissioner, but you left out the game being played at 8 AM eastern on Christmas morning in Fairbanks, Alaska. Keep working, you have a lot of potential.
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    Will the current Akron president hold a press conference tomorrow stating how much further in debt this decision will put the university?
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    This decision was very calculated. Calculated in the way that the conference leadership looked at all of the decisions other conferences made this year and supplied an answer to a very basic question, "How stupid can we make ourselves look?".
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    Because Matt is a big hoops fan and we've been trying like forever to get TUJ on the schedule, duh
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    Found this. Still ranks as craziest game I ever saw at the JAR.
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    referencing Canada's newest and shortest-lived recruit.
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    Would they still also play in the spring/tourney?
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    If only we were talking about Delino back then... The Indians might've forced Game 3. Don't mind me. Just a bitter Indians fan trying to bring humor on elimination day...
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    A little Bryan Trimble video- I think that's Michael Porter in the background a couple of times.
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    Not according to recent comments from Coach Arth and the video I saw of practice today.
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    You would think a more regional opponent would have had a bigger push to be kept (Akron/OSUcks being 2 hours apart) instead of keeping so many out of state opponents during a "pandemic". I'm nervous to see what kind of shenanigans happens with our schedule.
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    I think that ACC and sunbelt are playing men's soccer in the fall a few other miscellaneous teams...UAB, Mercer and Kentucky
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    The next thing you're going to tell me is the "Craig J. Ehlo" that's compiling for Kent State football articles isn't really the former NBA player. What's Dre doing photographing and posting 6 year old articles?
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    They should allow each player to have 4-5 guests, each band member to have 2-4 guests, and then sell a 3-game ticket package (no single game ticket sales) & spread us all out. The Info is certainly big enough for that focussed demographic to social distance.
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    There will be no tiebreakers. In case of a tie all teams in the tie will participate in the championship game. For example, say 3 teams end up tied in the east division and 2 in the west. East team A will play the 1st and 4th quarter of the championship game, Team B will play the 2nd quarter and Team C will play the 3rd quarter. Team A from the west will play in the 1st and 3rd quarters while Team B will play in the 2nd and 4th quarters. The seeding for A, B and C status will be determined just prior to the championship game by a best of three rock. paper, scissors game.
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    I'd almost bet all will be on the weekdays this year. More exposure and no fans, it just makes sense.
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    I see Zipsnation is pumped for the return of Zips football! I'm setting the over/under at 0.5 games. Most winnable offhand probably will be BG. OH returns a lot, but did lose their QB, so there may be a chance there considering how important that piece is and was for them.
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    The dirty little secret of CFB (one of them at least...): There is a FBS maximum of 85 scholarships per school. There is NO MINIMUM!
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    Just when you think it can't get any worse....
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    No more splinters!!! LOL.
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    I'm not seeing how dropping to FCS would save any money. How many scholly's do we have in football this season? Is it more than 63? By cutting down, how much money would be saved? How much would attendance drop if we went FCS? How much revenue would be lost from the ESPN3/ESPNU games, and the P5 payday games? How much more would travel costs increase by flying to either North Dakota and South Dakota (YSU's conference) or California (Dayton's conference) every year? Would Men's Basketball and Men's Soccer be kicked out of the MAC?
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    Steelers ILB Ulysees Gilbert lll is ready to solve a problem, if he gets the opportunity This week's game against the Houston Texans seems like the perfect opportunity for Steelers LB Ulysees Gilbert lll to make an appearance.
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    Is anyone surprised by this???
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    TWO THINGS: 1) At one time I had an aspirations, but I fixed it with some Preperations H. 2) Why is this stuff in a basketball thread?
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    Those highlights reminded me that Mikal Dawson had some really nice plays during the first half of that game.
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    A welcomed change - the sky isn't completely falling for once.
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    I'm going to try to throw up some of these videos of our new players as the season approaches to get us in the mood for some basketball. Here's some old scouting tape of Taylor Currie-
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    Making tires for Mars
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    A new day. 6 game season beginning 11/4 with a conference championship. Mid Week #MACtion. Miami at home. Kent away?
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    The last elbow rubbing I did was at the UA/PCCC basketball game at the JAR. Sigh.
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    Saw him holding his knee after the punt return as Fox cut to commercial. They didn't even mention the return man leaving with an injury. Feel terrible for the kid, but at least the $1.5m was guaranteed.
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    Sucks for Jojo.
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    JoJo Natson out for the year with a Torn ACL. Bummer. Explosive little guy that was going to be a nice weapon for the Browns. Stefanski sounds genuinely disappointed in this news.
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    The MAC is now the only conference to not have a plan to return, according to 92.3 The Fan.
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