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    The top drawer poll is out. The Zips are up to #6. https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-national-rankings/men
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    I've heard this as well. I have heard that he expects them to be bowl eligible, this year. As a fan, before the season I came up with the pathway to bowl eligibility, with an emphasis on the Temple game, assuming Bryant is a win, that would make Akron 2-2 heading into the conference season. While Akron did get a very difficult MAC west draw, they still open MAC play with Ohio and BG, who appear to be in the MAC East basement with Akron. If all goes well there, you're 4-2. And I'd be lying if I said that picture wasn't playing in my head after it was 14-0 this week. 4-2 with 6 to play, I think every Zips fan would take that. And it doesn't always mean bowl eligibility (as we're too familiar with), but now it seems we may be lucky to be 2-4 with 6 to play. After the first two MAC games, it's hard to see another game where this team can truly have a chance to win. Maybe they compete in more games this year than the previous two. But Akron is fortunate to play in what is possibly the weakest division in the FBS, and it has been for a long time now. I don't even want to think about what might happen on November 20. This division is terrible, and even in Akron's state, they should at the very least still be in the running for a division title by the time mid/late October comes around. But I fear Temple was a preview of what we'll see in winnable games. Perhaps not to that catastrophic extreme, but as Arth said in his presser, it seemed like everyone knew what was happening during that sequence. What has plagued Akron football since 2014 is coach stubbornness. I am looking to Guthrie to address this situation carefully as the season goes on and we get into the offseason. Perhaps it's too early to have this discussion, but I find it interesting. You don't necessarily want a meddling AD that doesn't respect his/her coaches, but I think we can all agree that an AD can become a valuable mediator in a situation where he can step into Arth's office at the end of the season and tell him that it's not good enough and he needs to make serious changes, even if it means hurting a buddy's feelings. It would be even better if Arth could do what the previous staff refused to do in cutting off dead weight, that would at least prove to me that he cares about this job and cares about Akron. If this trend continues and Matt Feeney is leading this defense going into 2022, that is a massive failure.
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    This game pointed out to me that we should not get too low over football. There's not much we can do for now. I had hopes for Arth even though I did not support his hiring. He seems like a nice guy to talk to. He also seems out of his depth in running a D1 program. We are not in the position to buy out his contract so we are stuck for 2 more years. I had hoped for progress, not expecting perfection. I got neither. Arth has a poor staff and it shows on game day. The team is not prepared. I believe someone checked out the D1 coaching experience on his staff and it amounted to nine years over 10 guys. That is pathetic. The team is not improving because the staff does not know how to improve them in the face of adversity, which they should have learned before coming to Akron. Arth's press conference was so sad. He railed against loss of confidence, but offered no specifics on how to build it. Well coach, confidence is built in practice. It is achieved thru following your leadership with total commitment and knowing their tutelage will get your thru any unexpected turns in the game. These players are not as talented as an average MAC team, but they can overachieve if they believe, work hard and are willing to follow a vision for a better program. That vision and leadership are lacking at Akron. Many of us fell for the trap that if you start young (Fr) players they will get better, like the OL. Not necessarily true if the players on that line don't have the ability to get better or be coached up. Our OL's have always been young and always supposedly ready to turn into a great unit. For now we can only hope Guthrie has a plan for football. This scares me considering Guthrie has never run or been part of a school with D1 football. My suggestion is to follow soccer and wait for basketball. We had hoped football would get better, but as a corporate strategist once told me hope is not a strategic plan, you have to go out and make change (improvement) happen.
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    @Illini Zip, are you still up to maintaining the scholarship chart? I know it’s greatly appreciated. 💯
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    Boogie Knight has his own apparel line now too… looks like it’s inspired by the movie. I ordered one 👍🏼
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    Well-earned accolades continue for Will Meyer…
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    Gilbert: 'You have to go out there and continue to play’
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    Guthrie told me that anything less than 6 wins per season is not acceptable. I assumed he meant that included this season. Miller and Guthrie are on the clock now. They expect results and so do I.
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    That's pretty awesome. Most marching bands don't know Nearer, My God, To Thee.
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    Well, somebody had to do it. Bryant comes in this weekend at 1-1, having lost to Rhode Island (45-21) opening week and beat Sacred Heart (17-6) in week 2.
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    I stopped by the Bryant web site and checked out their roster. They have much more experience than the Zips but are tiny. If we don't control both lines of scrimmage we don't just have a problem, we have a REAL problem. One worry. I remember back in the 70s the Zip's defensive line was frequently outweighed by 50 pounds a man and somehow they outplayed their bigger opponents. Hope the fighting (miniature) Bulldogs don't do the same.
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    Agreed. Kicking game is great! What's not great? The Kick Off Specialist had to make 2 tackles last week. That guy is a Zip all-timer, but he shouldn't have to be making tackles, especially when his kicks are so good.
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    The Mid American conference...gave Will a well deserved honor
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.registerguard.com/amp/8298609002 Oregon's offensive coordinator, who had experience against the Buckeyes as Penn State's offensive coordinator from 2016-17, drew up a masterpiece game plan that kept Ohio State off balance the entire game. Moorhead attacked early and often with Verdell and Brown running up the middle and got four touchdowns on plays to left side of the offense when he had pulling lineman out in front leading Verdell into the end zone twice and Dye once
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    How did you miss "I chimes in"?
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    He just scored for the Steelers on a blocked punt
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    Gilbert just recovered a blocked punt and ran it into the endzone. Well done!
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    If not, I............nominate Blue & Gold!
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    Another note regarding B10Network+... Games against Penn State (Oct 13th) and Michigan (Oct 18th) are not on the B10Network+ schedule. Also not sure how to continue with the subscription for strictly soccer, as the "Select Pass" button disappears upon selecting Soccer. I emailed their support staff, but am not holding my breath for a quick response. I'm assuming most of the Big Ten are too busy getting their panties in a twist over the Urban-to-USC rumors and how that affects their partnership with the Pac12. The rest are scrambling to figure out which team gives them the best odds of getting into the College Football Playoff after OSUcks embarrassing loss to Oregon this past weekend, when the Suckeyes got their nuts "quacked".
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    If his kicks were that good they wouldn't be returning them
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    Of course the NCAA finally allows some lee-way after we've suffered with years of being under the max scholarship limit... https://footballscoop.com/news/ncaa-reportedly-raise-25-man-scholarship-limit
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    I'm not worried. Unless they show a lot of speed to the outside. Or a little speed to the outside..
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    If we lose this game it'll even seal the deal for me. Go Zips.
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    The “Daisy Chain.” I remember, Idk, 20 years ago (a year when the national champion was not undefeated, obviously), you could daisy chain the national champion down to a D-2 or D-3 school who only had a few wins on the season. 😂
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    A must win. And a must win by a lot. And a must win by a lot and never have any doubts. I just want to celebrate a damn win again.
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    Well deserved honor for Will Meyer https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/mens-team-of-the-week:-september-14_aid49865
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    Those last few posts gave me a headache...
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    I agree with John. It seems like the experienced players gave up on the zips program and decided to transfer for a better opportunity. I believe quite a few graduated from Akron.. so we should respect their decision as they are now an Alumni.
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    Ya'll, last week's loss is disappointing and I'm sure there will still be plenty of disappoint throughout the season...but lest not forget the lack of experience on the team as well as the predictions before the season began. There wasn't going to be some miraculous jump this year barring a miracle. The results thus far aren't that surprising.
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    Considering the school's finances and new leadership who have to be gun-shy when it comes to the football team, I think we are with Arth for this year and next. The new AD and president can and should put the blame for Arth with Williams and the cracker jack search committee. The risk of firing Arth, paying him out, and then finding a new coach who "can turn things around" quickly, is too great considering the finances and the history of the program.
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    You're right about Childs. It looks as if he's their #2 RB. Against Washington (his first game as a Grizzly) he had 9 rushes for 39 yards (4.33 average). His transfer was, to me, the most unexpected, surprising transfer I've ever seen. His senior year in HS he chose us over Kansas State, and on social media was 100% all Zips up to his eyeballs. I thought he'd be a team captain by the time he was a junior. Then he got to campus for summer training/fall camp, and transferred out before the season even began (IIRC). Totally weird. But following him on social media he really seems positive and level headed; not at all flaky; a future Mr. President type of young man. (Much like LePear Toles, if you're at all familiar with his social media presence.) Big red flag for the UA staff? I still don't know what to make of it, as he seems to be precisely the type of athlete/person the current staff is targeting, and there are other positive, mature, true student-athletes on the team who seem to be loving it (e.g., Snowden).
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    1. Lose, not "loose." 2. Since we can't win with experience, we should be playing "youngin's" with no experience, whom we cannot win with. Seems logical? 3. Arth seems to disfavor the most talented players he has "brought in" and is apparently playing neither "youngin's" or "experience." Interesting approach, however, it seems unlikely. 4. Doesn't, not "don't." 5. Tom Arth is incapable of successfully coaching division one college football. On this, I think we all agree. 6. We all make silly posts. Myself included.
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    I supported him for years, but we need to dump Kato now. He is not the present nor the future of this team. l
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    Boogie looked very good in the game against Kentucky. No splash plays but made really good catches in decent coverage. Abraham Alce and Jordan Riley are both with Boogie at ULM. Alce had a couple touches as a short yardage back. I don't recall if Riley got in the game or not.
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    The Steelers are keeping UG III around for a reason! Today is just another reason why. Great play!!!
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    Shades of the Titanic?!
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    I went back and looked at the ESPN stats on the number of tackles from the defensive players. I confirmed my thoughts after watching the games that the DL produced very little over the first two games. We are getting little to nothing from the DL. All successful teams have a solid defensive line that can stop the run and pressure and sack the QB. I see nothing that will improve this situation as the season goes along.
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    On the 'belt tightening' subject, as soon as my wife and I walk in at gate 1 what do we see? Already long lines at concession stands. As we walked by I was looking at all the concession stands that were closed. That was most of them. Pretty much long lines all thru the first half at least. The point? The athletic department seems to want to pinch pennies when it comes to customer services as others have pointed out. I heard people grumbling after having to stand in line so long. If your someone who attends games occasionally or rarely, you don't want to see people waiting in long lines to get a pretzel or a beer or whatever. That isn't a way to get people to return especially when they have to watch a bad product on the field. Oh and remember they stopped giving season ticket holders food coupons several years ago. Seems a bit of 'penny wise and pound foolish to me'.
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    I've tried to remain objective and balanced with respect to the Zips under Arth. I was not a Bowden fan for a number of reasons and thought it was a good time for a change when Arth was hired. While the team struggled through the transition I urged patience and asked others to not pass judgment on Arth prematurely. I sat back and hoped we would see steady improvement as Arth built his vision of the program. After yesterday, I think I've seen enough. The Zips were up 14-0 with 4:26 left in the first quarter. Over the next 43 minutes in the game they gave up 45 points while scoring only three. From Arth's postgame comments he thinks the long early Temple TD demoralized the team and impacted the rest of the game. If that's true, it's not a positive reflection on the staff that a single play can have that kind of impact. Rather than a demoralized team, I saw a team with less talent and worse coaching than a bad team playing a backup freshman QB. I could come to no other conclusion than that Temple's players were bigger, stronger and faster than the Zips players. I regularly saw Zips dominated at the point of attack and players out of position. I didn't expect vast improvement. I didn't even expect a win yesterday. I just wanted them to show some heart and be competitive. It doesn't help that while I await this improvement, our rivals to the east continue to improve their program in just the manner I hoped for the Zips. I realize that it's not necessarily an accurate comparison, but John Groce came into a completely dismantled program after KD left but with him we saw signs of steady improvement. Certainly, a basketball programs can be turned around much faster than a football program but we should seeing some signs of progress and improvement on the field 33 months into Arth's tenure.
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    Portland's assistant coach....is pretty good https://portlandpilots.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster/coaches/ben-zemanski/2067
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    UCLA bit the dust at home to portland 1-0
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    Hats off to the AK Rowdies! Most of you need some work on the finer points of hooliganism 😏, but your support and influence was undeniable. I salute you! Bravo! See you in CBUS.
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    For those who choose free tv stream off of UCLa website versus Portand. 2nd half early
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    1-1 draw. Excellent match.
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    6-0 PG from Cicero, IL verbally committed to @ZipsMBB. https://twitter.com/YnRbball/status/1435793849058738178?s=09
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    In case you haven't noticed, there is a pretty severe labor shortage happening right now in every segment of our economy. As an employer it is nearly impossible to even get people to apply for jobs let alone show up for an interview or accept a position. Also, I'm a season ticket holder and I received a food voucher for every game.
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    I agree about the crowd. I wouldn't be surprised if the problem with the concessions had something to do with problems getting workers. Heck, you can't eat inside most Wendy's these days.
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