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    I remember when KD was trying to get Swingle here. Swingle is now part of one of the fastest growing college basketball groups in America- former Duquesne players.
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    I think we're going to see a few more games like this, but also a few more head scratchers. Win enough games to get a decent seed and then be peaking come MAC tournament time.
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    Jackie Windon is so good. I'm a little surprised ESPN hasn't moved her up to higher level games.
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    I'm not saying he will/wouldn't ultimately end up succeeding here, but it would sting to lose him. We are already 2 years into this miserable process and would likely be starting from scratch. Not to mention its so late in the process...I can't imagine there are many attractive candidates out there to replace him at this point. Also I pulled the contract info and I think we'd be entitled to a whopping $300k if he leaves.
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    https://bgsufalcons.com/news/2020/10/12/general-mac-announces-fall-sports-operational-plan.aspx I do not believe that anyone has posted a link to the MAC plans for Soccer above announcement was issued on October 12 Men's Soccer • To compete in 10 conference matches in a double round robin format over a seven-week period between March 7 and April 18 • The regular season champion will receive the Conference automatic qualifier to the NCAA Tournament. • Matches will be played on Wednesday/Sunday
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    Well the folks at SVSM would be disappointed to know that Ali Ali is currently wearing his number.
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    Just finished watching the replay since I couldn't catch this one live. I had a good feeling we'd bounce back today. It's cute when toledo starts to think it's an elite mac basketball program again. This one was worth the price of admission, or at least my espn+ subscription 😄 1. Outside of Jackson, the bulk of our scoring is probably going to come from Trimble and Dailey. Without them, we'd have been sunk today. They really stepped up and it was fun to watch! 2. Clarke and Tribble: Clarke looked great in his 6 minutes with 7 points and a lot of effort. I believe Tribble has been nursing an ankle sprain, but once he's 100%, it will give us a lot with his ability to penetrate and knock down runners. 3. Reece is an athletic power forward reminiscent of Tree Treadwell. The only problem is that he doesn't have a Zeke Marshall to play with. Rebounding and defending the rim will be our issues this season, so everybody had better put a body on somebody when a shot goes up. Again, that's not a knock on Freeman. He's a 6'7" walk on that had 7 boards today, alters or blocks numerous shots, and leaves it all on the floor. 4. If you hang around long enough, you give yourself a chance to win. There were times we could have packed it in today but didn't. 5. Jackie Windon is a very good color commentator. If I were coaching a team of younger players, I'd have them watch Zips games because of her. She explains the game well and provides valuable insight. With Frenchie gone, she's now our favorite Zips Basketball commentator!
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    Went pretty well!
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    Think it's just inconsistency with new guys gelling. I'm encouraged by today, need to tighten up defensively but they've got promise
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    90 wins the game. 50 for LCJ. 10 other players with 4 pts each. Boom.
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    Not to mention, it’s not like he’s been shooting at a bad clip or anything, at least based on my observation. We need people to be aggressive.
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    Yep, he passed up a four footer to pass it to a guy 12 feet from the basketball who can't make a 4 footer. Good defensive half.
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    Unfortunately despite the incredible performance Saturday, Dailey is trending toward being a disappointment to me. He looks so deep into his own head and plays stiff when he's clearly able to be a really good slashing G/F. It's cringe-inducing sometimes because we can all see the potential.
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    Boy if you didn't know any better you would not think these were two of the better teams in the MAC
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    Come on Dailey...thought he would have some more confidence after last game.
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    I don't think the administration much cares. If Arth leaves they'll breathe a sigh of relief for dumping that salary then go bargain basement like WMU did when Hawkins their basketball coach retired, hiring some bargain basement underling assistant.
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    Hopefully, no Zip chest bumps a ref this time around
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    Are you sure our MAC POY won't be back next year?
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    Jim Fenton's #44 is in the JAR rafters.
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    Turner is a real player but the kid I like on that team is Plowden. He's 6'6", plays strong defense, rebounds like a much bigger guy, has a high motor and shoots at a high percentage both in and outside of the three point line. He had 18 points and 10 boards in the JAR last year. He had 10 points and 13 boards at BUGS. Turner is obviously the focus of that offense but Plowden is the lynchpin for that team, getting on the boards, locking down on defense and making important shots.
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    I was never thrilled with the Arth hire, but I figured I'd give him a chance. Arth inherited a roster depleted of talent, but next season those excuses I feel need to stop. The team needs to show meaningful improvement next season. 3 years is enough time to bring in some talent. I'm not saying they need to contend for a MAC title, but they need to start looking like an FBS program instead of an FCS one. Not that the Zips can fire him with 2 additional years left on his deal, but if we have another 0-2 win seasons, I will lose any faith he can right this ship
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    Ziegler did not bail on the team he was kicked off for unspecified reasons. It was a coaches/university decision.
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    It was nice to see Currie celebrating from the bench even though he didn’t get in today. It looks like the PT he has gotten over the past few games has gotten him more involved on the sideline. Early in the year I recall him not cheering at all while on the bench.
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    Garvin Clarke MVP!!! But seriously, how fun would the JAR have been today?!?!?!?!?! That was an incredible basketball game, talent everywhere and close all the way. As amazing as LCJ is, he made a lot of big mistakes today. He had a few awful turnovers and forced a lot of shots, including a couple BS flop attempts. Those made me furious, those are plays the 2018-2019 LCJ made. Maishe Dailey, aside from the shot (!!!!!!) looked like he needed to today. He didn't settle for jumpers and made some looks at the bucket, he needs to be even more aggressive. I agree on Ali's defense, that was surprising. He sure has been clutch this week! Trimble is so smooth, he creates his own shot so easily and has amazing range, he's incredible when he hits, unfortunately this is only the second such performance we've seen like that. This team isn't bad at all, but it's still a far way from great. There's a lot of work to do, March March March! Go Zips!
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    Post-game presser-
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    Incredible game with some big shots hit by players not named LCJ. That is what we need from Dailey and Trimble if we want to make the dance. I think our play from our bigs left a lot to be desired. Toledo had double digit offensive boards in the 2nd half alone. I don't feel like many calls went our way and I think our operator started the clock late on that last play. Good win under adversity. Garvin Clarke has some potential. Hopefully his minutes continue to increase. I like the idea of him and LCJ on the floor at the same time too as someone else mentioned.
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    When does Reghi get replaced? He's misspoke about 20 times so far. Haven't noticed Jackie make any errors at all.
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    I guess they decided to stop boxing out in the second half. They are getting beat on the boards like a drum. Terrible!!!!
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    We need anyone in there who can grab a rebound.
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    Dailey stepping up! This is the first game Ali is really sticking out in a bad way. He has had A LOT of shots made on him. Doesn't help that Toledo seems like they are shooting lights out.
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    I'd like to see a lineup with Clarke and LCJ.
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    Starting to look "Marcus Keene-like."
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    Seeing the Rockets as a 4.5 pt road favorite. C'mon Zips, time to stand up and send them packing.
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    Ok please accept my apology ! Just keep it real.
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    This was a joke based on the speculation for Arslanian and the previous transfer of Walther.😆
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    LZlp, I could not have said it better. I am a detail oriented person and I referred to the chart many times during the signing process. I did not mean to criticize the status of a scholarship list, I only wanted to bring a possible question or error to your attention. I apologize if I offended you. I was amazed at how much detail was documented. However, I will continue to bring up what I see and believe are discrepancies and I plan to challenge, comment, correct, and agree with other comments. Zips supporter for life.
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    With a decade invested on ZipsNation and 7,800 posts, I choose to trust you. And if you aren't quite 100% certain of Brandon Bischoff's scholarship status, that is something I can live with. 😁 Thanks for all the content you bring to ZipsNation! I don't acknowledge it often enough!🦘🥇
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    With our old friend Dru as an assistant and recruiting director. Congrats to Patton on CSU working out for him. I don't think he'd have had that much opportunity or success with the Zips but I certainly appreciated his effort in Groce's first year.
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    Glad to see CSU is doing well this season. Maybe Dennis Gates can help turn the program into something that makes those Akron-CSU games worth watching.
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    Today I learned I am blocked by GT on twitter. Wonder what I said to him 🤣
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    BG 84 Akron 74 LCJ will get 29 but little help from others.
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    Women drop another by 18 this afternoon at EMU. Although they were already down 12, the Zips were scoreless again for the last 3:52. Geez. On to BGSU who won by 12 at Toledo and appear to have turned things around under third year former Ashland coach Robyn Fralick. 🤔
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