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    I will get to that as soon as possible. 👍
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    Thanks so much Zip_ME87. I needed that today. It is a reminder that there is much in our Zip culture to celebrate and also a reminder to look ahead to better times. We will return to normalcy and our soccer Zips will dominate again.
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    The University of Akron makes the front page And finally, it's positive!! Proud 2012 Graduate of the College of Nursing BSN program
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    X is the kinda guy I wish we could have had for 4 years. He represented the Blue & Gold incredibly well.
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    The staff at TopDrawerSoccer decided to name our favorite Men’s College Soccer teams that we’ve covered - taking nothing more than enjoyment into account - below... Akron Zips (2010) - J.R. Eskilson ... It’s been a decade since this team graced the field, and you can still see that impact that the squad left on college soccer today - plus the handful of players still making their marks on the professional game around the world. The 2010 team was Caleb Porter’s fourth season in charge of the Zips program - it was the first time that the squad consisted of only players he had recruited to Akron. This team exemplified the famous moniker “Death by 1000 Passes”. Sure, the foundation for that identity was put in place years earlier, but the Zips became that mantra during the 2010 season while also crushing the competitive spirit of any team that got in their way. ...
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    In hindsight, the decision to cancel the tournament was the right decision and probably saved lives. I am healthy sitting at the computer and thankful for my health and the health of my family. I hope all Zip fans stay healthy to cheer for the Zips next year.
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    https://promo.ignitecx.com/ZipsMBBChamps20?camefrom=EMCL_3269687_156501019 You can order some Akron Zips championship t shirts and sweatshirts. The prices aren't bad.
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    He had a nice list of mid-major offers. Also beat out Kent State - and beating them never gets old. http://verbalcommits.com/players/jermaine-marshall-al
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    Pol Hernandez and Marco Milanese were interviewed on the 6 pm broadcast of News Channel 5 (WEWS) yesterday, talking about their returns to Spain and Italy, respectively, and the uncertainty of any issues they may face coming back into the USA at some point. Afterward, I exchanged messages with Pol through Instagram. He's doing well and taking his classes on line. I told him he was on the news; he was surprised it aired that soon and was happy for me to confirm that he came across well. I miss our team and the Spring matches. We have an exceptional team of very talented players, coaches, and staff. They are all incredible people and great friends. I hope all of them and their families are well and staying healthy and safe. Can't wait to see them again.
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    On BTSTODAY Joe Dunn talked about the friction between Bob Huggins & Gerry Faust as detailed one Huggins book. Did the Akron Zips football team really practice in cleats on the basketball court? Listen to the segment at the 20:20 mark here https://soundcloud.com/igimeportsadio/louisville-leopard-hc-andrea-arney-2019-championship-memories-472020
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    We offered him in may of last year. Heard he might be taking the post grad route I think the bigger schools have cooled down on him. Maybe would have been a impact freshman in the MAC mobile 6’9 - 6’10 can finish at the rim and has good defensive instincts.
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    I know nothing of this kid from Centerville, but if Groce thinks he'd be a good fit and thinks there is enough mutual interest then sure go after him. That being said, as a true freshmen he wouldn't solve our immediate need at the 5 position. We need to land a JUCO or grad transfer.
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    Joe and Ryan welcomed in Frank Jessie to start a challenge to other MAC schools to see if they can put together a team of left handers that could beat this Zips team. Agree with the list? https://soundcloud.com/igimeportsadio/frank-jessie-on-zips-left-hand-bball-team-wrestlemania-36-preview-cliff-hickman-432020
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    Local TV story on Currie from back in December- https://nbc25news.com/sports/path-to-greatness/path-to-greatness-taylor-currie They have some Mott CC game video on Youtube. Watched some of them and saw that Currie played a lot with is back to the basket, posting up. In one game, the opponent devoted a lot of effort to fronting him and he did a good job of holding his ground. Did a nice job rebounding also. He's not a defensive presence. He'll very much benefit from the Zips weight program. Some of what I saw was scheme as the high school/AAU video I previously saw had him a lot more on the perimeter and he has a reasonable shot.
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    I'm bored - the new norm. So, here's an accurate by-position list (I believe) of the roster (excluding walk-ons) for next season (grade reflects next season). Guard LCJ (5'8" RS SR) Garvin Clarke (6'0" FR) Greg Tribble Jr. (6'1" SO) Bryan Trimble Jr. (6'2" RS JR?) MIkal Dawson (6'5" SO) Tre Edwards (6'6" SO?) Forward Jermaine Marshall (6'6" SO/JUCO) Maishe Dailey (6'7" SR) Cam Reece (6'7" SR/JUCO) Ali Ali (6'8" SO) Taylor Currie (6'8" FR) Am I missing anyone/anything? Do we have any open schollies left? We need one big in there, at least 6'9"/6'10". Our perimeter defense will be unmatched, though. Our height and athleticism will be a nightmare for other teams. Guys like Trimble, Edwards, and Dailey saw first-hand what Groce wants to do on offense and defense, and should have no problem living up to the expectations set by this year's squad.
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    Can we get an updated Scholly Chart if possible? There's nothing better to do nowadays. 😂
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    If he's still in Florida, I recommend he get the hell out of there and get up to Ohio.
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    I thought he had an Ivey-like game watching his highlights. Athletic kid that's for sure
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    My guess is no because he's a JUCO. I believe it's a seamless transition to DI ball from there. I said this in the Recruiting thread for him, but he looks like a slightly weaker Reece with a jump shot. He finishes well around the rim with/after contact, and is heady on defense with an aggressive approach. Groce's strength & conditioning program should have no problem putting size on him. I think he'll fit the system nicely, and as we've seen with Groce's recruiting tactics, it's all about the system fit - not the "traditional basketball" fit of grabbing guys just because of their height, etc.
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    Interesting... Looks like a slightly weaker Cam Reece, but with a jump shot. He looks athletic enough to stretch the floor, and seems to finish well with/after contact around the rim. He plays bigger than 6'6", and Groce's strength & conditioning program will have no problem putting size on him. I like the idea of adding more experience to this squad!
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    Verbal commits lists him as a PF. He runs the court extremely well and looks to handle the ball pretty well. All in all, he looks like a 3 inch shorter version of Xeyrius Williams.
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    23.5 minutes per game, 10.2 ppg, 49.8 field goal percentage, 32.8 3 point percentage, 8.8 rebounds per game, ,1 assist per game, 1.4 steals per game, 0.2 blocks per game. From the tape I watched, seems to be more of an interior player with most of his shots in close or dunks on breaks. His shot isn't awful, but he seems to prefer to drive to the basket.
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    A lot of coaches have a certain tweet they'll send when a recruit commits. I'm wondering if that's what this is? Or Groce is just a big Pens fan watching the 2009 Stanley Cup reruns on ATTSN. Probably more likely to be the former
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    We'll take a raincheck.😀
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    From the Onion. Had to be a Zips fan. 🙂
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    Just read NCAA opening investigations into recruiting at the I 75 schools Toledo and BGSU. Was only a matter of time. BG surprises me.
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    Another award for LCJ. Here's the article- https://gozips.com/news/2020/3/25/mens-basketball-jackson-named-to-lou-henson-all-america-team.aspx?camefrom=EMCL_3266058_156442140
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    There's trembling trouble with Tribble and Trimble.
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    Tough to tell until both sides of the transfer portal, transferrors and transferrees, flush out. Also, some high school seniors may not qualify. Just so much time before the season is here from thing to go to heck (think Eric Hester). At this point, I don't see PCCC making much of a run as they lose quite a lot with Pippen as the only returning starter. I like OU as Preston and Vander Plas are solid and Boles will continue to bring in talent and grow the program. BG came apart at the end of the season and lose Turner and Frye. Miami never seems to make much progress despite the fact that all of the kids should now be all Owens recruits. Bufflao is as solid as anyone for now. Just lots and lots of uncertainty. If you put a gun to my head, I'd put Buffalo and Akron at the top. I really like Dailey and Curry and think the Zips will be solid as long as Groce can maintain the "Team-ism."
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    Since we're stuck at home and watching a lot of stuff streaming; I found this guy on youtube who talks about different unique histories of plane engineering. Its a fun little educational diversion. This episode has a little segment about the USS Akron and the Akron-Class flying aircraft carriers that were made by the US Navy. Fun little Random reference
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