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    GT's written a really good article here. George Thomas: New coach Tom Arth will look north to help bolster recruiting Got me pretty excited about the future of Zips football. Also gave me a lot of respect for Kato. Not only did he suffer a high ankle sprain, but he also had to have post-season surgery on a torn meniscus which he played on during the final four games of the season. His quotes in this article display great maturity and a team-first attitude. Much impressed. Go Zips!
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    I also think the decision was predetermined & why we got the South Carolina game. It paid for everything. If it was for bowl eligibility we would have chose differently. LW knew he lost the team & we weren’t going bowling
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    This hire does nothing for me. I don't get the excitement to hire him. He took over a program that had 10, 9 & 9 wins the three years prior to him and turned that into 3 and 5 wins in his two years. In his second year at the helm he never beat any of the top four teams in his league. Is that the success we want? I would love to know what LW saw in him that was better than Getsy or Kehres. He's our coach now and I'll do all I can to help him be successful, but pardon me if I'm not excited.
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    It’s $650,000 settlement for cancelled game & 1.45 mil for 2025
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    I won 4 straight FIFA18 EA Sports Premier League titles on my laptop....but the U didn't interview me to replace Jared Embick....I'm pissed! Yeah, HS head to a D1 head....I'm sure that's what you want...oh no, you just want to be critical of the Zips no matter what they do, I forgot.
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    Paul Winters should have been the hire. It could have happened. That would have righted some wrongs and gotten me excited.
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    I don't feel anything about this hire, if true. No excitement, no anger, no caution. Just apathy.
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    The reason our program attracts the best players is their opportunity to play for Akron and go pro, whether that is after a year or several years. Having players sign with Generation Adidas draws potential recruits' attention to our program and gives our coaches a great tool with which to convince them to sign up. Without that, we would not even know these players to lament their leaving early.
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    I just fired the coaching staff that won the MAC East in 2017. How are you going to make me look like I made the right decision?
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    When you win the pre-game coin toss, which of the following is an unacceptable answer? A) Receive B)Defer C) Kick
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    It's been a busy few days wrapping up the year in the office, and I haven't had a chance to share my thoughts until now. Several people from my office here in Maryland watched the game and gave us a lot of respect. That always feels good. As others have said, the game being on ESPNU was disgraceful, especially considering the programming alternatives on ESPN and ESPN2 at the time. What a disservice to the sport, the schools, and the NCAA. I have a fairly complete sports cable package and still had to go out to watch. As for the game, we started playing our style in the first ten minutes or so. However, I suspect Maryland then made a few changes and a commitment to not let us be comfortable on the ball. From there, we were under pressure, being fouled, or played physically all over the field. There were a small handful of very minor injuries by our players after contact was apparent, and I think it strongly influenced their confidence. Maryland's size, particularly across the back line, was problematic for us too. Egbo and Kahsay never got going. There weren't many chances for either team. Our best was in the first half coming in from the corner of the box on the left side. The shot was low and off the goalies' foot and then out of bounds just outside of the post. Had that been put high, it would have been in, and the rest of the game would have been different. It's amazing how soccer is so strongly determined by singular events. Against MSU, every one of those seemed to go our way. Not so against Maryland. Oh well. Both teams were fairly evenly matched, but Maryland likely deserved to win. However, they won for the wrong reason. As a former state licensed referee, I am qualified to say that the first PK was terrible, especially considering the context of a championship game. There appeared to be very little contact, and the Maryland player was clearly embellishing. An indirect free kick from the spot of the foul as a result of dangerous play for the high kick would have been appropriate. Unfortunately, this call determined the game and the strategy of both teams from there on. The second PK was also questionable...very little contact, if any, with the Maryland player going down easily. Lundt should have done better to lead with his hands for the ball rather than his legs; great save for him on the PK though. The red card was also garbage. The foul was not malicious and our player had not even been verbally warned for misconduct and the offensive player was headed more towards the corner than the goal. A yellow would have been fair. The timing of these events really prevented us from getting organized and making a strong push to attack. In spite of the perfect storm of poor officiating and Maryland's physicality disrupting our game, I was happy that we still played hard through it all. Going forward, Embick needs to figure out how to adjust when the other team decides to chop the game up by being excessively physical. Porter never quite figured this out either as evidence by the 0-0 loss against UVA in 2009. We may have won 3+ National Championships by now if it weren't for teams nearly or every bit as skilled as us playing defensive, physical, and direct soccer. It worked multiple times for Stanford and now for Maryland. While this strategy for other teams won't generally be effective in the MAC because the talent disparity is too great, it is becoming a consistent recipe for beating the Zips in the NCAAT. The future is bright, but figure this bugaboo out, and 2+ National Championships in the next five years is a real possibility. Kudos to the seniors for leading the turnaround. Surprising run to end a now great season. At the beginning of November, I was already looking towards next season. What a pleasant surprise! Embick has my full confidence. Go Zips!
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    My hope and expectations are to be in the top third of the MAC this year and competing at the top next year.
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    Akron is still a young team who is still learning to develop team chemistry. Pretty much any combination of 5 players we put on the court never played together in an actual game before this season. I expect for us to continue improving as the season goes on. I'm excited for March basketball, which I can't say I was last year. Another thing is pretty much all the MAC teams have senior laden rosters. Akron may actually be the favorite to win the MAC next year while also be in contention for it this year.
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    Arth just had a nice interview with Reghi at halftime. Pretty impressive guy. Said his staff will hopefully be complete in a few days. Should include some UTC coaches as well as a number of Ohio coaches that can recruit the state of Ohio. Re: signing day, he said he wouldn't feel comfortable with his kid signing tomorrow with a coach he's never met, so he's not putting pressure on kids and hopefully giving them a chance to get to know him and sign in February. Good stuff imo
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    Looks like Banks is back. K-lac and Toles in street clothes.
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    Good info from TP here. Zagorski will be on the staff, whether it be OL and/or OC, but Arth expected to call plays regardless of position. Both of his recruiting classes were ranked top 10 in FCS. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/2018/12/akron-football-new-coach-tom-arth-gives-zips-local-star-power-terry-pluto.html
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    Here is an inspiring read from Marla Ridenour. New UA football coach Tom Arth disdained Peyton Manning's advice, but still on track to fulfill his prediction
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    Looks like a bunch of Arth's assistant coaches at the Mocs are now not listed on the Mocs coaches page I assume that means that Tommy Zagorski OC Matt Feeney DC Jake Schaefer, Davern Williams DL and others will possibly be Zips assistants also noticed the Mocs kept their CB coach and that Matt Feeney recently added Deon Broomfield a CB coach at Indiana State to his twitter following list Feeney also added almost all of the Zips 2019 recruits to his twitter
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    From what I was able to understand, GT asked Dr. Green how this hiring affects finances at the university. The response was that talent is expensive, but pays for itself in the long run. This hire is more costly than the last, but Arth's salary is still on the very low side for FBS football. He mentioned that this hiring does not change the outlook from the 3 year strategic plan that was just passed and athletics is still expected to lower their hit on the general budget by $8 million. The most interesting aspect of the answer to me was that we are in negotiations with Chattanooga to have Arth's buyout be (partially) payed through a guaranteed football game sometime in the future. Its not the first time I have heard of that strategy, but I have always thought it was smart so I am happy that UA is pursuing it.
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    dre22era helped me learn about a new tool on this site, the "Ignore List." This thread will be much better now.
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    Just quit while you're behind, please.
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    BG's new coach kept 4 of the former assistants on staff, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that we could retain some. #KeepCoachMounds
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    Good find. How'd he do at ND?
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    I don't mind the afternoon games. However, unless you are a season ticket holder you wouldn't know what day the game is, let alone what time. Where is the marketing of this team?
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    Zero of these guys went straight from HS to division 1 head coach. Chip Kelly never even coached HS football. The average # of positions held between HS coach and D1 HC is roughly 5 per Wikipedia browsing, and about 5-10 years to get from HS coach to D1 HC. Your post doesn't even really deserve the effort of looking all of this up but it's completely ludicrous to expect any HS coach to be able to jump to D1 football and succeed as a head coach.
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    I will give him a chance but lets not act like from the President on down Akron as a whole has been great in the leadership department on choosing successors. This selection makes no logical sense.
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    Everyone should give him a chance and support him 100% until its determined we shouldn't. We as a fan base need to be better. It'll only make us more attractive in the future. I'm not much a fan of media myself, but there seems to be plenty of approval from the move in that realm.
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    Noah got himself on SportsCenter tonight by hitting a three-point buzzer beater in overtime when UNLV was down by one to BYU. Good for him 😊
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    A club sport is started, coached, operated, and played by students. It's not a sanctioned sport. That doesn't mean that they can't be a whole lot of fun. I went to a lot of club hockey games when the team was well organized and played a regular schedule. Attendance at those games rivaled a lot of the official sports at the university. It was a great time. But there are limits on what the university can do to support them.
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    Some good in that game, mostly on offense, but many more frustrating aspects in the loss. 1) Box out. Damnit, box out! Waaaaaaaaaaay too many second chance points for Marshall. 4 foot tall Loren Jackson makes more of an effort to box out than our big guys. 2) Dear Zips staff- when the other team's offense relies on penetrating and kicking it to good shooters on the perimeter, you may want to back off on the help defense and tell defenders to stay with their men. 3) Pass the ball against a zone. Marshall was good at that. 4) Turnovers killed us, especially in the first half. 5) A slight of frame 5-8 point guard should not be defending the 6-3 leading scorer from the other team. 6) Running and taking quick shots is THEIR game not the Zips. Don't get caught playing to their pace.
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    I agree. I just wish they had played the whole game with more urgency.
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    9 turnovers in the 1st half. We need to do a better job of cleaning that up and rotating on defense. They're getting a lot of easy looks.
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    And your commentary is underwhelming.
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    Anybody know where to get the half and half jerseys? I want a Zips, Timbers, and Crew jersey all in one - #10 Porter on the back.
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    Whatever the case, this was a wasted year. After the Cherry Bowl, LW should have canned Bowden. Embarrassed the University. LW can take what time is necessary to make right this situation.
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    I disagree. There's a point where you're waiting too long. And I don't think there will be a bevy of talent remaining after this upcoming week's signing day. At the beginning of this year Bowden wasn't expecting to get fired. He had a lot of redshirts and gray shirts sitting out 2018 in expectation that he'd be coaching them in 2019, so it will be interesting to know how many scholarships are available. Maybe half the class is already on campus? Then we need to see how many incumbent guys bail. I look at Jabari Arthur's story, and the change from Owens to Brookhart really pissed him off. He wanted to transfer. And it ended up being the best possible thing to happen to his football career. I hope once our new coach is selected, the incumbent guys take a deep breath and interview the new staff themselves before making a their transfer decision.
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    Ha I was gonna say, the twitter account that tweets out all the news after we post it? Color me skeptical
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    Based on that article, the LA deal "never got over the finish line." I really want him to be the Crew Head Coach.
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    Interesting what Paul Krebs discussed when he interviewed Urban Meyer for BGSU
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    I would like to fix that article headline to read "Akron basketball looking up for the immediate future long term."
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    I am NOT one of those people that gets offended.... but that's a terrible comment! No place for that.
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    @UAZipster0305 Very good recap. At first blush, I thought Biros kicked the Maryland player in the face. I agreed with the PK decision. Upon watching it a few times now, I am not so certain. That PK definitely altered the match. Yes. Zips must learn to deal with physical and/or direct styles. And they did that for most of the post season. Maryland was very well coached on beating the Zips. Yes. The future is bright as long as Embick is at the helm. He has proven himself. If the Zips keep all their underclassman, we are poised to win the championship in 2019.
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    How are you in small group situations, like games at Infocision?
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    I think your being generous with the 1
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    You would think if an AD makes sound personnel decisions(coaches,assistants ect.) that would benefit the programs he/she/oversees as well as himself/herself. Thats what good administrators do in ANY line of work.
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    Most people would flunk. It's like the US tax code - long and complicated so the average person doesn't understand it.