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    I will be holding down the western flank for Zips Nation tonight. Go Zips!!
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    It's funny, the people who smile in my dad's face are the same ones who pray for his failures behind their computer screens. Three seasons later, Akron is 14-3 and 4-0 in the MAC, and yet many of you would rather belittle KD's past and present success than enjoy Akron's return to the top of the MAC. Some things I'll never understand...
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    Obviously the basket is bigger on that end of the floor
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    I will give non-drunk BSU cardfan12 credit for a funny comment "On a side note, the NCAA should not allow any school to call their arena "The Jar" unless it's Ball State or George Mason". 😂
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    I know I'm in the far minority, but I'd like our next AD to be a basketball first guy. We keep investing money into football and not seeing any results. We keep just throwing bad money after bad money.
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    I believe this means he has been given a scholarship.
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    I like Sayles and Deng a lot. Both guys hustle and play up to their abilities. They are certainly not the only bigs around with less than a stellar touch. Both are competent players and an asset to the Zips. Now this dude had some bad hands yet he adapted quite nicely.
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    Reece doesn't give us a guaranteed win against a team that shoots 50%+ from both beyond the arc and the field. He definitely would have helped spell Riak, and given us some much needed physicality inside. This is a must win bounce back game. Suffocate them with defense, make your shots, and all will be well.
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    Everything starts with defense on this team. We aren't bad in half court sets but we're surely a lot better in transition, imo
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    Many of you will remember Will Meyer from this epic game Ben Lundt- GK for Akron - 110 minutes - no goals allowed Will Meyer - GK for Louisville - 110 minutes - no goals allowed https://gozips.com/news/2017/12/1/mens-soccer-akron-punches-ticket-to-college-cup-edging-louisville-in-penalty-kicks-4-3.aspx
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    Riak shooting a three. Sigh... New rule for Deng- you're only allowed to shoot from inside the arc (the charge arc).
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    Knapke's strengths: He's tall He has a nice stroke The end
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    I admire you for sticking up for your dad. You should. He gave a hell of a lot to us and I am very grateful for that. The internet is full of cowards and our site is no different. Nonetheless this is a great site. There are many readers and posters who respect all KD did for us. It was his decision to move on and that has to be respected too. Perhaps it was best for all parties. For you and your dad this much is true, once a Zip, always a Zip. All the best!
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    Finally a use for the track. Get er done, UA!
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    KD's coming back in conjunction with UA joining the ACC. That was just as solid of a rumor.
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    Charles Amankwaa, CB, 5-11, 180, Monroe J.C., New Rochelle, NY.
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    Millett Hall is one of the top 10 basketball arenas (in Oxford). I think the seats in Yager Stadium are closer to the football field than the seats are to the court in Millett.
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    The 9-8 Toledo Rockets come into the JAR Saturday night fresh off a 74-67 loss to Central Michigan. The Rockets entered the season with high hopes as the number 1 West Division team in MAC Preseason Coaches Poll, however, they have had a rough spell since mid-December losing 6 of their last 7 (Kansas City, Wright State, Bradley, Ball St., PCCC and CMU). Junior guard Marreon Jackson and senior center Luke Knapke were named the All-MAC West Division Preseason team. Jackson averages 17.2 ppg along with 4.1 assists. Koepke scores 15.2 ppg while kicking in 8.1 rpg. Willie Jackson scores 11.5 a game and rebounds at an impressive 12.5 rpg. This game worries me. Toledo appears to have as much individual talent as any team in the MAC. Let’s hope they don’t come together in the JAR. The game is also a fundraiser for Norton teen Emma Pfouts. If the Zips have half the fortitude of that little girl, we're in for a great season.
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    I think they would call him a "Concern Troll." I know I'm ready to pack it in for the season.
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    My point is that was not a game that kills a fan base. If folks don't come again after that loss or expect an 18-0 run in the MAC, then they weren't sticking around anyway
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    This is a game for the record books. These numbers are unreal.
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    We've got some killers. I love this team
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    I think a big that could shoot it would realize that those who can't are on a shorter leash than those who can. I cringe every time he touches the ball. He needs to be in as he gives us some other things and plays hard, but every time he gets the ball is a gamble.
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    Not forcing enough action. Need to attack the rim more. Dare the refs to not call fouls.
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    Yep. Riak was making me nuts guarding Teague tightly at the 3 point line, even leaving his feet on occasion. My view is that with about 90% of big men you should back away and let them hoist all of the three pointers they want. As I recall, Teagie shoots in the low 20s percentage-wise on 3 points. He can shoot all of those he wants. Knapke is one of the 10% you can't do that with. Knapke's ability to go outside is in part facilitated by Willie Jackson being a strong inside presence and controlling the boards. X is going to have to work to keep him off the boards. Knapke is an interesting story coming from Maria Stein Marion Local, a great small school football power. I can't imagine many quality basketball big men come from 2100 person communities.
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    I am the same age as your Dad! I went to games when I was a student, but after graduation I attended very few. You dad re-kindled my interest in the program and my wife and I have bought season tickets for several years. We really enjoyed your Dad's years as coach. Some of those Kent, Ohio and Miami games were unbelievable. I wish him all the best. I know he'll always be a Zip to the core of his soul!
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    There are marketing majors and a marketing department in the business school. Put some of those kids to work for credits. I don't see that it's much needed thought as GT and the Beacon whip up plenty of excitement for the home games.
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    NIU must use the league website to develop their game plan. I thought it was a bold strategy to leave LCJ completely unguarded for the 1st 5 minutes of the game, but NIU must not of thought he was a threat because he hadn't recorded any stats to date 😉
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    Man I hope he wins this. How cool would it be to have an Olympic medal, a HOF inductee and an Oscar winner all stemming from Zips athletics in the last few years?
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    We got the struggling to win at DeKalb monkey off our back. Now lets get the struggle to beat Toledo monkey off our back as well. We seem to be playing Toledo at the right time. I'm not sure what's going on with them. They should be playing much better than they are. Hopefully it takes them at least 1 more game before they figure it out, especially since Cheese and Reece may be a little banged up for this one.
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    Those KD people all sat in front of me. Don't miss them. And those who only show up now when team is winning...grrr
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    Facing the right way, their center court looks like an owl. From this angle, it looks like an older gentleman with one hell of a stache.
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    Regarding defense, there was a brief back and forth between Groce and French about BSU making that last 3 and getting to 60. Groce said that shouldn't have happened. Looks better.keeping opponents under 60!
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    Please don't take it the wrong way...it's just a little overwhelming is all, and as Capn said it's a long way off....I do like what your posting, just not in this thread....
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    Sorry again I didn’t know how to do that ..thanks so much for taking the time to! I’ll give some game updates this Friday. Blackford is ranked in the top 10 in class 2A and they are playing the number 18 team from class 3A ...if anyone is interested in watching the game will be broadcast on the Bruin sports network on YouTube ...disclaimer : the “broadcasters” are pretty tough to bear so it may require watching on mute.
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    Bored waiting until 7pm CST? On cue, the sad Kittens are missing their old coach: https://www.bobcatattack.com/messageboard/topic.asp?FromPage=1&ForumPID=1&PID=294416
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    If you look at MAC stats, in offensive and defensive percentages in the 3 MAC games, Akron NIU and PCC are in the top 3 in both.
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    Thanks I appreciate it ...didn’t realize there was a spot or a spot could be made just for his information so I didn’t mean to crowd of over share
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    He had 35 and 12 Friday and plays a solid team this Friday it would be a good one to watch if you want to get a feel for him
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    Not sure what exactly Kent has done but whatever
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    Down by 9 with 3 minutes and just lost the ball. U sure? Down by 11
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    Chicago Sun Times Article ANIMATED SHORT FILM Ten films will advance in the Animated Short Film category for the 92nd Academy Awards. Ninety-two films qualified in the category. Members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch vote to determine the shortlist and the nominees. The films, listed in alphabetical order by title, are: “Dcera (Daughter)” “Hair Love” “He Can’t Live without Cosmos” “Hors Piste” “Kitbull” “Memorable” “Mind My Mind” “The Physics of Sorrow” “Sister” “Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days” Shortlist Source
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    As long as the court isn't elevated! Like I said, NIU gave the Zips a nice parting gift. But for that "drop off" Zips would be 5-0 in the MAC
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