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    First - You know it's going to be a monsoon for that game...it always is for a big game at InfoCision. Either that, or a few key Zips players will get suspended. If we avoided aforementioned Curse of InfoCision, and Kent brought in a decent team, I think we could approach the 21k butts-in-seats number. Very smart, and blatantly obvious move by Larry Willliams to move that game date up from late November. It will be a fun day on campus.
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    So well-deserved. Thanks to the university and to Coach Embick for staying with the best Men's Soccer Program in the country, which he was instrumental in building and will continue to make even better!!! https://gozips.com/news/2019/2/15/mens-soccer-akron-extends-embicks-contract.aspx
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    https://gozips.com/schedule.aspx?path=football Good things the first time we get our home Kent game earlier in the season (also Homecoming) in a long time so hopefully we will have a decent crowd. bye week before Kent 4 Home Saturday games prior to October 19 which allows for potentially decent weather Close the season with Miami and OU which I assume will be two of the top teams in the East Not so good things 3 MACtion weekday games including 2 at home
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    Many ways to win at basketball. They generally all have two primary factors- 1) good players and 2) good coaching.
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    If we still had Cotton on this team I'm betting we would have won a lot of those close games (with Cotton on this team we may have won those close games comfortably). On the other hand, with Cotton still with us, the team may have imploded half way through the season. IMHO Cotton not working out hurt more than one might think & set us back another year.
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    I'm not completely sold on Groce quite yet but his situation and Dambrot's were considerably different in the players inherited and the situation. KD had continuity from being on the staff and inherited some talent while Groce had essentially bare cupboards and a late start. Do I wish they were further along and won these close ones? Hell yes. But, Rome wasn't built in a day. If they don't take a substantial step forward next year, then I'll be far more critical. In the interim, I reserve my right to pee and moan along the way.
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    They can have the nicest facilities in the US and it wouldn't matter. Good luck trying to recruit African-American athletes when the university president is a neo-nazi/white supremacist apologist. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/21/us/jerry-falwell-liberty-university-trump.html
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    I first noticed that Leo was gone at the MAC Tourney last year when another fan noted during the Zips v WVU match that he was not there. During the NCAA Tourney match v Stanford, which I watched at the JAR, this same fan mentioned running into Leo somewhere on Exchange St. Also, Leo was not listed in the College Cup Program among the Zips staff. Apparently, the Zips runs through the 2018 MAC and NCAA Tourneys were done without Leo.
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    I for one am shocked that balsy is complaining about something. The content on ESPN+ is well worth $5 a month to me, so whatev.
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    The last time we played Liberty was memorable... I recall walking into the Rubber Bowl with about 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter, and we were losing 14-0. I recall Bobby Hendry ran for a bazillion yards that day. I recall Lee Owens executed an onside kick with the Zips winning 41-14, late in the game. I also recall a Liberty coach subsequently screaming profanities out the Rubber Bowl press box...something about Owens being a "Classless Mother #@!*%."
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    I think Parrish could be a big help right now too.
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    Dambrot also inherited a roster that had Romeo Travis, Dru Joyce, and Jeremiah Wood. Groce had to pretty much patch a team together as we only had 4-5 scholarship to start with and he wasn't hired until April after pretty much every HS already signed. Because we were pretty much forced to sign a bunch of players in year 1 who frankly weren't good enough to compete at a high level in the MAC in the 1st place, we then had to turn over the team again. I feel now the roster has finally been stabilized enough that we should be in a better position to recruit for the future instead of having to look more towards plugging an immediate need. I feel Xeyrius Williams will be a nice piece for us next year. Riak gets $#!+ on a lot here, but he's one of the best defensive centers in the MAC. If our guards weren't struggling so bad at scoring, his liability on the offensive end wouldn't be so glaring.
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    The Ken+/Akron game should be played every year at the end of September/beginning of October. I get that's not the traditional rivalry week, but that's the part of the year that will generate the most fan excitement surrounding the game. Miami/OU should do the same. We can then finish the season off playing OU at the end of the year and Ken+ can play Miami or vice versa. Edit: I believe the 2009 Morgan State game is the only sell out we've had at Infocision. Anyone think we'll fill the stadium for Ken+?
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    We played a good first half on the road...what could possibly go wrong?
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    Credit to @TennZip for pointing me to this article which is tucked away in a Preseason section of MLSSoccer.com... Reunited in Ohio: Wil Trapp, Caleb Porter lead Crew in new era ...Over seven seasons at the University of Akron, head coach Caleb Porter built a machine. During his final two before departing for Major League Soccer, Porter's midfield lynchpin wasn't an upperclassman, but a kid who would spend two seasons on campus turning heads, winning individual awards and team trophies before also heading to MLS. It was a local kid, born and bred in Ohio, the 2010 NSCAA National High School Player of the Year. Together, the pair won two regular season MAC titles as well as one MAC Tournament title, with two NCAA Tournament bids over those two memorable years. Now, Porter and former Akron standout Wil Trapp have reunited in Ohio once again as Porter inherits a Crew side led by that familiar face. ...
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    If you follow coach Jackson's Twitter feed, and follow youth/HS girls' bb little you can see that she is VERY busy in the recruiting field, even during days off during the season. She has a couple of junior and sophomore verbal commitments and travels to watch her future recruits whenever possible. And, as I think I mentioned somewhere earlier, two of next year's freshmen originally committed to BGSU before their coaching change last year.
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    First time those words have ever been spoken.
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    Seriously, you don't think Liberty is able to recruit African-American athletes? Check out their rosters. You may be letting your anti-Liberty sentiments get a little out of hand. http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=6 http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=9 http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=7&CFID=618874407&CFTOKEN=45823418
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    One of my fondest Rubber Bowl memories was when YSU played us, and as usual, they outplayed the Faustians...and after a score by the Penguins a lone YSU student was running around the bottom of the bowl with a Y flag, and “jolting Joe” Dunn punched the kid as he ran past!!! Got suspended I think....🤪🤛🏻🥊🥊🥊
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    Good "team-ism" in the first half (whatever in the hell that means).
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    SoCon is having a historic year. Even with that they currently rank 12th in average net rankings while the MAC is 8th. The only notable OOC win that conference has was Furman beating Villanova. The top 3-4 teams in the SoCon have propped their numbers up against the other 6 members of the conference who all frankly suck. Currently 4 SoCon teams (10 team conference) have a NET ranking of 240+. For comparison the MAC only has 1 team with a NET of 200+.
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    Looks like everything on 247 is updated, at least for us. Notes: Class ended up ranked 112th in the nation, 9th in the MAC, and an average star of .7924. There was never a higher year in the Bowden era either in the nation or average star. Bowden did finish higher in the MAC (8th) in 2014, but about 1/3 of those recruits never made it on the team, including the highest-ranked infamous Anthony Clark out of Buchtel. 247 adjusted Corey Thomas' and Peter Hayes-Patrick's rankings. Corey Thomas is now the highest rated recruit in the class. Thomas and Hayes Patrick are now rated the 6th and 7th highest rated recruits all time (as opposed to 6th and 8th).
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    I just can't stand Liberty. They're an embarrassment of a university. Pretty much a University of Phoenix with a centralized campus and outdated beliefs.
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    Not a bad sched. No really short weeks except one day between the Miami/OU game.Both at home. If Arth can get these guys together in the first month the schedule isn't working against them...finally.
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    Home and home with New Mexico State announced. 2020 at NMSU and 2022 at the Info
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    and scoring more points than one's opponent.
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    The last time we hosted Kent before the month of November was in 2007
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    Watching Zips basketball this season will have that effect.
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    I can't wait for Groce to get a roster full of his guys. Although I'm very impressed with how this team has bought into the game plan. We just need one. more. shooter.
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    They are inexperienced playing with each other and a MAC schedule. KD did not bring in transfers and most players learned from playing with each other going through the MAC schedule their entire collegiant career. Although it is not Groce's fault, we now have a team of transfers who do not have MAC game experience. KD indicated that you need mental toughness to win close games on the road. (Ironically, Duqeusne is also losing close games on the road) In the replay of the last 4 minutes of the Ball State game, I saw Jackson, Cheese, and Utomi miss close shots, Jackson commit an unforced turnover, and his man take him to the hoop and draw fouls when Jackson tried to draw an offensive foul. (Not going to get that call away in the last minute!) Further, Riak lost his man on the boxout and gave up the winning tip. These are inexperienced players not closing out a game. Further, alhough Jackson and Riak played 150 college games, they were not in the game in the last 3 minutes of those games. If they had gotten those minutes, they would not have transferred. The last 2 seasons road games have been frustrating to watch but it is not unexpected.
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    Just watched the replay of the last 7 minutes of the Ball State game and not very optimistic about this game. I was upset that Groce put in Jackson in the last 4 minutes because I think that Cheese is a better defender and was having a great game compared to Jackson. However, the loss was a team effort since nobody could hit a shot the last 4 minutes. Jackson also had a great steal that gave us a chance to win. For the Zips to win they will have to do things that they have not done all season, play well on the road and finish off a close game on the road. Young and inexperienced teams do not win on the road. The last 2 years Groce has had young and inexperienced teams. As a result we have sucked on the road the last 2 years. We have only 2 guys with experience, Daniel and Ivey. I am hoping that their defense can keep them in the game. Would not be surprised to see a letdown after the tough loss at Ball State. If the Zips could win it would certainly help them with their confidence the rest of the season.
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    Right now Akron's path to the final based on the standings of today would be we'd host WMU the first round then play Toledo in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals we'd play 1 of EMU, Ball State, or BGSU. I'd prefer to see Toledo surpass Kent as the 3rd seed, which I think they will, that way we would play them in the 2nd round and give Buffalo a tougher opponent on their side of the bracket. Playing WMU - Kent - BGSU is probably the most manageable path to the finals we can get, assuming no upsets on our side of the bracket. The hope would be that someone on the other end of the bracket would knock off Buffalo.
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    Even without "challenge" with another conference, I'd love to see more games against similarly situated regional teams. I'd much rather see games against like Marshall and IUPFW than teams like UT-Martin, Tennessee State, Alabama State, etc. From a fan perspective they are more entertaining. From a team perspective, I think it prepares the team better for league play.
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    ZZZ and ZV, thanks for attending so many meets. Our swim ladies deserve a great following and I am sure you give them that. I cannot answer the questions ZZZ raises because I have little data on our budget. I do know that the difference in revenue, primarily from TV, between P5 and G5 schools is obscene. For example, a member of the Big 10 got 38M as its share of the Big 10 network in 2017-18. Akron by comparison got 2M from the MAC for TV. That allows for a healthy budget for all minor sports and lots of money leftover for facility upgrades. We are winning big w/o the resources of many of our competitors. Credit goes to the coaches and athletes and fans who refuse to give up. You two are part of that. Thanks.
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    @ZipsVoice I know absolutely nothing about the Swimming and Diving teams or track but I enjoy reading your write ups and posts here. Appreciate the passion!
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    Banks is terrific in the passing lanes. Has been all year.
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    It'd be a more glaring issue if we were a better shooting team. Hard to get an assist when the guy on the receiving end doesn't make the shot 65-70% of the time.
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    Buffalo holds on to win 88-82.
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    We know one game next Fall (https://gozips.com/news/2019/2/15/mens-soccer-akron-extends-embicks-contract.aspx) 8/30/2019 @ Xavier ... The Zips will open their 2019 campaign traveling to Xavier for a season-opening contest on Aug. 30 in Cincinnati, Ohio....
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    All I can say is "Jesus Christ" that's a lot of $.
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    Coach Jackson is teaching this team how to win. They are a work in progress with a high ceiling. I was not in favor of her hiring but she is proving that I don't know what I'm talking about. Best of luck to the ladies. Keep bringing it in every game.
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    Sorry, I forgot. What was I thinking! I'll make it up to you next time you booger-eater. How's that for incivility?
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    Not sure about 'reading in'. What I am thinking is that the new coach has no allegiances to anybody on the roster who doesn't perform up to HIS expectations. Thats from the QB on down. Would imagine that some folks who started last season won't be this season. New sheriff, new deputies.
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    Seems odd for Bowden to stay around in any meaningful capacity, particularly with a young coach who needs to establish his own identity properly.