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    Not sure that's a fair statement. The landscape of college basketball and recruiting is changing. Groce has been tasked with stopping the bleeding, and 4 year players don't exactly do that at this level, especially when some of your initial 4 year players aren't locker room fits. Get me a winning product. I don't care if that's 10 4 year players, 10 1 year players, 10 JUCOs, or a concoction of everything. Win.
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    A couple weeks ago Zips redshirt sophomore receiver Jeremiah Knight was nice enough to answer a few questions from me and Dr. Z after practice. Here's his story - Catching On As always, thanks to Dr. Z for the great supporting photography and layout!
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    ...and his mommy didn't have to pretend he was on the crew team and pay half a mill to get him in!
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    Bob has been officially hired by Chris Sabo as part of his recruiting staff.
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    I thought we could compete for a MAC title next year had Utomi returned. Watching Cheese and LCJ progress along with knowing we'd be adding Williams gave me hope we could make strides to improving our offense enough to win in a very weakened MAC. We already had the best defense in the MAC. Fast forward to now and I don't see a real plan. We have 4 graduating seniors on next years team and an additional 5 the year after. The goal should have been to try to win this upcoming season while the MAC is down and before he have to rebuild. Instead of going out and adding a grad transfer that could help replace Utomi's production, our prized off-season acquisition can't even play this season and we now have to spend 2 years worth of scholarships to get 1 year of eligibility. Looking at the scholarship chart @Illini Zip kindly tracks I just don't see where in the next 4 years that we'll be a serious contender for a MAC title. I'm expecting us to hover around mediocrity. I'm not ready to call for Groce head, but I'm certainly losing faith in him.
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    It is so hard to separate the good news from the bad news in Iowa City. For the record, Dailey is a very good player. Very underutilized in Iowa City, partly because Mad Fran would try to use 10-man rotations. I don't think he ever got a fair shot. He doesn't seem like a disgruntled kid, even though he has good reasons to be. He is very articulate and thoughtful. I think he will bring maturity, not baggage.
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    K Brown article https://dawindycity.com/2019/04/23/chicago-bears-nfl-draft-kyron-brown/ Zips haven't had 2 players drafted in the same draft. Let alone 3 right?!
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    I checked out a few short clips I could find of him. He seems to be able to move the court well and has good athleticism. Not sure if he can shoot or not as all the clips I came a crossed were short clips of him dunking. Here is a video of him taking off from the free throw line and dunking.
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    Zips T & F soldiers on...out west at Mt. St. Mary's Tevin Brown breaks school record in the 10,000 meter and Mackenzie Andrews sets new school record in the steeplechase! It's been a while since we've had strength in the long distances....way to go Tev and Mack!
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    Couldn't agree more with GJ. I left the Akron area in 1989 and love living in Columbus, but no one here has a clue about the Zips. They think we are lucky to be in the MAC and are like a YSU w/o the winning football tradition. They know nothing of Soccer, Basketball, W. Swimming or Track and Field. Most think we have a Cleveland State-type campus = no grass or trees. The news on Akron is mostly negative, that is, losing teams, financial crisis, rust belt economy, axed programs, poor leadership (Scarborough). We would do well to recruit this area. The population base will soon be the biggest in the state and the athletic programs are outstanding, like NE Ohio in the 70's and 80's. We will never, ever pass OSU, but we can build a better rep by getting athletes to go to Akron and have them play on winning teams like Will Trapp, Abdul Salaam, Christie Smith and many more, all from Columbus.
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    ...he's also not 6'11".
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    Chris Bassitt pitched five scoreless innings against the Rangers to take the win in his first start of the season. He gave up 2 hits.
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    I want the entire team!
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    This video is pretty good also. It shows more of Jonathon Dos Anjos game. He is wearing #23 Blue/White. There looks to be a bunch of talent in blue/white, but Dos Anjos is definitely a warrior with a high motor. Me likey.
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    Riak as well. It would be a nice little pipeline to build.
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    CLE could do better...
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    Big thanks to our beat reporters! I get the feeling that Boogie's attitude is pervasive with this team. I'm looking forward to this fall.
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    Another great article with great pics. Thanks Captain and Dr. Z!
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    We never really had the personnel to run it and we still don't. I identified the below as why a D'Antoni system wouldn't have worked for us last year. 2) We didn't have bigs who could run the court 7) & 8) pretty much go together. The system requires playing more guys and a benefit is you wear down your opponent. We only had what 8 scholarship players? Instead of wearing down our opponents trying to be a running team, we would in turn wear ourselves down. We needed more depth 10) In order to get opposing bigs away from the basket they need to respect your teams big mid-range & 3-point shooting The last point might be the biggest. "Tough to run without good shooters". I don't think this point needs any explanation.
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    One of my students recently told me that they were offered by UA to play baseball. He was bummed because he said he'd much rather play D-I MAC baseball; but already made the commitment to another school (not D-I MAC). Apparently there is a significant $-fee to pay in order to decommit from a program...who would have known? Based on his home situation/background decommiting is not in the cards. At any rate, I wanted to mention this because I talked to him for awhile and it kinda blew my mind a little bit how knowledgable he was about Akron's baseball situation and it showed me that local kids do pay attention to our baseball program. Kinda got me a little excited about Akron Baseball for the first time...like ever. Just thought I'd pass that good vibe along.
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    Staff has been working their butt off on the recruiting trail per twitter. Wonder when we'll get the first commit of the class?
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    Daniel's not that much of a loss (says the guy who found his ex-girlfriends much less attractive after they broke up with him).
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    I'm just happy someone found him.
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    That would make Cykron happy!
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    The West Coast is doing wonders for the Zips track athletes, as Hesham Eldesouky breaks the school record in the triple jump! This has been a nice swing the last week and still wondering if we'll see the Zippers at home for their traditional Campbell/Wright Invitational, somewhere in Northeast Ohio! Maybe a twin outdoor MAC Championship would convince the school to do something with the track, but with the railing falling off Infocision, I don't see that happening.....But way to go Zips Track!
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    Holy cow. That was a great, great article. As good or better than just about anything I read in The Athletic. And great photos. Even one with a very visible "Fear the Roo" on the ball. Great kid, great article. Who wouldn't want to coach this guy? From what I know of Coach Gasser, they are a fine match. Indeed, "Boogie Knights are always the best in town!" Too bad for all the Millennials who don't get the 70's allusion. That is a first rate name!
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    If we land him it'd make for a really nice freshman class w/ Ali & Dawson already signed. Hopefully LCJ can sway him to wear the blue & gold.
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    Since you're apparently deciding to be serious, 2. Sayles & X are both listed at 6'9".
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    Several of the photos of concrete in the story reminded me a little bit of the Rubber Bowl. Ah, the good old days.
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    I don't know much about him but could Xeyrius handle short spurts as a small-ball center? it would help get some shooting on the floor and pull bigs away from the basket. you'd be giving up a lot of size but it might be a nice change-of-pace lineup
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    Bobby Hurley (ASU), Porter Moser (Loyola- Chicago) and Tim Cluess (Iona) have all turned down the St. John's job. Apparently, not the desirable job some thought it may be.
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    He really looks like an Utomi type spot-up shooter, and at 6-7 with B1G experience, I could see Maishe as an impact senior, similar to Mal Duvivier a year ago. That said, this team has so many holes, we need all we can get, and coach clearly has trouble landing 4-year players.
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    Nice article describing his defensive intensity. https://247sports.com/college/iowa/Article/Iowa-Hawkeyes-Basketball-Maishe-Dailey-Transfer-Akron-Zips-Fran-McCaffery-Big-Ten-131227486/
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    No, Hester. Didn't even know Dre posted - the beauty of the Block Button. Admins should look into a "Send To Duquesne Forum" button, that takes troll posts from ZN and posts them to the Duquesne message board instead.
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    He's been gone for a good 7+ months already.
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    It means he hasn't graduated yet
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    I am not big on another transfer coming to the school for just one season. Groce has a revolving door of players. This year we had 2 scholarships that were wasted on transfers, Hester and the guy that punched out Klac. ( I cannot remember his name) I would much rather Groce try to build a team with frosh. He has 3 years left to prove that he can build a winning program.
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    RATS 221st ranked Pitt eeks out a 16 to 6 win over the quins. So much for a .500 season.
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    Evan Bush had a few crraaazy stops vs. Crew.
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    While traveling this past weekend one of the Sirius NFL channels did a show on draft sleepers. Gilbert was mentioned. One of the two analysts said his NFL position may be as an in-box safety. I suppose his forty time is adequate?
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    Comes from a big school that played in the tourney and was ranked most of the year. His big at 6’7” as well
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    Some things stood out in the 2 hours I was there. Arth has a hell of a lot of energy! Is in the middle of everything and not just standing around watching. The players or at least most of them pick up on that energy. I love to see a coach especially under the circumstances here who is doing that. The practice is fast paced. Not a bunch of guys standing around watching a lot of 11/11 scrimmage. Arth is going to weed out the guys who don't want to do the conditioning now not later. Obviously they are still working on basics and the coaches want to get reps in on basics now. Noticed there are a lot of O-linemen on the current roster. Significant number are redshirt Frosh and Sophs. There will be more in August. Like that. O-line will make everybody better in the long run. The WR's looked 'fast'. DB's were doing a lot of grabbing in drills and scrimmage. Nelson looks a little thicker arm looks strong. Want to see if Arth can coach him up to make better and quicker decisions. Liked the regular use of the TE and wing back. Arth has a nice assortment of QB's to work with. Shields caught my eye for some reason. Obviously a couple of them won't be in the mix. Hard to tell a lot from the scrimmages. The Offense looked good but they were up against what may be right now a suspect front 7. Looks like the D was 3 down and moving a stand up from side to side depending on the field position and circumstances. Lako did stand out. Just liked the energy and pace this coaching staff is trying to instill.
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    HA! Found my old media guide and...December 1993, 3rd game of the season. lost 71-43....
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    It is absolutely unreal what is happening to our University! If all of this is enrollment related, why haven't other Ohio public universities been affected in a similar way? All of the associated negative attention only further perpetuates that UA is not a good place to go, so how could we expect that cutting academic programs and professors would improve the situation and enhance enrollment? If you are a high school junior or senior or their parents, why would you consider attending UA given these circumstances? I have zero confidence in UA's leadership right now. While we're at it, let's put this out there too: https://www.ohio.com/news/20190318/ua-losing-top-polymer-researcher-13-person-lab-to-duke-university
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    Cutting programs/enrollment can't be a positive thing for the Athletic Dept.