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    What was that song from that Disney movie Frozen? Oh, I remember..."LET IT GO!"
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    I have to wonder if the loss of 'the Chest' from the staff had a role in the unraveling of team culture at Akron under Bowden. Amato was in his seventies, but he still had some charisma that players respected. Chuck brought in some good linebackers here and I think he was missed after his retirement.
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    Some games aren't going to be pretty. Sometime you just have to gut out a win. That's seems to be what Akron did today. Take the win and get ready for Concord.
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    We got vouchers for a dinner earlier in the season. Kind of a boxed lunch deal. I think they spread them out through the season rather than do them all at once. The ones for the bluehairs like NWAkron and Hilltopper are all soft food.
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    They're still tied. 😁
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    With all due respect , zipoutsider, I realize your feelings are still hurt that your boy got canned. Get over it,put the punch down...He gone ...Not coming back.There is no joke about that... Clown ! Truth hurts sometimes.You will be Ok.
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    "What's that area down there on the end of the field with no hash marks?" "How come we don't get to play in there?" "Why do only other teams get to go in there?"
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    Decent article. I wouldn't say the crowd went into a "frenzy" when Zips took the lead, but I think we were all shell shocked until that point. But Groce is right, the team didn't panic. I think the last two years they would have played hero ball and started chucking 3s to make up the deficit. On another note, I thought the MAC would be easier this year. Looks like it will be more brutal. And off topic: this has some good press for Zips and their fans if you scroll down. Notice PCCC isn't mentioned. https://www.chatsports.com/duke-blue-devils/a/source/acc-roundup-a-hurley-brothers-sunday-special-15690222
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    My hair is not blue(what little I have left).
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    Until your face is a victim of the T Shirt cannon.
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    Could you provide a link for the reddit debilitated audience on here? Mahalo!
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    Agree...but I also miss the flat foot two hand set shot and the underhanded free throw.
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    The Zips come out of exam week next Sunday with Concord at the JAR. The Mountain Lions recently had a huge win over Notre Dame (College of Athens, WV) to go to 4-5. 6 foot freshman guard Ethan Heller leads the Mountain Lions with 14.4 ppg. 6-8 forward Simon Kovac (who oddly is not on their online roster) leads rebounding at 9.4 rpg. Hopefully, the Zips can use the game to shake off the rust from exam week and use it to iron out some issues before the DC tournament where there hands could be full with 7-2 Tulane and 10-0 Liberty.
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    With the development of Viagra Frank presents a risk no P5 school appears willing to assume.
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    I can't wait until next week when we will have something new to talk about!
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    Kelley transferring to Bama to replace Tua confirmed
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    All you snowbirds, retirees, and vacationers in central Florida are invited to join us for the Camping World Bowl (and tailgate) as Iowa State gets to take on Notre Dame!
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    Interesting that I heard no mention of Bowden for the job in Tallahassee! 😉
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    Most likely a PWO. But if he's got the disposition of his older brother he's definitely someone you'd want in one's program. We're still waiting on a WR (or two). I'm fairly certain Owen Faulkner is also a PWO - though I included him in the updated initial post. I haven't included other PWO's I've seen.
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    Unsure is on scholly or not, but this is Warren Ball's little brother.
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    Tweet today shows Coach Jackson has a verbal commitment from Zakia Rasheed, one of the best guards in the Indiana girls' basketball class of 2021. Zips beat out Xavier for her services. Coach is putting together a great group of prospects, including the Irish youth national team center.
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    Zips 19 of 24 at the line, 79%. Did I say how much better this coach is at free throws than the last one? 😏
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    Zips woke up! X is fine. Thank u sweet baby Jesus!
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    Interesting. 3 RB commits IIRC
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    Another RB. 6'0" 215lbs JuCo transfer
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    Dance team member proposed to at half. High point so far.
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    Don't forget that Freddie Kitchens is in action today. We get see if he can beat the worst team in pro football or will he become an unpaid assistant coach next year as well? BTW, I will be at the Zips game. It's a no-brainer.
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    Probably no-one. Not sure why some of you think he is so great. Mediocre at best ! Has no discipline when it comes to players. Players rule him. He needs to get a D2 or JUCO job in FL since thats all he recruits anyways .
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    Jason Shokalook is currently the only announced Zip soccer recruit for 2021 Jason had a very good day yesterday at the Development Academy winter cup https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/club-soccer-articles/boys-dev-academy-winter-cup:-best-of-day-2_aid47416 F Jason Shokalook, Internationals SC – The Akron commit scored a hat trick as Internationals bounced back from an opening day draw with a 4-0 win. Nick Scott accounted for the fourth goal.
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    Is there any possibility of Jason Shokalook graduating high school over the summer of 2020? Just asking.
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    http://www.ussoccerda.com/sam/standings/ss/view_game_report.php?eventId=7268952&teamId=12553740 the first article....says that the Internationals played to an opening game draw on Wednesday if you look at the game details, 2020 recruit Jordan Seaman played 90 minutes as a defender and Jason Shokalook played all 90 minutes and scored 2 goals in the 2-2 draw Goals - Internationals U-18/19 18Jason ShokalookGoal25 18Jason ShokalookGoal75
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    Yes, I was just more so trying to make a joke, but obviously it must not have been all that funny.
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    He picked up 2 quick fouls in the first half then picked up his third early into the 2nd half. I didn't even notice his 6 turnovers tbh, but that's way to many for anyone, let alone someone who isn't a primary ball handler. Reece has seemed to have gotten into the habit of getting into early foul trouble. I'm sure some of that has to do with the fact he has to be more physical to compensate for the fact he's 2-3 inches shorter than the bigs he's matched up against. Either way he needs to play smarter. I think 2 of his 3 fouls were on moving screens.
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    All these ranking systems are pretty goofy this early into a season as the sample size just isn't large enough to work out the kinks. I've seen BGSU & Kent play this season and neither looks like a top 20 team. As of right now I see 5 teams that have so far separated themselves from the pack. Those teams are Toledo, Buffalo, Kent, BGSU, and Akron. I'd say Toledo and BGSU are ahead of the other 3, but not by much.
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    I don't read it that way. When I interviewed Trevor Brown earlier this year I asked him about his absence from the pre-season all-MAC teams. He said, "With team success, the individual recognition will come." We had no team success, so some of our better players got overlooked. Lako had a noteworthy season. But Davis was guilty by association with a secondary full of true freshman and 1st year starters. If I were drafting for an NFL team, and only picking the best available player, I'd take Davis over Lako. Trevor had a similar situation as Davis. An argument could also be made for Jest's inclusion. He had an outstanding 2019 at the nose. Unfortunately, he wasn't flanked buy anyone who could put pressure on the QB.
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    Yeah, I do trust reddit. I have never had any adverse problems. Some streams are better than others, however, it's a free service and usually the best way to watch The Zips because ESPN plus, 3, or whatever the heck its called tends to be slow and laggy.
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    I so miss the mid-range jumper.
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    I liked the Bowden hire and how he coached, but I think we all have to admit he lost the team last year.
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    Zips women battled #24 Michigan, but lost 80-71. Zips lead by 3 after 3Q after trailing by 13 after 1Q, but Michigan took advantage of their strength and skill down low to pull away. Really entertaining game in front of a crowd of almost 1000. A lot more entertaining than that brickfest last night by the men.
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    Hey, just another note - IUPFW has a freshman from Aurora HS, Shayla Sellers. She's the daughter of Brad Sellers, former NBA star and Buckeye as well. And Michigan will have Izabel Varejao, niece of Anderson Varejao former Cavs player!
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    I would say they were "high-risk/high reward" recruits. And in the end the risk outweighed the rewards. I don't fault KD for giving them a shot, but it seems like the exception rather than the rule that non-qualifiers pan out.
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    Kato was sacked 43 times for negative 215. In college sacks count against your rushing total. If you subtract the sacks, he was our leading rushing with 336 yards. Our next best was Brandon Lee with 179.
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    Dude could have started for us on both offense and defense this year.
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