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    He is smooth. Not to knock Cheese and Banks, but I feel like our back-court will be very fluid this year. Cheese had a bit of Duvivier in him (bulldozer) and could be a bit wreckless, and Banks was more of a defense-first, pure SG on offense and wasn't able to really run the offense or handle the ball TOO well if needed. I think we'll be able to beat our opponents off the dribble more and create more opportunities, both open beyond the arc and down low for closer baskets.
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    Roster sorted by Position/Height. Class also included. Guard Loren Christian Jackson 5'8" - SR Scott Walter 5'10" - SO Garvin Clarke 6'0" - FR Greg Tribble 6'1" - SO Bryan Trimble Jr. 6'2" - JR Mikal Dawson 6'5" - SO LePear Toles 6'6" - SR Tre Edwards 6'6" - RFR Michael Wynn 6'6" - JR Forward Jermaine Marshall 6'6" - SO Maishe Dailey 6'7" - SR Camron Reece 6'7" - SR Enrique Freeman 6'7" - SO Ali Ali 6'8" - SO Taylor Currie 6'8" - SO Center Aziz Bandaogo 7'0" - FR ________________________________________________________________ Some observations/thoughts... - I forgot about Trimble and Wynn. Trimble is eligible after sitting out last year when he transferred from St. John's. Is Wynn sitting out this year after transferring from Wake Forest? - We are big and physical at Guard, with speed/quickness between Clarke and LCJ. - Speaking of Clarke, I think he'll be a phenomenal backup PG, even as a freshman. - Our 2 guard is LOADED with Dawson, Tribble, and Trimble (Wynn, too, if he's eligible, and I don't know much about Edwards). We will be creating a lot of matchup-nightmares for opponents at Guard. - Forward is the unknown with this squad. I think Dailey is the obvious pick to step into the leadership role for not only this position group, but the team as a whole (along with LCJ). Marshall and Reece will have to play bigger than their height (we've seen that already with Reece). Currie could be the key. - Aziz, I think, will have an easy job this year: simply develop. We've seen how dangerous this team can be when they go "small" and athletic, so I don't think we'll need to rely on a true-freshman 7 footer for TOO much. Having him for 4 years could be awesome. ________________________________________________________________ I think the Depth Chart looks like this... PG - LCJ/Clarke/Tribble 2G - Tribble/Trimble/Dawson/Edwards/Toles SF - Dailey/Reece/Ali/Marshall/Freeman PF - Reece/Currie/Marshall C - Currie/Reece/Aziz * If Wynn is eligible, plug him into the middle of the 2G and SF slots.
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    The union gambled and lost. Say goodbye to $12,000 severance payments and free tuition for the kids. https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2020/09/18/university-akron-faculty-lose-arbitration-case-67-still-laid-off-union-aaup/5824384002/
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    God Bless you if you can enjoys a Zips Game Day without tailgating.
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    Because Matt is a big hoops fan and we've been trying like forever to get TUJ on the schedule, duh
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    Found this. Still ranks as craziest game I ever saw at the JAR.
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    referencing Canada's newest and shortest-lived recruit.
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    At this point, I will take sloppy basketball and love it. This is a good year to have the leagues MVP leading your team.
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    Of course we are ๐Ÿ˜‘
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    Is anyone surprised by this???
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    TWO THINGS: 1) At one time I had an aspirations, but I fixed it with some Preperations H. 2) Why is this stuff in a basketball thread?
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    Those highlights reminded me that Mikal Dawson had some really nice plays during the first half of that game.
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    A welcomed change - the sky isn't completely falling for once.
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    I'm going to try to throw up some of these videos of our new players as the season approaches to get us in the mood for some basketball. Here's some old scouting tape of Taylor Currie-
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    It's just great to be talking Zips hoops. I can't remember ever more eagerly anticipating a season.
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    Nice job of summing that all up. I could see Trimble in the starting five with Tribble coming off of the bench but playing big minutes at both guard spots. We could see some three guard lineups with LCJ, Tribble and Trimble (this Tribble/Trimble thing is going to make us nuts. Poor Steve French). I see Reece more as the center as he'll play closer to the basket while Currie can move outside and shoot.
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    I thought he said Laura Linney! Now that would be good!
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    Earlier in this thread there was some debate as to whether or not P5 schools who dropped games this year against nonP5 schools would be paying the nonP5 schools their guarantee. To update the debate, I have compiled the following list of all such payments that have been made.
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    It'll take them two years to decide whether they want to play this fall or not. Personally I'll take that over February games at the Dialer any day. Especially the coming ESPN999 Tuesday nighters...
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    I have enjoyed many Zips tailgates, but that is usually because of the good food that I cook and a small group of friends that leads to a fun time. However, the same fun could usually have happened in my driveway at home with the same group of people. Lot 9 is the best location in the nation for a tail gate. We are 50 feet from the field in the perfect location. We get to hear the best band in the land in the mornings before games, but very few people are present in Lot 9.. The band is fantastic. However, the Zips fans are typically really weak; I want to say pathetic. I have been to the Muny lot in Cleveland, to lots at Pittsburgh rooting against the Stillers, to Heiny gate in Columbus, to Ann Arbor, and the times have been crazy. I have been to South Bend and the SEC where tailgating begins on Wednesday or Thursday prior to game time. I have showed up most times when Lot 9 gates open, and there is nobody present. As of 3 hours in, we have a paltry 10 vehicles in the parking lot. Now, I applaud these folks, but that does not make a good tailgate. Also, how many times are you not allowed into Lot 9 when it opens due to some University event. It may be a 5k, Akron marathon, or a lack of workers, but there is no communication that goes out to the fans. And, the 10 - 20 fans are left waiting outside of the lot and we are told not to drink or the cops will be called. But, we have good tailgating. Also, I have showed up may times at 1400 (2 p.m.) on weekday ESPN games, and I have to wait 2 - 3 hours to have 5 other vehicles in the lot to join my group. I like to hear how good the tailgating is in this special lot. The bottom line is that tailgating is so bad at Akron even though we have the perfect situation. Also, how may past players come back to enjoy the festivities. Almost none. It is fun to see the cheerleaders and other Zips sport teams in Lot 9 before the games, but most people are too cheap to buy a program to support the school. I will continue to show up and support the Zips and be a Varsity A member as well as making several donations a year to the University. I do not want to hear how good tailgating is at Lot 9. You have set the bar very low. Please, let's figure out how to set the bar high. As bad as the football has been, it is still the best part of game day. Anyone who cannot see that, has never put on a jock strap and has not been an athlete. T ball does not count. Go Zips
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    i watched the second half of the Euclid Strongsville game tonight wanting to see Reese make some great plays. I do not recall his name being called at any time. Actually, I did not see him on the field many defensive plays in the second half. I was hoping for some tackles and sacks that would leave me wanting to see him in a Zips uniform, but that did not happen. I am still looking forward to him being a great Zips DL.
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    Hoping that we donโ€™t do conference only games and that we reschedule the Suckeyes game to fit it in when allowable before conference play starts.
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    I also loved the Rubber Bowl. To help refresh your memories I suggest buying one or two of the following and installing it/them in your bathroom.
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    I know this is hard to comprehend, but I loved the Rubber Bowl. When it got new turf and a facelift plus new benches it was an impressive place. The Zips had enough good games there whereby you were always hoping they could do it again. My memories are also impacted because my dad and I would go to most of the games. He loved to see the Zips play and enjoyed every minute there. I miss him, the bowl and good Zip football.
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    Ah. Good point. That would make a lot of sense. Not to take away from Jermaine Marshall, but did anyone else notice the Garvin Clarke highlight at the end? He seemed to be pretty comfortable with the DI speed of the game in that clip. I'm pretty excited for this team, but 2019-20 will still have a special place in my heart.
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    Wow, Scarborough was taken off the list! You'd think that UA would be doing everything they could to get rid of him. He must have BoT or political connections. And it is far past time for Proenza to voluntarily take a more modest salary. While some of his decisions as President have not played out well, I always respected him for being a good leader and having an ambition for UA. Some of those decisions with regard to specific buildings look far too over the top in hindsight, but at the time I don't think they were obviously wrong. For my respect of Proenza to continue, he will need to show continued leadership by sacrificing half or more of his current salary.
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    True story: I was recently doing a crossword puzzle, one of the clues was "Is unable". 4 letters, ending in N-T. I almost filled in K-E ๐Ÿ˜…
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    Now that this is in the right section, I'll comment. She organized a 2A rally on their campus a few weeks ago. Her dad is apparently a big 2A guy, and has raised his daughter similarly. I've seen this photo and other photos from her graduation circulating, and have a few comments... - I'm a huge 2A person, but not a big fan of these open carry demonstrations. I don't think the optics of open carry demonstrations with AR15s (or in this case, an AR10) are positive for gun owners. - I doubt it is, but I hope the magazine and chamber are empty. Typically with open carry demonstrations, the magazine is not in the magwell to show that it's empty. - Can't must be livid that this is getting so much attention. - I wish she would've carried an AR15, not an AR10. I don't think the pro-gun control crowd knows about the evil AR10 yet. Edit: Let me add that I actually appreciate her reasoning for doing this.
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    The MAC is now the only conference to not have a plan to return, according to 92.3 The Fan.
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    Dinner on The Strip? EuroGyro? The Kent Car Strip?
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