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    Checked in this morning with my good friend who is Head Coach of Heights T & F....says Garvin is a great kid with outstanding potential, and he feels their new coach JR Brimmer will develop even more as a player and person under his leadership in the coming year. JR played at St. Bonnie as well as with the Cavs and Warriors, if you recall. Anyway...all thumbs up by an insider....
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    Lost in yesterday's misery was this^^ bit of good - maybe even great - news! 247 Sports dot com gives Clarke 3-stars Extremely promising scouting report on Garvin from PrepHoops dot com YouTube interview with Euclid coach T.J. Kwasniak - Garvin played at Euclid last year Garvin has length, huge hands & looks explosive, effortlessly dunking in this twitter clip With Garvin and Greg Tribble, we're now seemingly set at PG for the next 5 years. Nice position to be in. Plus, 2021 Zips recruiting target - SG E.J. Farmer - has also transferred to Cleveland Heights, so maybe this gives us an edge in also signing him?
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    I'm no GT fan, but he nailed it with this column. It's too early to pass judgement on the current staff. The Ianello era zapped the good will and patience of most Zips fans, but Arth is a different guy. More telling: Does the team show any significant improvement at the END of the season?
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    I've been impressed with what Sean Lewis is doing at Kent. They are very much improved. It's not crazy to think they could win the MAC East this season. They are playing good football. Congratulations to them. As for Akron, I've tried to be patient with "Arth Ball" or whatever they want to call it, but a hapless 0-6 start and getting hammered at home against your arch rival on homecoming is my breaking point. Nothing has improved as the season has gone on. Saturdays in autumn are too precious of a commodity to waste on Ianello Ball 2.0. Good luck, but I'm not wasting any more of my time on this event horizon of hopeless pigskin incompetence.
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    2020/PG/Garvin Clarke from Cleveland Heights, Ohio (HS) committed to Akron.
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    22 days until the opening game. I expect to see a starting lineup of LCJ, Cheese, Banks, X and Riak, with Reece, Roscoe, Tribble and Sayles contributing from the bench. I think we could also see a conventional two guard, one center and two forwards lineup with Reece and X on the floor together with another big as X can play away from the basket and has a decent 3 point shot. I hope Tribble can be effective as the backup point rather than having Cheese there out of necessity. I'm very eager to see this team with hopes it can continue to improve. They went from 14 wins to 17 last year. Here's hoping the improvement continues to a 20 win year. These are all Groce's kids now, so we'd better see the fruits of his recruiting labor.
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    and basketball. and ESPN contracts, and clothing contracts, and big pay outs for traveling to top tier teams.
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    Was at the game. Have been at every home game this season....so far. There are now some obvious patterns. The coaching staff appears not concerned about wins this season. They are playing an 'apparently' injured QB who can no longer make significant plays to help the team win. Missed a wide open receiver in the end zone in the first half. Throwing the ball into the ground on short outs. If he is hurting that badly then sit him. They seem to be running a high school level offense. Lee is not an every down running back, yet the staff keeps playing him. He is so small he gets swallowed up at the line.Reminds me of 'Metcalf up the middle'. The offensive line still can't run block. Riley is a HUGE liability at CB and opponents know they can go there for easy yards. The front 7 is still way below average. If games were at least competitive that would be one thing.. They should be! My concern is Arth is banking on 'his' recruits for a turnaround next season. May be. But,with a new Prez at Buchtel Hall who knows what his attitude is toward major money losing sports. The University is already in the hole financially. He may not want to tolerate that black hole of cash any longer. No more wins on the schedule this season. If Arth is wanting to preserve 'redshirts' we won't see any changes for at least another 2 or 3 weeks. My last game will be Buffalo only because we promised our granddaughter that we would take her to her first live football game. After that I am done for the year. No season tix next year. We will sit in GA for half the price and the same seats on the East side.
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    So what lame ass excuse some of you gonna come up with this week
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    I wish Coach Arth and the team well. I hope he can figure things out and turn it around. I also hope that this is a regrouping and rebuilding anomaly. And I also hope that he can prove his doubters wrong and prove to those who hired him that they were right. There's no point is stating the obvious about what I saw at the game today. He (and Kato) just laid a huge egg at Homecoming, against the rival team, in front of a really nice crowd and the new president. I am certain there will be a reckoning (but at what cost) for all those involved if this turns out to be the colossal fail that it "seems" to be at the moment. Who was on the search committee? My guess is that his looks, charm, and blue-blood St. Ignatius/NE Ohio background swayed them heavily. Like someone else said a while back, firing Bowden and hiring Arth were separate decisions. I agreed with the first, but I'm really wondering now about the second. As for Kato, HipZip is correct, time to move on. He (much like I think Jimond Ivey was on the basketball program) is not a team player and has earned misplaced loyalty from the coaching staff.
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    Sadly, I see one team that has improved significantly and one that hasn't. Lots of issues out there but none more glaring than our QB play. It's time to turn the page.
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    FF : The Akron Alumni Band outnumber Kent State's Marching Band
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    You are gonna get me banned from here LOL
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    There seems to be a huge uptick in players transferring. There is no guarantee Gibson will even stay for 5 years. I'd say start Gibson if it's believed he gives us the best chance at winning.
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    And yet...those same 16-17 year old recruits somehow give a crap about Jason Taylor being an NFL Hall-of-Famer who played at Akron? It's really not that hard to understand. Bowden THE NAME carries a hell of a lot more weight than Arth, Ianello, Faust, Brookhart could ever hope to carry...combined. That's just a plain, straight-up fact. The 16-17 year olds may not know the Bowden Name, and what that means...but their coaches, their administrators, even their parents would. It's not 1967, there is this thing called the internet. And as someone who teaches 16-17 year olds...with $600 computers in their pockets...its pretty easy to google. When you google Bowden, Auburn and National Championship would appear. When you google Arth you'd get...9-13 at EastJesus Tennessee University? If you're a 16-17 year old actively being recruited in football; you'll probably take the half a second to google the school that expresses interest in you.
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    Well there you go. 0-12 is better than 11-0 if you are Akron.
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    My guess would be Combo Guard. And I define a combo guard as a point guard who can be productive off the ball as a shooting guard as well. This year Tyler Cheese will be a combo guard. And I would guess out of necessity LCJ will be a combo guard also. Next year Greg Tribble will likely practice at all guard positions and Gavin Clarke will focus on running the point.
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    From the above Instagram post from Dustin “I’m so thankful for the game of football. The places it has taken me, the experiences I have been fortunate enough to be apart of and the people I have been able to meet. It has meant the most to me since I was eight years old. Unfortunately, I have been fighting an uphill battle with ocular migraine through trauma in the past few years of playing the game. It has reached the point where I will be medically disqualified from continuing my football career. The support I have received throughout my life has been truly amazing. I am so thankful for all of it. I will be transitioning into the next stage of my life with all of the tools and knowledge football has equipped me with. To all of my teammates and coaches from the past and the present, THANK YOU. It’s been one hell of a ride.“
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    No, the wagon wheel is still the trophy for football. The wagon wheel challenge was created a number of years ago as an all sport event.
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    Well, this is what counts, from here on out. The Mighty MAC. It starts Saturday at FES against what appears to be a very good Bowling Green Falcons team that will ride in at 7-3-1. After a 1-1 double overtime draw with Duquesne in Pittsburgh, they rattled off 3 wins in a row, most notably back-to-back clean sheet winners over Big 10 opponents, Wisconsin and Northwestern. They finished their Big 10 matches with a 2-1 loss to the Buckeyes. they've won their last 3 matches...over Canisius, Detroit Mercy and IUPUI. Lots of people talking about our upcoming match vs. Michigan State. Hey, guess what? They are having a disastrous season as well. That match for the Zips DOESN'T MATTER! The Cleveland State match - DOESN'T MATTER! What matters now, if anyone still cares, is this Friday vs. BGSU. Last year's match at BG ended in a double OT nil-nil draw in horrendous conditions. We win Saturday night - we're 1/5th of the way to a MAC Championship and another berth in the NCAAs. We have 3 of the 5 MAC matches at home, and that used to mean something. We have to make it mean something again. After Saturday it's up to Kalamazoo to face the now 6-4 Broncos who have become our biggest rivalry in the MAC now, due to some questionable physical play on their part n the past. They did beat Xavier last week 1-0. Then a Friday night FES appearance against SIU-Eds. They're 6-3-1 right now, and beat Butler a few weeks ago, and have won their last 4 in a row, all clean sheets. We've got our final match at home when we face a Huskies team that is 5-6-1 currently, and then the home finale vs. the Mountaineers, who are 6-4-1 right now. They knocked off the Suck-eyes (Yay!) 4-1 earlier. Notice all the teams have won at least 5 matches so far? THAT DOESN'T MATTER! We only need to worry about these 5 MAC matches at this point and win at least 4 of them (IMHO), to host the MAC tournament again at FES, and then we'll worry about winning those 2 matches to advance as MAC Champs. Bowling Green this Saturday - Chris Sullivan is their best player with 4 goals and 5 assists, with Copley's Chris Brennan right on his heels with 4 goals and 4 assists. Defender Achille Robin is tough and hasn't missed a single minute of a single match this season. Anthony Mwembia is the Keep, and he only has 1 sheet this season, and looks a little porous at times. Okay Zip fans, this is where it starts, right here (FES) right now (Saturday at 7).
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    I get your disappointment with the current staff, but to call that group of hacks "a great coaching staff of legitimate FBS coaches" is downright delusional.
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    I too will single out #2 Pol Hernandez for sustained and improved contribution. Keep up the strong work!
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    Yes! What he said!!! MASSIVE understatement.
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    ABJ/GT: Patience will be required to see University of Akron football program achieve success
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    Listen to this on Big Time Sports. Joe Dunn and Ryan had on Brad Detwiler and Rob Pelinsky to talk Akron/Kent game https://soundcloud.com/igimeportsadio/btstoday-akron-vs-kent-football-preview-week-6-preview-high-school-football-101119
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    The Zips get beat handily again by Kent State. Fortunately, the Zips beat BGSU in early November to avoid going winless.
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    That's not the only "Grocism" GT butchered in that piece. I'm sure Groce would love for his guys to play like NBA All-Stars, but what he asks of them is to play like NBA All-Stars in their roles. It's similar to Belichick's saying "Do your job".
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    I think the walk on kid who excelled in the Akron Canton Pro Am league has the potential to...........keep Marquelle McIntire from getting lonely at the end of the bench this year. I don't have much confidence in the Blue Ribbon forecast. It obviously places a lot of emphasis on last year's results.
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    This is the first I have heard that we have a shot at the Elite 8. I would have expected something more like 5th in our conference. What your source?
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    Zips add walk on Enrique Freeman.
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    Well said @ZipsVoice although the first time you mentioned the match, you stated "...this Friday vs. BGSU". The match as you stated several additional times is SATURDAY, October 12th at 7 pm at FES, the same day that the 2009 Zips Men's Soccer Team is honored at the morning brunch as the "Team of Distinction". None of us are happy with the way this season has played out thus far, including the team, but that is past. As you said, the focus has to be on the MAC. All Zips Men's Soccer fans who can need to come out to the 3 MAC home games and get behind this team starting this Saturday. No excuses for our team; no excuses for us who support them. They need, appreciate, and respond to that support. Let's Go Zips!!! Let's get this done.
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    We have 7 games left & you will see Gibson in 3 of them barring him getting injured & he keeps his redshirt Not trying to be a jerk but we aren’t doing anything this year & the cupboards were left bare especially on defense, we had to hit Juco hard to just be competitive & we have no numbers in the defensive backs & 3 have hit the portal, it’s going to take some time We know Kelly is out of eligibility & I have no insider info but I could see since Kato was RS he could possibly leave as a graduate transfer if he stayed on pace for 4 year graduation Plus I thinking they are recruiting for an upgrade in lineman, much needed also My vote save Gibson’s RS
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    Charlie Frye started as a true freshman in 2001 (had a good year too - first full game start was at Ohio State and Frye played well despite a 28-14 loss) when Nick Sparks went down with turf toe against OU I believe. The rest is history-does history repeat?
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    Fearless Forecast™ Kato scores a TD, not lined up at QB.
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    I think what is missing in the Bowden discussion is that he was a better coach-period and that finding a high caliber coach from a skill perspective, not name recognition, willing to cone to Akron is not easy. Firing Bowden shows just how arrogant Larry William's is. I also think some of you are in denial about competing with bigger schools for talent. Yes, some B10 schools did it, but that was a different time before the gap between haves and have nots in college football was not as enormous as it is now. The NCAA is not interested in parity or they would put a cap on the amounts programs could spend. Arth sucks, plain and simple. Losing to UMass is inexcusable. The Zips will go winless.
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    Exactly. This team needs wins now. If Gibson gives you the best chance to win, put him in.
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    Math, yes. WE just cannot finish in close like we did for many years.
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    Vise Versa, 2016 we was one victory away from a Bowl Game & Woodson & Chapman went down, had Hoyer & Nelson on sideline & we used neither & went to a WR in Goodman & didn’t get the victory. We had a couple of games to get that victory & Bowden wasn’t burning Nelson’s redshirt, sucks we didn’t get that victory but it was the right decision not use Nelson, now why we didn’t try Hoyer IDK
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    FIrst off, don't get too caught up in the ratings since the ability of a player is all in the eyes of the beholder. Heck, there are a lot of kids that do not even get rated for one reason or another. You are correct that we will never out recruit a Big 10 school if a really good player is hell bent on going there for whatever reason. However, there are a lot of good players right here in our backyard that would prefer to play locally while obtaining a education. If a real effort is put forth, I feel that we should have at least 40-50 scholarship kids on the roster from NE Ohio. That would take roughly 10-15 NE Ohio offers per year which in my mind should be easily obtainable given the talent pool in this area. Not only do local players help fill the stadium with family and friends but local players are also more vested in the program in my mind. A glance at the transfer portal should help drive home that point...
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    If you're looking for proactive reporting by George, you're barking up the wrong tree. "I do exactly what is expected of me and nothing more."
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    Simply saying naked platitudes like "build it and they will come" or "the right staff" and not understanding/accepting your true circumstance, nothing will ever change. Going 0-12 is not change. Blindly casting dice and hope that you eventually strike a seven isn't a way to change something. Bowden's Staff when he first got here was definitely far above what a 2-22 team with one bowl appearance in 10 years could ever hope for. And things improved. From culture to results on the field. It just seems some people have delusions of grandeur.
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    Less that a month to the season!
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    Yeah this entire staff makes Milwee look like a genius.
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    Bowden won some games, got us a bowl, got us into a MAC champ game. This guy has gotten us the WORST TEAM IN D1 Title on only 5 weeks. Sorry, this is a bad joke. The players are leaving because, lets face it, anyplace is better than this place. They should just fire him today and appoint an interim coach. Enough of this nonsense.
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    The pencil makes a showing in the video.
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    They might have to schedule a makeup field hockey game that day, so that might effect the number of fans that show up at Info.
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    Did anyone NOT expect that last corner for Butler to go in? Love the build up possession game but no one seems to be a finisher. The kid from Iceland had a great chance at the end but it was a halfhearted attempt and then he didn’t follow up the rebound back his way. Hate to be negative but spent 2 1/2 hrs in Mc D using WiFi to watch another loss.
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